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  • Midi Skip Hire | 4 Cubic Yard Skip | Skip Hire UK
    improvement project If you are planning a full refurbishment of any room midi skip hire from Skip Hire UK could accommodate all of the waste that you need to dispose of both during and after your project Even some sizes of old kitchen worktops could fit into your skip with relative ease Why Should You Hire A Midi Skip From Skip Hire UK Do you need to clean out a property ahead of a renovation If you don t think that you will be creating enough waste for a builders skip a 4 cubic yard skip could be a better solution These can also be placed quite close to the property for added convenience We can arrange the permission that you need to place your 4 ton skip on the road which can prove useful A garden landscaping project will produce a lot of high density waste A midi skip can accommodate soil rubble and hardcore whilst its medium size will mean that it is suitable for placement in your garden where access allows Medium Skip Hire From Skip Hire UK Do you have space to place your skip on private property or are you working on a terraced property or a property which borders the pavement You may require a skip permit to place your skip on the road We can arrange this for you where necessary so please get in touch for further advice as to the best waste removal solution for your requirements Please contact us for further advice If you think that our midi skip hire service might not be suitable for your next project and you re after something bigger why not consider a large skip from Skip Hire UK Whatever size skip you hire from 4 yard skips up to their much larger cousins

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  • Builders Skip Hire | 8 Ton Skip Hire | Skip Hire UK
    waste or lots of large waste items then our builders skip hire service is what you need Builders skips are the most common type of 8 yard skip used for both domestic and commercial use Reliable Builders Skip Hire From Skip Hire UK Because of their large size builders skips from Skip Hire UK can be used for a variety of different projects These 8 yard skips are ideal for disposing of brickwork and rubble from building projects such knocking through internal walls or removing formerly external walls during a house extension Builders skips are also perfect for projects such as re slating a roof removing stone cladding or any other job that will produce a large amount of waste All of this brick rubble or other types of rubbish generated from these projects can be cleanly and safely disposed of with 8 ton skip hire from Skip Hire UK Builders Skips Are Perfect For Any Project Waste from any project can be easily disposed of with builders skip hire from Skip Hire UK Please note harmful items such as TVs fridges and biological waste cannot be placed in any of our 8 ton skips Please make sure you can place a skip on private property before you make your order Skips can be placed on roads but you will need a skip permit from your local authority before you can legally do this Skip Hire UK will be happy to arrange these for you so contact us today for more advice We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver our skips to anywhere in the UK promptly and reliably For builders skip hire at an affordable price contact us today on 0845 373 1394 for a quote Skip Capacity Height Length Width 6 8 yards 4 6 6 1m

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  • Large Skip Hire | 14 Yard Skip | Skip Hire UK
    that needs chucking out Or maybe you want to dispose of a wardrobe or bulky wooden furniture Perhaps you need to dispose of shrubs and other waste from your garden Then take advantage of large skip hire from Skip Hire UK For bigger projects you ll need a large skip and providing our customers the right skip for their requirements is our speciality Large volumes of soil or bricks aren t suitable for disposal in our large skips but instead they re perfect for times when you need to dispose of a big amount of bulky but still relatively lightweight waste For projects like an on going property refurbishment or like a large renovation project rent a 12 yard skip or if you re anticipating even more rubbish maybe consider a 14 yard container Disposing of your waste while you work is the best way to ensure that your site is kept clean clear throughout the duration of the project A skip with a large capacity saves you time and money of repeated trips to the tip So instead of renting multiple small skips why not rent a 14 yard skip from Skip Hire UK for amazing convenience and value Need Large Skip Hire Call Today To Get A Quote Despite their size and brilliant capacity our large skips don t necessarily require a large space Please bear in mind that if you plan to place a skip on the road you may require a skip permit and some councils will not allow large skips to be placed on the public highway We ll be more than happy to arrange a permit for you council approval permitting so don t hesitate to contact us for further advice If you need large skip hire at a competitive price call us today

