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  • Account Management Training Course from Spearhead Training
    management training is designed for everyone who manages is planning to manage or who wants to understand how to manage key accounts Typically delegates who attend are Account Managers National Account Managers Key Account Executives and a wide range of other similar titles Other employees involved in working with large customers in areas such as technical support and customer liaison will also find this key account management training useful What you will get from attending An understanding of key account management strategic principles and practice Techniques for achieving your account goals and objectives Proven methods for increasing the penetration throughout the depth and breadth of your accounts A broader understanding of how people behave and the impact on buying decisions A tool kit of practical ideas to manage and develop your key accounts to their full potential Show Objectives Content Objectives To consider the changing role of the Key Account Manager To examine proven practice in the development of sales that depend upon developing partnerships in business To ensure that each delegate is able to capitalise on their personal strengths to develop profitable business Content The Role of a Successful Key Account Manager An Introduction to Basic Management Principles The Ladder of Goodwill Why Customers Buy Increase Reduce Theory Situational Analysis Preparing Your Strategy Strategic Thinking and Strategic Planning Strategic Goals Operational Objectives and How to Achieve Them Developing Initiatives Implementation Planning and Account Penetration Closing the Gap Individual Gap Analysis Stepping Stones to Implementation Measuring Progress Against Objectives Gantt Charts Responsibility and Involvement Matrix Understanding the Marketing Process What is Marketing Marketing Mix and Selling Some of the Key Initiatives and Principles Bringing It All Together Managing Buyer Relationships How and Why People are Influenced by Different Factors Causes of Stress What Motivates People Designing and Presenting Winning Proposals The Benefits of a Well Managed Meeting A Meetings Model Key Roles Use Your Agenda to Your Advantage Setting Priorities for Client Meetings Case Studies and Syndicate Exercises Testimonials for Account Management All areas of the course delivered clearly and with enthusiasm Excellent course excellent delivery JS Arctic Circle Syle of Presenter was Excellent MP Lutron Informative enjoyable useful BB Jepco Loved the course Barry is very knowledgeable and his training style is excellent LK Amor Group Read More Information This is one of Spearheads bookable open programmes It focuses on developing a strategy to allow you to manage and develop a key account and then looks at the operational processes required to ensure effective account management From the start of the relationship through to managing existing accounts the ways that the relationship can be developed and sales increased are looked at Techniques for improving the depth and breadth of account penetration are covered The use of proposals managing accounts meetings understanding the motivations of buying behaviour including the emotional influencers and building buyers need are all examined through participative discussions and specific exercises Delegates will also learn how to use many of the tools which are important to achieve

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/sales-marketing-courses/account-management#FSContact2 (2016-02-17)
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  • Advanced Sales Skills Course from Spearhead Training
    improve Imagine a footballer who never practiced between games he may still remain good but would he operate at his full potential This programme will help to ensure that experienced sales people operate to their full potential and maximise business performance Most are actually surprised by how much they take away Who will benefit from attending Advanced sales skills courses are designed for the experienced salesperson wishing to hone their skills and techniques review their approach to ensure best practice and maximise their performance This programme is suitable for those selling in a business to business situation selling complex solutions to multiple decision makers with long sales cycles What you will get from attending Mastery of the professional consultative selling process Methods to plan and manage long sales cycles Improved knowledge on how to influence the different types of decision makers to win more business Stimulation and personal challenge to raise your sales performance to the highest level Show Objectives and Content Objectives To enhance current sales knowledge and skills To help each delegate win more business by encouraging the best work practices To revitalise performance through fresh ideas developed on the course Content The Challenges of High Performance Selling Motivations for Buying The Nature of Need Selling against Competitors Developing Client Plans Sales Strategies Professional Consultative Selling Building the Sales Case Using Spearhead WIN CLIENT Process Advanced Persuasive Communication Skills Handling the Sales Meeting Selling Complex Solutions Managing a Long Sales Cycle Controlling the Cycle of Events Multiple Decision Makers Analysis of the Buyer Roles Dealing with Different Buyer Needs Effective Sales Presentations Structuring the Sales Proposal Strategies for Dealing With Objections Winning the Business Decision Signals Gaining Client Commitment Positive Behavioural Techniques Getting the Best Possible Deal Personal Effectiveness for High Performance Professional Time Management Testimonials for Advanced Sales Skills Very clear good chance to bounce ideas off each other SL Eurobrands Partner Ltd Great course very easy to transfer across to the field AN Haddenham Healthcare Great atmosphere and personal attention from the tutor BJ Bluelive Media Read More Information Sales people are exposed to a high level of negativity and rejection from customers Over time this can build and manifest itself into a negative frame of mind Therefore it is important that sales people have the opportunity to share experiences and develop techniques to maximise their effectiveness Building a sales strategy and client plans are key areas covered during the two days Each stage of the sales process is examined to maximise the effectiveness of delegate actions in the field Mastering professional consultative selling is the focus of the whole programme Delegates will consider the key tactics to gain commitment and the use of sales closing techniques to secure business effectively There is also a focus on planning and managing long sales cycles including analysis of different types of decision makers and how they can be influenced to win the business There are practical exercises to develop delegate s skills and techniques relevant to their own

