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  • SilverWood Books - Ultimate Truth
    beings have responsibility By what standards should we measure good and evil On very rare occasions a book is written that has the potential to shake up our understanding of reality and change the world It is no exaggeration to suggest that Ultimate Truth by Oxford philosopher Steven Colborne is such a book With confidence and wisdom Colborne explains the errors of traditional theological thinking before proceeding to describe the true nature of God in a way that no religion has yet managed to do Simplicity and clarity are hard to find in philosophy but Colborne has a gift for expressing his worldview in a way that will surely speak to the heart of each and every reader It may take some time for the full impact of the ideas contained in this book to be realised but Ultimate Truth is destined to establish Steven Colborne as one of the most important philosophers of our time Steven Colborne was born in 1982 in Cambridge England He grew up in Abingdon near Oxford and moved to London to study in 2000 He is a 1st class BA Hons graduate of the University of Westminster and has undertaken postgraduate studies in Philosophy

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/product/9781781321294/ultimate-truth (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - Owl and the Earl (The) [Hardback Edition]
    Hunt he little realises he has bitten off more than he can chew Tasked with finding a great deal of money to repair the dilapidated hunt stables Hector quickly discovers that whilst the great and the good of the county want to help they are not prepared to do so if it means burying various hatchets or agreeing with one another As a result he soon finds that almost every step forward is matched by another one back His powers of diplomacy and stocks of tact are brought to the edge of exhaustion as he strains every sinew to persuade those most closely linked to the Blankshire to make common cause As the deadline approaches Hector has to call in various allies from afar to help and with every step of the way dogged by imminent comic chaos and confusion the pace only increases as the rivalry and tension builds to a deliciously nuanced climax A fast moving comedy of manners set in the fictional county of Blankshire Paul Smith was born in Manchester always Cheshire to his mother Having stumbled somewhat nonplussed into a state Grammar School at 11 he evolved a highly effective system of only ever working when all other possibilities had been exhausted Late flowering scholastic skills did allow progress to the Sixth form and then University Qualifying as a lawyer in the 1980s he subsequently built up a very successful insurance business At the moment he is busy developing a second rapidly growing financial services firm Commercial success and its rewards have allowed him to develop interesting new tastes and both hunting and shooting have appeared to him as essential and immensely invigorating ways of living life Over the last 25 years or so he has hunted with the crack Yorkshire hunts still thriving within

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/product/9781781322567/owl-and-the-earl-the-hardback-edition (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - SilverWood Selection Box ebook only
    the Transport General Workers Union Dave has travelled extensively within western Europe in Canada and the United States in China Nicaragua and Colombia He undertakes in the field research for his novels which include The Jacobites Apprentice The Assassin s Mark The Kraals of Ulundi and The Last Campaign of Marianne Tambour Alison Morton Alison has been a self confessed Roman nut since age 11 She has visited sites throughout Europe including the alma mater Rome But it was walking on the mosaics at Ampurias Spain that triggered her wondering what a modern Roman society would be like if run by women and the result is her highly regarded Roma Nova series Edward Hancox Ed Hancox is the author of Iceland Defrosted He lives in Shropshire with his wife and small noisy children but spends as much time as he can in Iceland Music especially contemporary Icelandic music is his other passion He writes about both subjects for various magazines and websites including Iceland Review Atlantica and the Reykjavík Grapevine Adrian Churchward Moscow Bound author Adrian Churchward lived and worked in Moscow Budapest and Prague as an East West trade lawyer representing British American and German corporations During this period he became proficient in translating Russian commercial and legal texts into English He was one of the few Western lawyers working in the day to day arena of President Gorbachev s liberalisation process of perestroika and glasnost Sandy Osborne Sandy is the author of two Girl Cop novels and a great ambassador for a career in the police force She s an ardent supporter of the Police Dependants Trust and St Peter s Hospice both of whom she has designated to receive part of the author s royalties from the sales of Girl Cop Harvey Black A qualified parachutist The

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/product/9781781323885/silverwood-selection-box (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - Introducing Charlotte
    darker side of her friends lifestyle And although Lloyd is deeply attracted to her Charlotte is broken hurt and lacks control As Lloyd sets to work coming up with unique ideas to bring Charlotte back to life she is introduced to an intimate world of secret passions and desire Introducing Charlotte has been selected as a finalist for bookbzz com s Prize Writer Competition Charlotte Hains left the UK for France after deciding she needed a change taking on the huge project of renovating a house In the UK her life consisted of getting up going to work coming home going to bed and just surviving She now enjoys French life within the community of the village in which she lives and feels privileged to be part of it She describes her French neighbours as fantastic offering her help in every way they can and says she might have given up long ago if they hadn t been so understanding With her house nearly finished she found herself with long nights and lots of thumb twiddling reading anything she could get on her iPad In honesty she admits it was here that Fifty Shades of Grey caught her eye Unbeknownst to her her sister was reading it as well Her sister thought that because Charlotte has such a creative side maybe she d be able to write a book too As a joke Charlotte emailed her sister her stories also written on her iPad She researched blogs and BDSM sites on the internet and so Introducing Charlotte came alive Before she knew it Charlotte had over 150 000 words which she d sent by email in instalments to her sister and there was more than enough for a book or maybe even two Charlotte Hains has written the book that