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  • SkipHireUK – Cheap Skip Hire Prices Throughout the UK
    were met and the skips were placed exactly where I required them Credit where credits due good job done Sincerely name Ian GRANDJEAN depart optionsal France Home Areas We Cover Areas We Cover No matter where you are based in the UK our service can ensure you are supplied with the skip that you need in the shortest possible time frame Our online service makes it incredibly easy to order a suitably sized skip to meet the waste disposal requirements of your project so from Birmingham to Bristol Leicester to Leeds and everywhere in between make Skip Hire UK your number one choice when it s time to hire a skip Find A Skip Anywhere In The UK Whether you are embarking on a home improvement project garden renovation office refurbishment or the construction of a brand new housing complex our team can offer you the friendly helpful advice required to make sure you are hiring a skip that will duly meet your needs What s more our highly competitive pricing policy will ensure that waste disposal won t eat into your overall budget and you still benefit from a service that is simply second to none You can find a skip anywhere in the UK with our service The areas we cover include Wales South West Northern Ireland South East North West Scotland North East Midlands East Anglia London OR CALL US ON 0845 373 1394 Recent Blog Entries Professional dumpster diving an american industry January 15 2016 In a recent article we talked about skip hire etiquette and the growth in popularity of UK skip diving With that in mind we thought we d tackle a similar subject Continue Reading Skip hire and pest control January 14 2016 Pest control remains a hot topic when it comes to

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  • Testimonials | Skip Hire UK
    was dealt with Organising things from afar is never easy and I must congratulate you everything ran smoothly deadlines were met and the skips were placed exactly where I required them Credit where credits due good job done Sincerely name Ian GRANDJEAN depart optionsal France Home Testimonials Testimonials Thank you for your excellent and very efficient service I would highly recommend your web site and sales team Mrs Robinson a 1st time skip hirer Having used your service for the first time I would like to thank you and congratulate you on the efficient and prompt delivery and collection The quote was given on the same day as requested the skip arrived on time and was collected within 24hrs of my call to collect Fantastic Once again my thanks MaryAnn McVean Sir I recently hired a skip well actually two from you to enable me to clear rubbish from a house in Isleworth Middlesex and Id just like to say thank you for the professional way the whole operation was dealt with Organising things from afar is never easy and I must congratulate you everything ran smoothly deadlines were met and the skips were placed exactly where I required them Credit where credits due good job done Sincerely Ian GRANDJEAN France OR CALL US ON 0845 373 1394 Recent Blog Entries Professional dumpster diving an american industry January 15 2016 In a recent article we talked about skip hire etiquette and the growth in popularity of UK skip diving With that in mind we thought we d tackle a similar subject Continue Reading Skip hire and pest control January 14 2016 Pest control remains a hot topic when it comes to waste management and skip hire in Reading particularly around this time of year Although the cold weather is keeping

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  • Professional Dumpster Diving: An American Industry | Skip Hire UK
    abandoned wiped servers which are expensive and difficult for many younger techies to get their hands on Jeff Ferrell Another well known skip scavenger is Jeff Ferrell Ferrell us a sociology professor at Texas Christian University and is proud to call himself a professional dumpster diver as well Ferrell spends two hours every day on his bike searching through dumpster and skips However rather than keep it for himself Ferrell ends up giving most of it away Two of the biggest problems we have right now in our society are waste and people in need he explained my notion is that I can take the first problem to help solve the second problem Although most of the year sees his finds going to shelters and charities by the time Christmas comes around Ferrell always keeps an eye out for potential gifts He even gave his wife a diamond necklace made from diamonds he found at the bottom of a dumpster The Ethics Of Dumpster Diving Most people who search through dumpsters find no issues with the ethics behind it Their reasoning is if it has been thrown away then it s okay to take Many like Ferrell and occasionally Malone will give away or donate their findings rather than necessarily sell them on Most people will have some kind of personal code when dumpster diving For example Ran Prieur a former dumpster diver who primarily searched for food which would otherwise have gone to waste believes in taking up to half of the contents from a skip or dumpster and donating the other half It is also important that the skip hunter doesn t leave a mess behind them even if only because it would give stores a reason to lock them out It is important that dumpster divers don t target house waste which is unethical but they will often search through multi residence waste sites including apartment building dumpsters and skips Similarly many will target dumpsters attached to student accommodation at the end of the academic year Skip Diving In The UK With the economy as it is it isn t really a surprise that so many people all over the world are taking advantage of such an abundant resource as that which companies have deemed waste Food remains one of the largest and most rewarding resources to be found in skips students in particular are taking advantage of the waste thrown away by supermarkets and larger chain stores This isn t just an act of necessity either these students are often freegans or environmental activists showing just how wasteful many larger stores are When it comes to rummaging through skips in London you might be less likely to find electronics which are so easily sellable but there is always the potential for useful furniture which has been thrown Of course we re not advising that you go skip diving and if you are tempted to take anything from a domestic or commercial skip you should ask the

