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  • Introduction to Management Course from Spearhead Training
    a managerial position who want a comprehensive course to equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in managing people What you will get from attending A thorough understanding of what it means to be a manager today A solid foundation of the management skills required to become a successful respected manager Practical tools and techniques to make your job as a manager easier The confidence to actively manage your team s performance and get results Expert advice from your trainer to help you resolve any specific issues or concerns you have about managing your team Show Programme Content Objectives To set out clear guidelines for effective management To work through the key management skill areas identifying the managerial role and practising the skills necessary To provide a comprehensive framework for future development Content Your Role as a Manager The Functions and Responsibilities of Management Key Management Tasks and Competencies Making the Change to Being a Manager Reasons for Failure or Success Self Management Importance of Goal Setting Setting Objectives Understanding Time Management Priorities Managing Time Yourself and Others Delegation and Work Allocation When and How to Delegate Motivating Staff to Better Performance Understanding Motivation How to Motivate Staff Today De motivation the Signs and Symptoms Communication Learning to Listen Giving Feedback Key to More Effective Meetings Monitoring and Controlling Appraisals the Steps to Success Guide to Successful Counselling Disciplinary Procedures Training and Developing Staff The Manager s Role in Training Establishing Training Needs Problem Solving The Problem Solving Process Decision Making Action Planning Delegate Action Plans Testimonials For Introduction To Management Brilliantly put across information in a friendly and learnable way Tutor is the best So much knowledge AC Kudos Blends All areas were explained really well and clear JB John Guest Fantastic trainer The course was extremely interesting AA MESM Ltd Very professional delivery Difficult topic to make interesting but succeeded AE Orchard Valley Show More Information Throughout the three days specially designed self assessments are used backed with skill building exercises to encourage delegates to develop their full potential The programme also provides ample opportunities for the exploration of individual issues with additional individual coaching from the tutor as required In addition to the daytime exercises there is a group evening exercise at the end of day one and at the end of day two This evening syndicate work forms an essential part of the programme and delegates are therefore encouraged to stay at the venue so they can get the most from the training Day one starts by identifying the role and responsibilities of the manager and exploring the common problems faced when moving into this role Self management principles are reviewed to ensure delegates can be effective in their new position The key skills of managing people are then covered in a systematic way These include delegation motivation giving feedback counseling discipline recruitment procedures problem solving developing staff keys to effective meetings and performance reviews Clear guidelines are provided on each topic and

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/management-courses/introduction-to-management (2016-02-17)
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  • Management Development Programme from Spearhead Training
    benefit from attending Experienced managers about to take on a more senior management role who want to understand the key factors of effective business management What you will get from attending A thorough understanding of what it means to be a senior manager today Strategic thinking and planning skills Advanced people management skills Practical experience of dealing with complex issues and making difficult decisions Expert advice and stimulation to inspire your performance Show Programme Content Objectives To define the role and function of the senior manager To examine the implications of short long term strategic planning and develop strategic planning skills To understand the importance of managing through being a leader in today s working environment To build individual management and leadership skills and how to get the most from your people Content The Senior Manager Today The Skills Needed Challenges Businesses Face Role of the Senior Manager Managerial Attributes Leadership Dimensions Qualities of Leaders Situational Leadership Strategic and Business Planning Strategic Planning and Why The Planning Cycle Developing a Strategy and Business Plan Cascading the Plans for Action Managing Change Role of Project Management Critical Success Measures The Three Fundamental Levels of Management Which Level Do You Operate On Practical Application Recruiting the Right Staff The Recruiting Process Using Competencies and Selection Scoring Interviewing Techniques and Selection Validating the Recruitment Process Getting the Best from Staff The Need to Develop People for High Performance Identifying Training Needs Setting Development Plans and Monitoring Progress Role of the Manager in Staff Motivation Importance of Communication Key Communication Skills Making the Most of Meetings Power of Positive Language Assessing and Monitoring Performance Setting Clear Objectives and Targets Assessing and Appraising Staff Feedback and Monitoring Dealing with People Problems Discipline Measures Managing Time Effectively Taking Control Planning Aids and Techniques Controlling the Issues that Waste Time Using Delegation Recognising the Stress Issue Action Planning Testimonials For Management Development Programme Rich experience all around brilliant approach and delivery of the course EL Tomy Lots of content but didn t feel rushed plenty of feedback and time for reflection RM Allparts Automotive Show More Information This programme is led by our most senior tutors These tutors bring their wealth of practical experience in working at senior management positions to the training Designed to provide essential knowledge and skills development to fully equip managers so they are able to handle the challenges associated with a more senior management role it is the obvious choice for the successful manager who recognises the benefits of continuous personal improvement Organisations will also find this a useful addition to supplement their own internal management development programmes The tutor will use discussions specially designed case studies and a variety of exercises to review modern senior management techniques with the delegates Specific skill development exercises are included to provide opportunities for delegates to practice selected key skill areas and to hone their existing management skills During the programme delegates are challenged to critically assess their personal strengths and weaknesses and so identify

