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  • being brilliant - one day workshop from Spearhead Training
    with proven track records Exceptional level of post course support to maximise your return on investment Being Brilliant Surviving and thriving under pressure 1 day workshop This workshop is for PA s and office support staff who need to maintain high personal performance levels at work despite the pressures placed upon them Course Fee 545 Description Surviving and thriving under pressure are key to performing effectively in a support role Those who do are the high performers who are often labelled as brilliant by their manager This workshop looks at techniques for balancing performance and pressure at work in order to maintain your personal productivity Who will benefit from attending this course Designed for all office support staff including PA s What you will get from attending Techniques for maintaining a high level of personal productivity Tips on managing pressure and stress Practical solutions to make you more efficient Show Objectives Content Objectives To understand the factors leading to high personal performance To learn techniques for maintaining high personal performance under high workload and pressure situations Content High Performance Factors The Characteristics of the High Performer Measuring Your Contribution Accomplishing More Under Pressure The QQT dilemma Using Personal Goal Setting Getting Organised Useful Routines Managing Yourself Maintaining Your Energy Level Identifying Changing Habits That Hold You Back Avoiding Being Overwhelmed Keeping a Positive Attitude Self Motivation Methods When How to Say No Managing Your Stress Understanding Stress Recognising the Symptoms A B Personalities Taking Positive Action Your Action Plan Testimonials for Being Brilliant Stress management was dealt with exceptionally well DW McCue Read More Information This one day workshop starts by looking at what high performers do It then takes a structured look at the various techniques for maintaining high performance under high workload and pressure situations including looking at

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  • Minute Taking Training - 1 day open course - Spearhead Training
    PA s Managers Supervisors Team Leaders etc What you will get from attending Knowledge of the role and responsibilities of the minute taker Understanding of the different types of minutes produced Practice of the key skills needed to create professional minutes Confidence to undertake this difficult but important role in any meeting Show Objectives Content Objectives To understand the role and responsibilities of the minute taker To learn how to take effective meetings notes To know how to identify items which are essential to include in the minutes and why they are important To learn how to construct the minutes and word them objectively Content The Purpose of Meetings The Different Types of Meetings What Participants Need Types of Minutes Working with the Chair Who does What and When Using the Agenda How to Write Effective Agendas Taking Minutes Effective Listening How to Take Notes Being Selective Sorting Information Practical Session Producing Minutes How to Lay Out Minutes Structure and Clarity Considering Writing Styles Developing the Right Tone Using Professional Language Knowing What to Avoid Personal Action Plan Testimonials for Minute Taking Explained really well and the pace of the course was right for me SW White Horse Training Really pleased this course was what I needed PP Oxfordshire County Council Excellent course TF IMB Secretariat Excellent enjoyable course JC FCO Services Clear and easy to follow and understand AMW ECITB Read More Information This one day minute taking workshop has been designed to provide a structured review of the process of taking and creating effective minutes As such it is suitable for those who wish to brush up their minute taking skills and for those new to minute taking who want to know how to do this often challenging job It starts by identifying the different types of business meetings and the types of minutes taken The responsibilities of the minute taker are clarified before we move on to focus on the skills and techniques needed to take good meeting notes as well as tips to overcome the common problems the minute taker faces Finally we look at how to produce the minutes themselves The day is highly participative and is run with small groups to create a friendly and encouraging learning environment From the very start of the workshop delegates will be given the opportunity using a variety of specially designed exercises to practice the techniques taught This helps them develop the skills necessary for success at each stage and builds individual confidence Every delegate also receives a very comprehensive set of support materials that they can refer to after the course Additional support can also be obtained by contacting the special delegate help line This help line allows delegates to talk directly with the tutor when they are back at work so they can receive help with any action plan implementation issues they may face Our dedicated training centres in Oxfordshire and London are used for this workshop and it is run at regularly scheduled dates at

