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  • State Pension Summary
    illness or unemployment you are credited as if you had paid contributions Each year for which you have enough National Insurance contributions or credits counts as a qualifying year If you have at least 30 qualifying years this entitles you to the full basic state pension 107 45 a week in 2012 13 If you have fewer than 30 years you qualify for less The additional state pension The additional state pension is now called the State Second Pension S2P but you might remember it by its earlier name the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme SERPS Employees build up additional pension while working unless they are contracted out Contracting out means you give up some additional pension and instead some of your National Insurance contributions are used to fund a pension from an occupational pension scheme or a personal pension To learn more about contracting out use the online tool on The Pensions Advisory Service TPAS website www pensionsadvisoryservice org uk Since it started in 1978 the additional state pension has been earnings related so people on higher earnings build up more pension than people on lower earnings However the additional pension is now gradually shifting to become a flat rate scheme so that eventually the full rate will be the same standard amount for everyone People caring for a child under the age of 12 or for a person with a disability and others claiming benefits because they themselves have a long term health problem are already credited with a standard amount of additional pension Because contracting out is more popular with higher earners the average amount of additional pension currently payable tends to be low 26 a week in 2010 How much you may get To find out how much state pension you are on track to get

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  • Prescrition glasses
    copy of my prescription to an on line company and have been very pleased with the result and the price has been much less e g http www glassesdirect co uk If you have a good frame which you like do not hesitate to ask the optician or on line manufacturer to fit the new lenses to it Lenses 1 Size Matters If after an eye exam you decide to get a new pair of glasses don t let fashion trump function Many people suffer from presbyopia a naturally occurring stiffening in the lens of eyes that reduces the ability to focus at close vision tasks You may know it as reading at arm s length If you previously wore prescription glasses and now have presbyopia you ll probably want multifocal lenses with various strengths But you ll probably want to avoid tiny fashionable styles They re not good for older patients who need bifocals trifocals or progressives says Robert Rosenberg O D an optometrist Typically multifocal lenses require a vertical height of at least 1 25 inches 2 Lens Materials While specs are called glasses glass lenses have largely been replaced by high tech plastics lighter thinner and less likely to break if dropped Choices include Basic Also known as CR 39 this lower priced choice is usually what s included in single vision offers for buy one get one free and complete pair for under 100 Some opticians may recommend additional UV treatments but it s usually a gimmick says Rosenberg Most plastics require no additional UV treatments Mid index Slimmer and lighter than basic these are more compatible with anti reflective and photochromic treatments But they may require thicker lenses for those with strong prescriptions for far sightedness limiting frame options High index This most expensive plastic

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  • Computer Pains
    talking about computers especially at parties But seriously it can be a nuisance and I suspect is quite common amongst computer users I used to notice it the morning after a long session of programming or word processing and although I went to an osteopath for a couple of sessions I concluded that there was a connection between my computing activity and my stiff neck At the time I was using bi focal glasses and studying what I did it was not difficult to work out that between looking at the screen through the lower lens of the glasses and then looking at the keyboard I was moving my head about 90 degrees up and down hundreds of times in one evening It was not surprising that the following morning I was reluctant to look over my shoulder whilst backing off the drive So from my completely unqualified situation I pass on these suggestions 1 Make sure you are not looking at your screen like a piano player with bi focals Get single focus glasses even cheap ones or use multifocal lenses which are right for the screen and keyboard and use these whenever you are computing 2 Try to

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  • Swine Flu
    a laboratory test Otherwise you may have had normal flu or something else Unless you know for sure that you have had swine flu and are in one of the high risk groups you should have the vaccination If you are aged 65 and over and in one of the at risk groups you will be contacted by your GP inviting you to go to an immunisation clinic or make an appointment at their surgery either by letter or in some instances by text or phone depending on postal strikes The swine flu pandemic is being closely monitored by the Department of Health You can sign up for email alerts on the latest here www nhs uk Myth Busters for mature media audience Myth Swine flu isn t that serious so there s no need for those aged 65 or over who are in the seasonal flu vaccine at risk groups to get vaccinated Swine flu causes mild symptoms in most people generally lasting for about a week but people aged 65 or over who are in at risk groups are more likely to be seriously ill with swine flu They include people with long term health conditions such as diabetes chronic heart kidney liver or neurological diseases like multiple sclerosis or those whose immune system is affected by a disease or treatment for a disease In some cases people may need to be treated in hospital for complications such as pneumonia or difficulty breathing and in the very worst cases may die Myth The vaccine hasn t been properly tested and isn t safe for those aged 65 and over with underlying health conditions The vaccines have been licensed by the European authorities and would not have been if they were considered unsafe In preparing for a pandemic appropriate clinical trials to assess safety have been carried out on vaccines very similar to the swine flu vaccine The vaccines have been shown to have a good safety profile Scientific evidence from trials suggest the risk of a serious reaction is extremely small and far outweighed by the risk of becoming seriously ill from the swine flu virus itself especially if you have an underlying health condition Myth The vaccine will give those aged 65 and over in an at risk group swine flu The vaccine does not carry a live virus so it cannot give swine flu to those aged 65 and over in at risk groups being vaccinated Some may experience mild symptoms like fever headache and muscle aches as their immune system responds to the vaccine but this is not flu and will usually disappear in one or two days without treatment Myth Everyone aged 65 and over is a priority group for receiving the swine flu vaccine People aged 65 and over who are otherwise healthy are not a swine flu priority group as they appear to have some natural immunity to the swine flu virus Surveillance has shown fewer swine flu cases in people aged