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/sales-marketing-courses/advanced-sales-skills#FSContact2 (2016-02-17)
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  • Essential Sales Skills Course from Spearhead Training
    competitive environment and in tough market conditions are addressed during the three days Delegates are encouraged to develop their individual action plan identifying the key actions that they will implement in their job role The course takes into consideration the delegates knowledge and current experience of selling and builds on this Who will benefit from attending Essential sales skills is designed for the sales person who may not have attended a formal training course and wants to benchmark their methods against the techniques used by successful sales people It is also suitable for those who require a refresher to brush up their skills and ensure they are using best practice What you will get by attending A structured review of modern professional selling methods against which you can benchmark your performance Practice of the skills and techniques required for high sales performance An ordered plan for effectively selling your products or services in fiercely competitive market conditions Many of the problems of selling put into fresh perspective so you can overcome them Expert coaching and an interchange of ideas that will lead to improved personal performance Show Objectives and Content Objectives To provide each delegate with an ordered plan for effectively selling their products or services in fiercely competitive market conditions To provide each delegate with a fund of practical ideas that will lead to improved personal performance Content The Professional Role of the Salesperson The Actions of Successful Sales People Consultative Professional Selling Sales Communication Skills Using the Benefit Concept Effectively Developing New Business Opportunities Beating the Competition Your Own Sequence for a Planned Sale Essential Preparation Qualifying the Customer Making Appointments Selling to Multiple Decision Makers Creating the Right Impression Opening Up the Sale Identifying the Customer s Criteria for Purchasing Building Customer Needs Questioning Skills Making Effective Sales Presentations Dealing With Difficult Questions Handling Price Objections Reacting to Buying Signals Gaining Commitment Effective Closing Call Follow up Managing Sales Time Effectively Territory Management The Qualities for Success Delegates Next Action Practical Exercises with Tutor Feedback Testimonials for Essential Sales Skills Very upbeat and participating format GF Faerch Plast Ltd Excellent delivery warm friendly clear and concise LW Henry Shaw Sons Ltd Tutor put everyone at ease and was a wealth of good knowledge GC Prat Whitney Canada Lots of examples used which made understanding and applying the material to my circumstances easier TC Hasbro UK Read More Information Essential Sales Skills is an ideal way to improve performance by developing sales knowledge and skills it is three days in duration in order to enable effective coverage of all key parts of the selling process The tools that have been developed for this course have designed to be readily used in the work place thereby providing delegates with a full tool kit that they can use to maximise their performance Delegates will have the chance to consider how they can structure their approach with customers relevant to their own situation There is a focus on practical outcomes to

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/sales-marketing-courses/essential-sales-skills#FSContact2 (2016-02-17)
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  • Getting New Business Course from Spearhead Training
    on the job can be slow and very demoralising This workshop accelerates the learning process tenfold It therefore represents an excellent investment for anyone seeking to develop new business opportunities Covering all the key aspects of getting new business it includes a series of exercises to develop each delegate s approach with individual tutor guidance to ensure best practice Course Fee 545 Description This one day workshop first looks at the challenges of getting new business Step by step the process of prospecting planning sales calls making contact establishing real needs presenting your sales case working through objections and closing are reviewed Who will benefit from attending Our getting new business courses are suitable for everyone who is responsible for developing new business What you will get from attending A full understanding of the stages of developing new business The opportunity to develop you individual approach to developing new business Tips and points for action for each step of the process that can be used to improve your results Show Objectives and Content Objectives To examine the techniques for developing new business To understand how and why people decide to buy and to clarify the benefits of the products and or services you are selling To plan the approach and review sales communication techniques that can positively influence others To build self confidence to develop new business Content The Challenges of New Business Sales Reasons for Buying Prospecting for New Business Finding Prospects Developing Hot Prospects Pre call Planning and Preparation Preparing Your Approach Developing the Right Mental Attitude Cold Calling Creating the Right First Impression The Structure of the Call Using Attention Getting Statements Avoiding the Common Mistakes Handling Objections Making Appointments Getting Through To The Decision Maker Dealing with Receptionists and PA s Identifying the Key Personnel Opening

