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  • Sequelised: Rocky II (1979) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    dynamic and watching how Rocky reacts to his sudden influx of money is definitely interesting but the core conflict Adrian s reluctance to see Rocky get back into the ring is underdeveloped and rather perfunctory Due to the huge success of Rocky Stallone had more money to play with for this follow up and it shows the film looks cleaner brighter and smoother With all of the rough edges of the original movie thrown away though it means Rocky II lacks the grimy authentic edge that made its forerunner such a standout Additionally Stallone took the reigns as director here but his work cannot match up to the efforts of predecessor John G Avildsen in terms of pacing and thus Rocky II tends to grow a tad dull at times With that said however the original Rocky was so good due to it being a character drama rather than a sports film and Rocky II retained that approach commendably It digs deeper into his relationships with others and the two hour runtime comfortably accommodates scenes of character development More importantly Rocky II is a tremendously uplifting and motivating film The training montages and the finale are incredibly affecting in addition to being fun to watch Bill Conti s once again exceptional score heightens the film s emotionality as well Added to this the final boxing match is notably well crafted None of the other boxing matches in the series are as brutal visceral sweaty or nail biting as the climax of Rocky II One primary factor which makes Rocky II so endearing is Sly s tender finely tuned portrayal of Balboa The character is generous humble and disciplined He s a loving husband and good friend to boot Up against the cardboard heroes of many other action movies Rocky stands out as a true champion It s worth noting that there s a scene leading up to the boxing match wherein he bellows to a priest asking him for a prayer in case he gets badly injured in the fight Afterwards he cheerfully tells the priest he ll see him on Sunday It s a natural lovely scene which reminds us why the character resonates so well it s the sincerity behind him He may not be bright but he s a man you can feel nothing but sympathy and love for Meanwhile virtually every cast member of the original film made their return here The standout is Burgess Meredith who s excellent as Mickey while Weathers is also great as Apollo Talia Shire and Burt Young additionally carried out what was required of them as Adrian and Paulie respectively with satisfying results It would be easy to brand Rocky II as a sequel that was produced purely for financial reasons yet the film is far better than these superficial observations might suggest It may not be as exceptional as the 1976 original but there s heart and soul here and the inspiring climax is guaranteed to trigger goosebumps Best

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  • Sequelised | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack - Part 3
    close with the divisive third chapter read more SEQUELISED Iron Man 2 2010 April 5 2015 at 12 06 pm Comics Movies Sequelised 0 comments The pitfalls of being a superhero are dissected in Jon Favreau s divisive sequel read more SEQUELISED Star Trek V The Final Frontier 1989 March 24 2015 at 6 00 pm Movies Sequelised 0 comments The Shat picks up the megaphone for Star Trek s darkest day read more SEQUELISED Star Trek IV The Voyage Home 1986 March 18 2015 at 2 00 pm Movies Sequelised 0 comments The Enterprise crew has some fun in San Francisco read more SEQUELISED Star Trek III The Search for Spock 1984 March 2 2015 at 4 30 pm Movies Sequelised 0 comments You can t keep a good Vulcan down Farewell Leonard read more SEQUELISED Predator 2 1990 February 10 2015 at 5 00 pm Movies Sequelised 0 comments After twenty five years two tussles with the Alien and a recent reboot is this much maligned follow up to one of the greatest action movies of all time an under appreciated gem read more SEQUELISED Superman III 1983 February 3 2015 at 5 30 pm Comics Movies Sequelised 1 comment There s too much Richard Pryor in my Superman movie read more Previous 1 2 3 4 5 7 Next Movie Squabbles CULT CORNER The Return of the Living Dead 1985 SEQUELISED RoboCop 3 1993 REVIEW The Jungle Book 2016 LICENSE TO THRILL The Mask 1995 SquabbleCast 17 20 Years in Raccoon City Gaming Squabbles GAMING GREATS L A Noire 2011 LICENSE TO THRILL The Mask 1995 SquabbleCast 17 20 Years in Raccoon City GAMING GREATS Super Mario Sunshine 2002 GAMING GREATS The Secret of Monkey Island 1990 Podcast Squabbles TV Squabbles TV GEMS Cockroaches 2015 SquabbleCast 16