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/management-courses/management-development-programme (2016-02-17)
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  • Management Skills Course from Spearhead Training
    People who have been in a management position but who have not had any formal training or managers who have completed our Introduction to Management programme and are looking to develop their skills further will benefit from this course A great refresher course for all managers What you will get from attending A review of modern management techniques against which you can benchmark your performance Practice of the key skill areas to give new momentum to your management style and personal development A fresh perspective on many management problems so you can overcome them A fund of practical ideas that will lead to improved personal and team performance Show Programme Content Objectives To provide each delegate with an ordered plan to effectively manage people in an environment which increasingly requires more from people To provide a fund of practical ideas that will lead to improved personal and team performance To create an understanding that much of the manager s role is developing others and how this can be achieved through effective delegation Content Defining the Managers Role The Mechanics Dynamics of Management Making the Right Decision Decision Making Techniques Prioritising Planning Skills The 7 Steps of Planning Setting Objectives Better Estimation The Manager as Team Leader Characteristics of Effective Leaders Creating Successful Teams Delegation Checklist Communication Skills for Managers Influencing Others Listening Skills Counselling Staff Managing Meetings Maintaining Staff Performance Monitoring Reviewing Performance Motivating Staff Testimonials for Management Skills All elements of course excellently delivered DA Liquid Friday I am very happy with the whole course better than expected NC Essex Safety Glass Very happy all subject areas covered very well AM Eurofood Brands Ltd I liked how the course was altered to meet our individual needs as we went along AP Horse World Show More Information Managers often complain that they don t have time to attend training yet without regularly updating their skills and knowledge all mangers can become less effective over time This short fast paced programme provides the ideal solution for the busy manager who recognises the benefits of continuous personal improvement Using discussions specially designed case studies and a variety of exercises to assist in the review of modern management techniques and providing opportunities for delegates to practice selected key skill areas so honing existing management skills The subject areas covered over the two days include decision making planning leadership delegation communication as well as performance management The content is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure it incorporates the latest information and reflects management best practice on these subject areas Throughout the programme delegates are challenged to critically assess their own management methods their personal strengths and weaknesses and so identify actions for continuous improvement Delegates will therefore leave this skills for management course with a clear plan of action that will ensure they can implement the ideas they have gained during their two days away from their work One of the major benefits of attending is the fact that delegates will be from a

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/management-courses/management-skills (2016-02-17)
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  • Change Management Course from Spearhead Training
    It also examines how different people react to change and how individuals can be managed effectively through this process Managing and handling difficult situations during the change process is also covered Course Fee 545 Description This change management workshop includes a mix of tutor led discussion exercises and review with tutor feedback All the key stages of managing change are considered The tutor who runs the course is highly experienced in managing and implementing change in many different scenarios Delegates attending will have the opportunity to consider the issues facing them relevant to their own situation with guidance and support from the tutor Delegates will find it provides them with a clear understanding of how they can manage change in their organisation Who will benefit from attending Anyone involved in or responsible for managing change in an organisation It is applicable for all in a managerial or supervisory position What you will get from attending A sound understanding of the key stages of the change process A comprehensive review on how to manage change effectively Methods and techniques for overcoming the various issues and barriers that prevent successful change The opportunity to consider the specific issues facing you in your own change situation with expert guidance and support from the tutor Show Programme Content Objectives To help delegates to cope with a changing working environment To provide delegates with the skills necessary to effectively manage change in their organisation To provide delegates with a number of practical tools that they can utilise in their organisation Content Managing the Transitions of Change The Key Stages of Change Where is Your Organisation Barriers to Change Increasing the Readiness for Change Key Actions Reducing Resistance to Change Force Field Analysis Continuous Improvement The Change Managers Checklist Motivating Staff Motivation Performance and Stress Dealing

