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  • Games | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack - Part 3
    games or ignored them completely read more All Hail Nintendo Rediscovering the Wii U May 18 2015 at 5 21 pm Games 0 comments Andy is here to give us a retrospective of Nintendo s current console and why you shouldn t be so quick to dismiss it read more LICENSE TO THRILL GoldenEye 007 1997 May 13 2015 at 2 29 pm Games License to Thrill Movies 0 comments Rod becomes James Bond 007 for one of the greatest if not THE greatest licensed games in history read more GAMING GREATS Uncharted Drake s Fortune 2007 April 28 2015 at 9 00 am Games Gaming Greats 0 comments Thomas takes a look at Nathan Drake s first globe trotting adventure in this landmark PlayStation series read more Down with Digital Why You Should Support Physical Media April 14 2015 at 2 48 pm Games Movies TV 0 comments Cal tells us why the old ways are the best when it comes to digital studio distribution and Netflix tax Surely not Australia read more GAMING GREATS Metroid II Return of Samus 1991 March 26 2015 at 3 00 pm Games Gaming Greats 0 comments Samus returns in this classic sequel for the Game Boy Walt gives it another play read more LICENSE TO THRILL Jurassic Park The Game 2011 March 21 2015 at 4 00 pm Games License to Thrill Movies 0 comments Andy treks to Isla Nublar and has a dino crisis with Telltale s brilliant adaptation of the Spielberg classic read more Previous 1 2 3 4 5 16 Next Movie Squabbles CULT CORNER The Return of the Living Dead 1985 SEQUELISED RoboCop 3 1993 REVIEW The Jungle Book 2016 LICENSE TO THRILL The Mask 1995 SquabbleCast 17 20 Years in Raccoon City Gaming Squabbles GAMING GREATS L

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  • Games | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack - Part 16
    to be straight out of a Humphrey Bogart film Developed by Team Bondi The Getaway and published by Rockstar it seems to be a title I ve waited my entire life for And those graphics Just perfect IGN scored read more Max Payne 3 not Max Payn3 April 25 2011 at 4 52 pm Games 2 comments Cast your memories back to 2001 I was still in secondary school but this marked a very important moment for me it was the first time I ever built my own computer a computer that was all mine Back then this was a big deal but what was an even bigger deal were the games I received on that read more Duke Nukem still kicks ass still chews bubblegum April 22 2011 at 4 12 pm Games 0 comments Duke Nukem Forever used to be one of the biggest figures of fun in gaming circles as I m sure you re aware Bad comedians even made jokes about it With a tortured development that has taken over a decade many of us had reached the point where we never ever expected it to see the light of day Despite numerous set backs the read more That Silent Hill sequel gets a plot April 18 2011 at 7 39 pm Games Movies 0 comments In the pantheon of video game adaptations 2006 s Silent Hill is easily one of the more reputable Creepy well shot but not necessarily memorable the film bypassed lukewarm reviews to make almost 100 million in the States Given such numbers it s surprising how long it has taken for Silent Hill Revelation to rear its Pyramid Head The plot sounds derivative enough For read more Wii writing the future April 16 2011 at 2 08 am Games 0 comments

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  • Gaming Greats: Castlevania (1986) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    soon as you collect it Remember that if you already possess a sub weapon and pick up another it will be replaced This can be very frustrating especially when you wanted to keep a specific sub weapon for the boss battle which can increase how difficult said boss is to defeat Also you can collect a II symbol which means you can use your sub weapon twice in a row with a shortened wait time between uses and the III symbol which obviously allows for three uses in a row The enemies you face in Castlevania are numerous There s vampire bats zombies leopards mermen dragon skull cannons with two heads which shoot fire white skeletons that throw bones at you red skeletons that collapse into pieces when hit but resurrect after a few seconds knights ravens hunchbacks flying Medusa heads skeleton wall snakes that also shoot fire ghosts eagles that carry hunchbacks axe throwing knights and giant vampire bats At the end of each level you face a boss whose health is displayed underneath Simon s The first level boss is a giant vampire bat the second is the head of Medusa the third is a pair of mummies the fourth is Frankenstein s Monster and Igor the fifth is Death and last but not least of course you have Dracula as the sixth and final boss You will fight the Count in his vampire form and then in his giant white winged monster form Obviously Dracula is the main antagonist in pretty much every Castlevania game and the bosses are also featured in many other titles in the franchise The Castlevania series has always been known for great music and while this game doesn t have music as awesome as later entries it is still pretty good The sound chip in the NES has a distinctive sound despite how dated it is so what you hear is still effective because it really suits the tone and feel of a game from this era One of the music tracks featured in this game Vampire Killer has been included in later entries In the end credits there are joke names which are parodies of those associated with the horror genre such as Trans Fishers director Terence Fisher Vran Stoker author of Dracula Bram Stoker Christopher Bee actor Christopher Lee who of course played the Count multiple times Belo Lugosi actor Bela Lugosi played Dracula in the 1931 film Boris Karloffice actor Boris Karloff who played Frankenstein s Monster in the 1931 film Frankenstein and Love Chaney JR actor Lon Chaney Jr who played The Wolfman in the 1941 film It is also interesting to note that Simon Belmont is credited here as Simon Belmondo Overall this milestone is still a difficult one to get through and it definitely holds up as being one of the hardest NES games ever released It s a good game to play if you want to be challenged and is still a pretty cool Castlevania