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  • Sequelised | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack - Part 7
    nadir of a once great franchise read more SEQUELISED 14 Creepshow 2 1987 January 8 2013 at 7 05 pm Features Movies Sequelised 2 comments George Romero and Stephen King return to their horror anthology classic with this little seen sequel read more Previous 1 5 6 7 Movie Squabbles CULT CORNER The Return of the Living Dead 1985 SEQUELISED RoboCop 3 1993 REVIEW The Jungle Book 2016 LICENSE TO THRILL The Mask 1995 SquabbleCast 17 20 Years in Raccoon City Gaming Squabbles GAMING GREATS L A Noire 2011 LICENSE TO THRILL The Mask 1995 SquabbleCast 17 20 Years in Raccoon City GAMING GREATS Super Mario Sunshine 2002 GAMING GREATS The Secret of Monkey Island 1990 Podcast Squabbles TV Squabbles TV GEMS Cockroaches 2015 SquabbleCast 16 Batfan v Superfan TV GEMS Marvel s Daredevil 2015 TV GEMS Columbo 1971 2003 SquabbleCast 14 RETARDIS Search SquabbleBox Music Squabbles REVIEW Babymetal Metal Resistance 2016 AWESOME ALBUMS Gomez In Our Gun 2002 REVIEW Blur The Magic Whip 2015 AWESOME ALBUMS Bad Religion Into the Unknown 1983 Stranger Than Fiction Goodbye Steve Strange Social Squabbles Comic Book Squabbles LICENSE TO THRILL The Mask 1995 Start Wearing Purple Wearing Purple Revisiting The Phantom PODCAST It

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  • Gaming Greats: Super Mario 64 (1996) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    Sonic would do Mario simply falls into progressively deeper states of sleep when left idle for a while His acrobatics are simply blissful to execute The problem that immediately presents itself when trying to convert the platformer formula into 3D is how to do the camera and EAD did not have as easy a time doing this as Naughty Dog did with the much more linear Crash Bandicoot This is a totally 3D game with the ability to explore its vast areas in all directions The camera automatically readjusts based on Mario s position in relation to walls and the direction in which he s pointed By clicking up and down on the C buttons the camera closes in on and draws back from Mario respectively clicking left and right rotates it in the expected direction If the player faces a mirror a Lakitu riding on a cloud can be seen as the one following Mario and recording him with a camera hanging from a fishing line The camera is thus successfully executed and is even accounted for in the game itself Rather than Mario being losing a life after two hits and gaining enhanced super forms via mushrooms that he must guard quite literally with his life Mario has eight hit points here They can be replenished by collecting coins and swimming in water while he attains temporary upgrades such as the ability to fly invisibility and a fully metal body by grabbing the Wing Cap Vanish Cap and Metal Cap respectively The player will start out with access to the foremost regions of Peach s Castle and will be able to access more of them by collecting more and more stars These will be done in each of the game s eight sandbox levels contained in the Castle s many dimension hosting paintings as well as the hub Castle itself each level containing seven stars and the hub harboring fifteen In all there are 120 stars to collect which will require the player to reach certain locations and complete certain tasks in situations varying in procedure and skill level The worlds themselves are all refreshingly unique and allow the player to choose to go in any direction except the Bowser stages Bosses will be fought in several of the worlds and the Bowser boss fights which present the occasional additional requirement for beating the game to collecting stars get progressively more challenging until the final beat down Super Mario 64 s soundtrack is fully orchestrated yet it was fresh out of the era when simple catchy tunes were created due to the lack of time to spend om overproducing a game s music The tracks have a classic feel while benefitting from live instruments The songs loop quickly but they don t get old And in pioneering 3D platforming EAD of course had to create three dimensional graphics The polygonal mildly textured result is the one dated aspect of the game although because Nintendo only had such a

    Original URL path: http://www.squabblebox.co.uk/2016/02/gaming-greats-super-mario-64-1996/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Gaming Greats: Metroid (1986) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    and a feeling of dominance upon fighting enemies with better abilities The progression is not solely within the character as the expansive world must be explored in order to beat the game Though broken up into areas it s a very non linear affair wherein the player has the option of taking different paths and returning to previously explored regions of Zebes There s generally a straight path that must be taken but wandering off and discovering hidden areas is usually rewarded The player must make his or her way through Kraid s and Ridley s respective lairs surviving the onslaught of Zebian lifeforms and navigating the winding caverns Once this is done the final area where Mother Brain resides must be overcome followed by a quick rush out of the Space Pirates s base This 2D free roaming gameplay is probably the title s greatest and most obvious contribution to the world of video gaming being able to navigate the 2D labyrinth at one s leisure without a time limit or the game blocking Samus from backtracking to earlier areas is key to the experience Metroid is leagues more difficult than any later entry in the series Starting out Samus has 30 health with a capacity for 99 Damage taken is significant and the player will need to grind and retrieve bits of energy from defeated enemies It only takes a handful of seconds to undermine the work of twenty minutes of this however and the frustration of maintaining one s health somewhat hinders the feeling of being able to explore freely By collecting power ups challenges will become more easily achievable of course After entering a password to continue an in progress game the player will start with only 30 health warranting some true grinding every time a game is continued in this manner Future games in the series would lend the player a hand with save and restore points As the game is about traversing a dark unexplored world and single handedly besting its obstacles the graphics and music are meant to create a feeling of isolation and eeriness The sprites for Samus and the enemies are typical NES fare it s easy to have a general idea of what every player in the story is The environments are textured acceptably enough and though the plain black background makes Nintendo R D1 look very lazy it does add to the creepy lonely atmosphere that the game intends to create in the player The music is extremely effective in its role in achieving said atmosphere from the sweet Title theme to the heroic Brinstar cue and everything in between The visuals may leave a lot to interpretation but the music is a definite strong point for the game Metroid isn t a perfect title but it s a groundbreaking one For all its flaws its intent is clear to immerse the player in a dark mysterious world with all the danger and curiosity that such a mission entails

