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  • TV on your PC
    internet TV IPTV allows you to access programmes via the net rather than through the air Canvas is an attempt to replicate the success of Freeview for internet It is currently testing a service called SeSaw which will begin in March 2010 These days one can view dozens of live or repeat TV programs with a basic PC providing your have at least 2Mb broadband and have a modern browser such as Internet Explorer 7 or 8 or Firefox Other browsers such as Chrome Opera and Safari will probably work too You may also need Adobe Flash Player Bear in mind that streaming TV may transfer as much as 2Gb of information and hour Check whether your ISP puts a monthly limit on your usage or you may find that you are paying more In the strange world of copyright one should be aware of the rules Firstly you don t need a TV license for BBC programs that are not being broadcast live Most programs are only made available for a limited time You may be able to download them for viewing later if you have a very large hard disk but DRM Digital Rights Management technology is often used to make sure a film is only viewed a limited number of times or for a set time period And on demand catalogues do not usually include movies These normally cost money and if so are likely to have DRM to limit them to one PC or a limited number of devices A new site has started Feb 2010 at www seesaw com A wide variety of films Free but you have to put up with a couple of adverts Another place with around 40 channels is www tvcatchup com This is free All you have to put up

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  • Linux
    netbook was that it was a great deal simpler to set up Many programs had already been installed or were a part of the Operating System Within half an hour I was able to connect to the internet wirelessly or by cable send emails do Google searches import photographs play music and videos and because it came with Open Office installed I could read and write Word compatible Doc and Docx documents run an Excel compatible spreadsheet or create a Powerpoint compatible file The Ubuntu disk that came from Computer Active would even take care of partitioning your Windows hard disk so you could run both Ubuntu and a Windows program on a PC It will also enable you to transfer things like pictures between the two and look at Windows files on the same machine And there is a program called Wine from www winehq org that would even let you run many Windows programs While some of the lesser know distributions Distros of Linux may run fewer programs Ubuntu and Fedora provide a mass of downloadable Apps You can download a copy of the Ubuntu installer 690Mb from HERE and you will see instruction on that page as to how to create a disk See HERE They suggest getting cheap write once CDs for this purpose Ubuntu is a Bantu word for a humanist philosophy A person with Ubuntu is open and available to others affirming of others does not feel threatened that others are able and good for he or she has a proper self assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished when others are tortured or oppressed August 2014 Installing Ubuntu on an old PC is straightforward See http www

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  • Buying a Computer
    costs within 30 days whether they got the goods back or not But you are responsible for costs of returning and safe delivery e g Insurance they suggest recorded delivery It is illegal for them to charge a restocking fee or original packaging though some items such as opened software may not be returned or an item actually worn But retailers cannot demand the goods returned as new though you must take reasonable care If the goods are faulty you are protected by the Sale of Goods Act on line or at a shop You do not have to have receipt but proof of purchase e g Bank statement is necessary If bought on line a faulty item the retailer must bear the cost of return If returned in 6 months the retailer has too prove it was not faulty not caused by you If he cannot you are entitled to a refund or repair The contract is with the RETAILER not the manufacturer If it is less than a month you do not have to accept a repair Insist on replacement or refund Magazine PCPro asked their subscribers about their favourite Desktop and Laptop PCs These were the results F or many people getting a basic computer is sufficient These days a basic computer means one with a Dual Core Intel 2 2 gigahertz chip 2 Gigabyte of memory a 250 Gigabyte hard disk DVD writer a 19 flat screen Windows 7 The graphics will be integrated meaning it is built into the motherboard and uses part of the main memory Such a computer can be delivered to your door for around 400 If you have a suitable screen you can get the same thing for around 240 delivered You would find that buying those items separately would come to quite a considerably more The retail price of Windows 7 alone is around 70 So as always I recommend that people do NOT try to upgrade an old computer and only build one themselves if they want to do it so they can say I have done it I went to the Misco site and priced up the pieces individually It would be at least 100 more If you want hands on support you may still want to go to a proper dedicated computer shop in your local town You may have to pay a little more but it may be worth it If you are worried about what you would do if your new PC goes wrong you may be tempted to purchase a three year on site or collect and return policy But they are usually quite expensive In the case of Dell they usually add this automatically and if you don t want it you have to untick that option when ordering on line The purchase will then probably only have a 3 month collect and return facility After that you would have to pack it up and send it to them Laptops If you are