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/management-courses/managing-change (2016-02-17)
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  • Managing Remote Teams Course from Spearhead Training
    post course support to maximise your return on investment Managing Remote Teams Mastering virtual team management 1 day workshop Managing people at a distance creates unique challenges for managers which are not always addressed by attending a standard management course This workshop provides a framework tools and techniques to help you master the art of managing a remote team Course Fee 565 London 545 Regional Training Centre Description This one day workshop starts by looking at the myths and realities of managing remote teams It then works through the issues managing a remote team creates identifying the actions that the manager should take to ensure the team works effectively Exercises case studies and group discussions make this an informative and fast paced day Who will benefit from attending The course is suitable for managers and supervisors who are responsible for people who work remotely either because they work routinely from home or are located in offices in different towns countries Managers of a field sales team should attend our Managing the Sales Force course What you will get from attending An understanding of the principles for effective remote team management Proven tools and techniques to help you manage a remote team more effectively Expert advice and guidance from your trainer to help you resolve issues or concerns you may have about managing a remote team Show Programme Content Objectives To review the principles of effective remote team management To identify the actions the manager of a remote team must take Content The Challenge of Managing Remotely Myths and Reality Critical Success Factors Leading a Virtual Team Your Role Overcoming the Culture Iceberg Effective Leadership Styles Helping Your Team Succeed How Virtual Teams Develop Developing Team Norms Building Trust Communicating Effectively with Your Team Disseminating Information Managing Virtual Team Meetings Managing

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/management-courses/managing-remote-teams (2016-02-17)
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  • Managing The Sales Force Course from Spearhead Training
    are significantly different to those faced by managers in other management positions This means that general management skills courses are not 100 relevant to those in Sales Management positions This three day residential course fills the gap It is a specialist programme that looks at and resolves the issues faced by those in or moving into a Sales Management role It provides a structured in depth review of the key management areas relevant to those who will be managing a sales team Who will benefit from attending Designed for the newly appointed or about to be appointed Sales Force Leader It is also suitable as a refresher for the experienced sales manager wanting to benchmark current sales force leadership practice What you will get from attending A thorough understanding of the techniques required to successfully manage a sales team and the opportunity to develop your sales management skills The ability to inspire and motivate your team to outstanding results A toolkit of practical ideas to improve your personal effectiveness as a sales manager Expert advice from your trainer to help you resolve any specific issues you have managing your sales team The confidence to tackle the hardest managerial positions there is Show Programme Content Objectives To consider the role of the manager and to analyse the various techniques by which the manager of salespeople can create an environment for success To provide delegates with a toolkit of practical ideas so that they will become still more effective Content The Role of Management Essential Functions of Management Specifics of Sales Management Leading and Managing a Sales Team Management Styles Recruiting Sales Staff Profiling Candidates Job Descriptions Dealing with Difficult Sales People Developing Potential in the Sales Team Challenges of Developing Sales Staff Training and Development Identifying Training Needs Individual Development Plans Conducting Field Based Coaching Sessions Building Sales Performance Performance Management Counselling and Appraisals Giving Feedback and Counselling Effective Communications for Sales Managers Team Meetings Challenges of Sales Staff Management Motivating Sales Staff Dealing with Demotivation Organising Management Time Forecasting and Planning the Sales Effort Delegation Teambuilding Testimonials for Managing The Sales Force Overall very impressed indeed great motivator clear messages and superbly good at applying theory RK Johnson Tiles Great course Very well delivered TS Commercial Group Thoroughly enjoyed RW Churchills Tutor was very good at listening and being relevant No questions were left unanswered NB Sellerdeck Very insightful DK First Access Ltd Read More Information Spearhead Training specialises in running both management and professional sales training This Sales management programme therefore integrates our two core disciplines This makes it particularly valuable for organisations that wish to supplement their own internal general development programmes with specialist training The tutors who lead this specialist programme have a wealth of experience in working as Sales Managers and enthusiastically bring this knowledge to the sessions they run This creates a practical pragmatic training programme that is focused on helping the Sales Manager get the best results from the sales team they are responsible

