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  • SilverWood Books - How to Write an Inviting Cover Blurb for Your Book
    you can do to help you get started Take a couple of these blurbs and change the character names setting and alter the plot lines to fit yours Although you cannot use the result as your blurb the product of this exercise should give you a good idea of whether the style is fitting to your novel and also provide a model for you to refer to later as a comparison But now I need to write it A good blurb should be brief but also exciting There is no exact word limit but 250 words is an absolute maximum any more and the back cover of your book will start to look wordy and uninviting Characteristics of blurbs vary between genres Within different genres the blurbs are often of a slightly different structure or style for example for a Science Fiction novel the setting is quite important whereas a Romance would concentrate more on the two central characters Consequently it is important to define the market of the book before you begin writing however the main principles are the same and here are some pointers to help you A brief outline of the plot is advisable to entice a reader but you don t want to give away too much Use evocative and emotive buzz words to catch a reader s attention Examples for a thriller would be perhaps danger chase and intrigue Similarly try to encapsulate the tone of your book in your blurb so that a reader can instantly tell what genre your book is In this way try to make your blurb in keeping with your title and any jacket art they are all on the cover and all make up the first impression that a reader will see Write your blurb in the present tense

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  • SilverWood Books - Tips for a Successful Book Launch
    you or the venue s usual supplier Find out about invoicing procedures and any special arrangements the venue has for payment Print promotional materials such as flyers bookmarks and postcards Feature your book cover ISBN a short synopsis and the price Invite everyone you know It s encouraging to have support on the day and also the venue will be delighted if you bring an audience i e customers with you Get to the venue early so you have time to set up and make sure everything is how you want it Be chatty charming and friendly People may not buy today but they could remember you buy later online and become loyal readers in the future Prepare a reading 3 4 minutes is probably enough Always leave them wanting more Have a guestbook for people to sign and leave their email address Then you can catch up with them later and tell them about other events and special offers Afterwards follow up with venue staff Ask if there s anything you could have done differently and use any feedback for future events Blog post and tweet about your event the people you met and the things you learned always include a link to your book Check out these top tips from our authors If you are thinking of a bookshop launch buy some books there and become known to the staff Make an appointment to go and see the owner or events manager Before making an approach ensure your book is on Nielsen Bookdata have your Advance Information Sheet in your hand and a good quality business card Think about how you re going to publicise the event If you ve got a name to agree to come along to your launch mention this as part of your pitch

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  • SilverWood Books - Finding your Audience
    you should pursue What sort of audiences do they attract Attend as many events as possible especially in your area of interest If any networking opportunities meeting Festival organisers book shop staff etc come up take them eg conferences or book fairs Prepare a submission pack A covering email outlining details of your book what kind of event you can offer reading solo talk panel workshop possible topics A brief brochure with basic details about your books and outlining past and planned events Include endorsements from organisers and attendees and contact details especially your website A Bookseller Information Sheet picture of your book cover Submit Contact the appropriate person by name where at all possible though some Festivals and bookshops will ask you to email their info address If you are applying to a Festival contact them at least 6 months in advance Wait for the result Yes please what date suits you Obviously this is what you re hoping for and if you get this say thank you very nicely Some organisers will tell you that if you haven t heard by a particular date they aren t interested Some may need chasing but the usual etiquette applies Don t email after two days demanding an answer Be prepared for an organiser to slot you into their event as and when suits their timetable or interests and even to negotiate the subject of your talk with you Some organisers especially at busy Festivals won t respond at all Don t despair They may keep your details on file and you can always try again next year when perhaps your work will fit their themes better Make arrangements for selling your books If it s a bookshop or Festival with its own bookshop make sure they can stock your book

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/learning-zone/finding-your-audience (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - Introduction to Twitter
    website writing activities and a little bit of book promotion Many writers follow the 80 20 rule 80 per cent helpful tweets 20 per cent self promotion of one sort or another And don t forget that social networking is social so inject some personality and help people get to know you Get Started Read through Twitter Basics Choose a password that s hard to hack Create your profile you re a writer so craft something interesting that showcases your talent and intrigues potential followers Include your website or blog url so followers can find out more about you Include an image of yourself the default egghead could put off followers Personalise your page background Broadcast and receive news but don t just self promote Give useful information Start following other people called tweeps SilverWoodBooks SilverWood authors your favourite authors other writers writing magazines book festivals and fairs If someone follows you follow them back and say hello Build relationships don t just self promote use the 80 20 rule You ll probably find there s a limit to how many people you can follow at first but as your following grows so will the number you can follow Monitor Connect every day to see who s followed you or who s talking about you Use Twitter Lists to organise the tweeps you follow Use hashtags so people can find your conversation Share websites blogs and cool or useful stuff related to writing and reading Re tweet RT other people s posts The Don ts Don t spoil your thanks for following message by adding a desperate and slightly spammy please buy my book check out my blog website Don t ask for more followers or set a target and beg ie I m nearly at 100 followers please help