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  • Transfer from and old machine
    net this will help Some equipment will not be recognised especially old or unusual items You may have to go to the manufacturer s site and try to find compatible software Some software will not run or run well It is a question of trying to install it and testing it thoroughly One graphics program I have used for years installed well but when I came to use it some facilities were quite useless At this point one can ask the maker if they have a newer compatible version or just try to find something that WILL do the job you want My change over story I didn t get a cable to connect the two machines and used one big DVD and a number or copies to my memory key Vista has an Easy Transfer Wizard which collects specified information into a file on the old machine You can then put that on the new machine and click it to install all the data onto it In my case when I copied all the available options the whole thing failed So I copied all my My Documents Pictures and Videos onto a DVD then deleted all of those into the Recycler I then did another Easy Transfer of what remained This fit onto my memory key in one go and seems to have copied most of the settings and things over However I finished up with the two and three copies of every email address It was easier to clear that lot and start from scratch exporting the addresses to a CSV file copying them onto the new machine using the key and importing them I also exported my favourites but so far haven t imported them Easy File Transfer didn t do it either The one buggy program I have found is Windows Mail which replaces Outlook Express When I went to empty the Deleted mail folder I got an error message and a suggestion to link to a discussion group about it There I found dozens of people suffering the same fate with no reasonable cure I decided to use the Mozilla email client Thunderbird It worked fine but only allowed importation from Outlook address books I therefore had to resort to the old export import game from Outlook Express as I had done with Windows Mail itself Someone asked me about transferring email addresses and favourites from a Win 98 machine to a later one This was my reply all the following applies to whatever Windows you are using Unfortunately the Easy Transfer Wizard program for Vista and W7 does not according to Help work with older versions of Windows You will need to export things from the old machine and copy the exported files to the new one then open the new program and import them This can be done using a memory key or even sending the file to yourself via the internet The files are not large Going to my older machine I

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  • mobile phones
    much faster 4G mobile network is up an running providing you have a suitable phone and live in certain urban areas There is only one provider called EE which is Orange so far The amount of data you can download each month is very limited 500mb and would be used up within minutes when you would be asked to pay if you want more During 2013 other phone companies will bid for the system Depending on how much they have to pay will affect what their fees will be HM Government is hoping to make a killing from the auction so things are not going to get much cheaper September 2012 was a big month with both the 4G compatible iPhone and iPad Mini arriving along with the launch of 4G itself the 5 times faster mobile connection Most phone providers are spitting blood because it initially only Everything Everywhere The phone system provided by T Mobile and Orange will have the bandwidth available and others will have to wait Mobile Phone technology moves even faster than PC technology spurred on by the the cash people especially young people are prepared to pay to be able to show off the latest But you can get a Pay as you go PAYG phone for under a tenner that will keep you in touch You just have to top up the phone with a few pounds and there will be no charges unless you use it So everyone should have one even if it is just for emergencies I am quite deaf but I can still call people You should make the occasional call say once every three months or the phone provider may cut you off Phone Charges I think most people know that it is a good idea not to download the film version of War and Peace to your phone while abroad But did you realise that there are many charging anomalies when using a mobile phone to call 0844 0845 0870 and 0871 numbers For instance a 20 minute call on an Orange mobile pay monthly account to 0845 or 0870 numbers could cost 8 Twice as much as O2 Surprisingly on Pay as you go it would be 2 40 But if you made the same call to an 0844 number it would be 2 46 on a monthly tariff and 8 on PAYG There is absolutely no logic to the charges and you would not find out until you got your bill Another peculiarity is that in certain instances calls to 0844 numbers vary according to what number follows the 0844 on land line OR mobiles Ofcom has said it plans to simplify the system but don t hold your breath http www simplemobilephone org uk Not everyone wants or needs the latest gizmos Most older people would benefit from a phone that is loud enough and has big buttons All the rest is a bonus Loud mobile phone http www connevans co uk store viewProduct do id 4638836 tr 4664686 Or a complete comparison site at http www mobiles4everyone