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  • Clearing Student Houses | Skip Hire Manchester | Skip Hire UK
    to your local tip and we ll recycle as much of your waste as we can We offer comprehensive skip hire services across the UK so for midi skip hire in Manchester large skip hire in Leeds or a builder s skip in Bristol give us a call Double Check Your Furniture We all know how misbehaved students can be After all house parties and the like are common occurrences in university towns up and down the country That s why it s a great idea to double check all the furniture in each of your properties as it s often the first thing to get damaged If you need to dispose of any amount of furniture a skip from Skip Hire UK is the responsible and affordable way to do so Get Some Helping Hands If you have multiple properties that you rent out you may want to recruit some help when it comes time to clear out your student houses With a little help from your friends you can cover all of your houses in half the time so they ll be in tip top shape when term time comes around again Hiring a skip from Skip Hire UK can also save you time We ll deliver and collect your skip and get rid of all your waste so you don t have to Following these simple steps in addition to your normal inspection routine will mean your houses will be looking spic and span for the next set of tenants Great Skip Hire Prices From Skip Hire UK If you re looking for cheap skip hire in Manchester or anywhere else throughout Britain then contact us today We offer a brilliant service at an affordable price To get a quote call us today on 0845 373 1395

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  • Dispose of Home Waste | Skip Hire Sheffield | Skip Hire UK
    Manchester or anywhere else in Britain from Skip Hire UK you can dispose of all your rubble waste in a timely and responsible manner Metal Gutting a bathroom Installing new kitchen sinks and surfaces Chances are you ll encounter a lot of waste metal if you re sprucing up the homestead At Skip Hire UK we ll be more than happy to help you get rid of this and we ll recycle as much as we can too General Household Waste Even if you re only tackling a small refurbishment project you re guaranteed to find a lot of objects that you don t want or can t keep A lot of the time this waste can be recycled If you find yourself with any amount of household waste large or small rent a skip from us and we ll help you get rid of it We have a wide variety of different skips for different purposes so contact us today for a quote if you re about to transform your home Competitive Skip Hire Prices In Sheffield Manchester Liverpool And More At Skip Hire UK we offer our services across the country including skip hire in Sheffield Manchester and many more major cities and locations in Britain This means that we can get one of our brilliant skips to you in the fastest time possible We have a skip for every renovation project no matter how large or small For larger projects we recommend one of our builder s skips for smaller tasks we have our versatile and compact mini and midi skips Whatever you need a skip for contact us here at Skip Hire UK on 0845 373 1395 for a quote today Enjoyed this post Give it a rating and share Your rating Subscribe to our RSS

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  • Clear Out Your Office | Skip Hire Liverpool | Skip Hire UK
    you upgrade your business IT equipment give us a call Furniture Desks and chairs are the most commonly found objects in offices From time to time it is best to upgrade your furniture so it doesn t look tatty and unprofessional and to ensure your staff members are happy and productive Most office furniture is made of wood or plastics and fabrics All of these can be easily recycled so hire a skip from us and we ll recycle as much of it as we can Paper Waste It s a well known fact that offices generate a lot of paper waste This often comes from shredding old contracts getting rid of memos or throwing away printed off emails or work related papers This can all add up but is easily recyclable At Skip Hire UK we offer mini skips that are perfect for getting rid of all this paper waste and we ll take to it a recycling centre so you can clean out your office in a green minded way We advise however that you thoroughly check all these documents and even your data as we know that all businesses generate sensitive information that must be protected For Skip Hire In Liverpool Sheffield Leeds London And More From Skip Hire UK At Skip Hire UK we can offer you cheap skip hire in a variety of different locations up and down the country This means we can get your skip to you as fast as possible so we can get rid of your rubbish Call us now on 0845 373 1394 or email us at sales skiphireuk co uk for the best skip hire in Liverpool Sheffield Leeds and many more cities in Britain Enjoyed this post Give it a rating and share Your rating Subscribe to our