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/sales-marketing-courses/getting-new-business#FSContact2 (2016-02-17)
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  • Introduction To Selling Course from Spearhead Training
    in this programme The principles of effective selling are fully explained and related to each delegate s business Delegates are shown how to apply the principles in face to face situations with customers This is a very intensive participative programme in which delegates are given individual exercises and guidance Course Fee 995 London 975 Regional Training Centre Description The course starts off by examining the role of the sales person followed by identifying the qualities that make sales people successful Delegates will then be taken through the steps of the selling process with exercises at each key stage so that each delegate can apply the points to their own business Feedback and tutor review will be given to develop best practice in each situation Therefore both the background theory and the hands on application are included over two highly interactive days Who will benefit from attending This selling skills course is suitable for those who are new to selling and who need to know how to work as a professional salesperson It is also suitable for those who require an understanding of the sales process such as sales support staff What you will get from attending A comprehensive understanding of the principles of effective selling A solid foundation of sales skills that will build your competence as a professional sales person Tips and ideas that you can immediately apply to become more effective in your sales role Individual expert guidance to help you develop good selling skills habits and adopt best practice Show Objectives and Content Objectives To introduce a proven workable sales process To provide delegates with the tools and techniques to sell product service and THEMSELVES To engender confidence and instil comfort in a sales role Content Defining the Role of the Salesperson The Consultative Sales Process Why People Will Buy From You Motivating Customers to Buy Identifying Potential Benefits to Customers Persuasive Communication Making it Hard for the Competition Developing Your Own Sales Plan The Process of Customer Selection Targeting the Right Customers The Importance of New Business Preparing to Make a Sale First Impressions Selling Yourself The Sale Before the Sale Making Appointments The Importance of Call Objectives Structuring Customer Meetings Opening the Sale Establishing Customer Needs Questioning Techniques Using the Spearhead WIN CLIENT Questioning Model Building a Sales Case Creating Value for Money Presenting Your Sales Case Answering Customer s Objections The Different Kinds of Objections and Strategies for Dealing With Them Price Handling Techniques Closing the Sale and Securing the Business Your Personal Plan for the Future What Each Delegate Needs to Work at to ensure His Her Success Testimonials for Introduction to Selling Very relevant to helping me in my new role KS MBA Polymers All very good very happy with the course overall RB Uxbridge College Very happy with the course Well structured and well explained HW Algeos Very engaging and I felt at ease to ask questions and comment JS Timet UK Ltd Read More Information The sales cycle is covered

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/sales-marketing-courses/introduction-to-selling#FSContact2 (2016-02-17)
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  • Marketing Fundamentals Course from Spearhead Training
    about marketing a product of a service Which one is right or wrong Good or bad Marketing Fundamentals considers these many issues and distils them into easy to use tools that delegates can apply to their individual situation Who will benefit from this course This marketing course is suitable for anyone currently in or is about to take on a marketing role and who wants a full understanding of the marketing function It is also suitable for those who do not directly have a marketing responsibility but who feel that they would benefit from a greater understanding of what marketing is all about As such not only do marketing managers attend our marketing courses but also marketing assistants product managers PR and sales staff There is no requirement for any prior marketing knowledge or experience before attending this marketing course What you will get from attending Knowledge of the jargon used in marketing and what it really means Understanding of the key marketing management tools as used by professional marketeers Information on how to bring a new product or service to the market Tips and techniques required for successful marketing communication Show Objectives and Content Objectives To provide delegates with a better understanding of marketing concepts and how they interact in the management of profitable business To give delegates the chance to reflect on how marketing works in their own organisation To give delegates confidence to communicate in marketing terms and contribute positively to marketing meetings Content The Elements of Marketing What is Marketing Your Marketing Orientation Marketing A Total Concept The Marketing Mix Marketing vs Selling Marketing Research Internal and External Research Methods Qualitative and Quantitative Research Test marketing Market Segmentation Geographic Demographic Psychographic Business to Business Classification Marketing Management Strategic Pricing Policies Factors Affecting Price Forecasting Environment and Market Factors Product Development Product Life Cycle New Product Development Product and Market Strategies Portfolio Analysis Marketing Plan Strategies Strategies for Dealing in Competitive Markets Marketing Communication Advertising Above and Below the Line The Advertising Plan Marketing on the Internet Publicity and Press Relations The Role of the Sales Force Sales Promotion Offers Direct Marketing Marketing Development Plans Personal Action Plan Testimonials for Marketing Fundamentals I enjoyed the practical case studies and discussions RH UK Power Solutions Constant reference to real life which helps learning process PS Cranfield University I really enjoyed the course The tutor kept it interesting not all theory KH Simple Essentials Ltd Read More Information The programme begins by defining marketing and identifying the key elements This is followed by an examination of the steps in the marketing process The various marketing scenarios are considered i e business to business and business to consumer marketing along with the key issues of marketing a product or service Also covered are the key marketing management tools that are used professional marketeers The process of bringing a new product or service to the market is analysed along with how they are best managed throughout their life cycle Toward the