com But the latest phones have much more to offer or cope with depending on your point of view SMART phones usually do not have keyboards and depend upon touch screen technology to access everything including the keyboard They may be linked to the ubiquitous transmitters you can see everywhere or they may also be linked to a satellite Undoubtedly the most famous is Apple s iPhone but others often using a different program Google s Android are catching up Not only are they phones but they also have sufficient computing capability to use programs applications Apps that can be downloaded These applications are capable of achieving many things from games to video to Satellite navigation and a million other things such as e mail and browsing the net App suppliers may provide these free for the sake of fame or may charge although charges are not high For instance a free App called Myfriend Mobile www aupix com enables you to see and hear the other person as well has text them instantly If you miss a call a message can be sent to your email address The Dragon Dictation App also free recognises voice and transcribes it into text although the process is two part not instantaneous like Google Voice or Google translate The sort of thing which will be seen with the latest Google Android operating system will be rapid transfer of photos and videos the facility to control applications by voice feedback on the state of traffic ahead or even when the next bus is due to arrive even information about the area you are walking through e g restaurants But as an example of a more basic phone the Nokia C2 01 is an easy to use mobile phone with all the handy features you ll need Make phone calls send texts take pictures and film video sound off the cuff moments listen to MP3 songs tune into FM radio and play games can be found for as little as 7 a month T Mobile 3G capability to access the web anywhere send updates on Facebook and watch YouTube videos colourful screen and useful shortcuts for easy navigation unlocked handset to all networks If you do not want a monthly contract then you have to pay more initially for a mobile that will do all those things and you can top it up when you want Warning In a TV program investigator Dom found that there is little protection for mobile phone users against having to pick up the expensive bills incurred by someone who steals their phone The program investigated a 3000 bill incurred by someone who had their phone stolen while on holiday abroad despite having notified provider O2 immediately Dom was led a merry dance by Carphone Warehouse O2 Oftel and even the apparently powerless Phone Ombudsman before getting the bill canceled Dom suggested that people should password their SIM to prevent such use Each year more than 350 000 phones are stolen Police can check if a mobile has been stolen by searching the Mobile Property Register even on the beat You can log the details of your phone or other mobile device with this register at www immobilise com and www checkmend com uk Checkmend also sell various security devices such as labels to attach to phones or electronic tracers for bikes Smartphones This is the term used for the most capable mobile phones such as the Apple iPhone HTC Incredible5 Nokia E7 and various versions of Blackberry They would normally include a quality camera for stills and video some with lenses on the back and front Most have a large touch screen and this can be used to type on an on screen keyboard It will also accept gestures enabling you to flick through photographs or text with a wipe of the fingers or even zoom in or out by pinching or spreading the photo with two fingers They will give access to your emails and the internet and can load additional Apps such as satellite navigation whether you are in a car or walking They may play music or even video of films sport or newscasts Bear in mind that a large screen and extensive use of the internet may drain the battery Be prepared to pay quite a lot for a smartphone either on purchase or monthly contract What is a SIM SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module It is the little card that is in the back of your phone It identifies you to the network and stores unique information about your account including your phone number and payment method You can get another SIM card often free or very cheap and keep your existing phone Some phones are locked to a network and will need unlocking before you can use another SIM card in them There is usually a charge For people who can t stand fiddling with buttons to create a text message one can get a phone with a QWERTY keyboard this may be on screen where the keys have the same layout as a computer keyboard But the majority still have keys that contain several letters on each So a key might show a b and c So if you are trying to send someone text and want to type C you have to tap that key three times Kids get clever at this but it will not suit everyone Another very loud phone is the Doro It is sold by RNID and Conevans the deaf equipment people but is a lot less expensive from Carphone Warehouse For other easy to use phones try AgeUK 0800 011 3342 Action of Hearing Loss 0808 808 0123 or the RNIB 0303 123 9999 Some will turn text that people send you into audible speech A Good comparison site can be found at http www moneysupermarket com mobile phones Important to me is the announcement that mobile phones will eventually have High Definition HD Voice Deaf people have great difficulty with the quality of telephones HD voice increases the speech bandwidth from the standard 300 3400 Hz to 50 7000Hz This will mean people with high or low frequency