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/pa-office-support/minute-taking (2016-02-17)
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  • PA Course - 1 day open course - Spearhead Training
    lively discussion and practical exercises it will provide you with a wealth of useful tips and time saving techniques that will help you gain control over your work and increase your personal productivity Who will benefit from attending All support staff including PAs and Office Administrators and anyone who wishes to improve their personal effectiveness What you will get from attending Time management techniques you can apply whatever your job A wealth of useful tips to gain control over your work Practical solutions to time management obstacles to make you more effective Access to the Spearhead telephone Help line so you can continue to get individual post training support from your tutor when you need it Show Objectives Content Objectives To review the obstacles to time mastery To identify ways to improve your personal effectiveness at work Content Time Management and You The Obstacles to Time Mastery The Two Aspects of Personal Effectiveness The Effect of Work Style What is Your Personal Work Style Time Management Your Style Working With Your Style Prime Time and Energy Levels First Steps in Gaining Control Your Time Dilemmas Identifying Areas of Opportunity Assessing your Personal Efficiency Where Does Your Time Go Reducing Personal Inefficiency Identifying Managing Time Wasters What Wastes Your Time Tips to Control Time Wasters Better Organisation Conquer the Clutter Positive Work Habits Balancing Pressure Performance Knowing your ABC s Coping with Deadlines The Top 10 Ways of Becoming More Efficient Your Action Plan for Tomorrow Testimonials for Time Management For Support Staff All dealt with exceptionally well CS ER Hemmings Building Ltd Identifying personal time wasters made me think Very helpful CS Mudpie Really enjoyed today s course DT South Liverpool Housing Got to express all my concerns questions HW We Got Tickets Read More Information This one day workshop has been specially designed to look at time management principles from the perspective of those who are not in a managerial or a supervisory role for which our one day Time Management course is more appropriate It is perfect for everyone who is serious about continuous personal improvement The programme is run at two venues London and Oxfordshire Both venues are conveniently located making it easy for you to travel to and from the venue from most locations in a single day For learning effectiveness the course is run with small numbers This creates a safe and supportive environment in which the tutor will challenge you to take a critical look at your own work habits Each delegate will be encouraged to identify areas for self improvement and the techniques they can implement back at work On the day itself you will learn about the eight obstacles to mastering your time and the various solutions to overcome these obstacles Through a mixture of lively discussion self assessment and specially designed exercises the principles and practice of effective time management are explored The workshop includes Spearheads unique Time Orientation Priority Survey assessment tool This assessment will help you identify your current

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/pa-office-support/time-management-for-support-staff (2016-02-17)
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  • UK course booking terms and conditions - Spearhead Training
    More than 12 Call 01608 644144 for details T C The Spearhead Client Loyalty Scheme was launched on 1st January 2008 to reward clients who choose to use Spearhead as their preferred training partner The scheme is based on the cumulative number of open course training days booked by a client organisation in any 12 month period The first 12 month period for a given client starts on 1st January 2008 or on the date they make their first booking whichever is the later The loyalty scheme is based on the total number of days booked by a given organisation There are no restrictions on who makes the booking Qualifying bookings are logged to the clients loyalty account We will keep the client informed of the level of loyalty discount that has been applied to the course fee If a client is able to pay for their course 8 weeks before the start date of the course then they can also take advantage of our 10 EarlyBird discount This 10 would be calculated after any loyalty discount had been applied to the course fee Occasionally we may offer clients one off special offers on selected open courses Where this special offer discount is greater than that accumulated on the client s loyalty scheme we will offer the client the choice of taking the greater discount However in these instances the booking will not be logged to the client s loyalty account EarlyBird Discounts Our EarlyBird discount is designed to reward our clients who book their open courses two or more months before the course start date To qualify for your 10 EarlyBird discount your booking must be received at least two months prior to the scheduled course start date Invoices for EarlyBird bookings become due 2 months before the course start date and must be paid by the date shown on the invoice Bookings with EarlyBird discounts do count towards your client loyalty discount The Earlybird discount can not be taken with any special offer discounts For clients wanting to schedule all of their training for a 12 month period our Training Passport should be considered Training Passports maximum flexibility and significant savings A Spearhead Training Passport takes the form of a pre paid invoice that can be cashed against any of our training services including consultancy in company training and coaching This gives you maximum flexibility with your budget What s more a Spearhead Training Passport offers significant savings on the usual daily open course fee Savings of 15 49 can be achieved dependent on passport value purchased To purchase your training passport call one of our administrators on 44 0 1608 644144 Show More Your training passport will show the total value of training purchased and the equivalent number of points or part points this represents Each full point will pay for one day of training on an open course for one delegate Thus you can use your points to pay for an entire open course or as

