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  • Disclaimer - general
    after making changes and are using Windows XP Vista Windows 7 or Windows 8 immediately do a Restore to the time before the problem occurring If you use other Operating Systems it is advisable to obtain suitable backup software Mention of non Silverhairs co uk products and services and links to Silverhairs co uk web sites are for information and convenience purposes only and constitute neither an endorsement nor a recommendation This includes the links to Google advertising Silverhairs co uk assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection performance or use of these products services and sites When you access a non Silverhairs co uk web site understand that it is independent from Silverhairs co uk and that Silverhairs co uk has no control over the content of that web site Silverhairs co uk disclaims all liability relating to alleged libellous statements infringements of intellectual property product liability privacy or copyright rights Cookies For an explanation please see http www whatarecookies com n b Current EU regulation insists that sites using cookies must obtain the permision of anyone who wishes to use their site before sending or retrieving cookie data However it is not the intention of the author

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    Search results Silverhairs Home Page Silverhairs Site Map Or to return to the previous page click the back arrow Site Navigation Links Please click on SITE MAP Silverhairs Home Page

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  • Useful Webpages | Computer Tips For Seniors | Internet For Retirees
    org uk To check Premium Bonds go to http www nsandi com The Pension Scheme Registry can check if you are due for anything http www thepensionsregulator gov uk In debt The first port of call should be your Citizens Advice Bureau INSURANCE Car insurance can be a problem for older people An article in the Mail on Sunday dealt with this It found that the chances of having an accident were 13 higher among the over 70s and that the cost of claims for over 75s was 50 higher than for those aged 60 As a result a number of companies are refusing to take on new customers over certain ages though most will continue to insure existing customers who reach a certain age For new customers More Than has an upper age limit of 79 Tesco made that 80 Churchill say 90 and draw the line finally at 99 for existing customers The most amenable are Saga Age UK and RIAS but the cost of cover varies a great deal depending on location gender and of course accident record Health factors may also be a consideration and it is essential that you inform your insurer and DVLC In the Mail s example insuring an 84 year old living and working in London RIAS worked out the most expensive Age UK was nearly half of the RIAS cost do shop around http www helpucover co uk product gadget mobile phone for those expensive gadgets http www norwichunion com nud index htm Now Aviva 10 off if you sign on the web This company was recommended by a 60 contact www cornhilldirect co uk Brokers www inspop com I got a good quote here on House Contents insurance and got better cover www coverquote co uk for over 50 s Cars If you have a big No Claims Discount and your spouse wants their own cover do shop around to see if you they can benefit from your good record Try Churchill for what they term and introductory bonus TRAVEL INSURANCE Look at my page Here or for general advice see www travelinsuranceguide org uk GENEALOGY See my page on the subject I have not attached links to these sites so you will have to key in the address adding www at the beginning Some may charge to do research for you WWW GOOGLE CO UK CYNDISLIST COM ANCESTRY COM FAMILYSEARCH COM Mormon church FAMILY COM ROOTSWEB COM RECORDS GRO SCOTLAND GOV UK GENUKI COM UK site ESSEXVILLAGES NET GOOGLE COM ASKJEEVES COM COPERNIC COM PRO gov uk Public Records Office SOG ORG UK Society of Genealogists ARMY MOD UK FAMILYRECORDS GOV UK MEMORIAL SITES Some people would like to have a site as a memorial to a loved on See http www gonetoosoon org and www muchloved com OTHER SITES TO TRACK DOWN LONG LOST FRIENDS OR RELATIVES and dogs www animalsearchuk co uk www missing you net www myoldmate net www familysearch org www lookupuk com http people yahoo co uk www bigfoot com http uk bigfoot com www army mod uk www smartgroups com www bureauofmissingheirs com www probate com charge made www british legion org uk www servicepals com www missingpeople com www missingpersons org www peoplesearchers co uk www lookupuk com www infospace com www whowhere com www switchboard com www 192 com phone number address electoral roll www 411 com U S private phone numbers Track old school friends www friendsreunited com www ukbirth adoptionregister com www locatefirst com uk UK Electoral roll www locatefirst com us and www addresses com USA people finders HEALTH SITES Most have been moved to Here HOLIDAYS TRAVEL All travel links have been transferred to my Travel Page Help40 htm HOUSEHOLD British Gas offered 400 scrappage allowance on your old boiler and you could claim up to 270 Green Deal Government Cashback but this scheme closed when HMGov ran out of cash And Br Gas did not compare well on price even with the scrappage allowance Which did a customer survey over boilers and British Gas scored only 56 Bosch did better at 74 but independent gas installers got as much as 86 To get a list of registered gas fitters contact www gassaferegister co uk and enter your postcode Solar electricity generation The government s confusion over the Feed In Tariff for this led me to withdraw my page on this subject If you have a couple of hours to spare you might like to look at their sad history on the subject at http www decc gov uk assets decc Consultations fits review 5902 feedin tariffs frequently asked questions pdf This includes the timescale for the government degression reduction of the over generous tariffs Wrongly Rated Since Moneysavings Expert started to suggest that people check their rating band 130 000 households have been rerated See HERE for instructions as to what to do For council tax bands see https www gov uk Winter heating It is important to check the latest government offers as to whether you can gain from any of their energy saving measures At least they have bludgeoned the energy providers to help fund the schemes A government report said Some 11 million people are expected to be offered assistance through the scheme Almost half a million of the most vulnerable consumers would not see their bills rise at all this winter Under the package all low income and pensioner households will be eligible for free insulation saving up to 300 a year So you may be able to get assistance with wall and roof insulation and more important with an efficient central heating system including up to five radiators Some people may get small grants if there is a hard winter I was hoping they would double glaze my house but no such luck The Energy Saving Trust 0800 512 012 can tell you about grants up to 2 000 from power companies and councils in your area Tap in your postcode