deficiencies will have a much better change of getting the message Hopefully the inventive mobile phone sector will influence advances on land lines and their receivers I do use a mobile occasionally Mine cost 8 50 from Phones4U plus 10 prepaid call charges I find it quite satisfactory it worked in South Africa on holiday no setting up required and does things like take pictures And it came with a swipe card so instead of having to phone to top it up I can just go to a shop and pay them some cash Easy Got an old mobile phone It might be worth something See http www envirofone com n b The most common form of robbery on the streets today is for mobile phones And yet you can block the use of a phone almost immediately by getting in touch with the service provider and telling them to block it You will need to tell them the Serial Number To get this you should press 06 on the phone and make a note of it in a safe place First the Pros and Cons of a Mobile phone Cell phone or Cellular phones Cons The main disadvantage of the mobile phone is that the cost of calls is higher than from a landline phone The initial cost of the latest phones is very high unless you sign a contract and pay monthly when the phone may be free Secondly there are some areas where reception is poor or impossible but see satellite below If you are often in an area where reception can be bad in a valley out of line of sight of a transmitter it is very important to choose the right company as they each have their own transmitting aerials They are one of the most frequently and easily stolen items The thief can then rack up huge bills for you until you cancel the account They can also get a great deal of information which may help them with scams such as Identity Fraud You should register your phone or other valuable items free with with www immobilise com That way the police can verify if the oik they just arrested has your phone In fact they can do it by the roadside It is also possible to check if a phone is listed as stolen for a fee of 1 99 by going to www checkmend com Checkmend has a history of 40 billion serial numbered items worldwide not just phones Although many have excellent volumes some cannot be used with a hearing aid in the T induction loop position However most now have Bluetooth facility and this will work with some deaf aid equipment such as a neck loop Pros You don t need a land line connection so can telephone from anywhere where reception is reasonable There are many motorists solitary pedestrians especially children and even yachtsmen who have been very relieved to be able to get in touch when in difficulty One friend suspected he was having a hear attack He dilled 999 and was in hospital within an hour It probably saved his life Once you have bought your phone if you choose a Pay as You Go method of payment there is no cost whatsoever unless you use the phone Your mobile phone has its own answerphone system so if your phone is not on or you do not answer it people can still leave messages You can send text messages to people which can be picked up later and are cheaper than voice calls Useful if you are deaf For use with hearing aid loops it is necessary to purchase a T link device and some phones also require an adapter See http www deafequipment co uk store viewCategory do id 299 The phone has a screen and this can be used to display messages notifying you that a text or sound call has been left A deaf person like myself can be contacted Not only do the phones ring but they can also vibrate to tell you a call is coming through The screen can also be used to display games Many phones allow you to take still and video pictures with sound and these can be sent to other mobile phones transferred to a computer or uploaded to Youtube or other social networking sites Some phones have massive memories or a facility to add a memory card allowing you to load professional videos as well as MP3 music and photographs These can be downloaded from your computer via USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth There are often facilities to be updated on sporting events by text or even video excerpts Some phones are contactable via satellite and can therefore be used anywhere in the world and can also be used for satellite navigation whether in a car on a boat or on foot Many lives have been saved by mobile phones not only by calls from injured people but also from people in danger such as at sea lost stranded trapped in a vehicle or half way down a cliff Many children now have them for safety reasons Many telephones allow you to send and receive e mails The RIM Blackberry the mobile phone you can use at the top of Mount Everest and pick up your emails while you are there has sealed a deal in China which already has 600 million mobile phone users In fact any mobile phone that can access the net can also receive email from web based sites such as Googlemail The mobile telephone network is now worldwide so you can probably telephone someone on a land line or another mobile phone anywhere in the world although may have to have a phone which is suitable for use in Europe Japan or the USA Some services are remarkably cheap especially to more technologically developed countries All mobile phones have a Menu of facilities including a telephone book These numbers may be called merely by pressing one number A friend pressed the number of his contact by mistake and the contact answered The friend said But I thought you were off to Singapore The contact replied Yes I am It will soon be able to track a mobile phone user almost anywhere in the world providing the owner has given you permission This will be useful for