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  • Improving business performance
    Articles by Spearhead Training Influential Women July 16 2015 July 16 2015 The popular radio 4 programme Woman s Hour holds an annual event where it sets a panel of judges the difficult task of identifying the top ten most influential women in the UK The ability to influence and persuade people is an important business skill so what does the 2015 list reveal about this important subject Read more in Business Skills Articles by Spearhead Training Managing Your Emotions July 13 2015 July 13 2015 Good managers it is often said must keep their emotions out of any situation But research shows that suppressing your negative emotions is likely to make things worse rather than better When we try to suppress our emotions the amygdala which is the brain s emotional centre is actually stimulated So rather than suppressing our negative emotions we should learn to positively manage them Read more in Management Articles by Spearhead Training Why Success Slows Sales People Down July 6 2015 July 6 2015 There is an interesting phenomenon that you can observe in sales people If the morning has proved extraordinarily successful for them they tend to expend a little less effort on closing sales in the afternoon They may call one customer less than they had planned or show less persistence in securing an order Remarkable Normally one would expect sales success to act as a spur giving greater incentive and motivating the sales person to make more effort not less So what is happening Read more in Sales Skills Articles by Spearhead Training Improving Team Productivity July 2 2015 July 2 2015 Talk to anyone in work and they will tell you that they are busy Yet there has been much coverage in the recent press on TV and on the radio about the latest ONS statistics that the productivity of the UK workforce is too low Indeed the official statistics show that other G7 countries are on average 17 more productive than the UK Managers and supervisors are judged on the productivity of their team So how can we encourage greater productivity in the people we manage Read more in Management Articles by Spearhead Training How to be a Manager June 29 2015 June 29 2015 Here is a tongue in cheek look at some common management mistakes We are sure that you would never do these Read more in Management Articles by Spearhead Training CPD Information Part 2 June 25 2015 June 25 2015 In CPD information part 1 we looked at what CPD is what you need to do to create your own CPD plan and the types of activities that can be used for CPD In part two we look at the specific CPD requirements of a number of the leading professional bodies and how they monitor this in their members Read more in Training News by Spearhead Training Developing Your Managers June 22 2015 June 22 2015 Approximately 25 of the total UK businesses spend on

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/blog/page/5 (2016-02-17)
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  • 5W1H method - time management - better meetings
    in meetings Yet ask them how productively this time is being used and most will answer not very Poorly run meetings waste hours of valuable business time and are not surprisingly the number one time waster identified by delegates on our time management workshop The 5W1H approach will help to ensure anyone responsible for holding meetings makes them a productive use of every ones time The first W stands for Why It reminds us that before we schedule a face to face meeting we must clearly identify why it is necessary to get everyone in the same room If you cannot clearly define why the meeting needs to be held don t hold it Meetings are not always the most effective way to share information with others Check you really do need to have people physically present before you schedule a meeting with them The second W stands for Who Having identified the why you should then only invite those people who can actually help you achieve this why to your meeting This can be hard as some people see attending meetings as a sign of their own importance we call them the meeting junkies The third W stands for What Draft out the agenda so the whats are clearly identified A good agenda is key to effective time management in meetings as people come better prepared to discuss the relevant issues It can also be used as a road map to steer the meeting process and ensure time is used effectively The fourth W stands for When Does the meeting need to be in the morning or in the afternoon How much time does it really need to take It s tempting to schedule meetings in half hour or hour slots but if you only need 20 minutes then

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/blog/the-5w1h-approach-for-better-meetings (2016-02-17)
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  • Business travel - time management tips - Spearhead blog
    is not just sales people who have to regularly work away from home Many managers travel routinely to meet up with colleagues who work out of offices in different locations attend conferences or training events Often our only time to catch up on important work projects or emails when out and about is when traveling if we are going by train or plane or in the hotel in the evening Here are some time management tips to ensure you use this otherwise non productive time effectively 1 Use down time Whilst it is getting easier to stay connected there will still be times when you simply can t connect to the Wi Fi By keeping a list of tasks you can do without being connected in your briefcase including those housekeeping tasks that tend to be put off when you can get on line you can be still be productive without the internet 2 Be powerful Even if you can connect your laptop to the internet when traveling you will not be very productive if it then runs out of battery power Use every opportunity to charge it up in the car on the train etc and make sure you carry the right type of adaptors with you if traveling abroad 3 Take a break When you are away from home it is easy to fall into the trap of working every spare minute it can be boring being in a hotel room night after night If you were at home you would take small breaks to watch some TV or make a cup of tea You need to do this when you are away from home Traveling is also very tiring so make sure you build in some R R after a long journey to allow your body and

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/blog/being-productive-when-traveling (2016-02-17)
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  • empowering people - managers actions - spearhead blog
    post course support to maximise your return on investment Empowering People Isn t Easy February 23 2015 February 23 2015 Most organisations strive to build an empowered workforce yet despite their best efforts surveys continue to show that employees do not feel empowered by their line managers Why is this the case If we look at the characteristics of an empowered team then we get a real insight into what empowerment looks like In an empowered team 6 things are obvious Authority is dispersed Decision making is shared Team members can be both leaders and followers Collaboration is present Trust is demonstrated Relationships are effective But creating a team where all these characteristics are present is not as easy as some managers think When starting to build an empowered team it is not unusual for the team members to feel anxiety as they often perceive empowerment as a lack of clear leadership Managers attempting to empower their team members push out responsibility and authority and their team members react by trying to delegate back up In this situation it is very tempting for the manager who is used to making quick decisions to take back the control Managers complain that their team won t make accept responsibility and decisions and the team complains that the managers are simply paying lip service to the concept of empowerment frustration on both sides builds So how can we overcome these problems There are two key areas that managers need to focus on if they are to improve engagement These are 1 To increase your awareness of the unconscious organisational dynamics that empowerment initially brings In other words you need to be aware of when upward delegation is happening and make a conscious intervention to change your knee jerk reaction to simply taking back

