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  • SilverWood Books - Allegro Agitato or Neurotically Yours
    is initially structured around three intrinsically different Australians who are still overwhelmed by a farrago of hopes naivety desires and uncertainty only one of them deciding to leave familiar shores takes the plunge and sets out to discover life in mystical Prague However he gets more than he bargained for when various twists of fate and chance encounters make everything possible in this intriguing city where he not only learns of the unpredictability of life itself the impermanence of ideal love but also the truth about Kafka s secret trip to Australia A plethora of amusing anecdotes taking place in Prague are contrasted against inimitable carefree Australian life describing scenes of kangaroos in the rain piers and beach scenarios where the characters loll away their time when nothing seems to matter except the lethargic splendour of the serene merging of sun sea sand and soul So torn between the eucalyptus air of home that beckons him and the beguiling lure of Prague with its promise of euphoric experiences the main character oscillates between the two only to succumb to a mysterious fate he would never have dreamed of Real life scenes are intermingled with recurring dream sequences which unveil different layers of reality overall a novel of intelligence wisdom and mystery weaving its story with humour charm and intellectual depth Want to read it in other formats This book is also available for a wide range of e readers including Kindle iPad Nook and Kobo After completing his BSc in Mathematics R M I T and BA Hons in French and Germanic studies at the University of Melbourne Australian author Libor Mikeska emigrated to Germany Then ensued two turbulent decades of songwriting and guitar playing in several rockbands notably The Quaves freelance photography regular exhibitions in Saarbrucken Brno and Melbourne

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/product/9781781320266/allegro-agitato-or-neurotically-yours (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - A Bridge of Straw
    sip that drained half the glass Not the best way to quench a thirst he thought to himself He was even drinking aggressively What was it she had said that annoyed him so much Was it about Al co writing the songs That had been the irony in the end Al had wanted to be respected as a writer and Mack had wanted to be more famous They had swapped roles How stupid it seemed now it was viewed through the prism of time Mack has a secret Mack and Al used to be minor pop stars They partied hard during the brief worldwide success of Mack s song A Bridge of Straw That was until a journalist with a vendetta threw the band apart and Al became seduced by Hollywood Mack had settled into family life but Al returns out of the blue demanding a share of the royalties Mack loses control as the situation develops costing him his marriage and forcing him to retreat from the world that once acknowledged his talent Fourteen years on Mack s son Johnny is determined to help his father by uncovering the truth and to prove his father s innocence But someone is trying to stop him Click here to get A Bridge of Straw for Kindle Chris Budd lives in Somerset with his wife and two children He plays guitar and gigs regularly reads lots of books and graphic novels and spends far too little time watching cricket In between this he runs Ovation Finance Ltd the financial planning business he started in 2000 As well as being the title of his first novel A Bridge Of Straw is also a real song written by Chris Written for his girlfriend when she was working in Australia the lyric is a comment

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/product/9781781321201/a-bridge-of-straw (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - Casting Shadows
    placid I had no expectation of her eyelids snapping open and her glassy eyes staring through me I returned to the kitchen jubilant That s the best I ve ever seen her Did you touch her Mam asked No I only looked You re supposed to touch the corpse Mam said or it will come back to haunt you Prepare to enter a world where nothing is quite as it seems From family curses to shadow puppets spiteful Welsh grandmothers to mysteriously multiplying piles of seaweed each story showcases the talent of an exciting new writer and is beautifully illustrated with atmospheric black and white images But be warned with their eerie and unexpected twists these stories may linger in the mind long after you ve turned the last page Want to read it in other formats This book is also available for a wide range of e readers including Kindle iPad Nook and Kobo Word Machine Press was formed in 2012 by a group of writers intrigued by the power of words and the telling of stories We wanted to experience the publishing process first hand to find out what happens between the seed of an idea growing in

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/product/9781781321485/casting-shadows (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - The Baobab's Covenant with Rain
    knew it was going to hurt even before Hajja Nafisa madethe first cut In a small town on the bank of the river 16 year old Asha is struggling to find a meaningful role for herself She has already survived a traumatic childhood and her education has been brought to a halt by an abusive stepfather But now her life is thrown into fresh turmoil by a series of unforeseen events and she moves to the capital to continue her education There she discovers love but also becomes aware of a dark secret in her family s past that she begins to unpick with devastating consequences This tale of love and grief observed through the eyes of a young woman on the verge of emancipation is set in a young African country riven by ethnic and religious tensions The novel explores issues of identity faith and justice and the impact of rapid change on an emerging nation torn between its Arab Muslim heritage and distinct African character Also available in hardback and as an ebook for a wide range of e readers including Kindle iPad Nook and Kobo Isam Babiker is a Sudanese born psychiatrist He has published several scientific