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/management-courses/managing-the-sales-force (2016-02-17)
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  • Performance Management Training from Spearhead Training
    performance from each member of their team The main focus of this highly interactive workshop is on the positive actions that supervisors and managers can take to promote good performance Case studies and exercises are used extensively to build skills Course Fee 545 Description This one day workshop looks at the topic of positive performance management It starts by identifying the components for positive performance management before moving on to the specific actions that can be taken by the supervisor manager to promote good performance in the people they directly supervise The programme moves on to how to run an effective performance before dealing with the causes of poor performance are identified and the positive actions that can be taken to turn poor performance round Throughout this interactive and highly participatory programme delegates are encouraged to identify specific actions to implement on their return to work Who will benefit from attending This workshop is designed for supervisors and managers who want to achieve high performance from the people they supervise What you will get from attending Clear guidelines on positive performance management actions Practice of the key skills necessary Expert guidance from your trainer to help you resolve any specific concerns you have about improving performance within your team Show Programme Content Objectives To enable delegates to get maximum performance from their team by understanding how to apply positive people management techniques Content Positive Performance Management Foundations of Good Performance Management Whose Responsibility Understanding the Performance Cycle The Benefits of Getting it Right Encouraging Good Performance Setting Standards and Expectations Effective Monitoring and Control Creating the Right Environment Motivating People Performance Reviews Preparation Planning Holding Effective Review Meetings Do s and Don ts Turning Poor Performance Round Understanding the Causes of Poor Performance Managing Difficult Conversations Giving Constructive Feedback Taking

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/management-courses/positive-performance-management (2016-02-17)
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  • Supervisory Skills Training from Spearhead Training
    a supervisory position who want to understand how to supervise others effectively It is also very useful for those already in a supervisory role looking to refresh and update their skills What you will get from attending A good understanding of the role and responsibilities of the front line supervisor Clear guidelines for effective supervision of your team Practice of the key skills necessary for organising and directing your team s work effort successfully Expert advice from your trainer to help you resolve any specific issues or concerns you have about supervising your team A multitude of tips to improve your personal effectiveness as a supervisor Show Programme Content Objectives To enable delegates to learn the basic people management techniques that will allow them to get maximum performance from their team To build confidence in supervising others Content The Role of the Supervisor Team Leader Making the First Move into People Management Avoiding the Pitfalls and Problems Team Leadership The Mechanics and Dynamics of Supervision Characteristics of Effective Teams Developing Your Leadership Skills Motivating Yourself and Others The Theory Recognising the Needs of Subordinates Putting Theory into Practice Controlling The Team Quality and You Setting Objectives Work Allocation and Delegation Dealing with Problem Behaviours Maintaining Team Performance Identifying Training Needs On the Job Training Performance Reviews Key Communication Skills Leading Effective Team Meetings Learning to Really Listen Give Feedback Personnal Effectiveness Assessing Your Personal Efficiency Urgent vs Important Prioritising and Planning Action Planning Testimonials for Supervisory and Team Leader Skills Great course Very Useful EW Money Advice Service Subject knowledge was great explaining so I could understand was really good AR Kelvin Hughes Great Tutor was very clear and explained all areas in depth DH Minelco Ltd Very interesting Tutor was extremely informative and helped answer any questions NP Adamas Read More Information Supervisor courses help you develop the key skills needed to organise and direct the work effort of your team Over these two days you will be given clear guidelines on each topic and will have the opportunity to hone your team leader skills with the practical exercises Specifically designed to address the development needs of those moving into a supervisory or team leader position this supervisory and team leader training will provide delegates with an understanding of the role and responsibilities of a supervisor together with a foundation of the key skills and underlying knowledge necessary to supervise people effectively As such it is very practical and pragmatic You will be part of a small group with fellow delegates coming from a wide variety of other organisations We deliberately run this with small numbers to create a safe and supportive learning environment so that every one can participate fully throughout the two days This also provides delegates with the opportunity to understand organisations that are different to their own organisation and to interact with supervisors who have different experiences to their own Insights gained through such interaction in group discussions and group exercises are particularly valuable to

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/management-courses/supervisory-and-team-leader-skills (2016-02-17)
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