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  • Text for Events Page
    a phone call and the goods will be reserved for you to look at without any obligation to buy We will also store your purchases until you are ready to leave The Dutch Lacemakers LOKK Christmas Market in Maarn near Amsterdam This annual event is a highlight in the lacemakers calendar and attracts traders from across Europe Here are a few of them Axel Zijp of Kleinhout from Hoorn in Holland Theo Brejaart from Rotterdam in Holland Dirk Heerholtz of Orchidee from Kaulille in Belgium Jan Vandenweghe of Scharlaeken from Brugge in Belgium We can relax here with many longstanding friends Time passes very quickly Sheila with Lia Baumeister Jonker founder member of the LOKK Brugge is always worth a picture or two left The Belfry viewed from the Dijver right t Apostelientje Shop and museum in Balstraat a mecca for all lacemakers Each September the Lace fair at Bonheiden is organised by the local lacemaking group Ordinaaltje Many traders attend with stalls both in and outdoors You arrive early because admission is free and it is very busy Pictured is Jan Vandenweghe of Scharlaeken at his stall We have been invited to attend the following major Fairs in 2016

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  • Title for Books Page

    Original URL path: http://www.smplace.co.uk/ttl_bks.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • Text for Booklist Page
    Lace French English text La Dentelle Torchon vol 2 Martine Piveteau 22 50 The latest book from Martine Piveteau French text Bijoux et accessoires de mode en dentelle Martine Piveteau 22 50 Dress accessories and jewellery French text Dentelle aux fuseaux perlée Bijoux et accessoires Magali Déboudard 22 50 Accessories and jewellery French text La Dentelle de Flandre Catherine Mazé 22 50 Edgings in Flanders Lace French text Klöppeln die Grundlagen Mick Fouriscot 24 00 The Lace of Jean Chaleyé German text Klöppelspitzen Winterzauber Marianne Geißendörfer 16 00 Winter charm 29 patterns German text Spitzen Vielfalt zum Klöppeln Marianne Geißendörfer 13 50 German text Klöppelspitzen Halbschlag Kreativ Marianne Geißendörfer 18 00 German text Klöppelspitzen Kegel und Stelen Marianne Geißendörfer 18 00 Hand made bobbin laces 3D Cones and Steles German and English text Kleine Schmuckstücke in Chrysanthe Technik Hildegard Glös 9 00 24 patterns for small decorations using the technique of chrysanthemum lace German text Spinnen Hildegard Glös 16 00 Spiders in lace German text Modern Bobbin Lace Karen Iversen 16 50 18 modern projects in free bobbin lace English Text Neue Klöppel Ostereier Annelies Kirst 7 00 More patterns for Easter eggs in lace German Text Klöppelspitzen Eine Zeitreise Erika Knoff 39 00 now 30 00 A time journey in lace with first class pictures German text Kloskant in Drie Dimensies Lace in three Dimensions Annelies de Kort 3 50 now 1 50 The original book from Annelies with the puppet and babyshoes patterns amongst others Dutch text only Roses in Bobbin Lace Eeva Liisa Kortelahti 28 00 51 patterns with prickings English German Scandinavian text Valenciennes Variaties Yvonne Krijgsman Margreeth Dirkson 11 00 20 Valencienne patterns Dutch French English and German text Tønder Lace Iben Kristensen 11 00 About lacemaking history in Western Sønderjylland English text Die Spitzen Der Weiner Werkstätte Dagobert Peche Hartmut Lang 26 00 The lace of Dagobert Peche Approx 100 photographs of his work and 16 sets of coloured working drawings German text Lace Guild Publications An Introduction to Torchon Lace Alison Tolson 4 50 An Introduction to Bucks Point Lace Jean Leader 4 50 An Introduction to Bedfordshire Lace Jean Leader 5 00 An Introduction to Needlelace Gilian Dye 2 50 An Introduction to Milanese Lace Pat Read 6 00 Honiton Joyce Dorsett 4 50 An Introduction to Bruges Lace Jean Hardy 5 00 Circles and Squares 12 patterns 5 50 Christmas Decorations 18 patterns 6 00 Weddings 12 00 More Bookmarks 6 00 27 Earring Patterns for pierced unpierced ears 6 00 Later books by Ulrike Löhr are under her married name Ulrike Voelcker Barjac Ombrée Ulrike Voelcker 32 00 German and English text Kloppeln Handbook Ulrike Löhr 32 00 An outstanding textbook on lacemaking with exceptionally clear diagrams German text The Beginning of the End Ulrike Löhr 32 00 An indispensible book for starting and finishing lace projects covers Tape lace Torchon Flanders Binche Point Ground Mechlin Valencienne Point de Paris and Braid Lace German English text Discover Torchon Ulrike Voelcker

