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  • SilverWood Books - Marketing Misconceptions : Real Life Assumptions Authors Should Avoid
    authors have always done Press coverage guarantees more book sales The word guarantees is simply wrong Getting news stories and reviews in the press is important but there are no guarantees this will result in a big sales spike Authors can get so obsessed with getting press publicity they forget a simple truth there s a big gap between a potential reader seeing a review or feature article about a book and actually buying it Getting press coverage both local national and niche especially for non fiction authors should be part of a broader strategy of marketing and promotion I need to be all over social media Neither are really true Trying to promote books through every social media in the hope that a scatter gun approach will result in sales usually means the following A lot of time and energy spent setting up social media accounts A realization that keeping all these social media channels updated is hard work Most social media channels become abandoned or neglected which is off putting to potential readers The advice is simple don t try to do everything just concentrate on a few social media channels update them regularly and make the content interesting Social media is just inane chatter isn t it The opposite of the above applies Dismiss social media at your peril Yes there s a lot of white noise on social media But equally it s a useful free tool for promoting your book s And even if some authors feel uncomfortable with social media usually from ignorance or fear they have to recognise that readers increasingly use social media to find books to read I need to market my first book successfully before writing my second one Simply replace the word before with the word while in the

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  • SilverWood Books - Self-Publishing: everything you need to know!
    informative how to handbook As Alison herself says Self publishing has had a bad reputation Badly edited poorly designed and amateurish books have been produced by writers who were disinclined to re appraise or improve their work However modern technology is changing the publishing landscape and fast Serious writers are now able to buy professional services that allow them to produce a high quality product and offer it straight to their audience promoting it across a wealth of online media Self publishing is gaining a new respectability writers are actively choosing it as a way to connect with their readers and Alison s book celebrates this with exuberance Her comprehensive guide begins in a philosophical way with a thoughtful and thought provoking examination of why writers may wish to publish their own work These writers may range from the family wishing to produce a single copy of a This is Your Life history for an elderly relative to the household name author with an established fan base who turns away from traditional publishing This book is no gentle philosophical tome however because Alison efficiently turns to the competencies and assets needed to make a success of publishing The economics of book production is explored legal issues covered and practicalities such as book formats paper types proofreading typesetting eBooks and ISBNs are covered in detail with useful advice from industry experts Numerous case histories throughout the book offer illuminating thoughts on writing self publishing and self expression This book the first of its kind from a UK traditional publishing house A C Black is an inspiring must read for anyone contemplating publishing their own work whether on a small scale for personal use or with the intention of reaching out to readers on a global scale The Naked Author is an

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/learning-zone/self-publishing-everything-you-need-to-know (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - What Are You Signing Up To?
    a bit like a marriage and you want it to work out longterm if you have more than one book to publish 6 Steps to Making the Right Decision 1 Do some homework Read the company s website carefully and try to establish what sort of organisation they are look beyond the words you re reading and pick up other clues Is the website professionally presented Is the text proofread and correct you re judging them on how well they ll handle your text Is the bookshop prominent meaning they re actively selling their authors books What s the quality of their book cover design Are they offering you plenty of information Is there a good FAQ page Do they come across as friendly and reasonable What s the team like that you ll be dealing with Will you have a named contact who always deals with your project Do they offer a range of other services such a proofreading and book promotion What are they saying about book sales be wary of hyperbolic promises of huge sales fame or riches Will the company put you in touch with authors who ve used them in the past 2 What about book promotion Will the company do any promotional work Don t expect them to as a matter of course it s your book and the best ambassador for that book is you What are the fees What s in their packages and is it useful to you and targeted to your readership Be wary about paying for advertising it doesn t always recoup what you pay in book sales but can work for very niche books If you do choose to advertise where will the ad run Will your target readership see the ad 3 What about retail pricing Can

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/learning-zone/what-are-you-signing-up-to (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - Make the Most of Promotional Tools
    a week as a consultant solicitor to a group of companies in Canary Wharf where I mix with over 200 employees Secondly I live just 30 minutes from London s crowded West End and frequently travel there Effectively therefore I have two captive audiences The promotion methods that I am most comfortable with are as follows Handing the cards to everybody I see reading a book on the tube including on the escalators in Starbucks etc in pubs and in restaurants I have distributed 100s in this way and have only ever had one refusal Often the recipients engage me in conversation as they are excited to meet a real life author The younger element of my work colleagues are more than keen to help me and similarly distribute the cards on their way to and from work I reward them with signed copies of the book I have left the cards on appropriate crime and thriller bookshelves in Waterstones Daunt Foyles and probably every other bookstore in Central London and Budapest Friends of mine have distributed them in Scotland Wales Moscow New York Boston Tuscon Seattle Portland Spain Malta the Czech Republic South Africa and Australia I have left them in WH Smiths at Gatwick Heathrow Luton Airport and wherever the store is located in London s mainline railway stations Goodness knows how many times I have appeared on CCTV not stealing but putting back Frequently Jehovah s witnesses stand at Oxford Street and Bond Street tube stations handing out The Watchtower publication I always take one on condition that they take one of my cards which they do with a pleasant smile It s early days yet and I have no idea what percentage if any of these hand outs will eventually convert to sales But I am

