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  • 8 Warning Signs That You Don't Understand SEO | Social Media in Business
    at guessing what your page is about unless it is specifically targeted to a topic You have to do all you can to help the robots of a search engine understand exactly what you are writing about You also have to do everything you can do to help a robot think your text is more important or has more authority than your neighbours I ve mentioned Page Title first as it is MASSIVELY important 2 You have not idea what a Heading 1 is I ll admit in the good old days before we had WYSIWG editors those boxes where you format copy we had to hard code web pages Hard coding a web page was a damn fine way to earn about SEO because it forced us to understand page construction at the code level In HTML language H1 is the largest heading you can have and more importantly the most significant to help Google understand what your page is about This is a big indicator Usually you can find the H1 tag in drop down menus but not always One way to check if your pages have H1 tags is to view source on one of your pages and search for it actually look in the code If you can t find it you have a problem 3 You stuff your pages with meta keywords This is a dead give away that you do not understand SEO The fact is that you could stick 1000 meta keywords in your site and Google will simply ignore them That s correct they have no bearing what so ever so do yourself a favour and stop using them Meta keywords are different to tags 4 You never write meta descriptions This is what Google does want to see in your pages If you do not use and write your own meta descriptions Google will take text from your pages itself and formulate something In the SERPs the meta description is the text you see under the link entry You should use this text to create a call to action if possible including the keywords and something interesting which might encourage a click through from the SERPs check out the meta description for this page you may like it 5 You do not use anchor text in urls Anchor text is the words that are used when constructing a link to click The classic error is having links with the words click for more This is cool for a human a human knows there is more coming if they click but a search engine wants to know more what Anchor text is important as it is a way of calculating what a page is about For example if 100 links with the anchor text cooking carrots link to a particular page Google is getting some damn fine indicators about that page Anchor text your links 6 You don t have a Google Places entry With any location based search you ll find

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  • How Safe Is Your Brand from Bad Reputation: 5 Simple Strategies to Cope | Social Media in Business
    the mass media that s still strong but the singular customer telling a few friends has changed it has changed because now the singular customer will voice her opinions on Facebook or Twitter and you know what Things can soon escalate out of control and the small to medium sized business can have a big problem from a small start Social networks are by default particularly adept as facilitating gossip and the majority of us love a good rant and rave It is often the extremes that get amplified either positively or negatively Added to this we all suffer from Herd Behaviour in that if our friends start moaning and creating bad reputation about a brand we are likely to jump on the band wagon too regardless of our experiences to a point 5 Simple Strategies to Cope 1 Create Good Service Naturally avoid creating bad reputation in the first place at all costs This like sounds basic stuff but I am amazed daily by exceptionally bad customer service be it a phone manner or a waitress or the way a shop assistant talks to me If people have great services and receive excellent products a brand is unlikely to receive bad reputation in fact it is likely to receive praise on line 2 Monitor Using Google Alerts Google alerts are an excellent way of being notified when Google the great Digital God organising all of the Worlds Information finds information you are monitoring With Google Alerts you can set it up to monitor keywords and be told if and when those keywords are found on the Internet Monitoring your brand name is essential at the bare minimum You can also use Google Alerts to monitor your competitors and tons of other very cool stuff 3 Monitor Google Search Engine Results Pages SERPs Everyone has Googled their own name surely Though this seems glaringly obvious to some of us it is in fact not so obvious to all This is something you should do on a fairly regular basis for your brand name and products Keeping control if that is the correct word use of the front page of Google for your brand name is an essential activity If you find bad reputation entries here it is time to consider some reputation management activities 4 Google Maps and Reviews Google also likes to pinpoint on a map every single business on the planet and your small business is no exception Even if you have not requested for it to be added and created the map entry yourself it is likely someone would have already done this for you Have your claimed it Do you have access to edit the entry You really should have control of your own business entry on Google Maps so you can at the very least put across the key things you wish your business to be known for In addition you should keep a close eye on the reviews for each entry I ve enjoyed

    Original URL path: http://socialmediainbusiness.co.uk/how-safe-your-brand-bad-reputation-5-simple-strategies-cope (2016-02-14)
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  • 26 Central Government Twitter Accounts | Social Media in Business
    science http twitter com bis unis http twitter com bis skills http twitter com sciencesowhat http twitter com digitalbritain DFID http twitter com dfid uk CLG http twitter com communitiesUK No 10 http twitter com downingstreet FCO http twitter com foreignoffice DCSF http twitter com dcsfgovuk HMT http twitter com hmtreasury MoJ http twitter com justiceuk http twitter com mojwebteam DFT http twitter com transportgovuk UKTI http twitter com UKTI

