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  • Workplace of the future - trends and predictions
    s Workplace Will look Like July 27 2015 July 27 2015 Globalisation diversity an aging workforce and changes in technology are just some of the many changes that have already affected the way we work In this article we take a look at what the workplace of the future may look like There have been many studies on productivity and work patterns Alex Bryson and John Forth from the London School of Economics looked at how productivity at work varied depending on the day of the week and there is much in the recent press about the negative impact of night working on our ability to think logically There are however three factors that affect how we all work These are 1 Workplaces are already moving towards an environment where cross functional team working is the norm with staff routinely working across a number of teams and projects simultaneously 2 Women are increasingly taking on more senior roles and this is having an influence on the office culture which as a result is becoming more empathic flexible open and collaborative 3 Changes in the way new businesses ideas are funded such as crowd funding mean that everyone now has the opportunity to transform their ideas into a business venture The Future The Impact of these three drivers on the work place of the future will be 1 Initiatives that increase flexibility will become more widely used Hot desking and matrix management will be routine business practices 2 Empathy workshops will become a compulsory part of every employees induction Managers and staff will receive regular training on communication skills and relationship skills in order to foster team work and promote openness in the work place 3 Innovation sabbaticals will be provided to high achieving workers so that these employees who work

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  • Influential women in business - positive influencing
    upon and follow the requests of someone who is in a position of formal authority such as a Manager in the organisation However the aim of the Women s Hour list was to identify women who influenced people not because of the power that came with the job title they had but because of their personal ability to influence those around them The final top ten see below from Womens Hour included women from a diverse range of areas from politics and fashion to journalism and entertainment 1 Nicola Sturgeon leader of the SNP Chosen because she wields a large amount of influence because of the current state of the UK Union and the European Union 2 Anna Wintour editor in chief of American Vogue Chosen because she influences the world in what to wear how to look and who to celebrate 3 Angelina Jolie actor director and humanitarian ambassador Chosen because of her openness about her own choices has had a powerful influence on women s health 4 Katharine Viner editor of The Guardian Chosen because she is the first woman to take up the post after she was appointed by a staff ballot in March 2015 5 Camilla Cavendish Director of Downing Street Policy Unit Chosen because of the campaigns she championed which led to her gaining the position she now holds allowing her ideas and opinions to influence the Prime Minister and all government departments and by extension every person in the UK 6 Sia singer songwriter and music video director Chosen because of her success in writing songs an industry where success is more usually associated with being highly visible 7 Caitlyn Jenner high profile trans woman Chosen because she is the most famous openly transgender person in the world and the influence this has had

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  • the end of email by Spearhead Training
    are sinking under a mass of electronic communication I have to admit that I am old enough to remember when email first became a serious business tool It was around the 1990 s when the world wide web also took off big time Email was great what used to be sent in the form of a letter or memo could now be done easily at reduced cost and it would arrive almost instantaneously too it really changed the way we shared information Now there are many alternatives to just email So can these new technologies really shrink our in box and make us more productive Many people use email to disseminate company news and similar mass communications to their entire organisation Whilst this information may be interesting it is not vital that everyone sees it at the same time In these cases why not consider setting up a company face book page that people can access The downside of course is that people need to be disciplined in how frequently they access this resource and how long they spend on looking at it Time saved opening emails can just as easily be spent gazing at face book You can of course use email to send information in the form of attachments But if these attachments are very large they may not be able to be sent by your server or be received by the recipient s server Rather than split up the attachment into smaller documents and sending multiple emails why not use a file sharing service such as Dropbox which you can set up quickly and easily Social media has spawned a plethora of real time communication tools such as Chatter HipChat Convo and Yammer to name just a few that are frequently touted as being an email replacement

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  • tips for writing emails to respond to complaints
    4 2015 When we have to write an email in response to a complaint from a customer it can be hard to find the right words We feel anxious and want the problem to be resolved quickly and this attitude often results in our email sounding too brusque Try to bear the following ten complaint handling tips in mind when replying to a complaint 1 Start by changing your attitude Look on the complaint as an opportunity rather than a nightmare as with this attitude it is much easier to find the right words to put into the reply you send 2 However the complaint came in send your email reply to it as quickly as possible but not immediately If you respond when you are still feeling angry then this will affect the tone of your email 3 Reply to every complaint that comes your way personally even if it is only to inform the customer that you have referred the matter to the relevant person to investigate and respond 4 If you cannot agree with the person who has made the complaint at least show that you understand that they are annoyed or disappointed I am sorry that you are annoyed about 5 Give the genuine reasons for the problem the customer is complaining about Even better give them a reason to believe that their complaint will result in a better solution in the future 6 If mistakes have been made then do apologize You should apologize for mistakes on your part or on the part of your company Do this at the start of the email and repeat your apology at the end of the email 7 Show the customer that you are surprised that something has gone wrong Why so that the complainant does not get