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/events/booking-t-c (2016-02-17)
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  • online sales training - time and cost effective
    Telephone Number Please provide your telephone or mobile number Company Name Number of courses required We will contact you for the delegate names and emails once we have processed your order Preferred mode of payment Credit Debit Card BACS Cheque Please provide the full company address for the invoice including the post code Invoice Address To make an enquiry about our corporate online sales training please use this form Enquiry CAPTCHA Code Terms Conditions Show T C Each pass key is active for one week per module purchased Therefore if you purchase two modules the pass key is active for two weeks and so on If all ten modules are purchased together you will get two extra weeks to complete the modules and therefore the pass key will be active for 12 weeks Each pass key is for one user only and the user s name must be entered to access the modules Each pass key can be used by the named user on up to three devices but not simultaneously If Spearhead detects that pass keys are being used by multiple users the pass key access will be removed immediately Reproduction or re use of the material for anything other than personal use is strictly forbidden Spearhead material cannot be used for any other purposes The Format of Our Online Training Modules Show more The format of each of our online sales training modules is as follows 1 Each module is approximately 40 minutes in duration and starts with a welcome from the tutor and the aims for the module 2 Next is how to get the best from the training module 3 Then a short overview of the content is given 4 The virtual tutor then begins the training session using visual aids to convey the key messages and supporting commentary The commentary for each module includes real life examples where appropriate so bringing the material to life and making it easier for the delegate to relate to the subject matter covered The delegate can take each section at their own pace repeating the section if required or moving forward if they are comfortable with the material covered 5 After the tutor led sessions have been completed the delegate will then take a series of test questions which will verify their understanding of the material Many of the questions once answered will provide feedback and an explanation will be given to help consolidate the learning experience resembling a real life tutor 6 Next there is a summary of the key learning points of the module This is critical as research demonstrates that summarising at the end of a training session helps to improve the level of retention of the material covered 7 The delegate can then print off their personalised certificate to confirm they have completed the module 8 Then to help each delegate convert the module learning points into actions in their sales role each module has a post module exercise that can be downloaded 9 Finally for delegates who have any unanswered questions or who require any further support to help them get the best out of the module they can contact our skilled team of sales trainers who are on hand to help Why choose online sales training There are eight reasons why you should choose Spearhead s online sales training modules Show more 1 Easily adapted into a busy work schedule Online training can be easily adapted into a busy work schedule as it is convenient and readily accessible giving you the option to use it anytime and anywhere As a result it allows you to save time as well as minimising logistic costs 2 Maximises learning The course has been designed as a series of short modules which individually take around 40 minutes to complete Learning using short modules maximises learning whilst also decreasing potential disruption to the working schedule 3 Lower cost than traditional training Online training is lower cost in comparison to traditional training methods thereby saving money and making training budgets go further 4 Training to suit individual learning pace As individuals we all have a different pace and style of learning Our online training allows for individuals to privately complete the material covered in each module at their own preferred speed 5 Blended learning This method of training can also form part of a blended learning approach to support other training interventions and maximise the efficiency of other development activities They are a perfect way to reinforce tutor led training courses 6 No software is required The material is cloud based and no specialist software is needed to access or use the material Simply access the training from your laptop 7 Suitable for the modern world Our online training is aligned with modern learning methods where the internet is used in everyday life to gain information 8 Easy to use Each of our modules has been specifically designed for ease of use and with the minimum amount of administration required Overall our online training is a great way to improve performance with minimum cost in respect of time and money Why choose Spearhead for your online training Show more 1 Successful track record Spearhead Training has a successful track record of delivering training to world leading companies for over 34 years We have helped improve the performance of thousands of sales people making a positive impact to their success 2 Effective training using industry leading material We have invested in making our online training materials the very best in the business this involves endless research matched with real life verification in the business world Training must be highly effective in order to provide the maximum return on investment and that is our commitment to you 3 Materials that are easily related to real life experiences Here at Spearhead we use training materials that are easily related to each delegate s situation and are developed from real life experiences Our online modules have been developed by our own sales trainers