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/product/9781781323175/introducing-charlotte (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - The Crash of Nimrod XV30: A Victim's Perspective
    wide range of e readers including Kindle iPad Nook and Kobo Author Trish Knight says I am not a writer I am a mother My youngest son Ben was killed aboard RAF Nimrod XV230 in the skies above Afghanistan on 2 September 2006 He was twenty five years old The aircraft caught fire after air to air refuelling and a Mayday was declared The aircraft exploded in mid air All fourteen crew on board were killed When Ben was growing up there were many occasions that warranted me wishing him good luck school exams or a game of squash to name but a few However Ben possessed a very logical mind and would always reply by saying There s no such thing as luck Mother He believed success depended upon knowledge learned if he was unable to answer a question then he believed it was because he had not taken enough time to study the subject and if he lost a game of squash it was because on the day his opponent was a better player It was nothing to do with luck After the loss of Nimrod XV230 a small number of people criticized the intensity of our quest to establish what caused the aircraft to catch fire and explode killing all fourteen men on board Some said that those on board were simply unlucky and that it was just an accident and thought we should leave it at that But there was no escaping Ben s words For what happened aboard XV230 on that fateful Saturday was a result of a prior action It had nothing to do with luck and although it was an accident as opposed to a deliberate act all accidents have a cause Since Ben s death the family has fought tirelessly to uncover the true state of the Nimrod fleet and to obtain an element of justice for Ben by bringing those people responsible for his death and the loss of XV230 to account In our opinion our son was killed by incompetence not by insurgents The Ministry of Defence has accepted responsibility The Nimrod Review by Charles Haddon Cave QC and commissioned by the Government in my opinion gave the illusion of justice but delivered none Although we welcomed its findings unfortunately it was left up to the families to pursue justice if they so wished The publicity that surrounded the initial loss of XV230 was immense and immediately thrust us into the media spotlight In an attempt to come to terms with everything that was happening to us at that time I began to keep a diary for I didn t want such an horrific situation to eventually fade into obscurity I recorded everything that happened to us on a daily basis for the first three months following Ben s death and continued to keep a weekly journal there afterwards including the mix up of body parts and having a writ served upon me I continued to record my feelings and

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/product/9781781320013/the-crash-of-nimrod-xv30-a-victims-perspective (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - Human Nature Part II
    Business Children Teens Military Follow us on Sign up for eNews Human Nature Part II G D Kokani The Book The Author The Universe the God and origin of life are an inter related and interdependent phenomena which lead to a simple and plain infinite scientific truth that the entire universe is nothing but matter The Universe the God and Origin of Life are our central phenomena widely considered to be responsible for the origin existence and future of mankind Concepts knowledge and truths about these phenomena are the most intriguing exciting challenging infinitely unending and controversial for the human mind In this book the author attempts to explain these phenomena in a simple manner with his utmost rationality and scientific temper He also stresses the need and urgency of revisiting the concept and practice of our age old and beloved democracy apart from explaining the concept and practice of the death penalty and adding few new thoughts which expand upon the themes in his first publication Human Nature G D Kokani was born before India was granted independence and grew up in modest surroundings in a small secluded village For thirty years he held the post of class one

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/product/9781906236540/human-nature-part-ii (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - Seeing The World My Way
    to the limit From bungee jumping in New Zealand to booze filled nights out in New Orleans Seeing the World My Way is a no holds barred account that is certainly not for the faint hearted Travel the world in a whole new way with Tony Giles frank honest and exhilarating romp through one adrenaline fuelled experience after another Selected by the RNIB for transcription into Braille in 2011 Also available as an ebook for a wide range of e readers including Kindle iPad Nook and Kobo This book is a SilverWood Original title Tony Giles was born in Weston super Mare on the west coast of England in 1978 Diagnosed at a young age with Cone Dystrophy a rare eye condition and Photophobia an extreme sensitivity to light he maintained some vision until the age of eighteen when he lost all sight except for his ability to recognise bright sunlight At the age of six he developed nerve sensory hearing loss that has progressively worsened over time Despite this Tony gained a Bachelors of Arts Degree in American Studies from Northampton University in 2001 and a Masters Degree in Transatlantic Studies from Birmingham University in 2003 He has travelled from a young age and continues to enjoy experiencing new parts of the world his most recent journeys including trips to the USA Sri Lanka and Iceland Seeing The World My Way is Tony Giles first book He is currently working on its sequel When he s not travelling he lives in Teignmouth Devon Tony says If you want it and have a heart for it anything can be achieved I desired it so badly that I travelled around the world solo twice And if I can do it so can you For more information and to hear audio files

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/product/9781906236380/seeing-the-world-my-way (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - Memories of a Pier Master's Mistress
    life of gentle strolls along the seafront afternoon naps and checking yesterday s crossword in the Telegraph And so it was at first Our daily routine took on a new slower pace Slower And a little boring Then one cloudy day in February the postman dropped an envelope through Maggie Ashford s door and before she knew it retirement had changed forever Her middle daughter Julie had spotted an appeal in her local newspaper the Mercury She decided to cut it out and pop it in the post in case her parents were interested Someone was needed to help at the Toll House Clevedon Pier The idea was to set up a business that would generate an income to pay for the second part of the restoration of the Pier Maggie remembers thinking that the huge task was so diversified that there would never be any chance of boredom And so it proved In 1990 Ivor and Maggie became the managers of Clevedon Pier a job that was to keep them busy together for a decade This is the story of those happy years the story of a beautiful Pier the warm friendships that were made and the people and

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/product/9781906236083/memories-of-a-pier-masters-mistress (2016-02-16)
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