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  • Welsh care home fined following elderly resident’s death | Alcumus SM&MS
    Tel 01484 452349 Email smms enquiries alcumusgroup com Welsh care home fined following elderly resident s death This entry was posted in Health Safety News on 20 11 2014 by Hannah Archer A care home company failed to ensure an elderly resident s safety when she managed to overcome a restrictor device to open a window and fall from her first floor room The care home owner Hafod Care Association Ltd was prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive HSE today 19 November at Cardiff Crown Court following the incident on 5 November 2010 The court heard that 92 year old Olga Llewellyn was a resident at Brocastle Manor Care Home in Ewenny Bridgend when she sustained fatal injuries falling from her bedroom window between 4am and 7am Her body was found by care home staff An investigation by HSE found that all the windows in Brocastle were fitted with the same type of window restrictors which were unsuitable for use in a care home because they could be easily over ridden so that the window could open wide Hafod Care Association Ltd of Culverhouse Cross Cardiff pleaded guilty to one charge under the Health and Safety at Work etc

    Original URL path: http://www.sm-ms.co.uk/news/welsh-care-home-fined-following-elderly-residents-death/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Essex tree surgeon in court after chainsaw fall onto worker | Alcumus SM&MS
    old employer Gilbert Bradfield escaped the fall with minor injuries but his friend and 72 year old co worker who does not wish to be named sustained a severe laceration to the head a dislocated shoulder a punctured lung and other internal injuries The man was in hospital for four days but upon discharge he collapsed at home dislocating both shoulders and spent nearly eight weeks in intensive care with a severe chest infection Due to nerve damage in his shoulders he now has very little use of both arms and requires constant care Gilbert Bradfield who had worked as a tree surgeon and landscape gardener for some 30 years was prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive HSE after an investigation identified he had failed to make sure the work was carried out safely Colchester Magistrates Court heard today 14 Nov that Mr Bradfield was contracted to fell the tree after the homeowner became concerned for its stability following strong winds Mr Bradfield engaged three casual employees to help him and after removing lower branches with a chainsaw they erected a three stage extending ladder to provide higher access To increase its height they placed the foot of the ladder in the rear of their pick up truck parked at the foot of the tree Mr Bradfield climbed four to five metres to cut through the trunk and remove the top third of the tree using a heavy rear handled chainsaw But as the top of the tree was cut it swung around and knocked Mr Bradfield off the ladder He fell with his chainsaw and landed on his employee who was footing the ladder An investigation by HSE revealed that no Personal Protective Equipment PPE was being worn by any of the men operating chainsaws nor were they

    Original URL path: http://www.sm-ms.co.uk/news/essex-tree-surgeon-in-court-after-chainsaw-fall-onto-worker/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Employer Sentenced After Elderly Worker Crushed to Death | Alcumus SM&MS
    Riccarton Kilmarnock a retired fitter had been working on a casual basis for Alistair Thomas Corrie who trades as A Corrie Skip Hire for around eight years when the incident happened on 12 December 2011 Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard today 3 Nov that Mr Kennedy was often the first to arrive at the firm s premises on the Loreny Industrial Estate Umberley Road Kilmarnock and used his own set of keys to open up the gates A CCTV recording showed Mr Kennedy arriving at 7am and making his way towards the gates of the yard Cameras did not cover the area where the incident happened but it appears that when Mr Kennedy opened a set of double gates at the side of the compound one of the 180kg gates came off its hinges and fell on top of him Mr Kennedy was found an hour later by another employee after he saw that one of the gates was lying on the ground and went to investigate Despite attempts by paramedics to resuscitate Mr Kennedy he was later pronounced dead at the scene An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive HSE revealed the original gates and gateposts had been installed in 2003 but at some point later extra hinges were welded onto the posts and then packed with metal washers This had rendered the gate defective and much more likely to come off its hinges In addition HSE found the gate that had fallen on top of Mr Kennedy had been catching on the ground when it was opened The use of the washers also meant that neither a split pin nor a cap used to secure hinges in place could be fitted This meant that when the gate caught on the ground there was nothing to stop it falling

    Original URL path: http://www.sm-ms.co.uk/news/employer-sentenced-after-elderly-worker-crushed-to-death/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Waste Firm Guilty of Corporate Manslaughter and Fined £500,000 | Alcumus SM&MS
    About Us Services News Contact Us Careers Fast Quote Login Contact Us Tel 01484 452349 Email smms enquiries alcumusgroup com Waste Firm Guilty of Corporate Manslaughter and Fined 500 000 This entry was posted in Health Safety News on 12 11 2014 by Hannah Archer A waste firm has been found guilty of corporate manslaughter and fined 500 000 following a death of an employee in January 2011 Michael Winfrey died in an explosion when the door of an autoclave machine he was operating blew out under pressure at Sterecycle s Rotherham plant Another employee suffered serious life changing injuries Image courtesy of rossparry co uk the force of the explosion blew a hole in the factory wall Image courtesy of the BBC flowers left at the scene of the accident An investigation by the HSE and South Yorkshire Police concluded that the explosion resulted from the failure of a screw connection to the autoclave locking ring which secured the door to the machine The court heard that the force of the explosion blew a hole in the factory wall The plant which used to treat up to 130 000 tonnes of waste a year closed after a downturn in