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  • License to Thrill?: Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy (2008) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    presented in an interactive manner fully allowing the player to be Bourne instead of simply playing as him It should also be noted that when these Quick Time Events are nearing their utilisation a distinct sound will occur thereby preparing the player for them Sound effects in these sections and elsewhere are simply fantastic The bulk of The Bourne Conspiracy will either be played through hand to hand combat or third person shooting segments The hand to hand combat is handled quite effectively with X and Y being your main attack buttons With these you can string together combos and when your Attack Meter is at least 1 3 full Bourne can perform a take down on an enemy by pressing B similar to what he does in the films The shooter portions of the game although plentiful aren t as satisfying as Conspiracy s hand to hand counterpart Sure there are quite a few guns to use and Shooting Take downs similar to typical take downs and also performed the same way but require a gun are unsurprisingly fulfilling when used but the clunky hit detection as well as enemies that can require up to six seven bullets to go down spoils some of the fun of this otherwise decent segment Just as important is a sequence taken from the The Bourne Identity The game s singular car chase sequence you know the one with the Mini Cooper is mildly fun but due to poor vehicle controls handling and bland level design it feels rather unaccomplished The level s conclusion has a nice Quick Time sequence that is incredible to watch but the actual gameplay leaves much to be desired As pleasing as Conspiracy s gameplay is graphically it isn t the prettiest game around Although powered by Unreal Engine 3 textures are muddy washed out and lack polish There is some minor clipping present that ruins some otherwise pleasant art direction but overall the game lacks most in the aforementioned low res textures Lighting is spectacular though and hides many of the texturing problems but in dark spots the game looks downright ugly at times For a last gen title this could have easily passed for a late life PS2 game But don t let dated graphics get you down as The Bourne Conspiracy is very much a worthwhile experience Although running very short at only five to eight hours it s still a worthy purchase in the pre owned bargains Even though hardcore Bourne fans will eat up every second of it and non fans will love the action they will undoubtedly be lost story wise Nevertheless this is a fine accomplishment considering the previous disasters this sub genre has faced Useless Trivia Via IMDb The game features original star Franka Potente as Marie and William Sadler as Alexander Conklin Paul Oakenfold handled the game s score Related Squabbles LICENSE TO THRILL 18 Wanted Weapons of Fate 2009 LICENSE TO THRILL 20 Wheelman 2009 LICENSE TO THRILL