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/sales-marketing-courses/marketing-fundamentals#FSContact2 (2016-02-17)
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  • Sales Negotiation Skills Course from Spearhead Training
    negotiation with customers and buyers is part of the sales process It will benefit those who face tough buyers and want to develop their negotiation skills and techniques so that they can achieve the very best outcomes What you will get from attending Knowledge on how to negotiate effectively with skilled buyers and negotiators Understanding of your own approach to negotiations and an assessment of your skills Practice of the skills needed to avoid the costly negotiation mistakes that are often made Expert coaching and individual tips for future self development A wealth of ideas and techniques to utilise in your future negotiations to achieve positive outcomes Show Objectives and Content Objectives To provide each delegate with the knowledge to conduct negotiations in today s tough markets How to reach an agreement with skilled buyers and without making excessive concessions To allow each delegate to improve their negotiation skills through a series of participative exercises Content Enhancing the Sales Proposal Proposition Establishing Client Requirements using the Spearhead Win Client Model Establishing Value for Money Techniques for Presenting Price Presenting the Sales Case Valuing Benefits Dealing with Difficult Questions Objection Handling Gaining Commitment When Selling Becomes Negotiating Communications and Body Language Negotiating Styles Analysing Your Own Style The Principles of Negotiation Characteristics of a Successful Negotiator Preparing for a Negotiation Pre Negotiation Research Planning the Negotiation Strategy Setting Objectives The Four Stages of a Negotiation Estimating the Variables Costing Concessions Establishing Your Bottom Line Negotiation Techniques Creating the Right Climate Opening The Negotiation Establishing the Negotiation Parameters Trading Concessions Winning Outcomes Dealing with Conflict in Negotiation The Effect of Giving a Discount Avoiding the Common Mistakes Negotiating in Competitive Markets Negotiating with Skilled Buyers Confirmation and Contracts Practical Exercises with Individual Feedback and Review Self Development Techniques for the Future Testimonials for Sales Negotiation Skills All areas were covered in very good detail CT Schneider Electric Recapping on information given throughout the day was beneficial to keep the information fresh NM Freshtime Ltd All subjects were very engaging and beneficial BW CH Byron General presentation was excellent practices and reviews were challenging and relative as well as interesting MH Internet Limited Read More Information Buyers are becoming better at negotiating with their suppliers Therefore to succeed in competitive marketing conditions supplier representatives need to be more skilled than ever before These three days will develop and hone these necessary skills We have designed Sales Negotiation Skills as three days in duration because our extensive experience of developing effective negotiators has proven that this is the required time needed to cover the techniques effectively Shorter programmes may cover the theory but are unable to include sufficient skill development sessions to hone negotiation performance We have heavily researched the techniques used by buyers to obtain preferential terms During the programme these techniques are analysed and solutions to deal with these situations are developed so helping you to avoid the numerous costly mistakes that are frequently made by the un trained salesperson The practical

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/sales-marketing-courses/sales-negotiation-skills#FSContact2 (2016-02-17)
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  • Telephone Sales Training Course from Spearhead Training
    effective telephone sales techniques and make sure that you are not using high pressure tactics A good telephone manner is obvious but there is a lot more to it than just remembering to smile Who will benefit from attending This telesales training is designed for those who currently perform a sales function or who are about to perform a sales function by telephone Our telesales training courses are suitable for those who use the telephone to make a sale or to make sales appointments What you will get from attending A full understanding of the steps of successful telephone selling Practice of effective sales communication techniques that will positively influence others at each stage of the call Tips and action points for each stage of the sales process that can be utilised to improve your results Increased personal confidence Show Objectives and Content Objectives To examine the varying types of telephone sales call and accept the importance of setting objectives To understand why and how people make decisions to buy and clarify the benefits of the products and or services you sell To plan the call and discuss effective sales communication techniques that will positively influence others To increase self confidence Content The Vital Importance of First Impressions Telephone Tactics Your Voice Questioning Techniques Listening Skills Why People Buy Planning Outgoing Calls Making Cold Calls Making Appointments Opening a Call Positively Using Benefits Effectively Establishing Needs Building Your Case Dealing with Questions Handling Objections Closing the Call and Securing the Business Practical Exercises Individual Self Development Testimonials for Telephone Sales Great tutor clear and understanding Course was great in terms of practical tasts HW GMTV All areas of the course were covered very well KR Metrix All areas were dealt with well and my questions answered DW Audio Visual Machines

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/sales-marketing-courses/telephone-sales#FSContact2 (2016-02-17)
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