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  • Financial Awareness Course from Spearhead Training
    pragmatic view of money matters We will translate the jargon conventions and formats of accounting so that they become useful tools for you Interesting case studies and practical exercises reinforced by tutor led discussions form an important part of this programme Who will benefit from attending Specially designed for non financial people who recognise the benefit of understanding financial information It is an in depth course suitable for managers or sales and marketing professionals who need to really understand finance so that they make better business decisions What you will get from attending An in depth understanding of business finance including the jargon that surrounds it The ability to read behind the accounts and use financial tools to analyse the data Confidence to form judgements and make decisions based on financial information Show Objectives Content Objectives To cut through the waffle that surrounds business finance and provide a simple understanding of finance and accounting matters To provide delegates with the ability to analyse and use financial tools as an aid to making better business decisions Content Finance Its Part in the Marketing Mix The Cash Flow Cycle Lots of Business and How to Go Bust Working Capital How It Is Used Cash Flow and Profits How Costs are Quantified Costs of Production and Selling Absorption Costing Marginal Costing Standard Costing Understanding the Statutory Accounts The Profit and Loss Account The Balance Sheet Cash Flow Statement Accounting Conventions Management Accounts The Vital Management Tool Cash Flow Forecasts Analysing Accounts Using Ratios to Analyse Performance Making Inter firm Comparisons Using Data to Make Decisions The Evaluation of Financial Risk Discounted Cash Flow Forecasting and Budgets What Forecasts do we Need How to Make Better Forecasts Using Forecasts to Decide the Budget Zero Based Budgeting Pricing Factors Affecting Price Elasticity of Demand Pricing Methods Volume Price and Contribution Testimonials for Financial Awareness I feel as though I understand balance and forecast sheets much more DR Kudos Blends One of the best training course I have been on Clive is an A trainer NL Omega Pharma Very good course Very informative and presented in a practical and easy to understand way AD Unifrax Ltd The tutor was patient and has excellent delivery RW RM Plc Clive s method and manner are fantastic Educational and fun course LB Magna Read More Information To achieve this the programme starts by explaining how money is used in a business the difference between profit and cash flow and the different types of costs and how they are quantified It then moves on to two important types of accounts statutory accounts and management accounts Under the helpful guidance of the tutor you will begin to analyse a set of accounts and as your confidence builds will start to form judgements based on the financial data presented With these skills mastered you then move on to evaluating financial risk forecasting budgets and pricing methods We have taken the care to produce support materials that helps the subject matter to be

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/business-skills/financial-awareness (2016-02-17)
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  • Persuading and Influencing Skills Course from Spearhead Training
    ability to influence is considered to be one of the core skills that virtually everyone who deals with people has to do from time to time The elements of influencing skills will help people to be more influential when dealing with others whether they are external customers or internal colleagues staff or other departments This workshop incorporates a great deal of research on human psychology and boils down the information into easy to use tools for delegates to use in their own situations Therefore delegates not only have useful background information but a tool kit of techniques to become more persuasive Who will benefit from attending Suitable for everyone who has to positively influence others to achieve satisfactory outcomes As such it is perfect for managers and supervisors who have to influence direct and non direct reports for staff who have to influence colleagues and for anyone who s job involves the need to persuade people positively What you will get from attending Knowledge of how you can develop rapport and build agreement with others without resorting to pressure tactics An understanding of your own influencing style and its effectiveness Practice in communicating persuasively to build your skills Many key tips and techniques that can be instantly applied to all influencing and persuading situations Show Objectives Content Objectives Delegates will learn how to develop rapport and build agreement through persuasive techniques Delegates will discover how they can negotiate with others and reach satisfactory outcomes that both parties find acceptable Content The Principles of Influencing People Persuasive Communication Skills Finding out What Others Want The Art of Using Conversational Questions Using Summaries to Help Understanding Structuring the Conversation Your Communication Style How to Sell Your Ideas to Others How to Deal with conflict and Disagreement Using Empathy Positive Behavioural Techniques Delivering a Difficult Message Dealing with Objections and Challenging Questions The Principles of Negotiation Achieving Mutually Satisfactory Outcomes Getting Agreement Monitoring Agreed Action Plans Action Plans Testimonials for Persuading and Influencing Skills All content was extremely relevant and well delivered CE Jacques Vert Very friendly and enthusiastic trainer Good at getting people involved NC CBI A good mix of theory and practical work RH Shell Read More Information It covers the essential elements of persuading others and includes a series of exercises to develop delegates understanding and skills During the workshop delegates will identify their own style of influence and discover how the motivational requirements of different individuals can be used when aiming to influence and persuade Delegates find this particularly interesting as it provides an insight into why different people are influenced by different approaches The workshop focuses on how to communicate persuasively without resorting to high pressure tactics and includes many key tips and techniques that can be instantly applied to influencing and persuading situations Investing in this workshop will provide improved results in terms of improved outcomes better working relationships and higher productivity Understanding how to reduce upset and angst in the workplace is also a benefit of

