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  • SilverWood Books - Deadly Hazard
    not to be seen dashing across a stretch of open ground towards the village and darting into a bank of shrubbery With still no sign of my uncle my anxiety grew The fairway was deserted Trees and bushes obscured it from the rest of the course No place for a man who had enemies Shattered by a family tragedy in South Africa Mark Conway returns to England He hopes for a quiet life in his home county Dorset but after an unexpected legacy he becomes the owner of a small golf club and finds he has inherited trouble He falls under suspicion of murder When he refuses to sell part of the golf course to two unscrupulous developers they subject him to a vicious campaign of violence and blackmail to force him to change his mind He faces relentless menaces and threats until they make a last desperate move when he barely escapes with his life yet is able to expose the true extent of their evil racket DEADLY HAZARD is Alec s Wright s second golf thriller a riveting series of plot twists a burgeoning romance and a host of memorable characters are packed into this taut and gripping tale Now the author of two golf thrillers Double Hit and Deadly Hazard Alec Wright draws on his experience as a single figure handicap golfer and as Captain of a Sussex golf club A member of The Society of Authors he has published non fiction books and articles in professional journals in the UK and the USA his latest publication is a history of the national golfing society of one of the major UK banks Alec Wright s previous golf themed novel Double Hit was well received and now he s back with with another tale of murder intrigue and

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/product/9781906236229/deadly-hazard (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - Cosmic Leap
    of a more than human world the mysteries come alive as in dreaming where the boundaries which surround the self are dissolved could Saba help humans elsewhere choose dreams of rapport with the greatest force of life This seminal epic of Old Europe spans the Newgrange and Maltese temple rituals Akkadian Kretan and Eastern cultures Those who enjoyed Jean Auel s Earth s Children series should find Saba s Choices an enthralling read Haidee Belshaw was born in Northern Ireland and was educated by Quakers in Lisburn and at St Columba s College Dublin Subsequently he graduated in Mental and Moral Science at Trinity College Dublin and is a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute London He was also a founding co director of Eurotek Ireland Ltd He has bred Aberdeen Angus cattle hatched and farmed the native oyster in Ireland and Scotland and raised ornamental poultry on the African birds he wrote the only comprehensive book in existence Guinea Fowl of the World He is married with six children and has lived for many years in the Wicklow hills from where he and his wife worked and travelled extensively Their chief interests lie in the natural world human pre history psychology and mythology Cosmic Leap is the second instalment of Saba s Choices Part one Mother Lake was published earlier this year The story of Saba s Choices encompasses two parts both written with passion and with scholarship and a fine feeling for an unknown ancient and vanished time Through the vehicle of the dramatis personae particularly the attractive and credible personality of the lead character of Saba and their varied but consistent stories we really are taken into this strange and fascinating period before written history began Part one Mother Lake supplies an intriguing perspective on north and

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/product/9781781322673/cosmic-leap (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - The Runaway
    his spiteful cane his tyrannous ways and evil plans Even if it meant certain death Isobel Kelly s thoroughly captivating eighth spellbinder follows the runaway Charis embarking on a treacherous journey across country Disguised as a stable boy and secretly stowed between fish boxes she slips away on a boat desperate to escape a dire betrothal to Baron Whaley but he and her stepfather aren t the only threat Fraught with fear and danger her life is in the balance as she eludes the clutches of her tormentors and seeks safety in her lover s arms Can he guarantee her the protection she so gravely desires One man s arms will bring her death Another will ensure her freedom Isobel Kelly is 83 years young Born in Fifeshire Scotland she now lives in England A long life with many experiences enhanced her imagination and her gift for telling stories Together with her love of words she set out to create a series of books that pleased her readers and surprised her when they were sold in countries around the world Once an artist and restorer of oils and watercolours she owned a picture gallery until retirement and was also a consultant in art and interior design to major UK businesses Laying brushes down and taking up writing her poetry was published in several anthologies She was asked to write for the 50th anniversary of The Lelant Village Produce Association in Cornwall She decided a magazine would be appropriate so with contributions from villagers and local advertisements she filled it with interesting wartime memorabilia composed poetry and found pictures of the village It sold at annual flower shows and copies have gone all over the world via tourists and villagers sending them to friends An accident laid her low for a

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/product/9781781321652/the-runaway (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - Herr Speer Comes Calling
    at the present time especially those experienced in police work Himmler What is that supposed to mean Bormann I hope no one here is seriously contemplating of fleeing anywhere We should not engage in such treasonous talk Albert Speer Hitler s architect and Minister of Armament visited Hitler s underground bunker twice in April of 1945 but the full story of what took place during those two visits has never been told In the claustrophobic atmosphere of the bunker with bombs raining down on the city above their heads the Nazi bosses quarrel among themselves and accuse each other of treachery while at the same time fantasizing about miracle weapons that might save them from the impending doom In the midst of all this some deeply tragic personal stories are unfolding such as that of Hitler s mistress Eva Braun who was attracted to Speer only to be let down by him in the end Eva who also seems to have been the target of Dr Goebbels amorous advances was eventually to end her own life together with Hitler by swallowing cyanide This is while Dr Goebbels the evil genius of the Nazi propaganda and his wife Magda killed themselves