keeping track of kids or forgetful old people and even to track where it is when it has been stolen If it is a satellite based phone it will be within a few feet If not it will still be possible for a short distance where there is a nearby transmitter Most phones will enable you to get emails or surf the web from almost anywhere via WAP WAP stands for Wireless Access Protocol and is more commonly referred to as Mobile Internet Most of today s mobile phones smartphones and PDAs come with a built in WAP browser With it you can access dedicated WAP pages while on the move For further information see HERE The cost of WAP depends on your phone company but also on the way you access the net With standard dial up you pay by the minute to access WAP and with GPRS you pay for the amount of data you download Saving money on mobiles abroad Danger Voicemail abroad If your voicemail s called when you re overseas whether the phone s on or off even if no message is left most networks charge as if you d received a call This can be up to 1 min plus retrieving the message is an overseas call too Mobiles are overseas once the phone is switched on and connects to an overseas network it s then set as abroad until its next UK connection even if it s switched off for the remaining time If you re willing ask your network to switch the voicemail off If voicemail isn t disabled keep the phone on as it s cheaper to answer than pay double to receive and then listen to a voicemail provided you don t natter on once you re called Change message Re record your voicemail message keeping it short and ask others to leave only necessary short messages Better still suggest they text as it s always free to receive texts abroad And while texting back costs a short message is relatively cheap Use mobiles like pagers Get people to quickly call or preferably text when they need to and then call them back a cheaper way remember you pay to receive This certainly doesn t mean using a hotels phone that often charge a lot Buy

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  • Spyware, Scareware and Adware
    buying their product to clean the PC Some of these recently have been associated with persistent popups and very persistent warnings These programs have changed your setup and Register to such an extent that they can be as difficult as viruses to get rid of Please note that because many of the anti spyware products are considered to be rogues I have banned the following list from advertising on this site though most are just trying to sell you something that you don t need to pay for I recommend Ad aware Spybot Search and Destroy and Mcafee Site Advisor all free But as the majority of these scary spy files are contained in Cookies it IS possible to turn Cookies off However some sites will insist on them being on including your bank and Tescos The best way is to leave Cookies turned on in Internet Explorer but to switch off browsing history This will mean that cookies are cleared each time you shut Internet Explorer and programs like Ad Aware will find very little Sometimes I think that such programs are redundant though I do keep a couple to check occasionally To clear them each time in Firefox the setting is under Tools Options Privacy In Internet Explorer Tools Internet Options History History The anti spyware programs to avoid Anti virus 2007 antivirus 2008 antivirus 2009 antivirus system ro 1automationwiz com 2004spywareremovers 3mo org 5spynetwork com 66 33 0 35 achtungachtung com adaware info adawareinfo com add aware com ad eliminator com adremovergold com adware storesbiz com adwarenomore net adware real free scan com adware removal biz adwareremoval net adware remover net adwareremovergold com adwarereport com adwarereport com adwaresafe com adwarespy com adwarespy com adwarespywareremoval com adwarexeliminator com anti adware net antispyware com antispyware neonant com anti spyware review com bhozapper com bulletproofsoft com bulletproofsoft com cleantor clickspyclean com install com compareandreview com comparespywareremovers com comparespywareremovers com consumerincentivepromotions com easyerase com eblocs com enigmasoftwaregroup com errornuker com e spyware com evidence eliminator com free adware removal net free adware remover org free adware scan com free adware scan com freedownloadtools com freepcscan com free spyware check com free spyware scan com freespywarescan org free web browsers com good offers com healthycomputerclub com hijack this clickbank net hypernexussolutions com incentiverewardcenter com interesoft com iteens com likesurfing com login tracking101 com lsjmp com mambomarket com mediataskmaster com megalithusa com neosoftlabs com netspyprotector com noadware com noadware net nomorespyware net nontoxic internet com nospyware info nospyx com nuker com onlinepcfix com online spybot scan com online survival lab com palsol com paretologic com pcbugdoctor com pcdocrx net prevx com pcspytool com pestbot primaryads com privacy defender privacysoftwarereport com privacytools2004 com rd05 com ratespywareremovers com realspyerase biz removespyware ru revieweasy com rizalsoftware com safespy net scanspyware net service net means com g08 biz smartcomparisons com smart security info software comparisons com spyads com spybeware com spybloc com spyblocs com spybot com spybot com xp com spybotfinder com spybot spyware removal com spyburnpalsol biz spycleaner net spy deleter com spydetector net spyforce com spyhunter com spy hunter detector com spyinator com spykiller com spykillerdownload com spy review com spyspotter com spyvest com spywarejunglebee com spyware net speedylearning com spyware adware download com