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  • Digital Photography
    you just take the memory card in and it will be downloaded to their machine in a minute So you can get your precious memory card back and carry on shooting Another company that came out well is Bonusprint Kiosk printing where you do it yourself was much more expensive Incidentally Virgin Media people on the M level Broadband can register with them and get 50 free prints a month If you do resort to printing at home you will find a tremendous improvement in the results if you print on heavy quality glossy paper Try high quality 220gsm gloss paper 5 for 50 from some shops Photo manipulation Another advantage of digital photography is that it gives the opportunity to enhance your photos It is important to have some software that will enable you to do this If you ask the photographic processing company to put your pictures on a CD they often include some software free I have mentioned cropping a picture to cut out the spare sky and grass or unwanted parts of a picture No one is really interested in loads of space especially on photos of people In fact no one is really interested in knees and feet What they want is a close up of Aunty Mae or the happy couple preferably head and shoulders You can experiment and save the bits of the photo to another picture file In fact there is only one thing you must never cut out in portraiture and that is the person s eyes So crop away Talking of eyes there is the frequent red eye problem of flash photography though most cameras can be made to prevent this by double flashing A photo manipulation program will also let you correct this A bad one will make it difficult My favourite for this is Microsoft s Picture It Publishing but I gather that Hewlett Packard photo software does a very good job on this Another feature of such programs is the ability to alter the brightness and contrast of the image Many a dull picture has been brought back to life by changing these aspects Get Picasa and go through your dull old pictures and click I m feeling lucky You will be amazed how they improve But remember to save a copy or you will lose that effect For more information on Picasa click here Other recommended packages for organising and editing photographs are The Gimp and Irfanview free or the paid for programs such as Corel Paintshop Pro Microsoft s Digital Image Suite and Adobe Photoshop Elements The last one was given a five star rating by Computer Active 2016 There are also a number of on line photo manipulation programs mention here http askbobrankin com 10 free online photo editors html awt l Orks6 awt m J3dm0mY7XeP6SL And don t forget that if you want to send pictures to anyone who is on a dialup account and there are still some about you are more likely to stay friends if you compress the file down to something that will only take a little while to send or receive Files should finish up in the popular JPG format never Tif or BMP and they can be compressed to various degrees and also reduced in physical inches and Megabyte size Many graphics programs can be used to compress photos before emailing and some such as Picasa will do it on the fly when you opt to attach a photo to an email Make sure that you do not accidentally wipe out the better version when you save a compressed version Save it as another name but still in the JPG format A program like Corel PaintshopPro will Batch compress dozens of photos and stick the compressed version in a different folder If you have it see under File Batch compression You can just opt to Select All the photos in one folder set the Option to compress them 85 choose to send the results to a different folder then hit Ok Within seconds 50 photos were compressed from 2Mb to 250k Unfortunately PSP costs money at 60 downloaded MEMORY One confusing aspect of digital cameras is the great variety of memory various ones use For a good explanation please take a look at http www steves digicams com high capacity storage html Although this deals mainly with the very high capacity offers it also applies to all memory from 8Mb upwards There are about a dozen different memory card types and they vary quite a lot in price physical size and even speed but all have become much cheaper lately and have higher capacities Batteries Some digital cameras contain rechargeable batteries usually recharged by connecting them to a USB socket on a PC If you expect to go on a long trip it may be advisable to invest in a second battery Some cameras seem to run through batteries quickly I have read an article in Computer Active about someone complaining that he has sent his camera back and had replacements three times as it would only take about 50 pictures before the batteries needed recharging I wonder if the camera actually had a problem The things that use the most juice are the LCD screen the flash and the use of any video facility If possible they should be used without any of these I have seen people using the flash all the time when really it is BETTER to use flash for in filling to expose shadows on faces etc Next I have seen people who cannot resist showing everyone what they have taken so they pass the camera around a large group of people who look at all the pictures Then they wonder why the battery is flat Leaving the camera connected to a PC after transferring the pictures can take power too Lastly people are not aware that AA and AAA rechargeable batteries are not quite as powerful as standard batteries and may