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/business-skills/persuading-and-influencing-skills (2016-02-17)
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  • Planning Training Course from Spearhead Training
    things efficiently and effectively i e doing the right things right This one day workshop is the ideal way to learn and practice the skills of good planning and is a must for all managers supervisors team leaders and shift leaders Course Fee 565 London 545 Regional Training Centre Description The workshop takes a structured look at the process of planning and introduces a number of tools and techniques to assist in the planning process Using a mixture of tutor input exercises and case studies delegates will be guided through the concepts and principles of effective planning Who will benefit from attending This workshop is suitable for everyone who wants to improve their planning skills It is a must for all managers supervisors team leaders and shift leaders but is also suitable for PAs EAs administrative and support staff What you will get from attending An understanding of effective planning concepts and principles A number of tools and techniques to assist in the planning process that can be applied to a wide variety of situations The ability to produce better thought out plans that are more likely to succeed Show Objectives Content Objectives To ensure that each delegate understands the principles of effective planning To provide a toolkit of planning techniques that can be applied to a wide variety of situations to assist in the planning process Content The Importance of Planning Why Should You Plan Why People Avoid Planning Understanding the Planning Cycle Defining the Aim of Your Plan Identifying your Goals SWOT and Related Tools The Goal Matrix Exploring Options Affinity Diagrams and Related Techniques Tree Diagrams Selecting the Best Option Detailed Planning and Scheduling The Elements of a Good Plan WBS Flowcharts Estimating Resources Creating an Action Plan GANTT Charts and Load Charts Checking Your Plan Feasibility

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/business-skills/planning-skills-workshop (2016-02-17)
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  • Presentation Skills Course from Spearhead Training
    to accomplish with distinction Yet mastering the ability to present well can significantly enhance your career Presentation Skills will teach you how to prepare and deliver powerful and memorable presentations Course Fee 995 London 975 Regional Training Centre Description Over the two days delegates are taken through all aspects of preparing and delivering powerful presentations namely planning and preparation using notes and memory aids using visual aids how to communicate and use the voice body language the different styles of presentation handling questions Who will benefit from attending Designed for everyone who makes presentations or who wishes to develop their presentation skills It is suitable for those who make formal presentations to individuals or groups either with or without a projector or other form of presentation aid and for those who give talks such as guest speakers It is also suitable to those who make presentations to customers or partner organisations What you will get from attending A review of the key principles of preparing a presentation Expert feedback on how to improve your personal presentation style A wealth of tips and development ideas that will make you a better presenter Show Objectives Content Objectives To learn how to present powerfully and deliver with confidence To recognise personal strengths and the importance of non verbal communication To understand the different ways to deal with questions hecklers and knowledgeable groups and audiences Content Powerful Presentations Key Principles Planning Considerations Understanding Audience Psychology Generating a Flow of Creative Ideas Preparing Your Presentation Fitting Together the Pieces Using Logic Sequence 10 Good Ways to Start Memorable Endings Notes and Memory Aids Preparing Using Visual Aids Visual Aids Do s and Don ts Presenting with Powerpoint TM Presenting Yourself Conquering Nerves and Projecting Confidence Projecting Your Voice Presenting With Style Managing Interruptions Dealing With Questions Finishing Touches Practical Exercises Delegate Presentations Using CCTV with Tutor Feedback Self Improvement Techniques For The Future Personal Action Plans Testimonials for Presentation Skills The whole course was excellent It improved my skills MJ Johnson Tiles Watching myself was embarrassing but SO worthwhile Constant feedback good also NM The Rooflight Company Found course very good great fun as well LW EMS A very experienced and patient tutor I very much enjoyed the whole experience SE Coster UK Read More Information Highly participative in nature delegates will have plenty of opportunity for practice Practice sessions are recorded on CCTV and replayed for review Delegates can feel quite apprehensive about practicing using CCTV however it is introduced and used in a positive and non threatening way and delegates quickly feel at ease and develop the confidence needed to present professionally Delegates will need to bring a short presentation with them either one they are planning to make have made or want to make A good duration for this presentation is around five to six minutes If delegates normally use their lap top for their presentations we recommend that they bring this with them As this is Presentations Skills normal business dress

