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  • Savills Archives - Shropshire Business Today
    quantity for Savills SBT May 18 2012 0 Recent tweets Follow us ShropsBizToday Latest The Shropshire shopping centre in line for a facelift https t co gRQ9DMX23A Latest Skoda UK boss in the driving seat care firm quits its franchise to fly solo new motoring website launched https t co gRQ9DMX23A Revealed The secrets of writing a winning business awards entry https t co cfmGp6ttQT Search SBT 2015 SBT Web

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  • Fracking: Make sure you are well drilled - Shropshire Business Today
    be believed it could well be on its way to Shropshire This could mean local businesses could find fracking sites on their doorstep and it s important to understand how your premises may be affected Short for hydraulic fracturing fracking was originally banned in 2011 after exploratory drilling in Lancashire caused two small earthquakes But in 2012 the Government lifted the ban after introducing stricter environmental controls It involves injecting high pressure fluid into a drilled well to fracture rock thousands of metres below the ground in order to release gas and oil The main extract is shale gas a natural gas made up mostly of methane Although the process is now legal it s no less controversial than it was before with environmentalists fearing the impact it will have on our surroundings said Dave Businesses will want to know what kind of impact it will have on their day to day operation whether it will cause access difficulties and what about the environmental effects it may leave behind The best way to tackle any worries you may have is to get involved take part in the initial planning and consultation process And if exploratory drilling is proposed in your area find out how long the project will take and which roads the lorries will be using so you can re route traffic and minimise the impact on your business The local authority will hold a public consultation process too and if you have any concerns you will be able to raise them Your insurance should cover any possible fracking damage to your property but it may rule out compensation for damage to water sources or the land your building sits on so check the small print carefully SHARE Facebook Twitter tweet Previous article Brick company is building for the

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  • Shropshire Business Awards - the winners - Shropshire Business Today
    Business was GWR Fasteners of Oswestry which was initially set up on eBay but now has an established factory making special fasteners and precision components in a range of trademark colours Grainger Worrall won the Apprentice award The Best Small Business prize went to Jesmonite Limited of Bishop s Castle which produces a unique non toxic material which is used for decorative architectural projects as well as mould making It is also a popular choice for production companies seeking to build lightweight and flexible TV or movie sets Telford based Rockford IT won the Managing Change Award It has seen major changes in the past 18 months evolving from a small owner managed business to a structured firm with 22 staff Turnover has grown by more than 20 per cent over this past year In the category for Technology Enterprise and Innovation Aura Light UK from Telford took the title specialises in energy saving lighting products it has produced the world s longest lasting fluorescent tube capable of lasting up to 80 000 hours and worked with blue chip firms such as Cadbury Coca Cola Virgin Trains BP and Shell Shrewsbury based Aubrey Kirkham Funeral Directors took the Customer Service award which is always one of the most hotly contested And Stadco Automotive which has bases in both Shrewsbury and Telford was named Manufacturing Excellence champion Bridgnorth based manufacturing company Grainger Worrall which makes top end castings for motor companies including Formula One cars won the Apprenticeships award and Marches Care in Shrewsbury took the Business In The Community prize for firms which put something back into their local surroundings Best New Business GWR Fasteners of Oswestry Rounding off the prizes the Buckatree Hall Hotel at the foot of the Wrekin won the category for companies in the Travel Tourism

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  • Building for a brave new world - Shropshire Business Today
    will deliver high quality provision will be a distinctive setting and offering locally nationally and internationally can demonstrate economic impact on a local national and global scale will have a coherence to ensure that all areas of research teaching and commercial activity link together and will be aspirational not only for students but for Shropshire itself This vision shared across the partnership is for the creation of a facility which reflects the values and ambitions of the county and is consistent with and responsive to the needs of learners and employers within Shropshire The institution will be created through support and guidance from the University of Chester in its early days but it will in time seek its own self governing status to ultimately become a free standing university Much work is being done to establish and communicate a clear and attractive academic offering one based on a mutually shared long term vision for the development of higher education in Shrewsbury and the broader economic growth of Shropshire We are developing a vision for a university that is very deliberately designed to be an instrument of economic development for the county Riverside Campus University of Chester An economic impact assessment based on recognised forecasting models has been conducted and it forecasts that an operational university for Shropshire with 4 000 full time equivalent students could potentially generate up to 61 million each year for the local economy It is also anticipated that the university will create approximately 2 400 jobs over a five year period This HEI will act as a catalyst for economic growth linked to key industrial and commercial sectors particularly around micro and high growth businesses as well as supporting emerging businesses Its curriculum will be linked to key areas of growth in terms of value to the county and in particular business and job creation securing significant investment opportunities Some higher education and further education courses accredited by universities and vocational health qualifications are currently provided in Shropshire There are also opportunities to study at the world class land based HEI Harper Adams which is in the neighbouring local authority area of Telford and Wrekin The new HEI will look to complement and reinforce this existing provision to provide unprecedented opportunities for young people It will seek to further retain talent and generate investment for the future in Shropshire It will provide a high quality research teaching and learning environment enabling Shropshire to retain the talent it has nurtured from within its education system and be highly differentiated nationally and internationally with an identity reflecting the values and ambitions of Shropshire as a whole Postgraduate As recently announced the Shrewsbury Business Masters will be the first postgraduate programme for the new HEI as part of a research and postgraduate presence to be established in Shrewsbury by autumn 2014 A funding package is being finalised to facilitate undergraduate provision and an overall university presence The first undergraduate admissions will be in September 2015 when there is the

