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  • Modems. Broadband Modems and Routers
    be made wireless by the addition of a cheap wireless USB dongle Equipment other than phones and some tablets do not have a socket to connect by cable to a router and are therefore dependent on wireless The rear of the router looks like this showing the sockets to which a number of PCs can be attached with inexpensive Ethernet cables If your computers are normally close together there is no need to venture into the mysteries of wireless and in fact cable connections are less liable to be hacked got into from outside It is even possible to purchase routers that do not have the wireless option WIRELESS Setting up a wireless connection has always been my weakness I have printed numerous instructions from the Netgear site and from magazines but have often been frustrated when it comes to connecting equipment such as a laptop netbook or Kindle I realise that there are security questions but it is a pity they couldn t make it as simple as attaching a wireless mouse I was always concerned that resetting in the router attached to my desktop I might lose my internet connection altogether NOT SO The router remains connected regardless of whether the wireless is correctly set up An example of resetting a Netgear Router and Password Poke the reset button on the router if you can find it Click your browser The Netgear Smart Wizard setup screen appears Wait for it to detect the router and ensure you have an internet connection Press Next Select your region Click Next Enter the SSID Service Set IDentifier It is the name which your network will be called This one defaulted to NETGEAR But it will appear somewhere on your router Click Next Agree to Security Features prevents other people getting in

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  • Spam
    estimated 11 of junk mail in February Other active spam botnets include Hacktool Spammer AKA Spam Mailer and botnets associated with the Pushdo AKA Pandex family of malware The infamous Storm botnet estimated to have about 85 000 compromised hosts is thought to be responsible for only 3 of spam Most of the times spammers have access to multiple botnets and they have been simultaneously sending spam promoting Express Herbals a line of male enhancement pills almost 70 of spam promotes male enhancement pills According to February statistics from Network Box a managed security firm the US continued to pump out the most spam and spread the most viruses The country accounted for 13 of all viruses and was the source of 15 of all spam that is 2 5 times more than its closest junk mail rival Turkey Sept 07 The February fashion for pushing penny stocks has now given way to a wide variety of spam pharmaceuticals increasing the size of a body part etc But I have now found that the Spam filtering by NTL and Googlemail is so accurate that I can delete them with only a cursory glance NTL mark the subject line SPAM In fact I have written a Rule in my Email program which says If the subject line starts with the word SPAM Delete it It is now sending them to the deleted folder which can be emptied quickly via File How to write a rule in Outlook Express Take a look at my Tips Page But to quote a contributor to the PcPitsop blog The only reason people get this junk is they put their Email address on the web I keep my main account free from this junk I NEVER use this account to do any thing on the web The only people that have this address is friends and family I use a WEB mail account for all the sites that ask for a email address The result I have NEVER received a unwanted email over the last 5 years I have had my main email account Which is what I have always said If it gets too bad change your address and make sure you do as the above correspondent does Avoiding Spam See also http askbobrankin com spam blocker html Be wary of the unsubscribe button Unsubscribing can alert spammers to the fact that you exist and your email address becomes more valuable to them Apply the principle that you only need to unsubscribe to a service that you have subscribed to Never reply to or forward spam Some spam emails encourage you to forward a security warning to your friends and contacts and some of these warnings are themselves infected emails thus spreading spam even more Use an unusual screen name If you use an email address with numbers in it for instance you are less likely to receive spam Spammers often use dictionaries of common names to guess email addresses e g john smith company com Avoid clicking on any links in spams The addresses of links are frequently disguised and often serve only to confirm your existence to spammers Avoid downloading pictures in spam email These can identify you as a recipient even if you just view the message in the preview pane You can view your email as text to prevent this or you can set your email security to block external images Make sure you have the software you need Spam emails are very often connected with viruses so installing anti virus and firewall software is vital if you are receiving a lot of spam A good spam filter should also be effective Be careful with your email address Try to avoid displaying your primary personal email address on websites message boards or newsgroups as these are collected sold and used by spammers Use several different ones if necessary Never act on an unsolicited email Whether it s bogus requests for personal bank or credit card details claims that you ve won the lottery or offers of bargain price drugs like Viagra don t be fooled Differentiate between types of emails Learn to spot the difference between illegal unsolicited spam and legitimate marketing Legitimate companies will usually comply with requests to unsubscribe you from their mailing lists Look carefully at the wording of opt in opt out statements Use the blind copy bcc when sending e mails to several friends When sending emails to a large number of recipients use this function to conceal their email addresses which can be vulnerable to spammers AOL claims that they are blocking a million spams a day Fortunately AOL 9 allows you to see and retrieve false positives Be sure to look for them I have an additional email address with Google Although it occasionally lets though a heavily disguised spam rarely have I found anything in the spam folder that has been legitimate email for me If Google can do it ALL ISPs should be able to My NTL has a reasonably effective spam detector It puts the word SPAM in the subject line and I have made a rule in Outlook Express which sends these to a separate folder so they can easily be deleted en masse Sept 07 I have now become so confident that NTL selects spam correctly that I have changed the rule to If the subject line contains SPAM Delete it Goodbye spam If your ISP is not doing its job in filtering spam you should complain XP only Question Lately when I turn my Firewall off I am getting Spam sent directly to my screen Answer This is different from the usual e mail Spam but equally annoying It says things like Your computer is vulnerable or try this slimming aid This spam is using the Microsoft Messenger facility in Windows XP This is nothing to do with MSN Messenger If I turn my Firewall back on it doesn t happen So get one See below Alternatively you

