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  • Self Defence
    you a Bruce Lee but they will teach you the basic self defence manoeuvres and show you how to react in real life situations Martial Arts to Increase Your Personal Security Defensive techniques that are taught at self defence classes are mostly based on a single hit kick or other type of applying force to particular sensitive parts of the body This means that you basically have only one chance to disable your attacker and escape Martial arts on the other hand actually prepare you for an eventual confrontation and further reduce the risk of becoming a victim of violent crime Know the Threats to Your Personal Security It may be true that danger lurks everywhere but some situations places make you more vulnerable to physical assault than the others Therefore it is of utmost importance to know the potential threats to your personal security because it is a lot easier to avoid than fight an attacker even if you train martial arts Staying Safe While Travelling A trip to the unknown may be fun but it also poses an increased risk to your personal security It is important to be aware that travellers are seen as easy targets by

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  • Self Defence Lessons - How Can You Benefit from Taking Them
    preventing it in the first place What You Are Taught at Self Defence Lessons As mentioned earlier self defence lessons teach you how to react in case you get physically assaulted You are taught self defence techniques for a variety of situations which you then test in simulated real life scenarios But they also teach you how to avoid finding yourself in a situation to test your self defence skills against an actual attacker Self defence lessons usually also put a lot of emphasis on Awareness training Most self defence lessons dedicate a lot of time to awareness training or increasing awareness of the surroundings You are taught how recognise people who could pose a threat to your personal safety and how to avoid potentially unsafe locations Improved fitness level That way you are more likely to both avoid and deal with threats to your personal safety successfully If you look like you are able to defend yourself you are less likely to be physically assaulted or robbed because the attackers typically choose victims who don t give the impression to be able to defend themselves Increased self confidence Knowing that you aren t helpless if you get physically assaulted

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  • Martial Arts to Increase Your Personal Security
    step in How Training of Martial Arts Increases Your Personal Security Martial arts refer to a variety of combat practices which are trained for a number of reasons including competition and health but they are most often practised for self defence purposes The emphasis is thus on learning combat techniques which improve your ability to defend yourself in case you get physically assaulted Just like self defence classes however martial arts also increase your confidence self esteem concentration and awarenesses of the surroundings and improve your fitness level Thus training of martial arts helps reduce the risk of physical assault because the attackers are less likely to pick on a person who walks self confidently and looks like they might fight back There is no guarantee that martial arts will enable you to overcome the attacker no matter how hard you train because it would be foolish to attempt to fight if the attacker has a gun for instance Also most martial arts base on avoidance of potentially dangerous situations But if you find yourself compelled to fight you have a greater chance to overcome the attacker if you re skilful in martial arts than if you know only the basic self defence manoeuvres Popular Martial Arts Many martial arts are learned for self defence purposes Some of the most popular ones include Karate It is a martial art which originates from Okinawa Japan Karate involves learning of both offensive and defensive moves while the emphasis is on quick and powerful blows using all parts of the body Judo It is another martial art that was developed in Japan Its invention is credited to Kano Jigoro 1860 1938 who also played an important role in the establishment of Judo and kendo an integral parts of the Japanese school programme As

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  • Know the Threats to Your Personal Security
    night choose a route where there is lots of people even if it means walking longer If you by any chance find yourself in a potentially unsafe neighbourhood walk with confidence but be alert You are highly unlikely to be physically assaulted in crowded areas but keep in mind that pickpockets are everywhere So carry your purse close to your body and try to keep a distance from other people On the Road Don t pick up hitch hikers and don t hitch hike yourself because you never know who will pull over You are also recommended not to pull over to anyone outside populated areas even if they look like they need help You probably think it is unacceptable not to stop to see what is going on but it is important to be aware that it can also be just a trick Also nowadays just about everyone has a mobile phone to be able to call for help if they need it This doesn t mean however you shouldn t do anything if you see a person who appears to need help But instead of pulling over drive to the nearest petrol pump or police station and tell them that there is someone on the road who needs help At Home You re safe at home right Yes you probably are but you are highly recommended to keep your doors locked even when you re at home Also don t let strangers into your home The same counts for people who make you feel uncomfortable for one reason or the other The statistics show that victims of violent crimes most often know their attackers Abroad Travelling is fun but it is highly important to be aware that it also posses an increased risk to your personal security especially

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  • Staying Safe While Travelling
    locals think that you could have lots of money or valuables Never carry large sums of money with you Use credit cards and traveller s checks whenever possible If you do have larger sums of money in some countries 100 is a little fortune with you for one reason or the other don t keep it all in your wallet That way you will firstly avoid finding yourself without money if your wallet is lost or stolen and secondly avoid the risk of anyone seeing how much money you have Follow the same personal safety measures as at home This includes avoiding walking alone at night and potentially unsafe streets But since it isn t difficult to get lost in an unfamiliar place you are recommended to plan your itinerary in advance Be careful when approached by strangers They are probably just curious and want to know where you re from how you like their country region etc Not all however are harmless and you simply cannot know You are therefore recommended to politely refuse them if they are offering to show you around or help you in some other way if you didn t ask for their help Let

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  • Personal Alarms, Self Defence Sprays and Home Security Products
    attackers because they don t want to attract attention To benefit from a personal alarm however it is crucial to have it ready at hand because it can t help you buried somewhere deep in your purse Also don t wait to be actually physically assaulted to activate your alarm If you feel uneasy just activate it Self Defence Sprays Also known as identifier sprays self defence sprays aren t the same as pepper sprays which are illegal in the UK Unlike the latter self defence sprays aren t designed to harm the attacker and don t contain any harmful chemicals Their purpose is to surprise the attacker and win an opportunity to escape or make noise either by screaming as loud as you can or activating your personal alarm In addition the bright red liquid stains the attacker s clothing and skin which facilitates his her identification Important Pepper sprays are legal in many European countries but you are advised against bringing it into the UK from abroad because as mentioned above they re illegal If you use a pepper spray to defend yourself from an attacker you may actually get in trouble with the authorities Home Security Products Just because you live in a safe neighbourhood that doesn t necessarily mean you are safe Thieves and burglars take advantage of every opportunity they have and therefore it is of key importance to keep your doors and windows locked and not to let in strangers because they may be burglars pretending to be door to door sellers insurance agents survey takers etc to see if you have anything worth stealing and asses your home security Locked doors and windows unfortunately don t always keep burglars and intruders away For that reason it is a good idea to take additional

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  • Contact Us
    Home Contact Us Contact sierrabravo co uk Name E mail Subject Message 4 3 sierrabravo co uk 1 Snowden Street London EC2A 2DQ United Kingdom Copyright 2013 sierrabravo co uk

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