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  • How Is Your Metal Recycled | Skip Hire Norwich
    smaller bits whereas aluminium is first shredded This makes it easy for each material to be melted down Once the metal has been melted it is forged into ingots or if it is being used to make new drinks cans it is put into a machine which thinly spreads it into sheets Once the material has been processed it will be transported to factories that require it and turned into a huge range of different items Most people think that their old cans are just turned into new ones but recycled steel and aluminium can actually be used to manufacture much more than that Cars Boats Trains Pots and Pans Aeroplanes Household appliances Much much more Copper as it is used for wiring and piping must be graded before it is recycled For example primary copper is used for electrical wiring so its surface area must not contain any blemishes or alterations that would affect its conductivity It can be further purified using a process known as fire refining Copper used in piping can just be recycled straight away as it doesn t need to carry an electrical current Copper is also melted down turned into ingots and sent away to manufacturers who need it in the same way as steel and aluminium Competitive Skip Hire In Norwich Cambridge And More Locations From Skip Hire UK At Skip Hire UK we offer affordable skip hire in Norwich Cambridge and many other locations across Britain We have a great range of different size skips including mini midi and builder s skips which are perfect for any project Contact us today on 0845 373 1395 to learn more about our brilliant skip hire in Norwich or anywhere else in the UK or to get a quote Enjoyed this post Give it a

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  • FAQ's about Skip Hire UK
    can take care of this for you and inform you of the process in your area 4 I don t want to pay for a permit are there any other options If you don t want to pay for a permit we do offer a wait and load service where a driver will wait for you whilst you load up the skip Feel free to contact us for more information on this 5 How long can I hire the skip for Our prices include the hire of a skip for up to 10 days Additional features included in your overall price include the delivery collection and then the disposal of the waste afterwards 6 How soon can I get my skip In some instances we can get the skip you require to you on the very same day however if not then by calling before 12pm we will have it with you the next day 7 How can I pay for my skip We can take a card payment when you order the skip so once this has been processed you won t need to stay in and wait for the delivery of the skip as we will simply drop it off at your address Be sure to check out our next post which answers a few more of the questions we are commonly asked and remember for the best skip hire service across the UK which you can find out more about by clicking here make Skip Hire UK your number one choice 8 What happens if the waste goes above the side of my skip In order to ensure safe transportation your skip needs to be level loaded If you are struggling to achieve this your best option is to hire a second skip to accommodate your additional waste and avoid the possibility of us arriving to collect your full skip only to find we can t due to it being overloaded 9 If I need a second skip when will it arrive We always attempt to provide our customers with skips as quickly as possible when ordering the first skip For subsequent skip orders we will advise you of the anticipated delivery date to keep you informed and help you to plan your requirements as accurately as possible 10 Will a heavy skip damage my driveway A full heavy skip does have the potential to damage blocked paving or tarmac Stabilising equipment will need to be deployed if your skip is particularly heavy whilst wood can be utilised to spread the load and reduce the risk of any damage 11 What can t go into my skip There are a number of items which aren t suitable to be disposed of in your skip including fridges and freezers tyres TV s and hazardous or toxic materials Our team will be able to advise you on what is acceptable to dispose of into the skip 12 What access do you require Your skip will obviously be arriving on

