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  • BBC star joins Moreton Hall - Shropshire Business Today
    running of the ticket office Today the business runs numerous business and retail outlets on site at the school see page 26 This is a very exciting initiative for the school explains principal Jonathan Forster Moreton Enterprises offers girls the chance to get very real hands on experience in running business Emma brings with her some fresh ideas and an impressive level of energy We look forward to seeing what she and the girls achieve in the next 12 months Viability This is a great opportunity for me too says Emma I will be working with the girls on assessing the viability of packaging up Moreton Enterprises so that it can be offered to other schools This dovetails perfectly with my own business which is running enterprise days in schools Business is certainly booming for the young businesswomen of Moreton Hall TAGS BBC Moreton Enterprises Moreton Hall SHARE Facebook Twitter tweet Previous article All s un fair in love and law Next article Canal trust backed by steel fab specialists SBT RELATED ARTICLES MORE FROM AUTHOR Courts rule in favour of bosses monitoring staff emails Three is the magic number to help bridge the local skills gap Redrawing the map

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  • All’s (un)fair in love and law - Shropshire Business Today
    changes will contribute to an increased number of claims that don t require someone to have been employed for a set period of time These are claims which are complex and difficult to defend such as discrimination or whistleblowing The state of the economy has left Shropshire and the surrounding area with an extremely challenging job market It s a market where unfortunately some employees are increasingly intent on making these types of claims if they believe there is a chance of receiving a substantial payout It s a situation backed up by the figures which could leave many county firms exposed Statistics demonstrate that the majority of unfair dismissal claims result in payments of up to 10 000 with a maximum cap on damages of 72 300 However for discrimination cases the average compensation can double to around 20 000 with no maximum cap on damages a potential minefield for businesses I admit of course that I see the political intentions and accept the government is trying to increase business confidence But it is clear they haven t fully considered the potential knock on effect of the new threshold and how that will cause concern for firms here in Shropshire who are already badly bruised from battling through a tough recession Mr Cable is making wholesale reforms to 160 pieces of employment legislation but this immediate change although well intended will need employers across Shropshire to look behind the headlines if they wish to avoid claims against them We are at the starting line of a raft of changes to employment laws and I m determined that firms large or small should be on the front foot If they have not done so already I recommend firms and their HR teams to seek professional advice to stay one step

    Original URL path: http://www.shropshirebusinesstoday.co.uk/news/alls-unfair-in-love-and-law/ (2016-02-16)
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  • The Certainty of Uncertainty - Shropshire Business Today
    people hate seeing wires and especially the rats nests of wires that lurk behind many televisions and entertainment systems across the country Which brings us to wireless Wireless when it works it s great It s seamless quick clean convenient and above all very tidy The trouble is it doesn t always work and when it doesn t work there can be any number of almost untraceable reasons why not and this working status can change by the hour Another issue that will affect wireless functionality particularly for those entertaining a house renovation or building project is thermal insulation Building regulations require that new buildings and renovations adhere to European stipulations regarding thermal efficiency and heat retention One of the key ingredients to achieving these efficiency figures is foil backed expanded foam insulation which is used to line walls ceilings and floors For keeping heat in there really are few things better However it will also inhibit the flow of wireless signals around your home which is where we Electric Melon as professional and experienced installers of entertainment systems come in Make no bones about it getting your high definition Sky recordings from one end of the house to the other is specialist skill Wall hanging your television in a location that doesn t cost you a fortune in chiropractor fees takes experience Achieving a robust wireless network in a barn full of foil requires some thought and planning It therefore makes sense to trust specialists who know about these things People who know the difference between Cat 5 Cat 6 and Cat 7 cables People who have installed televisions in swimming pools speakers in saunas and wireless networks in 12th century grade 1 listed buildings People like your local experts Electric Melon We guarantee that we hate seeing wires

    Original URL path: http://www.shropshirebusinesstoday.co.uk/uncategorized/the-certainty-of-uncertainty/ (2016-02-16)
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  • My first employer: A wish list - Shropshire Business Today
    I think the most important thing for me would be the support and guidance available when I begin I would like to be able to ask my employer about any aspect of the business without hesitation I will want to learn as much as possible about the business and not have to worry about feeling intimidated Sometimes fear of someone such as an employer can result in an excessive desire to impress I believe that I should be able to check that my work was correct and that my employer was satisfied with my level of work Flourish When entering a business I would also like to learn about each of the departments in it and be able to take advantage of every opportunity The worst thing for me would be to be shoved in a corner and left to do my own work without any communication or chance to flourish Exposure to as much training as possible would give me enough confidence to feel I could progress through the business Flexibility to learn from senior members of departments would be ideal although I know this would not always be possible in huge commercial businesses A sense of clear direction in employment would encourage me to be determined in my work and inspire competitiveness in a young person s first years of employment We all agree that being given goals and time schemes would help us to focus before we fully understand the industry Fresh from university one can feel lost in a new business among experienced senior employees I think reassurance but discipline from new employers would keep the right balance between perseverance to impress and succeed on the one hand and on the other to have the confidence to speak out and use every skill Striking such a