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  • Disclaimer
    the advice of your medical practitioner in relation to any questions relating to a medical condition Mention of non Silverhairs co uk products and services and links to Silverhairs co uk web sites are for information and convenience purposes only and constitute neither an endorsement nor a recommendation Silverhairs co uk assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection performance or use of these products services and sites When you

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  • A rich seam - Scottish Borders
    during the 1500s and when he died in 1582 and the castle passed to his son then from father to son till about 1627 when the last Lord Herries John Maxwell s great grandson sold it to Sir Richard Murray of Cockpool This family of Murray was afterwards created Earls of Annandale and the castle said to be owned by John Earl of Annandale in 1637 His son James married a Carnegie of Southesk and conveyed the estate of Hoddom to David Earl of Southesk about the year 1653 The Southesk family sold the castle and Barony of Hoddom to Mr John Sharpe in 1690 In 1832 a General Sharpe added a wing to the design of a Mr Burns and after the purchase of the property by Mr Brook of Huddersfield in 1877 another wing was added These 19th century additions have mercifully disappeared The castle was occupied by the army during the Second World War and has been unoccupied since then except for its use in connection with the camp site The toilets in the castle are something special Other notables from the area Information from Wikipedia Click on the links Thomas Carlyle was born in Ecclefechan Dumfries and Galloway and was educated at Annan Academy He was influenced by his family s and his nation s strong Calvinism After attending the University of Edinburgh Carlyle became a mathematics teacher first in Annan and then in Kirkcaldy where Carlyle became close friends with the mystic Edward Irving In 1819 1821 he lived much of his life at Craigenputtock a beautiful house in Dumfriesshire where he wrote many of his works He often wrote about his life at Craigenputtock It is certain that for living and thinking I have never since found in the world a place so favourable How blessed might poor mortals be in the straitest circumstances if their wisdom and fidelity to heaven and to one another were adequately great It was the Carlyle family that had many years before built Hoddom Castle Robert I de Brus Robert the Bruce 11 July 1274 7 June 1329 was King of Scots from 1306 to his death in 1329 He was probably born at Lochmaber a small town in Scotland four miles west of Lockerbie in Dumfries and Galloway His mother was by all accounts a formidable woman who legend would have it kept Robert Bruce s father captive until he agreed to marriage From his mother he inherited the Gaelic Earldom of Carrick and through his father a royal lineage that would give him a claim to the Scottish throne Although his date of birth is definitely known his place of birth is less certain it was either Turnberry Castle in Ayrshire or Lochmaber in Dumfriesshire Although his paternal ancestors were of Scoto Norman heritage originating in Brieux Normandy his maternal ancestors were Scottish Gaels and he became one of Scotland s greatest kings as well as one of the most famous warriors of his generation eventually

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  • xp password problem
    2 Keep your eye on the screen messages for booting to your cd Typically it will be Press any key to boot from cd 3 Once you get in the first screen will indicate that Setup is inspecting your system and loading files 4 When you get to the Welcome to Setup screen press ENTER to Setup Windows now N B Do NOT go for the REPAIR option at this point 5 The Licensing Agreement comes next Press F8 to accept it 6 The next screen is the Setup screen which gives you the option to do a Repair It should read something like If one of the following Windows XP installations is damaged Setup can try to repair it Use the up and down arrow keys to select your XP installation if you only have one it should already be selected and press R to begin the Repair process 7 Let the Repair run Setup will now check your disks and then start copying files which can take several minutes 8 Shortly after the Copying Files stage you will be required to reboot this will happen automatically you will see a progress bar stating Your computer will reboot in 15 seconds 9 During the reboot do not make the mistake of pressing any key to boot from the CD again Setup will resume automatically with the standard billboard screens and you will notice Installing Windows is highlighted 10 Keep your eye on the lower left hand side of the screen and when you see the Installing Devices progress bar press SHIFT F10 This is the security hole A command console will now open up giving you the potential for wide access to your system 11 At the prompt type NUSRMGR CPL and press Enter Voila You have just gained

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  • Spam
    is getting cluttered To get to it click on the Start button then on Run then type Msconfig and click OK A page with several columns will appear and one of them will be marked Startup The list will show You can turn off any of the programs by unticking the boxes on the left If you find that something doesn t work as it should then you can put the tick back and after you restart the machine it will be back exactly as it was There is even a facility for turning off ALL the items But you had better make a note of what you are doing so you can get back to where you were Note that you can drag the columns of startup at the top so widening them and see more of what each item refers to But this is very limited and you may still not recognise what programs they refer to In fact I often spend a long time Googling each word to find out what they do There are even whole sites on the net which list items from Startups It is a very long list Why should these programs be mentioned there and how did they get there Many of them are put there when you install a program ostensibly to make loading that program faster if you should ever need it Good examples of this are the entire Microsoft Office Suite a whole list of things that come from companies like HP and Canon if you have installed a printer camera or scanner But presumably if you want to start one of those programs you can do so from All Programs Why use memory and time pre loading things you use occasionally Then any program that issues frequent updates

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