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  • Silverhairs - Contact Page
    please complete the following questionnaire Thank you Name E mail How did you hear about this site Do you think you might visit again YES Which Page s did you find interesting useful What features would you like to see

    Original URL path: http://www.silverhairs.co.uk/contactform.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Windows 10
    collects and uses your browsing history You can always tinker with what Cortana remembers in the Notebook disable Cortana in Microsoft Edge or turn Cortana off entirely If after testing Cortana s integration with Edge you want to disable it follow these steps Open the Edge browser click on the More button three horizontal dots at the top right corner then click on Settings Scroll down and click the View advanced settings button Scroll down to the Have Cortana assist me in Microsoft Edge option and turn it off Make a Web note is a useful new feature found in Edge Chrome and Firefox have nothing like it built in although extensions and add ons provide similar functionality Click the pencil in square icon at the right hand edge of Edge s menu bar to activate the annotation menu You can use the pen tool to write freehand the highligter tool to highlight sections of a page in yellow the eraser to undo such scribblings the text box tool to type a note and pin it anywhere on the page and the clipping tool to snip and save a rectangular part of a page The Share button looks like three circles connected by curved lines it lets you quickly email a page to someone or send it to Microsoft OneNote for collaborative sharing with a group OneNote also requires a Microsoft account But Wait There s More The ellipse at the far right of Edge s window is the More button It provides access to settings and standard browser options open a new window or incognito window zoom text find text on a page print Settings etc You can also launch Internet Explorer if necessary or send feedback to Microsoft from this menu That reminds me of another Edge annoyance

    Original URL path: http://www.silverhairs.co.uk/help33c.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Ipad tips
    written material before publishing On one occasion it even entered Mackintosh when I typed PC It is best to use a stylus to prevent the frequent loss of typed letters The text size can be changed in Settings Accessibility Large text If i8t is too large text may overlap To correct a word press and hold the area of text AFTER the mistake or omission The text will be magnified and you can then slide the cursor to the correct spot Deletion is done using the keyboard backspace There is no forward delete Select Select all only allow Copy not Cut but selected words or passage are deleted by pressing the return key To select a large section of text press a word press select then stretch out the area by using the grab points shown Select all will select the whole passage which can then be copied or deleted In Photos you can click on one and see Edit This allows Enhance redeye and crop In iOS8 these are on the left The right arrow at the top allows email assign to contact use as wallpaper Tweet Print or copy Copied photos can be pasted into a document or email Press and Paste The dustbin icon allows deletion of photos or emails but not pasting into other folders At the top of the array of photos in an Album there is Photos Albums and Places In fact photos can be viewed in date order or V 8 in Recents folder To email up to 5 photos go to the Photos In the thumbnail view before opening one press Edit Touch up to 5 photos should show a tick then touch Share and Email PRINTING Requires an air printer wireless HP do several They are easily set up with their software and of course can be placed anywhere convenient in the house Then they can be printed to from various wireless devices laptops iPad etc If you have postcard gloss you can place on the right of the input tray and send a picture from the iPad It will print perfectly with a small border at the bottom which may already be designed to detach Or you could write on it If you do not have a wireless printer you could send things to your PC by email and print them from there Slideshows You can make slideshows Via the Settings menu these can be made to add a variety of transitions zoom to faces shuttle photos choose an album and even add music See Picture frame in Settings Places shows places selected on a map such as Google Earth Albums contain copies of a groups of photos To create an album click the photos icon and press Albums then the sign and name it This then takes you to the photo list and you can touch related photos then touch Done Copies will be added Further photos can be added from within the album To delete an album go to Albums press edit Albums will appear to have crosses in the corners Touch the one you wish to delete and confirm your action then press Done ITUNES One must realise the importance if iTunes on your main PC This can be downloaded and when the iPad is attached via its USB charging cable it will connect to this program This is one of the ways to synchronise things like photos and diary But it is also possible to synchronise via The Cloud SETTINGS is an important icon on the desktop swipe to the right to find it This is where one sets up email and also the connection to WiFi In the case of the latter when you click WiFi the iPad will search for every WiFi within range You can click on any but may only connect to ones for which you have a password In an hotel you can ask for this Once it has been accepted you will probably not have to enter the password again Questions and Settings How do I transfer files photos emails to it I email them to myself as attachments and then download them to the iPad or synchronise via itunes How do I delete files Photos videos emails etc Most can be deleted by pressing the item and clicking Delete or the bin icon How to select a section of text Press an area of text or a link twice and click Select or Select All the address link or paragraph press Copy This can then be pasted elsewhere To select a section of text drag the handles to stretch the selected area It is not easy Then you can only Copy Deleting small sections of an email to which you are replying can be done with the backspace but larger sections should be selected then deleted by pressing the Enter key It may be best to select all of the previous email and get rid of it before you start to write rather than sections which is laborious How to connect a non wireless printer Don t even try Get an air printer and install the software on the PC But the iPad will probably recognise it is there providing it is on and you can select it using Settings What to do if the iPad gets stuck on some page and this appears even if you use the home button and return to the App Very frustrating I have found turning it off completely does this See above To add apps press the Apps button and use the items at the bottom to select groups or type in the name at the top Apps are automatically updated often In this case a number will appear by the Apps button Press it press update or Update all and type in your password If an app has been installed by a previous owner it will be necessary to delete it and reinstall it in your own name Why do icons

    Original URL path: http://www.silverhairs.co.uk/ipad.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Social Networking
    of media Recently I have had requests to know how to DELETE their accounts See http romcartridge blogspot co uk 2010 04 how to delete facebook account html and I have spent quite a bit of time trying to find my way through the sometimes obscure channels as to how to work with them or alternatively block edit or delete them So inevitably I have begun to create a page