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/learning-zone/make-the-most-of-promotional-tools (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - Launches, Videos, Awards and Keeping Sane
    June 2014 Alison also spoke at the Tunbridge Wells library where she had a terrific welcome from librarians and readers alike Alison says Libraries are so welcoming every author should embrace them You may sell some books When she reached home in France after the launch and library trip she opened her copy of Writing Magazine to find INCEPTIO first in series and PERFIDITAS second in series had been shortlisted in the 2014 Self Published Book of the Year competition There were some kind words for SilverWood Books from the judges Alison Morton tells us how to pace yourself when promoting your books Whistle stop tour is a well known cliché but it certainly applied to this packed trip Behind all the real time activity there were online launch splashes blog posts a book tour for the second book PERFIDITAS plus the normal social media activity which included arranging future virtual and real events Now non writing activity peaks around a book launch and that s how it should be but how to avoid it all collapsing in on itself and dragging you down into the black hole Planning the obvious one Not just times places transport tickets but nitty gritty like access doors how you are going to transport boxes of books by public transport it can be done display stands and marketing materials contact numbers etc Make a folder either virtual or physical and keep everything in it Calendar I use iCal which synchronises between my desktop and laptop computers to schedule work that contributes to events For example calling or emailing people drafting blog posts or getting printing done Every activity has an alarm message attached which keeps popping up to remind me to do it It s like switching the news on in the morning to

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/learning-zone/launches-videos-awards-and-keeping-sane (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - Crowd-Funding Your Book
    widest reach and provide secure means of payment They also don t release any funds unless you achieve your target This seemed an honest way of working not to mention a good incentive 2 Work on your content Your crowd funding campaign has to capture the interest of backers Hook their interest and entice them with rewards Develop interesting text that tells your story Include decent photographs and a video 3 Honesty is the best policy Be honest about your project your intentions and the rewards There is an element of trust to crowd funding Disregard it at your peril Explain how you will spend the funding and what the backers get in return 4 Explain Crowd funding is still new and some people might not fully understand it Be prepared to explain how it works possibly many many times 5 Added value Your backers need to feel they are getting value for money Don t forget postage costs and try to add value that backers couldn t get elsewhere 6 Timetable Your campaign will gave peaks and troughs in funding This is normal A pre prepared timetable will keep you on track Schedule what you are going to do and when 7 Promote it Just pressing the launch button as hard as this is won t be enough You need to tweet Facebook blog and do anything to get your campaign noticed Email everyone in your address book and SMS everyone on your phone 8 The real world Offline talk about nothing else and hand some cards out Word of mouth is often the best form of promotion Repeat until your campaign starts buzzing 9 Thank you Don t forget to publicly thank your backers This will go a long way and they are more likely to make sure

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/learning-zone/crowd-funding-your-book (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - Is There a Diamond in You?
    Latest News Events Contact Us T C SilverWood Bookshop Follow us on Sign up for eNews Is There a Diamond in You Bestselling historical novelist Helen Hollick recently dubbed Queen of the Hybrids for her mainstream status in the USA and indie self publishing in the UK talks about her helpful writing advice book Discovering the Diamond Everyone can write a book Not everyone can write a readable book Writing is the easy bit Most of the work is in the planning the thinking in the structure the plot and in turning the first draft into an enjoyable top quality novel How you go about publishing your novel is largely a question of what you hope to achieve and how much both in terms of time and money you are prepared to invest Asked repeatedly for advice about publishing an indie novel Helen and her UK editor Jo Field decided to compile a small booklet in response The initial few A4 pages soon expanded into an ebook which by popular demand has now been published in paperback Helen says Having experienced the many ups and downs of mainstream self and indie publishing I am delighted to be able to take

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/learning-zone/is-there-a-diamond-in-you (2016-02-16)
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  • SilverWood Books - The Principles of Great Book Cover Design
    information author title and genre So use an impressive image or graphic to grab the attention of the reader Make sure your cover image is strong enough to see across a room but also works well as a thumbnail on the internet The use of simple strong colours will make an impact but make sure they don t jar or detract from the text 3 the typography As with the spine the choice of typography should complement the design but also make it clear to the reader who the author is and the title of the book If the text is too small in an over elaborate font or positioned in an unusual way people could find it too difficult to read and be dissuaded from buying it counter productive when your primary objective to get them clutching the book in one hand and heading for the tills A secondary function of the typography is to establish a consistent author brand that the reader can recognise in an instant An author brand carries a subliminal guarantee of quality and sets the target reader thinking I know that author s work I ve read it before and I liked it The reader has a relationship with that author and they know what they re going to get when they buy one of their books Once you ve devised and developed your author brand roll it out consistently across your author activities on your blog on your website on all your promotional tools so that your target reader gets used to seeing it and associating it with you and your writing 4 the readership The cover design should reflect the genre of the book offering the potential readers subtle clues about whether this is their sort of book By relating the design to the genre visually the target reader is automatically drawn to the book Study other books in the same genre as your writing and go for a similar look and feel for your cover design If you write chick lit choose a curly cursive font and a pastel tinted illustration If you write travel books select images that show modes of transport pictures of destinations or perhaps just the idea of movement The book covers of crime novels tend towards red and black These may sound like stereotypes but stereotypes can be good they re a shorthand for the potential reader and remember they re making their mind up in just 8 seconds so it s vital your book communicates quickly and effectively Case Study An example of good cover design is INCEPTIO by Alison Morton winner of the We ve Got It Covered competition run by indie author and popular blogger Joanne Phillips in February 2013 The INCEPTIO cover is visually captivating the typography clearly conveys the essential information of author and title and the novel s position in the marketplace is established quickly and confidently One of SilverWood s book cover designers Ali talks about the reasoning behind

    Original URL path: http://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/learning-zone/the-principles-of-great-book-cover-design (2016-02-16)
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