    Original URL path: http://www.sm-ms.co.uk/news/waste-firm-guilty-of-corporate-manslaughter-and-fined-500000/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Vector Aerospace Fined After Workers’ Health Suffers | Alcumus SM&MS
    were being diagnosed with Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome HAVS In total 13 cases emerged of employees who had worked at the same site for between five and 45 years Two of them were diagnosed at Stage 3 showing the most severe and painful symptoms Portsmouth Magistrates were 3 Nov told that Vector Aerospace which has a workforce of some 2 700 internationally and 1 100 at Gosport had surveyed the tools being used by workers in 2007 At that stage they had taken the decision that no controls were needed As a result and despite later reviewing their risk assessment that error was not identified and the recognised risks of vibration from the use of around 1 600 tools by 400 450 employees on the site was never controlled The absence of mitigating measures for the workers led to some being exposed to vibration levels likely to have exceeded the legal limits HSE also found that the staff on site using such tools had not been provided with any information or training about the risks posed from the work they were carrying out The 13 cases were identified in 2013 14 after improved health surveillance was eventually introduced The court

    Original URL path: http://www.sm-ms.co.uk/news/vector-aerospace-fined-after-workers-health-suffers/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Pub fined after toddler falls through balustrade | Alcumus SM&MS
    smms enquiries alcumusgroup com Pub fined after toddler falls through balustrade This entry was posted in Health Safety News on 21 10 2014 by Hannah Archer The Slug and Lettuce pub chain has been fined after a two year old fell through a staircase balustrade at one of their premises in Hanover Street Westminster London image courtesy of Google Streetview The incident happened in October 2012 when the girl s parents had taken the family to the restaurant for lunch The toddler slipped through the defective balustrade and fell 2 metres into a basement below She was taken to hospital by ambulance and later released with no serious injuries Westminster City Council s health and safety team found that the staircase balustrade exceeded 100mm between balusters The Slug and Lettuce Company Ltd had not identified the defect when they took over the premises and there had been no assessment considering the risk of injury to children The Slug Lettuce Company Ltd pleaded guilty to a breach of section 3 1 of the Health Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and of Regulation 3 1 b of the Management of Health Safety at Work Regulations 1999 as amended They were fined

    Original URL path: http://www.sm-ms.co.uk/news/pub-fined-after-toddler-falls-through-balustrade/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Falling masonry kills man in Bridlington | Alcumus SM&MS
    Services News Contact Us Careers Fast Quote Login Contact Us Tel 01484 452349 Email smms enquiries alcumusgroup com Falling masonry kills man in Bridlington This entry was posted in Health Safety News on 07 10 2014 by Hannah Archer A 61 year old man has died after being hit by falling masonry outside an amusement arcade at an East Yorkshire seaside resort Police said the fallen masonry had struck the man and a vehicle near Pleasureland on Cliff Street Bridlington at about 13 00 BST on Monday 6th October 2014 There were strong winds in the town but it is not yet known whether that was the cause of the accident A police cordon has been put around the area and road closures are in place Humberside Fire and Rescue Service said two crews were sent to the scene but the man was no longer trapped under masonry when they arrived According to the Met Office a strong gale with gusts of up to 48mph was recorded in Bridlington at the time of the incident But the fire service said it was unclear why the masonry fell The police said they were working to establish the cause Source BBC Post

    Original URL path: http://www.sm-ms.co.uk/news/falling-masonry-kills-man-in-bridlington/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Residents’ lives put at risk by gas faults in 349 properties | Alcumus SM&MS
    and Reading The investigation by the Health and Safety Executive HSE led to the prosecution of DSI Plumbing and Heating Robert Percival and Andrew Church at Bournemouth Crown Court today 22 September 2014 The court heard that Harbour Reach in Poole contained 261 flats and 79 town houses while Caversham Road in Reading contained 60 flats These were heated by gas boilers installed on internal walls with flue gases including poisonous carbon monoxide vented to the open air by flues installed in building voids In such situations inspection hatches must be provided to allow the flues to be periodically checked for safety At Harbour Reach HSE s investigations found faults including gas leaks and flues and gas supply pipes that had not been properly fitted establishing that the initial installation work was substandard and that the final checking and commissioning of the work was inadequate and ineffective There were no inspection hatches originally installed in any of the ceilings of the flats meaning that the flues could not be subsequently checked for safety As a result the gas supply to all 340 gas meters on the Harbour Reach site had to be disconnected until remedial action was taken The investigation also revealed evidence of defects in the installations in 309 or over 90 of the dwellings at Harbour Reach At Caversham Road in Reading HSE s investigation uncovered defects in the gas installation affecting 40 properties As at Harbour Reach inspection hatches were not initially installed to allow the flue system to be inspected and defects were found with both gas supply and flue installations Mr Church completed the commissioning documents for the work without carrying out the required checks DSI Plumbing and Heating Ltd of The Square Fawley near Southampton pleaded guilty to two breaches of the Health and

    Original URL path: http://www.sm-ms.co.uk/news/residents-lives-put-at-risk-by-gas-faults-in-349-properties/ (2016-02-16)
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