    Original URL path: http://www.silverhairs.co.uk/help28c.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Morocco visit
    let s talk about it How about some mint tea It is possible in town to go to shops with Prix fixe signs but even there haggling is possible Signs are usually in French which is most Moroccan s second language and a smattering of it is useful In the Souk To see real Moroccan towns we visited Touradant 2005 and Tiznit 2006 not far inland from Agadir Touradant is was a very old town with a magnificent ancient wall Again the souk bustles with activity and the men sit around under the olive trees in the square for hours whilst the women do the shopping Tiznit is famous for its silver filigree jewellery Very intricate and all hand made and the artistic creation of each craftsman Touradant New blocks of flats are set well back from the road leaving a wide area each side of the road to the airport The road as far as the airport is two lane and bordered with palm trees by order of the new king There is a tremendous amount of building going on with new residential road systems being laid out and huge plastic drainage and water pipes everywhere Here and there near Agadir there are shanty villages where people who can t afford to buy or rent flats live Estate agents windows indicated that flats cost around 40 000 which must be beyond the reach of many Fifty percent of the rural population is illiterate and many are too far away from schools to attend spending their time working in the fields or as shepherds where the average wage is as low as 4 a day Even the hotel workers are paid only around 7 a day so tipping is expected everywhere but I never saw a scowl if you didn t have any change It is as well to get some small change early on in the holiday Currency cannot be bought before arrival and has to be changed back to sterling on leaving Most of the land we saw was as flat as the Fens but with some hilly areas nearer Marrakech and at times one could see snow on the distant Atlas Mountains The soil looked sandy and infertile and covered in rocks like Mars but with many hardy trees But here and there irrigation resulted in a green field or orange orchard Near Agadir there were numerous low plastic greenhouses used in the production of vegetables In some areas where grazing is scarce the goats are said to climb trees I have never actually seen this but I don t think it is just a fable This time we ventured out to a Berber village about 40 miles towards Tiznit Berber tribes have inhabited North Africa for at least 3000 years but tended to retire to the less hospitable areas of desert and mountain when Arabs invaded from the East They still have their own dialects but it is not a written language But their way of

    Original URL path: http://www.silverhairs.co.uk/moroccan.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Sailing Holiday
    A Townships Latvia Mediterranean Cruise Our ancient Trailer Tent Go to Silverhairs Home Page SITEMAP Next Collioure France In July 2005 we were guests aboard the yacht Wild Salmon My epic sail from Corsica back to Sardinia Wild Salmon at anchor We ate fabulously And drank rum punches And did a bit of bow lounging and yet more lounging Before chasing over the water in a stiff breeze to Bonifacio

    Original URL path: http://www.silverhairs.co.uk/sailing.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Collioure France
    keep with paintings It is now a painter s paradise Pros The views walks and fun motor train The weather Nice market The many eating places On the Ryanair cheap flight list from Stansted From 1 99 taxes etc flying out to Perpignan Cons It cost 100 to get a couple of taxis from the airport No taxis at the airport We managed to find a minibus going back for

    Original URL path: http://www.silverhairs.co.uk/collioure.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Turkey trot
    us the historic Lycian Coast which runs from Fethiye eastwards towards Syria Gocek itself is a delightful port full of large private sailing yachts and even larger power boats We stopped off at Seagull Bay Kas Kalkan Ukagiz Kalekoy Kekova and Kastelerizo a Greek island The area has been invaded and colonized by many people over the years and the coast is littered with evidence of their presence Many of the cliff tombs and sarcophagi are from as far back as 500BC and there are numerous amphitheatres and ruined ports many from the Hellenist and Roman periods After climbing up to Kekova castle we had a meal overlooking the harbour Ancient sarcophagi The whole coast is very mountainous and appears barren from the sea but surprisingly there is a well worn footpath along the 300 miles between Fethiye and Antalya called The Lycian Way It is a route which many visitors have taken and apparently has adequate stopping off points along the way to enable keen hikers to cover the whole route given a couple of weeks and a good map and compass Sandy beaches are something of a rarity in this area but we did quite a lot of swimming from the boat and on the last day enjoyed being towed behind the powerful dinghy on a couple of ringos and a banana boat All great fun and the water was warm if you fell in The speedboat is always fun At the end of a wonderful week on the boat Steve landed us near the beautiful Olu Deniz beach the premier parascending centre for the whole of Europe and we were fascinated to see a continuous stream of parascenders flying from the nearby mountain Babadag down onto the beach We had booked an apartment at Ovacik on the foothills of the mountain choosing it from the internet At that time of the year this excellent modern apartment cost only 150 for five of us Let me know if you want a contact for the Pinara apartments Ovacik is a village on the main road from Fethiye to Olu Deniz and it is immediately adjacent to Hisaronou which is a larger and busier town Olu Deniz is a smart beach resort and with the best sand and shingle beach for miles around has become popular with tourists and residents alike Many of the hotels and houses have large swimming pools Its natural lagoon is a protected area where power boats are not allowed The most photoraphed beach in the Mediterranean My wife and another in the party decided that they would book for a parascend so I couldn t be chicken although the thought of heights make me go cold We have both done it being towed behind a speedboat but thinking of taking off from a mountain at about 900 metres 3000 feet still makes me feel the same even now Nevertheless we all went up the journey in a four track vehicle proving to be as frightening

    Original URL path: http://www.silverhairs.co.uk/turkeytrot.htm (2016-02-10)
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