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/blog/empowering-people-isnt-easy (2016-02-17)
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  • manager development - research results - spearhead blog
    records Exceptional level of post course support to maximise your return on investment Research Findings Effective Manager Development Programmes February 18 2015 February 18 2015 Recent research published in November 2014 and sponsored by the CIPD IOSH and the Affinity Health at Work Research Consortium confirms that Spearheads approach to the design and delivery of in company manager development programmes is the most effective for achieving results One of the key points the research highlighted was that a single one off training course doesn t work very well when you are trying to develop talent within your management team Effective developmental training needs to be long term the research suggested at least 3 months in duration and use a range of different developmental methods such as coaching Our partnership approach ensures continuity over the duration of any in company developmental programme we are involved with Training sessions within the programme are typically designed and delivered as modules to improve their effectiveness and we always build a range of effective training techniques and coaching into every programme we design Another important point made by the research was that senior managers must be on board and supportive of the programme At Spearhead we work closely with the senior management team from the very start usually well before any design and development work is undertaken as well as throughout the programme to ensure that this buy in is achieved and maintained Delegates on managerial development programmes also need to be clear about their role as a manager and what they are expected to do To support this appraisals and development processes need to be clear and consistent and any competency frameworks up to date Spearhead will help clients to design and implement these where they are not in place Finally in order for

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/blog/research-findings-effective-manager-development-programmes (2016-02-17)
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  • being a good boss - blog article - by spearhead training
    surveyed would change job for a better boss The same survey also showed that UK employees were the most likely to change jobs in the near future This shocking figure suggests that UK managers are not good bosses How has this situation arisen One suggestion is that with companies becoming increasingly flatter managers are having to spread themselves thinly and so have less time with each of their direct reports This can create problems because each manager employee interaction takes on greater significance for the employee Thus one poor interaction which would have been insignificant if the manager spent more time with each team member causes problems because it is not balanced by other positive interactions It is still possible to be a good boss if you have the right people skills and are able to lead effectively Here are 5 areas to focus on 1 Set Tough Goals Tough goals that are ambitious but achievable create a sense of purpose and urgency Work on motivation has shown the link between tough goals and performance 2 Expect the Best Managers expect a lot from themselves but can make things too cosy for their team Don t Be as demanding of others as you are of yourself Challenging your team to push their boundaries by getting them really thinking about how they can do things differently will get better results 3 Earn Respect A good leader will work hard to earn respect from others People may not always like you but effective leaders recognise that it is more important to be respected than adored As a manager you will be called on to make tough decisions that will secure the future of the company and the team To earn respect do not shy away from these 4 Demonstrate Confidence Trust Build

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/blog/are-you-a-good-boss (2016-02-17)
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  • formal performance reviews - appraisals -spearhead blog
    line manager helping them help their team individually and collectively to be the best that they can possibly be Annual performance reviews like any effective meeting need to be prepared for If you are a manager responsible for holding appraisals with your staff make sure you put aside enough time before the meeting to prepare yourself Here are ten important questions that we suggest you ask yourself that will help you in your preparation for a formal performance review meeting with your team members 1 How often have you discussed performance with each team member since their last annual appraisal meeting Performance needs to be discussed regularly The formal performance review should hold no surprises for your employee on their level of performance 2 How regularly have you given them positive feedback or recognition Regular positive feedback is like a tonic it boosts good performance 3 How much coaching have you done Coaching is a core skill for managers and leaders Learning to effectively coach your people helps them to give of their best throughout the year and so leads to easier formal reviews 4 What new opportunities has this person been given since their last appraisal meeting It can get very difficult to review the same job again and again if there has been no change in what the person has been asked to do or achieve 5 Have you already raised any performance shortcomings that need to be addressed Corrective feedback also acts like a tonic preventing poor performance from becoming a big problem Also see point 1 remember there should be no surprises 6 Have you made clear the link between performance and behaviour expectations and the objectives of the team and your company Research shows that good performance happens when people understand how their efforts impact

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/blog/how-effective-are-your-annual-performance-reviews (2016-02-17)
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  • managing stress at work - blog article
    survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development CIPD it was reported that the number of sick days taken by UK employees per year was down This statistic looks like good news for anyone in a managerial position as having a member of your team missing for even just a few days creates additional work load and stress for the other team members Unfortunately the survey revealed that the decrease in sick days was not due to improved employee health rather it was because the employees felt that their job would be at risk if they took time off as sick Job insecurity is known to be a major contributing factor in stress at work and a vicious cycle can quickly develop where genuinely sick employees feel stressed if they take time off Whilst it would be unrealistic to have a completely stress free work environment all of the time monitoring and managing stress levels in the team is an important responsibility those with line management responsibilities Apart from job insecurity the three well recognised causes of stress at work are 1 Excessive workload and the long hours culture this creates 2 Working in an organisation undergoing frequent and dramatic changes And 3 The management style adopted by your immediate line manager Managers can support their team members in managing stress by first recognising the symptoms of stress and then acting on the causes The symptoms of stress will vary from person to person but can be categorised under six main headings 1 Organisational symptoms such as work piling up 2 Behavioural symptoms such as indecisiveness 3 Physiological symptoms such as headaches 4 Emotional symptoms such as bad temper 5 Cognitive symptoms such as irrational thinking 6 Social symptoms such as withdrawing from the team The first thing that managers

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