spywareassassin com spywarebegone com spywareblaster com spywareboard com spywarecrusher com spyware destruction com spywarehelp net spywarehub com spywareinfoooo com spywareno com spywarenuker com spywareonline org spywareremovalauthority com spywareremovalutilities com spywareremove org spywareremover com spy ware remover com spywareremovercomparisons com spyware removers org spywareremoversreview com spywarereview info spywarestormer com spywarethis com spywarexterminator com spywarezapper com surfsecret com swanksoft com techlistings net Theshield theshopontop com the spyware review com tkqlhce com topspywareremovers com toptenreviews com trackzapper com trekblue com trekdata com trojan scan com uant net uninstallxupiter com kount com xeec com Another program purporting to be a Spyware fixer is SpywareNuker by Trekdata or Trekblue July 08 I was even got caught myself by downloading a program called Search and Destroy thinking I was downloading the reputable Spybot Search and Destroy Even after uninstalling it it left malware on my laptop I spent a day getting rid of it despite the helpful e mail from Spybot In the end I used SuperAntiSpyware which did it I recommend this free program from HERE Another useful program is A Squared from HERE Microsoft has its own Malicious Software Removal Tool Windows Defender See details HERE It is capable of removing a long list of malware Make sure it is turned ON and you do a scan Kaspersky that reputable Russian security company well retired KGB experts have to find something to do reports that the lines between Adware Trojans and Viruses have become blurred and existing Adware blockers are failing users If you would really like to know which Big Brother is watching you take a look at the names in the Cookies files The best way is to right click Internet Explorer Click Properties In the first General section click Settings and then View Files Look down the files listed as Cookies Most of the cookies are innocent marketing tools But they are all doing it without your say so If it worries you click Cancel and click Delete Cookies and might as well Delete IE files at the same time If it takes a long time you will know you should have done it before To see an explanation of what Adware is about I had a look at one of the company s sites It said Commission Junction is a ValueClick company providing advanced performance based marketing solutions that help marketers increase online leads and sales By facilitating strategic relationships between advertisers and publishers Commission Junction leverages its proven expertise in affiliate marketing partner marketing and search marketing to drive measurable results for its clients And the information is mostly collected by Spyware Adware Useful Links Microsoft s http safety live com site en US default htm Microsoft is Beta Testing a suite of programs called One Care Live which it

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  • Sitemap
    Photography 2 Using Picasa2 Page 4c Digital Photography Video Page 5 Speeding up your PC Page 6 Creating your own site for family photos or history Page 7 Savings Investments and Annuities Page 8 Basic Security Page 9 Search Engines Finding your way about the Web Page 10 Internet Connections and Broadband Page 11 Questions and Answers Page 12 Tips of the Weeks Page 13 Viruses and Hoaxes Page 13a Adware and Spyware Page 14 Internet Video Instant Messenger Text Chat Talk and free phone calls Page 15 A little Humour PuzzleCorner Page 16 Hard disk cleanup and Backup Page 17 Cover Disks Free software on magazines Page 18 Brief Guide to Computer Fairs Page 19 CD DVD Writers Page 20 Glossary of Computing Terms Page 21 Windows XP Page 22 Printers Page 23 Genealogy Page 24 Scams Page 24a Spam Page 25 Modem Problems Page 26 Additional software Downloads and Utilities Page 27 Making and Saving Money with a computer Page 28 Coping with Deafness Page 29 Pensioner s Page Page 29a Health Links Page 29b Health 2 News articles Page 30 31 Music and recording videos to DVD Page 32 Buying a Computer Page 33 Windows Vista 7

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  • Basic Tips
    a small fee which helps support the running of this site By clicking and advert you are NOT committing yourself to buying Most of the links lower down pages are to sites that I myself have found useful or think that you might too Most are free and none should lead to sites which I would term malware 1 The Search Box at the top of some pages and this one Google kindly indexes every word on my website This allows me to display a search box on several pages If you type a word or two in that box and click Search you will see a list of places on the internet where that word appears BUT ALSO A LIST OF PAGES ON THIS WEBSITE where the word appears Clicking on the link blue underlined words will lead you to those pages However many of my pages are very long indeed So you will still need to search for the word within the page 2 Finding the exact word on a page Internet Explorer Chrome and Firefox Browsers ALL use the shortcut Ctl F to display a box Enter a word in there to highlight the same word in the page All offer the facility to find the NEXT word until no more can be found 3 Scrolling down a long page using a PC If you just wish to see what is further down a page there are three main ways You can press the Space Bar or use the Page Down key To go down line by line use the down arrow To go back up again page by page use Shift and Space Bar 4 The Site Map Many websites have what is called a Site Map to help people navigate a large complicated site The

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