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  • Top 10 Games of 2015 | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    to make things even longer the level cap is 9999 Some players take years just to reach that level Aside from its daunting amount of content the Disgaea series is renowned for its snarky self referential sense of humour and incredibly deep strategic RPG gameplay with its downside being an outdated visual aesthetic and steep learning curve The fifth numerical entry in the series follows suit from what Disgaea is all about but from my perspective this is the definitive entry point for anyone new to the series It has great characters it is funny and silly and the tiled turn based strategy RPG combat and character customisation has never been better The visuals while still outdated to a degree are probably the best looking in the series so far This is also the most accessible as most of the flabby bits that made getting into Disgaea difficult in the first place are better explained like stat manipulation and combat situations If you re looking for a fun funny time wasting piece of RPG goodness this is the go to title of this year 6 Until Dawn Until Dawn is the type of game where on Halloween you get together with a couple of friends some drinks and snacks and play the game to completion whilst having a right laugh in the process Aside from its surprising social aspect Supermassive Games debut PS4 exclusive was a fittingly massive surprise in terms of how incredibly engrossing it is Yeah the plot is a clichèd horror wet dream but the way it plays around with tropes you usually see in the genre makes it surprisingly compelling even if the latter part of the story strayed from its tongue and cheek momentum The characters aren t the most relatable or the most complex but again the way the title plays with conventions makes them likeable While not the most gameplay centric title it has fantastic visuals and atmosphere overzealous but otherwise uncanny character animations and a butterfly effect where even the smallest choices can affect the outcome of the story making Until Dawn a worthwhile experience And David Cage should learn a lesson or two from Until Dawn I m still torn on what he did with Beyond Two Souls 5 Xenoblade Chronicles X This was my most anticipated title of 2015 and overall it didn t disappoint Possibly the biggest game in a literal sense that I have ever played Xenoblade Chronicles X is a staggering juggernaut of an RPG Five continents stretching for 400 kilometers and a fifty plus hour story campaign with a plethora of side quests this title is just bloody huge The spiritual successor of the now highly overpriced and difficult to find Wii gem Xenoblade Chronicles X is designed as a more open experience focused on custom character building and exploration in comparison to the story driven style of its predecessor The game s sheer size and numerous quests make it more comparable to an MMORPG Yes the story could have been better and should have had the same charm as Xenoblade Chronicles and there is a huge abundance of fetch quests but the positives overshadow the negatives Not only is the world gigantic it s a wonder to look at and it has a lot of diversity from those creative monster designs and sweeping landscapes to a more exhilarating combat with more variety in Art attacks and weaponry Oh and you can drive huge mechs that turn into air or ground vehicles and fight giant monsters with them Sold 4 Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain 2015 is the year we witnessed Konami one of the most iconic video game companies in the world literally sabotage themselves They cancelled the development of one of the most promising horror reboots in Silent Hills treated Hideo Kojima their most famous developer and the man that has kept them afloat in the last decade like trash turned their most prolific franchises into pachinko machines and did pretty much anything to piss off the gaming public Even Metal Gear Solid V couldn t escape the clutches of Konami s breakdown with rumours that pieces of content were cut from it Oh and it has horse armour DLC And we thought we learned our lesson from Oblivion As a last hurrah from Kojima this being his final foray into the MGS franchise V still turned out to be an amazing title It is not a Konami game it is a Hideo Kojima game and it will be remembered as such even if they try to remove his name from it By Metal Gear Solid standards The Phantom Pain is the least story centric title in the series but it definitely has the best and most refined gameplay Kojima always had a knack for telling incredibly outlandish convoluted yet amusingly tongue and cheek plots that you will either take seriously or just laugh at Since the original Metal Gear Solid that has always been his major focus This time though all the eccentricities are completely focused on an exhilarating open world experience that proves Kojima to be the formidable game designer that he is On the current gen not only does it look gorgeous it runs at a smooth 60fps The stealth and infiltration has never been better with numerous mechanics like fulton extractions to add a bit of quirk to it Also the open ended structure gives it a lot of diversity in how you approach a level It also has one of the most intricate base building mechanics I ve ever seen in a game The only problem I have with it is its out of focus story and disappointing ending which was rumoured to be caused by tampering from Konami executives Man if Konami didn t have to be such dicks and let Kojima finish this game with complete control who knows what the outcome would have been 3 Bloodborne From my perspective From Software exist solely to

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  • Gaming Greats: Mass Effect (2007) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    shoot out occurring every now and then Thankfully the story is well written the dialogues are performed efficiently and the characters are interesting enough to hold your interest and motivate you to push forward The story does play out like some kind of soap opera as so many diverse emotions rear their head which results in one of the most effective sets of dramas I ve seen in a video game Betrayal loss sacrifice heartbreak distrust all the good things in drama happens in Mass Effect which makes it more engrossing than it already is It can t be a Bioware release without talking about decision making and character relationships For dialogue options there is an innovative change from their past games where instead of a list of dialogue you have a wheel instead which is a lot more intuitive and allows you to read all your options on screen You can have conversations with your crew members that you meet along the way and get to know who they are and what drives them You are motivated to get to know them better because they are well fleshed out have very interesting histories and have multiple dimensions in their personalities Also it is very interesting to see them react to how your Shepard goes about his business and listen to their opinions on a crucial decision you ve made Of course how the characters act around you will be based on your morality alignments Paragon and Renegade Paragons are heroic and compassionate whilst Renegades are ruthless and apathetic Different characters will react uniquely based on your mental state either being positive or negative Based on how you interact with other NPCs and crucial moments as well as your standing relationships with your crew members it affects how the story goes and whether the outcome is good or bad Everything is based on your choices From the looks of it Mass Effect shines exceptionally in terms of storytelling and mythology But while it is very strong in story execution it stumbles in terms of gameplay The combat is incredibly boring and lacks challenge and most of the RPG elements felt way too padded The combat is a below average third person shooter and while it does have some interesting elements such as the ability to change up your strategy against the enemy it is way too easy Even in the hardest difficulty I never really needed to use abilities and you never run out of bullets There are even upgrades that can lower overheating so you can pack infinite ammo weaponry that never overheats I think Bioware went a bit overboard with the RPG elements especially with the customisation The problem with it is that there are way too many firearms armours and upgrades and you get them way too often which will fill up your entire inventory without even knowing it you can get equipment from levelling up or accidentally looking into a crate or locker It also doesn

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