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  • SilverWood Books - News: Writing and Researching Historical Biographies
    copy of a letter from the Grand Duchess Olga to her friend Image supplied by the author Writing and Researching Historical Biographies by Road to Ekaterinburg author ECS Banks I always begin with a family tree As a very experienced genealogist I like to work out the relationship between people and as I only ever deal with facts I like to write things in chronological order I enjoy composing a story to prove the truth of the past to me the truth is paramount My books grow organically and take on a life of their own I never know where they will go Like many writers I often wake up at night and hurry to jot something down My brain rarely turns off It is like living with a computer in my head which is constantly analysing and thinking of outcomes for my many on going works I have had always had the ability to think laterally and love researching more than writing I researched for thirty five years before I began writing collected together many photographs vintage books and items from old periodicals As a genealogist I enjoy working with photos as they can give you so many clues about the character you wish to write about In recent years I have collected many films about the Grand Duchesses I know the value of researching families properly without assuming the research of others is correct It rarely is I use record offices libraries and art galleries When I came to write down chronologically the events in the lives of the Grand Duchesses I found many inconsistencies and always attempted to find the truth from multiple sources The best of which are primary sources I was lucky enough obtain the only copy of one of the Grand Duchess Olga s

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/news/2013/nov/27/writing-and-researching-historical-biographies (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - News: Fair weather for 'To the Fair Land' book launch
    a location I mention in the novel With its maritime connections the Goldney family owed their wealth to trade in the South Seas it was a perfect link to a tale based around the myth of the Great Southern Continent and set partly in Bristol I did a short reading from the book interrupted by a mobile phone going off which turned out to be mine After that we gave out little goody bags Each contained a bookmark and in keeping with the nautical element of the book a recipe card for an eighteenth century naval dish anyone for burgoo and a small sea themed gift miniature ships in bottles shell soaps etc There was also a ship s biscuit to nibble on though chocolate biscuits weren t standard Navy rations in the Age of Sail It was a wonderful occasion and a great way to celebrate the publication of To The Fair Land My top tips for a successful book launch You re nervous Doesn t matter You ve worked hard for this you ve produced a beautiful book professionally edited type set proof read etc and now is the time to celebrate Believe me you will enjoy it If possible select a venue that has some connection with the book A place mentioned in the book or connected with one of the characters or theme a lot depends on your budget of course but connecting your book to a special place can only be good for the book If you can t do that take something along that has a connection Julian Stockwin takes a length of ship s rope to his talks readings and it s a great talking point prop Take plenty of books to sell 50 makes a nice display any less could look a

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/news/2012/sep/10/fair-weather-for-to-the-fair-land-book-launch (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - News: New novel gets baptism in Saarbrücken
    intermingled with recurring dream sequences unveiling different layers of reality which don t in any way obfuscate an understanding of the book but rather function to supplement the events or simply to entertain In any case as with most novels once you get into it the names of characters and events usually become familiar to you The novel intends to captivate the reader through wisdom mystery and of course the love story being weaved with lots of humorous episodes and a happy albeit unexpected ending Could you tell us more about the novel s dream world Compared with real life where our dreams tend to resurrect secret wishes that have either been thwarted or repressed in the past in the book it s the other way round The events and scenes in the book lure us away from harsh realities and in doing so help us to conceive of a world where anything is possible provided we want it badly enough Everyone is fascinated and charmed when life unfolds in ways we would never have expected So does that mean that the book sways between reality and the world of dreams In the book the distinction between reality and dreams does seem effaced at times but the dreams or rather daydreams don t veer off too much from the storyline and ironically by clouding our reason this inevitably helps us enjoy the narrative more Yet the protagonist s dreams however adventurous they may appear at times aren t always rosy And then just when he finally frees himself from them there is a mysteriously unexpected ending where reality and dreams actually intermingle Oh now I m all curious and can t wait to read the rest of the book Tell me something about the characters themselves Are they people you know fantasy figures or a combination of both Here I have to say that the difference between real life or my life and fiction is also blurred Whereas some parts have indeed been taken from reality others are pure unadulterated fiction An author is also an observer and often uses elements from life as inspiration Relationships dialogues friends letters family members and various anecdotes from the past have all been used fictitiously Several people from my past and present have been blended into each character for example It s all part of the de familiarisation process that sometimes is so necessary in novels Experienced events as well as unrealised possibilities fill the pages So each character is made up of several real people Not only are there so many insights into the cities of Melbourne and Prague I find your novel is very aesthetically written Even if people have never been to these cities or any of the other places featured in your novel I think they ll suddenly want to after reading your novel Now I know you re a true blue Melburnian but have you yourself ever lived in Prague My knowledge of that mythical city is limited

