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  • Internet Service Providers and Broadband
    Savings and investments Page moved Please click HERE Or c lick on SITE MAP Index Page

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  • Should I Use Free Online Storage
    add drawings to your documents Google Docs also works with Microsoft Office programs Sky Drive Microsoft has their own free online storage program called Sky Drive This program gives you up to 25GB of free storage It is integrated with Xbox Live Messenger and Hotmail so if you have an account with one of the programs already then you can use your username and password from one of these accounts to access your Sky Drive account To use Sky Drive all you have to do is drag and drop the files you want to store online into an online folder Some of the features that make Sky Drive special include SSL encryption no 3rd party ads 24 7 live support file histories cloud storage and remote access capabilities Mozy Mozy is another first generation program that offers free online storage The free version of this program gives you up to 2GB of storage and is compatible with Windows 2000 XP and Vista as well as with Mac OSX 10 4 and 10 5 Mozy allows you to store any type of file you want and gives you the option of setting up an automatic backup schedule ADrive A Drive is a simple free online storage option You are given 50GB of storage space to use for movie files documents and music files Not only can you store your files on this site but you can also edit documents and other files from the A Drive website Badongo Badongo is a free online storage program that is set up like a social networking website Not only do you get an unlimited amount of storage but you can also create photoalbums music playlists and publish documents to share with other Badongo users This site also offers free widgets that you can add

    Original URL path: http://www.silverhairs.co.uk/onlinestorage.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Bluetooth Neck Loop
    got an iCom a new device that I wear around my neck that connects wirelessly to my hearing aids and which can transmit sounds from a variety of electronic devices almost straight into my head Other listeners are available Contact RNID Products see pages 46 47 for details It took only 20 seconds to set up the connection to my mobile phone to the iCom via Bluetooth I spent ten times as long searching for my glasses so I could read the instructions on the phone s screen But it took a lot longer to get myself psychologically ready to make a call The momentous moment came as I telephoned my wife from the living room to the kitchen where she was and made contact My second call was more experimental Driving along the M50 to a comedy gig in South Wales I tried making a hands free call Bingo I was speaking to my children and could hear in their voices a certain incredulity that even though I was out I still had the power to contact them and tell them to stop giving their mother a hard time I talked until Monmouth astonished that despite driving through a steep Welsh valley I was connected Since then I ve called a few friends two of whom rejected the call thinking I must have sat on my phone by mistake I ve also realised that YouTube clips are meant to be heard as well as seen I ve listened to the radio heard phone ins though don t imagine that I d call myself mostly because people talk such rubbish At least now I know what rubbish I can hear the TV and don t need subtitles I can hear the pointless backing music most programmes come with Masterchef seemed

    Original URL path: http://www.silverhairs.co.uk/loop.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • solar energy
    continue at the same rate And like the latest idea of cladding the outside of old houses not much thought is given to the LOOK of a property Old links In view of the reduced FIT rates in 2016 the following information is out of date The whole page will be drastically revised in 2016 http www energysavingtrust org uk Generate your own energy This page does NOT deal with solar water heating which is currently not as generously subsidised by the government see below http ashadegreener co uk energy study has some interesting figures which show the average savings on electricity bills regardless of any FIT payments Even at the lower rate the scheme would still have paid the tax free and inflation proofed FIT Feed In Tariff for 20 years so it would have still been attractive to higher tax payers and people who wish to be environmentally friendly especially as energy costs continue to rise and 2015 is expected to be a crisis year as coal fired stations are closed down all over Europe I have a feeling that many people will continue to install panels just as they may buy fair trade bananas or other world friendly deals Yes the payback will take longer but it is still a payback unlike money in a bank The earlier FIT tariff was altogether too generous and will continue to pay the well off at the expense of the rest And who is paying for all this Er YOU ARE Because the cost is spread between the electricity companies who pass it on to customers Solar energy in most parts of the world is used for heating water But government grants for renewable water heating installations are comparatively poor In fact in most cases they will only be given for equipment in houses NOT heated by mains gas because other forms of heating coal oil wood and electricity produce more carbon than mains gas and the aim is to reduce the amount of carbon produced However a one off grant of 300 may be awarded for a solar heated hot water system If you are still interested what are the rules You need a large roughly south facing sloping roof 25 45 degrees with suitable 12 30 square metres as much as 10ft by 22ft and most companies say you need to be south of Newcastle on Tyne If your roof is facing East or West it would be at least 15 less effective but nevertheless it would work during daylight Planning permission is not generally required as long as the installation does not protrude more than 200mm above the roof line See www planningportal gov uk But you are unlikely to get permission for a listed building or in a conservation area You financially gain in two ways Now outdated 1 The electricity that is fed into the power grid for which your electricity company will pay you around 21p per kilowatt hour kWh which is more than

    Original URL path: http://www.silverhairs.co.uk/solar.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Glossary
    For the Glossary See Glossary For Finance see Help7 For Insurance see Help29 Index Page To view the whole site please click on SITE MAP Next Page

    Original URL path: http://www.silverhairs.co.uk/help20.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Internet Service Providers and Broadband
    appliances with faulty power supplies Bad power supplies from electrical equipment interferes with the so called Bell Wire which runs throughout households and creates noise on the line In a test a basic ADSL connection running at 3 8Mbps was throttled down to 700Kbps when a nearby fluorescent tube with a faulty power supply was switched on when an iPlate was fitted to the master socket the connection returned to its normal speed The iPlate is installed by unscrewing the face plate in the master socket and slotting iPlate into place It is easiest fitted to sockets which are split into two halves It is expected that iPlates will become part of the regular installation feature for new customers Ashley Pickering from BT Wholesale said We ve seen huge increases in speed stating that on average it makes one and a half megs of difference Sept 08 Magazine PCPro asked their subscribers about their favourite Broadband provider These were the results Or as I said last moth I really do think that at the prices you can see in the following site there is no longer a case for people to still use a dialup connection It is not just a geek thing to go to broadband It is necessary if you wish to keep your machine safe The only machines I would consider to use without BB is one not connected to the net There might be various reasons as to why you are getting a slow speed and they could be 1 There may be a fault over the line outside the premise 2 There may be a fault with the internal wirings and devices If you check with them you may get the following message I have just tested your line this is worth asking them to do for your Telephone Number and can confirm your line supports the UK s most complete broadband package BT Total Broadband and we can confirm that you will be able to reach a maximum download speed of 8 0 Megabits per second But BT Total Broadband will always give you the maximum download speed available to your line based on these factors 1 The number of other users online at the time 2 The overall usage across the Internet 3 The distance between your premise and the nearest server or digital exchange 4 The condition of the copper cables 5 The condition of the weather If the problem persist write back to us we will escalate the issue to the concerned Department For any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us or use our BT Broadband Self Help web site http www bt com broadband help Jinu P C BT Total Broadband Support END of message from BT For the Uswitch page for comparing Broadband deals click HERE or take a look at http www top10 broadband co uk results Their latest survey March 08 put Plus net well to the fore with Sky next and mysteriously Talk

    Original URL path: http://www.silverhairs.co.uk/help10.html (2016-02-10)
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