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  • Hard disk backup
    can fit a standard drive into a Drive Caddy with a USB connection Currently a USB drive is around 35 upwards according to size Most do not require a power socket the power from the USB being sufficient When you want to change your PC you can then just attach it to the new one and when you have cleaned out the old hard disk the PC can be sold on or given away Another alternative is to back things up to space on line It helps to have a fast broadband connection but some sites now give as much as 10 Gb of free space If you have a Gmail address you have access to over 7 Gb of space which can even be made visible as an extra drive Windows Backup Everyone says be sure to backup everything before you do this So what does Microsoft do It excludes the backup program for Windows XP Home Edition What is worse if you type backup in Help it says nothing about how to go about it So what to do Searching the net leads us to the Microsoft article on the subject which says The Backup utility is not included in the default installation of Windows XP Home Edition The Backup icon is not present on the Start menu in Windows XP Home Edition nor is Backup listed in Add Remove Programs This article describes how to install Backup which is included on the CD ROM in the Valueadd folder To use Backup you have to install it manually see below However help is at hand with Comodo Free Backup See http backup comodo com This is OK for XP Vista or Windows 7 An alternative free program is GFI These programs can be scheduled to backup at regular intervals and can either overwrite previous backups or just add what has been changed since the last time To Manually Install the Backup Utility in XP You need to dig out your original Windows XP disk 1 Double click the Ntbackup msi file in the following location on the Windows XP Home Edition CD ROM to start a wizard that installs Backup On the CD ROM Drive find VALUEADD MSFT NTBACKUP 2 When the wizard is complete click Finish So having installed it you can backup to another part of the disk or to CD or DVD However I have always found this program very confusing and I would suggest dedicated backup software for this purpose Even the backup program included with Windows Vista seems to be a very blunt instrument It gives you the opportunity to back up things by File Type So if you just tick the Pictures box it will search the hard disk for anything that looks like a picture whether you want them or not The categories are Pictures Music Videos Email Documents TV Compressed files and Additional files this could be anything However it DOES compress things into Zip folders which can be viewed