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/news/2012/sep/10/new-novel-gets-baptism-in-saarbr252cken (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - News: Two SilverWood Authors on Guardian Reader List
    but TWO SilverWood authors have made it onto a reader recommended list of self publishing authors Iceland Defrosted author Ed Hancox says It s been a crazy year I started my crowd funding campaign in December 2012 To go from those humble beginnings to producing a book that I m so proud of to being stocked in Foyles and receiving a readers recommendation in the Guardian this December I never expected any of this This year the Guardian have been highlighting the growth of indie and self publishing with a range of features blog posts and courses featuring self publishing champions including ALLi s phenomenally successful Joanna Penn Hannah Freeman the Guardian s community co ordinator for culture reported that while many writers were choosing to self publish Sometimes it is tricky to know where to start and one of two bad experiences may be enough to put you off for life This is where our list of reader recommendations may be able to help From 3 347 entries the team picked out titles that were recommended a few times by different people with interesting reviews from the recommenders Hannah acknowledges it s not a foolproof method but a way

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/news/2013/dec/06/two-silverwood-authors-on-guardian-reader-list (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - News: Successful launch for Gael Harrison's novel
    Gael Harrison The party was complete with food wine and Scottish Celtic rock music to set the mood According to Gael It was truly a celebration and everyone seemed to have a nice time and mingled and ate drank and were very merry I even sold some books At the party Gael spoke to her guests of the story s origins and her desire to capture years of living in a highland village not to mention the many colourful individuals who inspired her engaging characters After an enjoyable evening partygoers left with books in hand as well as postcards and bookmarks to distribute an excellent way to advertise Gael said In addition to the party Gael spent some time hiking up and down Edinburgh s the Royal Mile getting her book stocked in the likes of St Giles Cathedral gift shop and the local Waterstones She found that the colourful tartan cover was perfect for the tourist market especially with independent shops and small businesses The Edinburgh Book Store was so complimentary about quality of the book and the cover artwork that it is currently being displayed in the centre of the shop It s not just Edinburgh where Gael

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/news/2013/aug/23/successful-launch-for-gael-harrison8217s-the-highland-games (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - News Archive for December 2013
    Archive for December 2013 Quick Start Guide About Us Author Testimonials Frequent Questions Our Publishing Packages Submission Guidelines Services for Writers The Learning Zone Book Marketing Latest News Events Contact Us T C SilverWood Bookshop Follow us on Sign up for eNews News Archive for December 2013 Two SilverWood Authors on Guardian Reader List 6 Dec 2013 We re celebrating because not one but TWO SilverWood authors have made it

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/news/2013/dec (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - News: How I achieved #1 on Amazon by Alison Morton
    bookbloggers the odd national site and personal networking all free the way forward to a bigger audience is by shelling out your hard earned cash You want the best return for the least outlay so as usual it s a question of research In the ebook promotion world there are three biggies Pixel of Ink ENR Ereader News Today and the big daddy BookBub Other sites are available as they say such as BookBlast BookGorilla and The Fussy Librarian How does it work These sites send out a daily email to subscribed readers Some are specifically targeted to the genres readers have selected others are more general Each site has strict selection criteria number of reviews on Amazon com and a good average score of reviews usually 3 5 4 minimum You can add in Amazon UK review stats Goodreads score and awards in the further information box on the application form You have to be prepared to discount your book some want 0 99c others at least 50 price reduction And it s unlikely you ll get in on first application mine was third time lucky So having climbed the mountain what happened My recent BookBub promotion took place on 3 January in the middle of a discounted deal period 26 December 2013 to 20 January 2014 I was placed by the BookBub editors in the science fiction list which meant the email went to 260 000 targeted readers for a fee of 240 To 8 January I have sold 528 copies of INCEPTIO at 1 29 and became 1 on both alternate and alternative history lists and 2 in historical thrillers best result on 4 January These rankings have dropped now as the intense pulse has finished but readers are still buying steadily if less frequently But 3

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/news/2014/jan/09/how-i-achieved-1-on-amazon-by-alison-morton (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - News Archive for August 2012
    0 00 My Account Home News News Archive for August 2012 Quick Start Guide About Us Author Testimonials Frequent Questions Our Publishing Packages Submission Guidelines Services for Writers The Learning Zone Book Marketing Latest News Events Contact Us T C SilverWood Bookshop Follow us on Sign up for eNews News Archive for August 2012 Successful launch for Gael Harrison s novel 22 Aug 2012 The Highland Games sweeps through Scotland

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/news/2012/aug (2016-02-16)
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