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  • Other services from Spearhead Training
    Management Workshop Time Management PA Office Support Courses Perfect PA Being Brilliant Minute Taking Time Management for Support Staff Booking T C Online Sales Training Other Services Bench Marking Your Sales Team One to One Coaching Resources Announcements Special Offers Blog Books Brochures Newsletter Video Guides Whitepapers Improving business performance Quality Guaranteed We design deliver the best training in the UK Courses run with small groups for maximum individual attention focus on the things that matter to you World Class Tutors Our courses are run by experts with proven track records Exceptional level of post course support to maximise your return on investment Other Services Spearhead Training is your one stop training provider As well as providing a full range of bookable open courses in company training and one to one coaching we also offer a full range of training related support services to our clients These include Consultancy Service Undertaking a wide range of training related projects such as strategic business management audits sales resource audits sales force health checks design and implementation of HR processes and procedures construction of job descriptions design of appraisal systems mystery shopper and co ordination and management of assessment centres Performance Profiling A wide range of psychometric tests can be provided and administered Managed Training Service Sourcing and vetting of training courses not offered by Spearhead Training such as IT training This service is often used when we work in partnership with our in company clients on more extensive development programmes Kindle E books A series of self development training books written by various Spearhead tutors are available as kindle downloads Spearhead Training Gulf This is a subsidiary of the UK company and provides similar courses throughout the Middle East India and South Africa To contact them directly please visit the Contact Us

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  • Benchmarking your sales team - training needs analysis
    things that matter to you World Class Tutors Our courses are run by experts with proven track records Exceptional level of post course support to maximise your return on investment Bench Marking Your Sales Team If you are unsure of your sales team s development needs and sales training requirements we can help by providing measurement of their current level of knowledge and sales ability This training needs analysis helps to ensure that any training delivered is appropriate to the requirements of the sales team and so provides the most effective return on your investment There are a number of ways we can benchmark the current ability of your sales team 1 Sales Force Questionnaire Read More This training needs analysis consists of a range of different types of questions including multiple choice and open questions which have been designed to uncover the current level of knowledge in the sales team The questionnaire is sent via email to each sales person Once the questionnaire has been completed and returned we analyse the responses and provide a score and an individual training needs recommendations report We have an extensive data base of questions to allow the questionnaire to be tailored to your sales team and their situation 2 One to one Meetings Read More This is a very cost effective method for identifying the current sales ability and therefore sales training requirements of an individual One of our expert tutors meets with each member of your sales team Each meeting lasts for 90 minutes and involves discussion to identify the individual s current knowledge level and approach to various trial sales situations Following the meetings we produce a meeting report that will highlight any gaps identified and provide recommendations for appropriate sales training 3 Accompanied Visits Read More The ultimate measure

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  • One-on-one training Corporate training
    return on investment One to One Coaching Coaching on a one to one basis is highly regarded for its exceptional effectiveness We offer both a telephone based and face to face coaching service Our team of highly specialised trainers can work with your people on an individual basis to improve personal and business performance We offer two coaching services Telephone Coaching Coaching by telephone can be a cost effective way of delivering personalised post training support to delegates The tutor calls the delegate at a pre agreed date and time and provides live coaching Typically a coaching session lasts 15 minutes Prior to the coaching session the delegate prepares by completing a telephone coaching preparation pack The cost for telephone coaching depends on the duration and number of coaching sessions provided Face to Face Coaching Our approach to the design and delivery of face to face coaching sessions is what makes them so effective Each coaching session is designed specifically for the individual being coached We provide three types of face to face coaching Read More 1 Coaching for Managers Specialist management coaching including Executive Level coaching to develop individual expertise in areas of unfamiliarity or difficulty Where senior managers are coached this service can have a dramatic effect on the performance of the whole organisation 2 Coaching for Staff Often used to help with planning and implementation This type of coaching is particularly beneficial after a training programme 3 Field Sales Coaching Aimed specifically at Sales Personnel to develop sales skills to a high level of competence Sales Staff are accompanied on selected client visits Prior to the coaching session s the tutor who will coach the delegate will call and take a full brief from the delegate or from the delegate s line manager as appropriate to identify

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