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  • customer service - customer as king
    a king As a result customers get the feeling that the person in front of them or on the other end of the telephone doesn t really value what matters to them Use the following 6 points and your customers will feel like royalty 1 Check how you feel It is hard to give good customer service if you re feeling negative emotions such as anger or fear Practice some deep slow breathing to calm yourself down before you answer that call or meet that customer 2 Listen and observe To give good service you need to understand what the other person wants and feels This means gathering high quality information Learn to read other peoples emotions sometimes it is how information is communicated rather than the actual words that are used that are key to understanding real needs Show them you have time for them and are really listening 3 Care about the person and their issue This is called empathy It is the ability to put yourself in their shoes to see the world as they do Without empathy you will not care and they will know it When you care you can then be a pro active problem solver Ask yourself what do they need and What would solve their issue 4 Build rapport Be warm transparent and always act with integrity Gentle humour used sensitively can be a powerful tool to build rapport And watch the following phrases that can destroy rapport I understand how you feel Avoid this phrase unless you really mean it That s your opinion sounds aggressive I can t tell you my last name What are you hiding Is there anything else I can help you with today Avoid using this if what you really are trying to do is finish

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  • working from home - personal efficiency - work-life balance
    But maintaining your personal efficiency when working from home can be an issue It can be easy to become distracted by the other non work related jobs that need to be done or go to the other extreme and continually work significantly longer than you would if you were in the office Striking the right work home life balance that will keep you efficient can sometimes feel impossible but with a little discipline and using the following tips it can be done Create a dedicated work area The first key to working more efficiently from home is to create a dedicated work area in the house If you do not have an actual room that you can use exclusively as your office then you must be disciplined and pack everything away at the end of the working day In this way you create a physical distinction between working and living and this also has the effect of creating the right mental state when you are in your work area you are at work and when this is cleared away or the door is shut you are not at work Set limits when working from an office we would typically have an expected start and finish time When working from home you do not have any travel time and it is easy to become immersed so working significantly longer than you would if at the office Whilst this may help you to achieve more it can lead to fatigue and inefficiency Get into the habit of setting yourself a time to start work and a time to finish Finishing at a reasonable hour will allow you time to socialise with friends and will help to minimise the isolation that home workers can sometimes feel It also means your family knows when

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/blog/improving-personal-efficiency-when-working-from-home (2016-02-17)
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  • Business Skills Articles
    Offers Blog Books Brochures Newsletter Video Guides Whitepapers Improving business performance Quality Guaranteed We design deliver the best training in the UK Courses run with small groups for maximum individual attention focus on the things that matter to you World Class Tutors Our courses are run by experts with proven track records Exceptional level of post course support to maximise your return on investment Better Persuasion The Five Sentence Method March 11 2015 March 11 2015 If you are making a presentation to persuade others be they your customers or your colleagues then you should make use of the Five Sentence Method to present your case The basis of the five sentence method is that the lead in the arguments you use to persuade your audience the contradictory assertions you make and the conclusions you draw all takes place in five steps This presentation skills method has three main variants Read more in Business Skills Articles by Spearhead Training The 5W1H Approach For Better Meetings February 27 2015 February 27 2015 Senior managers spend a significant proportion of their time at work in meetings Yet ask them how productively this time is being used and most will answer not very Poorly run meetings waste hours of valuable business time and are not surprisingly the number one time waster identified by delegates on our time management workshop The 5W1H approach will help to ensure anyone responsible for holding meetings makes them a productive use of every ones time Read more in Business Skills Articles by Spearhead Training Being Productive When Traveling February 25 2015 February 25 2015 It is not just sales people who have to regularly work away from home Many managers travel routinely to meet up with colleagues who work out of offices in different locations attend conferences or

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  • On the job training - Spearhead blog article
    coaching is particularly beneficial after the sales team have attended a formal classroom based sales training programme as it helps to ensure that the learning points from the course are implemented in subsequent sales meetings with customers Richard Stone leading Sales Trainer and Coach from the Spearhead Training Group provides the following 9 recommendations on the subject of effective on the job coaching for sales people 1 For effective on the job coaching you must accompany the sales person regularly And by regularly I mean at least one to two days every six weeks Only by doing this can you help the field sales person constantly improve However if your sales team are to benefit from on the job coaching you must not go with them as their manager but simply as a mentor developer and friend 2 It is important that you choose the customers to visit Ask the salesperson to give you a rough weekly schedule and choose interesting visits at short notice otherwise you will be presented with un challenging meetings After all you want to get to know a normal day s work and look at the harder meetings so you can help improve the sales person s results 3 Prepare yourself and your field sales person thoroughly Before you go in to see the customer or prospect discuss the customer s current situation with the sales person In addition discuss the reason for the visit and the aim of the meeting Also agree with your sales person in advance any discount that they can concede to the customer when they are negotiating with them 4 At the client s premises do not be tempted to play the role of the boss You should keep yourself in the background as much as possible so that you can experience how your sales person conducts him herself in the meeting Only by doing this can you later correct them during the subsequent de briefing conversation If you are addressed by the customer then tactfully pass the question back to the sales person to handle However tempting it may be do not solve problems raised by the customer yourself Remember this is a sales training session and every gain you make for your image is a loss of standing for your sales person 5 Let your sales person have the credit Orders which are achieved during joint trips should always be recognised as achievements of the sales person and credited to them 6 Do not start analysing the client meeting immediately after the visit You can briefly mention the positive side of the meeting but wait until later to have the real post mortem perhaps during a lunch break 7 When giving feedback always start with praise to build up the sales person Move to technical criticism and finally to questions about what the sales person would like to improve in the future e g by asking questions such as How do you want to go about things in

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