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  • SilverWood Books - Get into Goodreads!
    to win a copy if they like it You should run the Giveaway for at least two weeks preferably a month Run at least TWO Giveaways for your book one just before after publication another 3 6 months later Make sure that you re draft the book s blurb to attract the maximum interest GR arrange a draw once your particular Giveaway end date is passed they notify you about the winners and you re then required to dispatch the copies immediately direct to the recipients Third If you have any form of blog elsewhere you can and should copy the content to your GR Author s Blog facility Fourth Search Groups to find relevant discussion forums about genres in which you might be interested and join a few with decent numbers of participants But why bother with all this Basically ALL authors independent or otherwise have to devote a lot of time to marketing their product and marketing relies heavily on making your product as virally visible as possible On GR for example the more people review your book the more visible it becomes GR reviews also appear on sites like the Sony E book Store if the book s listed there in the first place of course and Google Books And how do we get reviews First through the Giveaways facility This works in two ways You can obviously ask the lucky winners to provide a review In fact winners seem to understand that they re expected to do this ANYWAY But this is pretty limited The better outcome seems to arise from the number of people who ENTER for the Giveaway and whilst they may be unsuccessful then add your book to their To Read list GR tells you who they are on the page which details your own book and allows you to send them a message In my own recent Giveaway 1200 people entered the draw Only two winners of course But over 100 also added my book to their lists Great Now I can contact them and either ask them if they d mind writing a review when they finally get around to reading it Or whether they d like to be added to my Newsletter list I ve also got the option depending on the replies of providing THEM with a free copy though I wouldn t do this too often In addition once I m established in one or more of the Group Forums and I make good contacts there I can encourage potentially helpful folk to review for me I can also spread the word about my Giveaways in these groups helping to target the book within the genre s in which it sits So what do reviews do for us anyway As it happens both Goodreads AND those who regularly analyse these things agree that you can measure the number of people who ll add your book by the number of reviews it s got GR say that books with

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/learning-zone/get-into-goodreads (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - How to Have a Successful Book Signing
    a build up to the event Set up your area Have visuals including posters postcards and bookmarks Fan them out on the table or place a few near the till Have plenty of pens for signing and a glass of water in case your throat gets dry Become familiar with bookstore staff Learn the names of the staff members Find who is responsible for your genre give them a free signed copy and tell them a bit about the book That little bit of extra effort should help them help you Be active Don t get stuck behind a table Place yourself in a busy part of the store stand up and walk around pay attention to people browsing in your genre Be friendly and outgoing Introduce yourself as today s featured author Most people are impressed that they found themselves face to face with an author Use your charm no need to be modest This is your book Talk it up Create a pitch and customise it for each browsing customer you approach Find aspects of your book that appeal to people based on their interests age and gender Is Christmas coming up You could pitch the book as a gift Place the book in the customer s hands People are always more likely to buy a book once they are holding it If they refuse the book give them a free bookmark no one will turn that down As marketing pros would say Close the sale Offer to inscribe the book as a means of adding value as well as a personal touch Always sign the title page never the cover or a blank leaf Check how names are spelled Know when to quit Never push the sale too hard If someone is getting uncomfortable or is uninterested

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/learning-zone/how-to-have-a-successful-book-signing (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - Author Branding
    stand out Perception what should your readers think of when they hear your name But most importantly What sets you apart from your competition why should people choose your work Brainstorm these ideas This requires a bit of self discovery so don t rush it Once you ve done that start narrowing your brand down Establish the key points you want to focus on You need to tailor your brand to a particular audience and to do this you need to focus and be specific It is impossible to appeal to everyone so try not to spread yourself too thin How do I start creating my own brand Merchandise If you have written more than one book or plan to think about presenting them in a similar way Whether in terms of the cover the layout the font the size of the book itself if you keep these factors related you can strengthen your brand Current readers will come to expect similar presentation with each new release and new readers will see that you are an established author with multiple titles You could print some bookmarks or flyers to hand out at book launches or include with book copies These should have the basic information for the book and the same cover design You could create your own logo This would be particularly effective if your books form a series as the logo could represent that series or its main character You could use the logo as a sticker or as part of the cover design itself Again this will make it clear that these books are part of a series by the same author Try to ensure that everything is consistent Social media If you don t already have a Facebook and or Twitter account or your own website it would be a good idea to set one of these up As a self publishing author you need to get yourself out there and the internet is the best way to do this Facebook is useful for creating fan pages dedicated to your work while Twitter allows you to interact with followers directly and gives you a wider reach Setting up your own website or blog is great particularly if you already have a Facebook or Twitter account as you can sync them and gain more blog readers When setting these pages up try to be approachable but professional Keep your personal information brief and to the point focusing on the key points you established in your brainstorm try not to stray too far from these as readers may start to be misled about your brand Establishing goals is useful with social media whether that means the number of followers you want to gain how many posts you put up in a week or how often you interact with followers This will help to motivate you and encourage you to use your page more often If you create multiple pages or accounts make sure they are consistent Keeping the

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  • SilverWood Books - Planning a second book?
    better you get and the more likely you are to produce attractive and exciting books So get writing Using lessons learnt Writing a second book is different from the first in some ways and exactly the same in others The most immediate lesson comes from comments notes and amendments from the editor of your first book I ran more checks for consistency in character behaviour and timeframes in my second book as a result My critique partner had scrutinised my first book for overwriting and so I was very aware of that particular danger when writing the second The other big advantage is that you know what the process is However you re published you know what s coming and can prepare in advance Finally thanks to readers willingness to write reviews you have an idea of what they like and want Many have been kind enough to discuss in detail what they liked about INCEPTIO and what they would like different in future books Gold dust for any author Promoting the second book By now you should have started building a fan base from those who bought the first book and be interacting with them via your blog newsletter Twitter and Facebook You should also have invited them to be on your email list with their permission of course These are your champions who will help promote the second book Be nice to them tell them what you and your first book have been up to and stay in touch Now is the time to use your networks with other authors to find somebody higher up in the food chain to read and endorse your second book I was thrilled when top Roman fiction writer Simon Scarrow endorsed my second book PERFIDITAS If you are launching at a bookshop

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