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  • “How Much?” – Tips For Quoting The Price
    individual attention focus on the things that matter to you World Class Tutors Our courses are run by experts with proven track records Exceptional level of post course support to maximise your return on investment How Much Tips For Quoting The Price March 9 2015 March 9 2015 Many sales people are very competent at presenting their product to a potential customer but are not so good at the stage in the sales discussion when it comes to presenting the price This is particularly true where the price of the product they are trying to sell is relatively high Richard Stone one of the sales trainers at Spearhead recommends that in these situations the sales person gives advance warning to the customer by saying for example The interactive system is not cheap but it is worth the price It will cost you The reason for doing this is that if the price of your products is relatively high then there is a danger that when you quote it to your customer he or she will take fright and will adopt a defensive attitude By giving advance warning to your potential customer when you quote the price this shock reaction can be avoided This technique of giving advance warning of the price also performs three other services that help you in closing sales Firstly you admit that the price for the product is substantial You are not trying to persuade the customer that they are getting the product for virtually nothing Thus you retain your credibility with the customer Secondly you discredit the concept of cheap Cheap does after all have the connotation of a product being of lower quality By saying that your product is expensive you are also implying that the quality of the product is excellent Thirdly you

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  • how customers buy - consultative sales - spearhead blog
    2015 March 6 2015 If you sell products rather than services then the answer to the question What do your customers buy from you would at first sight have a very simply answer the product But if we look at this question more carefully it quickly becomes apparent that this simplistic answer is in fact wrong The truth is that the customers of sales people selling products are not really buying the product What they are doing is exchanging their money for two things that the product does for them These are 1 A sense of well being and greater security and 2 A solution to a problem they have or they think they have Many product sales people forget this important consultative selling principle when presenting their products to potential customers and as a result they do not achieve the sales results they really ought to be getting For example the customer who buys a new car does not want to be sold a motor vehicle by the sales person what they are really looking for may be a car that is comfortable because they have to drive long distances or a car that will keep their children safe on the school run Likewise when buying toys for young children the customer is looking for something that will keep their children quiet and amused for a long time In other words they are looking for what the product will do for them not for what the product is If the sales person gets this wrong then he or she will try to sell to the customer by pointing out all of the interesting features their product has This approach is unlikely to lead to a sale being made So the important lesson here for the product sales person is

    Original URL path: http://www.spearhead-training.co.uk/blog/what-are-your-customers-really-buying (2016-02-18)
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  • Improving business performance
    manager integrate such people into their team Read more in Management Articles by Spearhead Training Writing Emails responding to customer complaints June 4 2015 June 4 2015 When we have to write an email in response to a complaint from a customer it can be hard to find the right words We feel anxious and want the problem to be resolved quickly and this attitude often results in our email sounding too brusque Try to bear the following ten complaint handling tips in mind when replying to a complaint Read more in Business Skills Articles by Spearhead Training CPD Information Part 1 June 1 2015 June 1 2015 Continuing professional development or CPD is fundamental for success in today s fast moving business environment If you are a member of a professional body then it is highly likely that your continuing membership requires you to demonstrate your commitment to lifelong learning by undertaking regular CPD activities However it is also becoming increasingly common for organisations to expect their managers and employees to undertake CPD too In this article we will look at what you need to do and the types of activities that can be used for CPD Read more in Training News by Spearhead Training Selling to Gen X May 29 2015 May 29 2015 A lot has been written about managing Gen X those born between the mid 1960 s and the early 1980 s But less has been written about selling to Gen X This blog addresses that gap Read more in Sales Skills Articles by Spearhead Training Feedback for Managers May 21 2015 May 21 2015 Feedback is crucial for improving your personal performance Handled correctly it can be a powerful motivator Whilst many managers are usually OK about giving critical feedback to their direct reports they are often less comfortable when they themselves are receiving it However unless you learn how to receive feedback as well as give it you are failing to make the most of your career Here are some tips on getting feedback Read more in Management Articles by Spearhead Training Five Essentials For TeleSales May 18 2015 May 18 2015 Why do so many new sales people make such little use of the telephone as an aid to selling The answer is because like many people they harbor a secret fear of the phone The reason for this is that they feel subconsciously that they lack the skills that will make them effective when using the telephone for making appointments or sales Read more in Sales Skills Articles by Spearhead Training Reducing Risk Increases Sales May 15 2015 May 15 2015 Customers are quite rightly cautious these days If they have not purchased from your company before it is natural for them to feel that they are taking a risk when placing their first order with you As a professional sales person you have to convince the new customer that the risk is slight in order to close the sale Read

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