    Original URL path: http://www.shropshirebusinesstoday.co.uk/uncategorized/my-first-employer-a-wish-list/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Telford businessman honoured in national awards - Shropshire Business Today
    a special commendation at the Growing Business Awards presented by BBC business correspondent Declan Curry Jeff Lawrence TRS Personnel works with more than 600 companies across the Midlands and has found employment opportunities for thousands of people since it launched in 2006 Mr Lawrence said was delighted and humbled to receive the commendation in the Local Hero of Enteprise category Broadcaster Declan Curry said This is a small business rooted in its community and led by an entrepreneur with an innate desire to give back The nomination from branch manager Steve Wood said that Mr Lawrence had guided his team through thick and thin to develop a business which was creating wealth and sustainable employment in the region TAGS Growing Business Awards Telford TRS Personnel SHARE Facebook Twitter tweet Previous article Help yourself to a fitter future Next article My first employer A wish list SBT RELATED ARTICLES MORE FROM AUTHOR Courts rule in favour of bosses monitoring staff emails Three is the magic number to help bridge the local skills gap Redrawing the map to give Shrewsbury a business boost Recent tweets Follow us ShropsBizToday Latest The Shropshire shopping centre in line for a facelift https t co gRQ9DMX23A

    Original URL path: http://www.shropshirebusinesstoday.co.uk/news/telford-businessman-honoured-in-national-awards/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Diary of a secret (estate) agent - Shropshire Business Today
    and detailed plans were made We were determined that this Grand Tour would be splendid enough to rival a classic 18th century expedition In the meantime the London PR duo were booked into Hambrook House a new and delightful B B on Kennedy Road in Shrewsbury which Strutt Parker had sold a few months earlier The big day arrived and the sun that we had ordered failed to shine Jamie arrived by train and was pleasantly surprised by the varied and beautiful shops he had walked past on his way to the office Kate had driven directly to Hambrook House from Mayfair and was greeted with the smell of fresh coffee and homemade cake a professional service and a gorgeous B B Claire was the designated chauffeur so she donned her driver s hat and left with our London friends in tow Over the next seven hours 200 miles of Shropshire were covered and Jamie and Kate both fell in love with the county s beautiful architecture landscape and scenery By the time they came back to the office they were singing Shropshire s praises Each property was a delight to them and by the time they came back to the office they were singing Shropshire s praises David then took them on a whistlestop tour of the market town and for a drive through the famous Shrewsbury School They finally arrived at a property that once formed part of the school when Charles Darwin was a scholar and is now a town centre bachelor pad We rounded the day off with cocktails in town Kate and Jamie were now spellbound Mojitos ordered the day was summed up with one statement We are so delighted we ventured all this way it truly is remarkable what you have here utterly brilliant

    Original URL path: http://www.shropshirebusinesstoday.co.uk/uncategorized/diary-of-a-secret-estate-agent/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Cyber insurance on offer - Shropshire Business Today
    other things damage caused by having your website hacked or damage caused by having your client s data taken from your system www beaumontlawrence co uk TAGS Insurance SHARE Facebook Twitter tweet Previous article Tinson s formula for success Next article Diary of a secret estate agent SBT RELATED ARTICLES MORE FROM AUTHOR Courts rule in favour of bosses monitoring staff emails Three is the magic number to help bridge

    Original URL path: http://www.shropshirebusinesstoday.co.uk/news/cyber-insurance-on-offer/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Tinson’s formula for success - Shropshire Business Today
    said the Pirelli engineers underwent bespoke electrical engineering training before the Australian Grand Prix last month The 56 year old who personally trained the top class engineers in Didcot said I won the contract to supply the Pirelli team with the bespoke training they needed to ensure they could look after the tyres ahead of and during this season s races With F1 the show has to go on and no mistakes can be made especially at the crucial times when the Pirelli engineers are fitting the tyres to the wheels in advance of the races It is often a tight deadline to get every single tyre fitted before the next race The technicians need to keep all of their equipment operational to keep the cars on the track but if any equipment failures do happen then they need the expert knowledge to rectify the situation immediately and it is that training I was privileged enough to provide Tinson Training now provides training to international companies all over the UK and provides training courses for small groups of up to around 15 as well as one to one courses Passionate He said I m passionate about helping people learn and provide on the job relevant training My training is not off the shelf but specific to the business in question It was a privilege to train the Pirelli team and exciting to see the wheels fitted so smoothly during the first four races knowing I had trained the men who put those tyres on The tyres play such a crucial part in every race as F1 fans saw in Bahrain www tinsontraining co uk TAGS Telford Tinson Training SHARE Facebook Twitter tweet Previous article Stately home new age Next article Cyber insurance on offer SBT RELATED ARTICLES MORE FROM AUTHOR

    Original URL path: http://www.shropshirebusinesstoday.co.uk/news/tinsons-formula-for-success/ (2016-02-16)
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