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/product/9781781321171/herr-speer-comes-calling (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - Gang Spies
    I held my breath and crept closer I peered through the weeds and undergrowth but it was hard to see clearly Where there is one leg there is usually another Normally both of them are attached to a body As I got closer I could distinguish the other leg doubled under the body It was not a natural position for sleeping And then through the twigs I could make out the face of a man turned towards the sky His eyes and his mouth were open A thin trickle of blood ran down from a small hole in his forehead He was almost certainly dead During World War II posters were put up everywhere warning against spies They carried slogans such as Walls have ears or Careless talk costs lives or Be like Dad keep Mum The danger of careless talk was even reflected in Tommy Handley s popular radio show ITMA It s That Man Again where a menacing German spy would frequently appear with his heavily accented catch phrase Dis ist Funf speakink Because of all this newcomers to a community were often treated with reserve not to say suspicion We the children of the epoch were certainly impressed and we sometimes indulged in excited bouts of patriotic spy hunting This book describes one such comically cockeyed episode Want to see all of Peter s books Click here to visit his author page Peter St John is best known for his six Gang books about children s gangs during World II These novels spring from adventures in an English village as an evacuee from the London Blitz Two other novels draw on his career as a chartered engineer in aerospace research as well as from experience within parliamentary and governmental organizations An occasional poem of his has been

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/product/9781781322062/gang-spies (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - Ripples in the Sand
    whore His hurting anger so intense it was tearing Tiola s soul into shredded pieces He is mine Witch Woman Jesssh a miah is mine Approaching England s North Devon Coast Captain Jesamiah Acorne is worried A Royal Navy frigate is trailing in his wake and Sea Witch has a hidden cache of brandy and indigo aboard His instinct is to hoist full sail and flee but he cannot attract attention for his wife Tiola is ill and getting worse She says the sea is affecting her but Jesamiah has never seen seasickness like this before is it something worse something to do with her being a white witch perhaps Like an approaching storm his worries get deeper darker and more sinister Tiola s brother Ben is in gaol arrested for smuggling At a loss of how to help him opportunity comes in the unexpected form of Sir Ailie Doone the last of the notorious Doone family of Exmoor He offers Jesamiah a highly secret but lucrative commission to go to Spain and bring back to England a man who will lead a Jacobite rebellion It seems an ideal solution but first Jesamiah must break young Ben out of gaol Once escaped from the threat of the gallows the boy can sail with Jesamiah on the Sea Witch leaving Tiola ashore to recover in peace Except being captured and interrogated by the Spanish and meeting with an old friend the beautiful English spy Francesca is not part of Jesamiah s plan Once again he is in danger of losing his fidelity his freedom and maybe even his life Tiola meanwhile has her own fears to face Why is the ethereal spirit of the sea Tethys so determined to have Jesamiah for her own To save him Tiola must find a

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/product/9781781320778/ripples-in-the-sand (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - Historical Fiction
    Shadow of the Storm Anna Belfrage Paperback 10 99 Isabella of Angoulême Erica Lainé Paperback 8 99 The Frozen Dream Edward James Paperback 9 99 Cuckoo Clock New York Elisabeth Marrion Paperback 8 99 Empire of the Moon Tom O Dornin Paperback 9 99 A Kiss From France Susan Hughes 8 99 Children of the Chieftain Betrayed Michael E Wills Paperback 7 99 Bloodie Bones Lucienne Boyce Paperback 10 99

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/silverwood-bookshop/fiction-historical/page1 (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - The Killing Snows
    were less than twenty people there and no fires One man lay in the snow face down This book is fiction The story that inspired it was not In 1990 a box of very old documents was found on a small farm in the west of Ireland They had been stored for well over a hundred years and told an incredible story of suffering of love and of courage In 1846 a young couple met during the worst days of the Great Irish Famine The Killing Snows is a way to imagine what led to their meeting and what followed from it Want to read it in other formats This book is also available for a wide range of e readers including Kindle iPad Nook and Kobo Charles Egan was born in Nottingham England of Irish parents When he was five the family returned to Ireland as his father had been appointed Resident Medical Superintendent of St Lukes a psychiatric hospital in Clonmel in County Tipperary Every summer they visited his father s family s farm outside Kiltimagh in County Mayo for a month where his grandmother and uncles spent many evenings talking about family and local history The family subsequently moved to County Wicklow where Charles Egan initially attended the De La Salle Brother s school in Wicklow town He then went to the Jesuit s Clongowes Wood College James Joyce s alma mater and subsequently studied Commerce in University College Dublin graduating in 1973 After an initial career in the private sector including Marubeni Dublin where he met his wife Carmel he joined the Industrial Development Authority IDA in Dublin After a few years the desire to be his own boss led him to resign and set up his own business which has now been running for over

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/product/9781781320570/the-killing-snows (2016-02-16)
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