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/business-skills/presentation-skills (2016-02-17)
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  • Project Management Skills Course from Spearhead Training
    support to maximise your return on investment Project Management Workshop Understanding project management techniques 1 day workshop This one day workshop is designed for those who have to support participate in or run projects It has been designed to give a fast track introduction to the skills and techniques needed and will help you to add more value to your role Course Fee 565 London 545 Regional Training Centre Description This workshop reviews in a structured way key project management techniques introducing some useful tools for the delegates to use back at work The tutor will guide you through each principle and there will be exercises to help you develop your skills Who will benefit from attending If you want an introduction to project management methodology but are not a dedicated project manager then this workshop is for you What you will get from attending A fast track introduction to project management methodology Understanding of the key concepts and principles of effective project management A toolkit of project management techniques that can be used in a wide variety of situations Show Objectives Content Objectives To ensure you understand the principles of project management To provide a toolkit of project management techniques that you can apply to a wide variety of scenarios Content Understanding the Project Life cycle What is a Project The Project Life cycle The Importance of Good Project Management Getting Started Starting a Project Do s and Dont s Introduction to Project Planning Tools WBS Gantt Charts Networks Working with the Project Team Roles and responsibilities Making time for project work Managing the conflicts that can arise Successful Projects Checklist Testimonials for Project Management Workshop All areas were dealt with well MG Solartech A difficult subject but very well explained using practical examples MC TNT Good balance of

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/business-skills/project-management-workshop (2016-02-17)
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  • Time Management Course from Spearhead Training
    regain control Course Fee 565 London 545 Regional Training Centre Description Time management is considered to be a core skill in that everyone must manage the use of their time to be effective at work The key benefits of this are improved use of time through greater efficiency reduced stress higher productivity and greater effectiveness by better prioritisation Therefore this workshop is one of the most worthwhile investments that anyone can make and the effects will last a life time Success is largely dependent on the ability to use the time available to greatest effect Many people who attend are amazed at how much they get from the day The effects are truly life changing Who will benefit from attending Suitable for busy people who want to make better use of their time and achieve even more in a given time period The skills and techniques covered are considered essential skills for anyone in a supervisory managerial position What you will get from attending Proven methods to control and manage time to your advantage Many hints and tips which will transform your use of time Techniques to deal with the unexpected and the time robbers A substantial increase in your performance Show Objectives Content Objective The aim is to ensure that delegates know how to adopt working methods which will enable at least 50 of their time to be devoted to top priority work Content Time Management and Success What or Who Controls Your Time Principles of Time Management Self Control and Discipline Identifying Your Objectives What do you want to Achieve Importance of Goal Objective Setting Time and Planning Using Planning Aids Prioritising Problems and Solutions Developing Yearly Monthly Weekly and Daily Plans Time and Work Behaviour How to Analyse Your Work Behaviour Choosing the Right Time Your Prime Time Managing the Time Robbers Self and the Environment Organising Yourself Managing the People who Impact on Your Time Managing Expectations Delegation Action Planning Your Intentions for the Future Starting Tomorrow Tips for Keeping on Track Testimonials for Time Management Very good day Brilliant tutor very informative CS Royal Agricultural Society Good techniques new to me CB Dendron Ltd The course was very informative and well presented AM Emerson Delegation was covered extremely well SY Roke Manor Research Ltd Thought provoking and enjoyable DY University of Oxford Read More Information The essential theme of this fully revised one day time management workshop is how you can control and manage time to your advantage We all have 24 hours in every day but some will achieve far more than others We unveil what the high achiever does and what they don t do All the obvious subjects are covered Planning Organising Prioritising Goal Setting Using Prime Time and Analysing your use of Time Within these topics are many hints and tips each one of which could transform your use of time We also take you through how to deal with the unexpected and the time robbers that eat away your time