    Original URL path: http://www.smplace.co.uk/txt_bks.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • Title for Bobbin Page

    Original URL path: http://www.smplace.co.uk/ttl_bob.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • Text for Bobbins, Tools and Winder
    be mixed in 50 s only for discount purposes If you would like them polished they are 50 pence each or 23 00 for a pack of 50 Ready spangled the midland bobbins cost 12 50 for a pack of 10 unpolished The Jaspé This bobbin has been brought back by popular demand These include wood tones single colours and mixed shades Jaspés are available as traditional or fancy midlands They are sold on a pick and mix basis where you can choose the individual colours and styles Prices are 1 80 each or 15 00 for 10 For those wishing to buy in bulk we offer 50 for 68 00 and 100 for 125 00 Laminated bobbins The Tabi bobbin is now available as a midland design These black grey white bobbins in laminated woods have been very popular and are 2 00 each or 18 00 for 10 Illustrated the Tabi bobbin with CAT spangle 3 50 Continentals Brugge Duchesse Mini in Birch or Boxwood Brugge Duchesse Mini in Rosewood 75p 1 10 7 00 10 10 00 10 32 00 50 47 00 50 60 00 100 90 00 100 The Brugge bobbin in birch is now made without the grooves and can be ordered unpolished for painting or pyrography Spangled bobbins The Jaspé is shown here spangled with faceted crystal beads and gold or silver separators Spangled bobbins range in price from 2 50 to 3 50 each Bobbins for Travel Pillows The Cubs are a short bodied version of the midland classic for use with travel pillows They have a standard size neck and head They are available in Birch Birch Cubs 5 00 10 22 50 50 Jaspé Cubs are no longer availble Bobbins Hand Turned Midlands and Honiton Exotic Fruitwoods Hardwoods 2 00

    Original URL path: http://www.smplace.co.uk/txt_bob.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • Title for Tools Page
    Lacemaking Tools

    Original URL path: http://www.smplace.co.uk/ttl_tls.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • Text for Tools Page
    for pricking 3 50 each Lazy Susans and Needlepins The Lazy Susan is used for sewing in your ends A bent needle is held in the wooden handle The eye is outermost In use a loop of thread is tied through the eye and used to pull through your ends 2 50 each A mounted needle with the point facing out Used for sewings with very fine threads 2 50 each Close up view of susan and needlepin Crochet Hook This very small size hook 0 4 mm is made specially for lacemakers 1 50 Latch Hook Very fine latch hook known as a hosiery mender or snag repair tool 2 00 each Pinlifters and Pushers Traditional Forked Pinlifter Easy to use The forked end fits under the pinhead and a straight pull lifts the pin 2 50 each The standard forked pin lifter is sized for pins up to 0 65 mm The fine forked pin lifter is sized for pins up to 0 5 mm The forked end is hand crafted Close up view of the fine lifter head 4 00 each The Continental Style Push Puller The end is dished for pushing The rim of the dished end is burred inwards so that the pin head can be engaged for pulling As the name suggests it is a design used by lacemakers on the Continent Practice is needed to pull pins out straight Care must be taken if you have a plastic pillow 2 50 each Pin Lifter Pusher Combination Tool At one end is a forked lifter whilst the other end has the pusher 3 50 each Close up view of the combination tool Pins and Dividers Roundel of 40 glass pearl headed pins 1 50 Lacemaking pins medium 0 6 mm diameter x 30 mm

    Original URL path: http://www.smplace.co.uk/txt_tls.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • Title for Threads Page

    Original URL path: http://www.smplace.co.uk/ttl_thr.htm (2016-04-27)
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