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  • Puzzle Corner
    BRAIN FUNCTIONS Male brain RIGHT BRAIN FUNCTIONS Female brain uses logic detail oriented facts rule words and language present and past maths and science can comprehend knowing acknowledges order pattern perception knows object name reality based forms strategies practical safe uses feeling big picture oriented imagination rules symbols and images present and future philosophy religion can get it i e meaning believes appreciates spatial perception knows object function fantasy based presents possibilities impetuous risk taking General sites www games com Monopoly Scrabble Bingo Mah jong Some are free but some cost up to 10 to download www channel4 com entertainment games www miniclip com http inoyan narod ru kaleidoskop swf The modern kaleidoscope That old game http butchersworkshop com witr Take this test of your senses http www bbc co uk science humanbody body interactives senseschallenge senses swf Do you know your Middle Eastern Geography Try http www rethinkingschools org just fun games mapgame html Click the ball to make it change colour It really does http thedogpaddler com RandomUploads Ball ball htm Lots of free on line kids games for girls http www girlsgogames com A load of games at http www real com player intl rp11 icon html lang en loc gb How is your geography See http www travelpod com traveler iq fcb2 4f77 Vocabulary test and free rice for people who need it www freerice com Reaction times game http www bbc co uk science humanbody sleep sheep reaction version5 swf If you like Jigsaws have a go at http www jigzone com Towers of Hannoi When you have finished click the back arrow to get back here Daffy Duck the parachutist http www bassfiles net parachute swf Very addictive Try this frustrating game the red square Here Clue To get a reasonable score take the

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  • Getting my MBE at Buckingham Palace
    not yet being connected to the internet will ease as younger generations follow through with their familiarity with the digital world But still there remains a sizable group who need to get started and once started need to climb the learning curve with which many are familiar Not only that the technology is by no means perfect or friendly and there is the ever present risk of their equipment being accessed by money grabbing criminals from just any part of the world So despite being 83 I intend to carry on this work until I can no longer manage to do so Enough of that preamble I will try to convey what it was like to visit Buckingham Palace and receive my medal from Prince Charles The grand stairs The gallery Prince Charles presented me with the medal Twenty five Investitures are held each year with one at Holyroodhouse Edinburgh and the rest at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle At the Palace the Queen or Prince Charles enters the ballroom accompanied by two Gurkha Orderly Officers a tradition begun by Queen Victoria in 1876 There are also five members of the Queen s Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard created in 1845 by King Henry VII Those receiving a knighthood not me or Damehood kneel on the Investiture stool to receive the Accolade which is bestowed dubbed using a sword which belonged to King George IV Whilst many people get a taxi to the Palace we were fortunate to be driven not just to the gates but through an archway into the inner quadrangle to the very steps of the building in which the ceremony took place There we were separated into Recipients and Visitors The visitors were ushered up the grandiose stairway to the palace ballroom in which the ceremony was to take place and were seated in tiered rows awaiting the Prince of Wales and the recipients As a recipient I was ushered up another stairway and found myself in a long gallery see below the walls of which were covered in famous works of art Vermeers Canalettos Van Dycks We were separated into MBEs and CBEs and made various attempts at conversation whilst we waited to be called Altogether there were about 100 of us Eventually our names were called and we were lined up about 20 at a time and our names were checked to make sure we went in the right order We then filed into an anteroom of the ballroom and ushered through one at a time As you get to the head of the queue your name is called out and the reason that you are getting the award Then a few steps forward left turn a quick bow walk up to Prince who traditionally says a few words he pins the medal on your lapel a few steps back quick bow right turn and off you go In another ante room you receive a box for the medal and then