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/product/9781906236748/the-baobabs-covenant-with-rain (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - Seven Secrets of a Joyful Birth
    womb into the world the mother to be the giver of birth and the nurturer the father to be the companion and protector couple or single parent to become a healthy loving family In this book Dominique Sakoilsky will help you to identify your own particular challenges She will also give you all the practical guidance you need and an understanding of how birth happens the amazing hormonal physiology that underlies the natural process in us humans just as it does in other mammals Janet Balaskas Founder of the Active Birth Movement Want to see more This book is also available for a wide range of e readers including Kindle iPad Nook and Kobo Dominique Sakoilsky started her journey with birth and parenting when she had her first child twenty three years ago and has worked in the arena of birth ever since Her own birth experiences include a 5 week premature birth in hospital an unattended home birth he was in a hurry and a home water birth Her passion for birth led her to train and work as a Relate Counsellor a Family Counsellor a Scaravelli inspired yoga teacher and a Craniosacral Therapist working as part of a team at The Bristol Centre for Craniosacral Therapy Dominique has spent the last two years studying with Karlton Terry in perinatal education Dominique has also been training doulas and childbirth educators both privately and within the NHS for over ten years and four years ago co founded Relaxed Birth and Parenting relaxedbirthandparenting com which is a training and educational company She has a busy practice in Bristol where she runs antenatal workshops parenting and yoga classes counselling and cranial sessions and continues to learn with joy and inspiration from the families and individuals she works with She intends this book

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/product/9781781320068/seven-secrets (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - Lost in a Snowstorm
    Us T C SilverWood Bookshop Fiction Historical Fiction Crime Thrillers General Non Fiction Self Development Memoir Biography Poetry Business Children Teens Military Follow us on Sign up for eNews Lost in a Snowstorm Sherry O Berry The Book The Author He noticed the snowstorm was growing in strength He had wandered too far his heart sank You can always count on your family Kyle Polar Bear can only see the glistening white snow falling from the sky Who will go outside and play in the snow with Kyle Soon the soft falling snow turns into a a small polar bear lost in a snowstorm Will Kyle find his way home My four children twelve years of teaching and numerous years of volunteer works in the schools and community have been the inspiration for my stories Being a mother wife and teacher provides me with a stage full of scenes and ideas to create stories to help and teach children a variety of skills and lessons Not only have my children contributed to and enjoyed my stories but the compliments and enthusiasm from others also further my zest for writing Life constantly and consistently ensures that there is always a story

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/product/9781781321805/lost-in-a-snowstorm (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - Matlock the Hare [Hardback Edition]
    controls your destiny The only way to beat it is to solve the peffa ancient riddle of Treffelpugga Path When Matlock the Hare s beloved home of Winchett Dale is threatened by the arrival of a mysterious stranger the only way he can save the dale is by taking a perilous and twizzly journey along Trefflepugga Path a journey that will test all his majickal abilities to the very limits Join Matlock and a fregle of saztaculous majickal creatures as he sets out along Trefflepugga Path in an adventure that will change his destiny forever from the very first pid pad he takes And then perhaps griffle yourself the question just where would Trefflepugga Path take you Get Matlock the Hare gifts here Matlock the Hare and all the saztaculous creatures of Winchett Dale are the creations of award winning author and artist Phil and Jacqui Lovesey Their aim is simple to bring to life a majickal world in pictures and stories through a series of crumlush books and artwork that hopefully bring a little of the Dale s whimsy into our everyday lives Phil is an award winning author including a series of novels for HarperCollins together with numerous short stories that have been published the world over He is also a past winner of the CWA Silver Dagger Award Jacqui is an artist and illustrator and it was from her original miniature watercolour artworks that the world of Matlock the Hare and Winchett Dale originated growing by demand into a series of popular handmade adventures and an ever growing series of collectable artworks that she still paints today Want to know more Visit Phil and Jacqui s website at matlockthehare com or follow them on their blog at matlockthehare blogspot co uk And you can find them on

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/product/9781781321843/matlock-the-hare-hardback-edition (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - Tales Within
    most magnificent handcrafted snow globes there is a secret kept well and truly hidden In a secret chamber within the shop there is a beautiful Victorian glass cabinet Within the cabinet there are many snow globes Now these are not just any old snow globes They are magical snow globes and trapped within each globe is a bewitching tale The time has come for these tales to be told Children and adults prepare to be enchanted by the magical stories of R H Suleyman in Tales Within Want to know more Visit R H Suleyman s website here R H Recep Suleyman was born in London in 1990 just four days before Halloween providing the foundation for great creativity From an early age his interest in writing was apparent as he was continuously scribbling down the stories his mind would conjure up Brought up on the many different fairy tales his grandparents would tell him Recep s imagination was to become his greatest asset His passion for writing flourished throughout his youth and he has often found it difficult to keep his imagination contained Growing up in a large family with many colourful cousins aunts and uncles has provided endless

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/product/9781781320020/tales-within (2016-02-16)
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