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  • Terms and Conditions of Hire by SkipHire UK
    a damaged unclean and or defective state except where due to fair wear and tear the Customer shall be liable to pay Skip Hire for the cost of any repair and or cleaning required to return the Equipment to a condition fit for re hire and the Customer will continue to pay the hire charges until such repairs and or cleaning have been completed 4 15 That the Customer will pay to Skip Hire the replacement cost on a new for old basis of Equipment which is lost stolen and or damaged beyond economic repair while on hire less the amount paid to Skip Hire under any policy of insurance taken out in accordance with these conditions The Customer shall further pay to Skip Hire the hire charges for the Equipment until Skip Hire has been paid the amount representing the replacement cost of the Equipment 5 Indemnities given by Customer in relation to Equipment on hire The Customer agrees that it shall indemnify Skip Hire in respect of all losses suffered by Skip Hire as a consequence of 5 1 The Customer requiring Skip Hire or its subcontractors to use Vehicles to deliver or collect the Equipment off road where damage is caused to the Vehicle to the Equipment or to property of any third party or of the Customer and including damage to road margins and pavements unless the damage is caused by the negligence of the driver of the Vehicle 5 2 Damage to or loss of the Equipment while on hire to the Customer which shall include damage howsoever caused but excepting fair wear and tear 5 3 All claims for injuries to persons or damage to property arising out of use of the Equipment while on hire 5 4 Any breach of these Conditions by the Customer 6 Limitation of Liability of Skip Hire 6 1 All warranties representations terms conditions and duties implied by law relating to fitness quality and or adequacy are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law 6 2 If Skip Hire is found to be liable in respect of any loss or damage to the Customers property the extent of their liability will be limited to the retail cost of replacement of the damaged property 6 3 Skip Hire shall have no liability to the Customer if any monies due in respect of the hire of Equipment has not been paid in full by the due date for payment 6 4 The Customer shall give Skip Hire a reasonable opportunity to remedy any matter for which Skip Hire is liable before the Customer incurs any costs and or expenses in remedying in the matter itself If the Customer does not do so Skip Hire shall have no liability to the Customer 6 5 Skip Hire shall have no liability to the Customer to the extent that the Customer is covered by any policy of insurance arranged as a result of the Contract and the Customer shall ensure that the Customers insurers waive any and all rights of subrogation they may have against Skip Hire 6 6 Skip Hire shall have no liability to the Customer for any consequential losses including loss of profits and or damage to goodwill economic and or other similar losses special damages and indirect losses or for business interruption loss of business or loss of opportunity 6 7 Skip Hire shall use its best endeavors to ensure the Equipment arrives when the Customer requires delivery Any approximate times given by Skip Hire are estimates only and Skip Hire shall not be liable for any delay in delivery of the Equipment howsoever caused Time for delivery of the Equipment shall not be of the essence unless previously agreed in writing by Skip Hire 6 8 Skip Hire shall not in any event be liable to the Customer or be deemed to be in breach of the Contract by reason of any delay in performing or any failure to perform any of its obligations in relation to the Contract if the delay or failure is due to any cause beyond Skip Hires reasonable control 6 9 Nothing in this Contract shall exclude or limit the liability of Skip Hire for death or personal injury due to its negligence or any other liability which it is not permitted to exclude or limit as a matter of law 6 10 Where Equipment is sold under a consumer transaction as defined by the Consumer Transactions Restrictions on Statements Order 1976 the statutory rights of the Customer are not affected by these Conditions 7 Price and Payment 7 1 The price quoted by Skip Hire is exclusive of VAT and any other taxes and the cost of delivery and any other matters all of which may be charged in addition In the event of any variation to the order placed by the Customer Skip Hire shall be entitled to adjust the price to reflect the costs involved and to adjust delivery dates as appropriate 7 2 Skip Hire shall be entitled to bring an action for the price or for part of the price whether or not in the case of contacts for the sale of Equipments the ownership in the Equipment has passed 7 3 The customer can only pay by PayPal and credit or debit card Payment for the equipment and all applicable delivery charges is in advance 7 4 Time for payment shall be of the essence of the Contract If there is any evidence that the Customer is insolvent then without prejudice to any other rights or remedies of Skip Hire Skip Hire shall be entitled to 7 4 1 Terminate the Contract and or suspend any further deliveries to the Customer 7 4 2 Charge the Customer interest both before and after Judgment on the amount unpaid at the rate prescribed by the Late Payment of Commercials Debts Interest Act 1998 7 5 In the event that Skip Hire issues legal proceedings for the recovery of