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  • Cashback and Voucher sites
    sites do deals with practically every well known company and will pay YOU merely for going through them to buy products on line If you buy via them you eventually get cash back Wepromiseto Topcashback Casbackkings is now Froggybank Quidco For instance you can get back up to 85 for home insurance 65 for car insurance or 90 for a Vodaphone contract The field is so wide I have created this special page for this important method An example Sept 2014 http www topcashback co uk plusnet broadband VOUCHERS and PROMOTIONAL CODES are the in thing these days with many companies vying for your business by offering money off and 2 for 1 deals http www seniorsdiscounts co uk http www fashionvouchers com www fashionperks co uk Lots of discounts on popular fashion sites Donated to our charity MyOffers Donated to our charity www everydaysale co uk http www hotdeals co uk LatestDiscountVouchers www voucherbuddy co uk www voucherseeker co uk www vouchersmarter co uk www MyVoucher Codes co uk www CouponCodes4U com for American promo codes n b To my knowledge none of these are related to Shopper Discounts and Rewards Webloyaty International which charges a monthly fee An

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  • Digital Photography- home videos
    input machine Takes a bit of practice but it can be done Saving to CD or DVD As VCR tape is on its way out you may wish to save your video to DVD Apart from the fact that the equipment will be around for a little longer it is cheaper to send a DVD to someone by post than a VCR tape bearing in mind the additional cost these days of sending anything a smidgen over 5mm thick The easiest way is to have a combined VCR and DVD recorder Over 200 still but probably getting cheaper But it does mean that in the one machine you can play old VCR tapes CDs of various kinds including ones with JPG photos on and record and play DVDs with one of these machines Although there are a lot of confusing buttons to play with it is possible to record from VCR to DVD or DVD to VCR Editing video on your PC Although I had some software with my camera I find that Windows Movie Maker and DVD Maker were easier to use These are FREE Windows DVD Maker is only available with Premium versions of Windows Vista and 7 It is better from the point of view of producing a Menu at the beginning of a Video DVD you make which is usable with a DVD controller allowing chapters and some nice transitions plus music It also allows recording in PAL as well as NTSC American format I have written instructions on a separate page at HERE Windows Movie Maker Download the latest versions of Movie Maker from Microsoft Various formats Videos come in numerous formats which can be confusing and sometimes are not accepted by different programs or equipment For instance the common Windows format of WMV is not usually recognised by a domestic DVD player although DVDs made for that sort of player can often be opened on a computer They are built up of several file types The one most likely to be viewable on a PC has the ending VOB and these could be extracted to the PC and manipulated But there are many other formats and you may wish to convert them There are converters for such purposes such as http www freemake com free video converter which is capable of converting from all the following AVI MP4 MKV WMV MPG 3GP 3G2 SWF FLV TOD MOV DV RM QT TS MTS and many more Import music MP3 AAC WMA WAV and photos JPG BMP PNG GIF It can then convert to AVI WMV MP4 MKV SWF MPG 3GP MP3 also iPod iPhone iPad PSP PS3 and Android equipment They also do a video program downloader at http www freemake com free video downloader which will enable you to save videos to your PC from sites such as Youtube Later versions of Windows Movie Maker includes more effects and transitions and support for the DVR MS file format in which Windows Media Center records

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  • Th Windows Live series
    regular Internet Account with some Internet Service Provider But I even once set someone up with a Hotmail address who hadn t even joined an ISP and they were able to pick up emails as they travelled the world So if you haven t got a Hotmail address go to www hotmail com and sign up for one WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER This program is a sophisticated development of the early Messenger program It allows you to text chat with other people who have a the Messenger program on their machine But being more developed than the early version 4 7 it also allows for you to see each other if using webcams and to hear each other This is very useful for deaf people as they can write text and also see the other person You can even send recorded messages files and photographs etc It is called Instant Messaging because you don t have to wait for a response as you do with e mails WINDOWS LIVE MAIL This is an email program similar to Outlook Express and Windows Mail So it allows you to build up a list of email addresses of contacts It also allows you to send attachments such as snapshots In fact it has a more sophisticated approach to these allowing things like frames There seemed to be bugs with my earlier version but this one seems to have cured them WINDOWS LIVE WRITER Writer makes it easy to share your photos and videos on almost any blog service Windows Live Wordpress Blogger Live Journal TypePad and many more WINDOWS OFFICE LIVE http smallbusiness officelive com lc 2057 cloc en gb an internet service compatible with PCs and Macs which provides a free site hosting and software for smaller businesses enabling them to create a