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  • Small businesses defying fears of a slowdown
    we re currently delivering for the gas and medical sectors Lorraine Holmes Area Director of the Business Growth Service s Manufacturing Advisory Service commented There have been concerns that manufacturing is slowing down and GDP figures from the Office for National Statistics did indeed reveal a slight decline I m pleased to say that SME manufacturers are feeling more optimistic Turnover for the last period has bounced back and the outlook for future sales appears very positive with automotive and construction strong and new opportunities in offshore wind and nuclear opening up previously untapped markets Record investment plans in technology should be welcomed This shows companies are recognising that they need to spend in order to compete globally offering unique processes and technologies that establish themselves on the added value chain She continued Predicted recruitment of new staff has also remained high although this could be due to companies not being able to find the skilled employees they need Any slowdown by the bigger manufacturers will take a while to cascade down the supply chain We have to be mindful that there might be a delayed reaction to the predicted slowdown Business Minister Matthew Hancock commented Small businesses have been at the forefront of our economic recovery and today s findings show no sign this is slowing down We are committed to making Britain the best place in the world to start and grow a business which means backing manufacturers every step of the way Cutting swathes of unnecessary red tape has saved business 10billion over the last four years our British Business Bank is unlocking funds for thousands of small businesses and our laser focus on skills has seen more than 2 million people start an apprenticeship during this Parliament Our long term economic plan is delivering and it

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  • Record number of start-ups in the Telford area - Shropshire Business Today
    for businesses She said Telford is an excellent place to start a business and a good proportion of our new clients in the past year have been start ups There are lots of great places where new businesses can get established such as the Business Development Centre in Stafford Park where we are based The Shropshire Chamber of Commerce does a great job of supporting businesses too which is a big help and makes Telford a very fertile place for entrepreneurs I would say it must be up there with the best places to do business in the country Miss Whitehead set up her own business KEW Accountants and Tax Advisors in April last year and during the past year she has taken on two members of staff and seen her client list grow to 240 She said I have been an accountant for 27 years but decided to set up on my own last year and it has been a fantastic experience One of the most satisfying parts of my job is to help people just starting out in business and I m pleased to say a large proportion of my new clients over the past year have been start ups One of the biggest pieces of advice I could give to anyone thinking of starting a business is to see an accountant before you set your company up because it s important to get the right foundations in place from the start For example we get people who have set up a limited company when it wasn t the best vehicle for them and it is then much more complicated to unwind An accountant can advise you on what type of business vehicle is best for you to ensure you get the most out of it and don

    Original URL path: http://www.shropshirebusinesstoday.co.uk/sbtblog/record-number-of-start-ups-in-the-telford-area/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Time travail - Shropshire Business Today
    In an economy which has been kicked around without mercy for the last six years any job is a bonus So talk of banning zero hours contracts as Ed Miliband has spoken of in the past is a nonsense A ban would not mean a sudden improvement in working conditions for all as Ed seems to suggest Rather it would simply mean fewer jobs to go round and more people thrown back onto the dole But that does not mean unscrupulous employers should be able to use these contracts simply as a means of developing a throwaway workforce towards which it has no responsibility or obligations It is patently wrong for companies to sign up staff on such contracts and then offer them little work while preventing them from finding opportunities elsewhere At their best zero hours contracts can be a win win The boss gets the flexibility to respond to the ebb and flow of business life while the worker can benefit from a job which suits their lifestyle It s interesting to note that the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show that many on these contracts are either retired or in education That gives the very strong indication that their work fits around other parts of their life rather than the other way around The nub of the problem is not the zero hours contracts themselves but the poor way in which they are sometimes implemented So by all means introduce some safeguards surrounding the contracts But let s also look at improving the way we work with our colleagues at the same time Because bad managers produce bad results For everyone Jon Simcock TAGS contracts Employment labour unions SHARE Facebook Twitter tweet Previous article Mrs Miller good news killer Next article Plastics exhibition heading

    Original URL path: http://www.shropshirebusinesstoday.co.uk/sbtblog/time-travail/ (2016-02-16)
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  • High pressure, low expectations. What a shower . . . - Shropshire Business Today
    for more than a month the Thames threatening to deluge much of its length and the Severn starting to bare its teeth closer to home it is only natural that our ruling class seize the opportunity to blame each other With a staggering lack of empathy for those whose homes and businesses have been lost to the water our politicians decided playing the blame game was more important than doing anything positive So we get Labour blaming the Tories the Conservatives blaming Labour ministers launching a full frontal attack on the head of the Environment Agency who happens to be a former Labour minister and then even falling out with each other as they seek to make political gain out of our misery One wonders just what planet these clowns are on For the rest of us the grim truth is that these events are likely to become more common rather than the reverse With relaxations in planning rules more homes are being built in vulnerable areas more rainfall gets diverted straight into our waterways because of the increase in hard standing associated with development and the lack of dredging and other measures means there is simply less capacity in the system Farmers naturally want more of their land to be commercially viable rather than being left as water meadows and the like particularly in light of the fact that each flooded farm costs between 30 000 and 90 000 The time has long since passed for a comprehensive look at our flooding strategy As a result the extra money the Government is pumping in is likely to be too little too late A proverbial finger in the dam wall What must happen now is long term planning to decide how best to protect the maximum possible number of homes

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