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/business-skills/time-management (2016-02-17)
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  • PA & Office Support Courses from Spearhead Training
    you can take them individually as stand alone workshops but they can also be combined to create your own personal development programme About Our PA Office Support Bookable Courses All workshops are run by our own expert tutor team Our tutors are passionate about helping the people they train to succeed and they will work individually with you during the day answering your questions and sharing their knowledge freely This help continues after your return to work Not only is each programme fully supported with its own comprehensive support materials on CD but you will also be given access to our help line so you can contact your tutor whenever you need to In addition you will receive 14 e learning modules delivered at regular intervals to your inbox for a whole year after the workshop No other training supplier supports you as well All of our open workshops are run with small groups so you will quickly get to know your fellow delegates and feel relaxed Our executive PA and office support programmes are designed to be practical participative and fun They are a great way of meeting people who work in a similar role to yourself allowing you to exchange ideas and to network They are held in locations which are easy to get to even if you don t drive Full joining instructions are sent out with your booking confirmation Lunch and refreshments are provided and are included in the booking fee Many delegates ask if they can attend a workshop with a colleague The answer is yes Attending together can be a very effective way to train as it means that the shared learning you experience allows you to mutually support each after when implementing your action plans Also if you attend the same programme together

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/pa-office-support (2016-02-17)
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  • PA and Office Support Open Courses Skills
    required from the PA in today s business environment The opportunity to share experiences and benchmark best practice A host of tips to enhance your contribution and value Individual guidance and advice from your tutor to develop your skills Show Objectives Content Objectives To develop the professional skills needed in the PA role To enhance your communication and interpersonal skills To build recognition for your contributions in the workplace Content What is your Role Developing a Professional Image Characteristics of a Professional Improving your Credibility How to Develop Confidence and Self Esteem How to Take on More Challenging and Responsible Activities Taking the Initiative and Making Decisions Key Steps to Solving Problems Setting Priorities and Smart Goals Delegating Creatively Managing your Boss Managing More than one Boss Communication Skills to Enhance Your Value in the Workplace Listening Skills Giving and Getting Instructions Saying No Constructively Handling Interruptions Well Screening Callers Reducing and Managing Stress Goals for Your Job and Career Testimonials for Perfect PA Thank you for a great course it was very informative and I hope to put all I have learnt into practice straight away JW BASF plc I really enjoyed the course and found information very helpful SJ Rushmoor Borough Council Understood our needs and worked on that which was helpful JJ Hills Waste Solutions All very well explained and easy to relate to LD Webasto Roof Systems Very informative and enjoyable LD Webasto Product UK Ltd Read More Information For most organisations the most valuable resource is executive performance This workshop for PAs is about executive teamwork The PA takes responsibility for much of the organisation and co ordination of an office It is a task which calls for tact and diplomacy as well as effective communication skills A good PA makes an enormous contribution to executive effectiveness and requires numerous professional skills to be successful in this role Led by one of our expert tutors this fun and interactive day provides PAs with the opportunity to examine their current contribution and way of working and challenges them to identify ways to develop themselves to their full potential whilst supporting their manager s The workshop is run at regular intervals in two locations London and Oxfordshire Both venues have good accessibility and this makes it easy for PA s to attend at a time and location that is convenient for them and their manager s The programme starts by looking at the changing role of the PA and some of the issues these changes have created A good PA interacts with many people at all levels and so must be able to project a professional and credible image at all times This is not always easy particularly for those who may be new to a PA position The do s and don ts of portraying a professional image are discussed together with proven methods to boost your confidence in your own abilities Being a good communicator is obviously important for the PA and is considered to

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/pa-office-support/perfect-pa (2016-02-17)
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