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  • Hard disk cleanup
    their sales no end But in this case I decided to buy it It really does have an infinite number of tools to check out your machine and I do recommend it despite it looking like Scareware Alternatively one can download Ccleaner from https www piriform com ccleaner download It is free but there is a paid version It is regularly updated and is very straightforward to use and relatively safe CLEANING UP THE HARD DISK To start with you should check how much hard disk space you are using and how much is still free This is done be clicking My Computer right clicking your drive C and clicking Properties in the Menu that appears If there appears to be just a small empty segment left you really need to do something about it You will notice that there is a box which says Disk Cleanup Click on this It shows a list of non essential files such as Temporary files and allows you to clear them It will also empty your Recycle bin Temporary Internet Files are designed to make browsing for repeated websites quicker They are unnecessary and if you browse the net a lot can accumulate very rapidly You can also clear them by right clicking the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop clicking Properties and clicking Delete Files on the screen that is displayed You can also delete Cookies but these are small files that keep a confidential record of things like passwords However Cookies are also where most Adware and Spyware files are kept so you might like to clear these too Even after deleting Temporary Internet Files by the normal method it tends to leave some files A more thorough way is by using the free program Ccleaner It is even possible to clear Temporary Internet Files each time you close Internet Explorer See Internet Explorer Tools Advanced Security Sometimes I search for files which were over 3000 kb 3 megabytes There can be dozens often videos made with a webcam or phone A video of this kind can easily run to 50 megabytes or more After consulting with the owner of one machine they agreed that they were mostly rubbish being created by their young children messing about and pulling faces Deleting them released a third of their hard disk If you do wish to keep videos or music on a PC a small hard disk is just not suitable You could fit another hard disk inside a desktop PC or attach another via a USB cable for between 30 and 60 Then transfer all videos music and large photos to that recovering the space on the principal hard disk Modern digital cameras are sold on the basis of how many megapixels they can use Although you can reduce this most people don t and the resultant 2 to 4 Mb photos soon fill Gigabytes of space There are simple ways to reduce these especially if they are unimportant pictures See my page of Picasa and look for Export in the facilities it provides Picasa also has a powerful and trustworthy duplicate finder Another possibility is to look at Add and Remove programs and get rid of things which you are CERTAIN you don t need e g old games Also you may find that some updates are absolutely massive For instance I just looked at my Java updates in Add remove Essential of course as some are about security weaknesses But 300 Mb in two updates So I looked to the net for advice and this is what was said Your machine wont come to harm without Java but many fancy frills on websites are now written in Javascript and wouldn t function if you don t have Java installed But more recently Java has become a honeypot for malware and many people have blocked it In my case I still have the program but only allow it to operate when a graphic calls for it But if you find multiple Java entries the best way is to uninstall them all then reinstall the most recent version Assuming that you are in the Administrator account go to Control Panel Add Remove Programs and uninstall everything that says J2SE Java and Java Runtime Reboot some computers require a reboot to complete the uninstall process Then go to the site below and download the most recent version of Java http www java com en download chrome jsp locale en Having considered all these ideas you may wish to search for other less important files The following files are NOT essential to the running of Windows but might be important to you for other reasons After all the Help files can be very useful and you will probably prefer to keep them In the following list the star represents the file name The extension e g tmp indicates the file type hlp help zip cab compressed swf wmv avi mov mpg video wma wav mid mp3 mp4 rmi sounds jpg gif bmp pcx graphics txt text files n b If you were not given a Windows disk with your machine the backup for Windows may be in the form of Cab files traditionally kept in a Windows Options folder so you will wish to keep these tmp temporary old bak backups of other files fot fon grp old files left over from earlier Windows chk old Scandisk backups and files starting in often Word documents All of this last group can be deleted without doubt Do be careful when deleting files Be sure to put them in the Recycle Bin for a while so you can restore them if necessary If next time you switch on your machine it says it can t find something make a note of it and restore it immediately Finding the files If you go to Start Find Search Files and Folders and type in say tmp that is Star dot TMP providing you have set Look in C

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