    Original URL path: http://socialmediainbusiness.co.uk/26-central-government-twitter-accounts (2016-02-14)
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  • IBM CMO Study: Understand Individuals Not Just Markets | Social Media in Business
    The most proactive CMOs are responding to these challenges by trying to understand individuals as well as markets They are focusing on relationships not just transactions Outperformers are also committed to developing a clear corporate character The vast majority of CMOs believe there are three key areas for improvement deliver value to empowered customers create lasting relationships with those customers and measure marketing s contribution to the business in relevant quantifiable terms We have to get scientific about the customer experience Nick Barton Vice President Sales Marketing Greater China InterContinental Hotel Group At least 80 percent of CMOs rely on traditional sources of information such as market research and competitive benchmarking to make strategic decisions Though these sources only show customers in aggregate offering little insight into what individual customers need or desire By contrast relatively few CMOs are exploiting the full power of the digital grapevine While 75 percent of CMOs use customer analytics to mine data only 26 percent are tracking blogs only 42 percent are tracking third party reviews and only 48 percent are tracking consumer reviews CMOs are also overwhelmingly underprepared to take charge of the growing volume velocity and variety of data More than two thirds believe they will need to invest in new tools and technologies and develop new strategies for managing big data Four fifths of respondents plan to use customer analytics customer relationship management CRM social media and mobile applications more extensively over the next three to five years We have to increase customer loyalty The digital technologies represent an important channel with which to interact with clients and attract them to our service Jeannette Schmitteckert Head of Marketing and Public Relations Bardusch GmbH Co KG CMOs are intensely aware Hence their top priority is to enhance customer loyalty and encourage satisfied

    Original URL path: http://socialmediainbusiness.co.uk/ibm-cmo-study-understand-individuals-not-just-markets (2016-02-14)
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  • Virtual Conferencing | Social Media in Business
    front of a video camera connected to a big screen it allows participants access to key note speakers presenters exhibitors and other attendees in a real time sometimes 3D setting Through the use of avatars you can view webcast live or recorded chat with exhibitors and collaborate with other attendees around the world from the comfort of your office or home Virtual conferencing can be tailored to suit the needs of any business or industry In this area size does not matter because there is no real overhead Anyone and everyone from Catholic homeschoolers to major car manufacturers use virtual conferencing to keep participants informed of the latest trends innovations and news As an exhibitor there are significant savings on shipping printing and man hours spent at the exhibit booth You can spend more time conferring with potential clients or vendors Because this virtual community can be maintained for a set time period there is the opportunity for people to visit your booth around the clock for weeks or months after the live date As an attendee you can allow more employees to participate at no additional costs initiate training sessions and view webcasts on a more flexible schedule Furthermore you can access an exhibitor s literature in PDF format thus saving on printing costs Although there are many benefits to virtual conferencing there are a few downsides There is the lose of face time There s really nothing like a handshake at a meet and greet Content must be interesting and attention grabbing Other attendees will still look for things related to their current needs as if they were walking a showroom floor so this must be taken into consideration when designing the environment Then there are the technical aspects themselves The event planner must have the technological capabilities

    Original URL path: http://socialmediainbusiness.co.uk/virtual-conferencing (2016-02-14)
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  • KBSA Speaking: Social Media Engagement | Social Media in Business
    social media as far more than a twitter account and a facebook page No it is so much more than this it is way beyond these platforms or any other singular platform for that matter For me social media is about a cultural change within an organisation it is about embracing a new model of business practice in order to build a community around a business employees its products or services and customers I tend to stay away from short agency style Twitter campaigns or Facebook advertising campaign projects and instead I tend to focus on what is required in order for a business to change its culture to unshackle itself from the aging methods of communication and to embrace new forms more effective ones a joined up multi channel experience For me social media is a slow burn it is an approach that needs top level buy in and cascading adoption rather than quick short term blasts As well as my own talk Antony Taylor from John Lewis Partnerships gave a really good insight into their sales cyles and how they always look to reach out to their customers every step of the way My talk bolted into Antony s rather well as I was also talking about the 5 step sales cycle of Need Want Desire is Recognised Search Evaluate Purchase After Purchase Evaluation I was pushing the concept that in order for social media to work for a business there is a need to engage with potential customers in each of the 5 stages Of course each stage needs a different approach too just like any customer relationship management system I was pleased with the talk and I receieved some great feedback the room was slightly agitated in the sense that feelings of we need to be

    Original URL path: http://socialmediainbusiness.co.uk/kbsa-speaking-social-media-engagement (2016-02-14)
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  • Social Media as Business Tool | Social Media in Business
    their mobile phone But was is social media really it s not a particularly tangible activity with an immediate ROI Of course it has an ROI but it is measured very differently to say a leaflet drop campaign where xn leaflets in area y will produce a z result Instead social media is about building an on line community around your brand it is about enabling potentials customers and staff to fall in love with your brand and giving them things to do on line that are focused around your products your company culture What is strikingly obvious in this brave new social world is how most of our target demographic has changed behaviour in terms of how they spend their time It really is a reality that the typical 2011 family will sit at home watching the television with a warm laptop sitting on their knees with Facebook open and Google search in another tab This is prime time these are key moments that are ripe for you as a business owner to engage with your customers to design compelling environments to engage people Of course it s not just the home environment that presents rich opportunities Even during

    Original URL path: http://socialmediainbusiness.co.uk/social-media-business-tool (2016-02-14)
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  • Email Glue | Social Media in Business
    the summary goes as follows Accounts there are nearly 3 times as many email accounts as there are Facebook and Twitter accounts combined Social Activity the total posts on Facebook and Twitter combined add up to 0 2 of all email traffic Searches The total number of searches on Google Yahoo and Bing combined equals just 1 1 of all email traffic Pageview The total number of all pageviews on

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