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  • Skip Hire And Pest Control | Skip Hire UK
    is the potential for severe damage to your property or your employees through insect infestation Most properties are suitable for insect infestation What Are The Health Risks Of Insect Infestations Insects have the potential to spread disease extremely quickly and can cause huge health risks Wasp and bee s nest infestations are common across much of the UK and these can be hugely damaging to health not simply because they hurt but because so many people are allergic to their stings As they are extremely effective at spreading disease insect infestations are some of the most dangerous How To Spot An Insect Infestation The most common signs of insect infestations include Large numbers of live insects Dead insects Faecal spotting Damaged stock Employees and nearby property owners complaining of bites itches Rodent Infestations Although insects can be dangerous rodents are typically the most dangerous form of infestation One of the major reasons for this is that not only can they carry illnesses themselves but they can carry an array of fleas and other insects as well which can then carry their own diseases What Are The Health Risks Of Rodent Infestations Rat urine or any water that they have been near can cause leptospirosis more commonly known as Weil s disease if it comes into contact with a bare cut or enters the body via the nose mouth or eyes For the most part this will only cause mild flu like symptoms such as headaches chills and certain muscle pains but it can also be much more serious In the worst case Weil s disease can cause organ failure and various levels of internal bleeding The Risk Of Building Damage With Rodent Nests As well as severe health risks rodents can also compromise the security of any building s structure They can burrow into walls a range of surfaces and across multiple floors within the same building as well as along the roof and into guttering How To Spot A Rodent Infestation As rodents are typically very shy and will assess the dangers of any open area before entering it can be difficult to identify and infestation Some of the most common symptoms include Rodent droppings Scratches and marks on stock furniture or equipment Bite damage on property from wires to insulation and wood panelling Nests made from loose fabric paper or plastic A stale smell in the air Scratching pawing or other sounds during the quieter times of the day or night including after work has finished How To Minimise The Risk Of Pest Infestation One of the most effective ways to ensure that your business or domestic property remains free from pest infestations is to make the most out of the very best in skip hire and waste management services Waste creates odours which we find unpleasant but which are hugely attractive to a range of pests including insects and rodents You can minimise these odours by taking advantage of reliable skip hire in Reading and getting rid

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  • Could Brighton Be The Greenest City In The UK? | Skip Hire UK
    which has managed to commit to a zero waste policy The owner Douglas McMaster saw the eco friendly business model work in a similar restaurant in Australia and decided to trial it in the UK The design of the restaurant itself was based on eco friendly materials sourced from the same woman Cat Fletcher who worked on the Waste House What Makes Silo So Unique Silo operate on a pre industrial food system which is primarily based on the concept of a more primitive diet with a greater focus on natural foods without any kind of processing whatsoever The entire restaurant has been designed back to front when compared to traditional designs with the skip and the waste bin in mind right from the start By choosing reusable delivery systems local ingredients which generate no waste trading with farmers and food producers on a direct basis and actually composting any scraps and organic trimmings on site As if that wasn t enough to drastically reduce the environmental impact of the restaurant business Silo goes not one but several steps further by Churning Its Own Butter Makes Its Own Almond Milk Brews Its Own Beer Creates Its Own Soft Drinks Rolls Its Own Oats Mills Its Own Flour McMaster credits the idea for Silo to Joost Bakker a Dutch artist whom he met in Australia The original concept in Australia resulted in a successful zero waste business and McMaster decided to bring the idea to the UK When Silo receives any ingredients they have to ensure that it has either no packaging or any packaging that is used is completely bio degradable This makes it difficult to get any ingredients such as nuts coffee and certain spices which they cannot obtain from a local source A zero waste restaurant McMaster explains isn t just one initiative it s made of a thousand little ones such as how do we get bicarbonate of soda How do we deal with receipts We have initiatives such as using frying oil to make candles making our own soap on site and electrolysing waster instead of buying in chemicals The Future Of Sustainable Living Eco Open Houses Whilst not every house can be zero waste like the Silo restaurant or composed of 85 reused materials like the Waste House there are still trial properties all across the city which are constantly making moves towards sustainable technologies Eco Open Houses saw a dozen different properties showcased cross the city to show how practical environmentally friendly houses could actually be One of these buildings a new home on Grantham Road is a zero carbon building which features an air sourced heater pump the latest in rainwater harvesting and underfloor heating Also on show was the award winning Earthship Brighton community centre which is made out of old car tyres which have been filled with dirt and earth The building itself generates its own solar energy and treats all sewage on site to ensure that it has as little

    Original URL path: http://www.skiphireuk.co.uk/blog/skip-services/could-brighton-be-the-greenest-city-in-the-uk (2016-02-09)
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