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  • Printers
    buy some printers as it does to replace a couple of my HP cartridges I tend to refill them get refills or shop around on the net However it is still possible to get cheap clone cartridges for most Epsons Printers change even faster than computers so any reference to a specific model would be out of date before I uploaded this to the site GENERAL The most popular printers by far are Colour Inkjets They all produce excellent correspondence quality these days and the speed of the slowest is adequate for the patient home user You should never trust the manufacturer s claimed speeds as they probably refer to a lightly printed page in Draft Mode More of this later But it is certainly possible for the faster Inkjets to keep up with what laser printers do One 70 Epson claims to produce a business letter in 1 6 seconds that is an incredible 37 pages per minute Watch out for how much ink there is in cartridges Older printers used to use cartridges with up to 40 millilitres of ink These days you can buy a printer which uses HP cartridges which contain as little as 5 ml of ink e g Types 342 and 110 According to my conversion tables that is a metric teaspoonful If you sneezed it would disappear And they cost 16 each Viking If you don t believe me study the Viking catalogue The average older HP cartridge e g type 57a is around 17 ml so the variation is astonishing Look out for the double pack offers But watch out for the economy sizes e g Type 57GE LC light capacity has only one quarter the volume of ink Only worth buying if you want to refill it For cheaper original HP cartridges try www choicestationery co uk IJT or www cartridgemonkey com or do like a friend did and get them on Ebay These were a Buy now advert and they worked out at around 7 less than you would pay in a shop for colour type 57a All in one or Multipurpose Another type of printer is the Printer Scanner Copier Fax machine combo If you are need more than one of these functions or just need the desk space it may pay to look at these which can be as a little as 45 or less these days Epson Canon Lexmark HP and they may be wireless and have memory card slots so you can stick your camera memory card in and some have touch screens to control them Clone Cartridges It is no use saving on cheaper cartridges if the result is poor I have usually found the quality of photo printing satisfactory with clone cartridges In the case of one Computer Shopper article the results for some of the clones were encouraging being judged equal to or better than the originals Epson were not going to miss out for ever on this market so their current printers use a cartridge which includes a chip These are more expensive still but the clone makers soon caught on and imitated this technique But Epson are still trying to prevent their cartridges being copied So you would be lucky to find an Epson printer that doesn t use chipped cartridges The old 400 600 C20 and C46 ranges used non chipped ones and were cheaper to run N B Jettec one of the refill companies says Some Epson cartridges have a memory device which stores the ink level You will need to purchase a Jettec chip resetter to reset the ink level before you can re use refill the cartridge Both Epson and HP printers may show the ink level as empty even after you have replaced the cartridge with a new clone Hewlett Packard Cartridges and Xerox Lexmark not only contain the ink but also the print head and some electrical contacts These cartridges are patented though you can get remanufactured ones even in Tesco Some do refills which are a little cheaper and you can refill them yourself which saves a lot It is a messy job and there is a limit to how many times you can refill before the print head becomes inaccurate But you may feel it is worthwhile with a pair of HP cartridges costing as much as 44 Most Lexmark cartridges are in the same price bracket You may have noticed that some printers and cameras are described as having Pictbridge capability This means that you can connect the camera directly to the printer see a display of a picture on the printer and print it without the need to start your computer Speed Printing speeds vary enormously You should take the advertiser s claims with a large pinch of salt ALL quoted speeds are based on DRAFT mode With some printers this can be quite faint and is certainly no use for photographs That said it is quite a good idea to set your printer to draft mode for day to day work In addition to making your cartridges last twice as long you will find the pages arrive much quicker You can always change back to a higher quality for an individual job HP printout tends to smudge until you have allowed the print to dry for at least a couple of minutes But for standard correspondence an HP printer looks pretty good in Draft mode and smudges less Change the default mode via Start Settings Printers Properties rather than when printing an individual file which will just revert to the previous settings next time Photo Printing Glossy paper can be from 10p per sheet upwards but try Aldi and to get anywhere near the weight of the paper used by the pros you need to look for at least 275gsm on the box This could cost you 1 a sheet So if you want cheap and high quality prints of your photos I suggest that you take or them to

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  • Internet Service Providers and Broadband

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