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  • Waste Management and Skips – Page 1| Waste Management | Nationwide Skip Hire
    if you do not remove and dispose of the hazardous waste properly you c Continue Reading Consultation and Planning a Project Posted in Waste Management by Skiphire UK on February 15th 2013 Taking on any project involves a good deal of planning not just in terms of project progression but in terms of resource management One must be sure when a stage of a project will be reached in order to book in the particular workforce and supplies that will be n Continue Reading Hazardous waste disposal Posted in Waste Management by Skiphire UK on March 1st 2013 Buildings especially old buildings can hide a great many secrets By this we don t mean skeletons in the closet something nasty in the woodshed or even suspicious patios we mean things that are far more dangerous to your health and the health of those aro Continue Reading Responsible waste disposal Posted in Waste Management by Skiphire UK on March 29th 2013 Responsible waste disposal is all about protecting the environment Skip Hire UK are dedicated to the recycling concept and ensure that your waste is recycled as far as possible and the rest disposed of responsibly For items that may be hazardous to health Continue Reading Hazardous Waste Posted in Waste Management by Skiphire UK on April 13th 2013 Skip Hire UK provide you with a total skip hire and waste management solution at the most competitive price on the web we will match any internet quote you can give us We can also advise you on any questions you may have regarding waste management for your proje Continue Reading What is Fly Tipping Posted in Waste Management by Skiphire UK on May 14th 2013 It may be the last thing that you think of when you call and hire a skip from a seemingly legit company that you have found in the yellow pages however it could cost you far more than the cost of 40 skips Fly tipping is the illegal deposit of waste onto land Continue Reading Landfill Tax increases For April 2011 Posted in Waste Management by Skiphire UK on March 22th 2013 Landfill sites are now gearing up for their annual price increases in line with the additional 8 per tonne landfill tax taking landfill disposal charges in some regions to well over 100 per tonne These increases are designed to encourage companies Continue Reading Planning Home Improvement Project for the New Year Posted in Waste Management by Skiphire UK on November 22th 2013 As we head towards the end of 2012 and the new year is on the horizon now is a very good time to start considering potential home improvement projects that you can crack on with in 2013 By planning the projects you wish to complete early it allows plenty of time Continue Reading 1 2 3 4 OR CALL US ON 0845 373 1394 Recent Blog Entries Professional dumpster diving an american industry January 15 2016 In a recent article we talked

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  • Waste Management and Skips – Page 2| Waste Management | Nationwide Skip Hire
    Reading Businesses to Benefit from Waste Management Course Posted in Waste Management by Skiphire UK on March 21th 2013 In today s society businesses up and down the country are being encouraged to be more responsible when it comes to the disposal of waste produced At a time when we really need to be doing more to protect the environment for generations to come any assistan Continue Reading Common Questions Asked About Our Service Part One Posted in Waste Management by Skiphire UK on May 9th 2013 Here at Skip Hire UK we get asked a wide range of different questions about our service so to help you out and provide some of the answers you need we thought we d collate 15 of the most frequently asked questions with those all important answers you rsquo Continue Reading Common Questions Asked About Our Service Part Two Posted in Waste Management by Skiphire UK on May 17th 2013 Following on from part one of our frequently asked questions about our skip hire service we are back with part two which is going to provide those much needed answers to eight more questions our team here at Skip Hire UK are asked on a regular basis 8 What ha Continue Reading 5 Ways to Encourage Kids to Recycle at Home Posted in Waste Management by Skiphire UK on June 21th 2013 Here at Skip Hire UK we take great pride in the high recycling rates we achieve from all waste collected through our skip hire service and want to encourage more people both young and old to do the same If you have are a young family getting your children invo Continue Reading What s The Best Way To Clear Out Your House Posted in Waste Management by Skiphire UK on June 9th 2014 Houses no matter what size contain lots of clutter and objects that don t get used and take up space Old furniture toys tools and much more sit around gather dust and take up room Why not de clutter and clear out your house With skip hire in Notting Continue Reading Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Skip Permits Posted in Waste Management by Skiphire UK on January 23th 2015 Far from just offering the most competitive skip hire prices in the country Skip Hire UK is determined to all of our customers get the very best service possible This includes the arranging of skip permits if required But what is a skip permit and why do you Continue Reading 10 Waste Types That Don t Belong In Skips Posted in Waste Management by Skiphire UK on February 12th 2015 While we re happy to carry away and dispose of plenty of different types of rubbish there are certain materials we won t handle as part of our regular service offering forskip hire in Bristol and the South West Take a look below to see what su Continue Reading 1 2 3 4 OR CALL US ON

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