    Original URL path: http://www.squabblebox.co.uk/2015/10/gaming-greats-castlevania-1986/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Gaming Greats: Secret of Evermore (1995) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    given throughout the game Aside from using the dog to find them you can also purchase them from Alchemists Ingredients can be for formulas that are used to heal attack or defend There are others which allow you to do other things for example there s a formula called Levitate which allows you to move large rocks that block a path The more you use them the stronger and more effective they become There are also Call Beads given to you by each of the four main characters you meet which contain extra spells that will definitely come in handy and you can purchase more of them when you run out As you progress through the game your characters will gain experience points to increase their total amount of health points You will also increase the dog s attack level and the power level of the boy s weapons of which there are four types swords axes spears and a bazooka However you can only increase the power of the boy s weapons to three levels except the bazooka which stays at the one level This is an aspect of the game that could be considered weak when compared to Secret of Mana which allows up to eight levels but personally I have no issues with this At the bottom of the screen there s a gauge that indicates the amount of damage that can be inflicted upon an enemy by the boy and his dog as well as how far the boy can run Using your weapon or running will cause the gauge to drop to 0 and it will then quickly recharge which will allow the boy to attack at full strength or run at full speed if you don t wait for the gauge to recharge you won t be able to run too far and your attack won t be as strong per hit Like Secret of Mana Evermore uses a ring shaped menu system which consists of many different rings related to certain things such as one for the boy s armour and collars for the dog one for the boy s weapons one for alchemy spells and one for healing or defensive items Another ring contains options for things like the controller set up the look of the text boxes that appear an option to see the stats of both characters and also an Action option which allows you to set whether the boy is more focused on being defensive or aggressive and whether the dog is more focused on searching or fighting One of the greatest strengths of this game is the music composed by Jeremy Soule It is a very dark and brooding score which suits the bleak tone of the game But there are also lighthearted moments and music as well so it s not all doom and gloom It showcases his talent extremely well and adds to the characters the story and also helped to make Secret of Evermore one

    Original URL path: http://www.squabblebox.co.uk/2015/08/gaming-greats-secret-of-evermore-1995/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Gaming Greats: Max Payne 3 (2012) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    engine has ever looked in fact The PC version offers up considerably better textures shadows lighting and particle effects than its console counterparts not to mention amazing performance optimisation and full DirectX 11 support But either way you slice it Max Payne 3 is damn cool looking regardless of platform The facial renders appear fantastic and the locales are brought to life with an immaculate attention to detail with photorealistic depictions of Brazilian architecture If that wasn t enough there are authentic character models and a plethora of diverse highly destructible environments to shoot the living shit out of The Bullet Time effects themselves are nothing short of breathtaking Further emphasising Max Payne 3 s highly cinematic gameplay are two new features Rockstar designed for that very purpose If the player has at least one painkiller left the Max Payne series answer to medkits and an enemy depletes their health time will slow to a crawl and allow you a few seconds to line up a shot and eliminate said enemy It s an insanely cool aesthetic that keeps the combat flowing smoothly and naturally whilst also acting as a valuable gameplay tool during moments when the hectic nature of the gunplay doesn t give you enough time to recover some health When these moments occur referred to in game as Last Man Standing the player can control the speed of the camera There are also moments during gameplay where a particularly nasty kill warrants a Bullet Cam i e a tracking shot of the bullet hitting its target which again the player can adjust at their leisure for added cinematic flair The RAGE engine has also been optimised to accommodate high levels of destructibility with nary a framerate drop What s even more notable is the Euphoria physics engine yet another piece of tech initially developed for GTA IV It allows for realistic character movement by giving individual models skeletal structure and weight Euphoria allows for every single character model to run move fall and tumble with eerie authenticity The Euphoria technology also eliminates those rather unsavoury moments from past games where if Max were to dive in the direction of a wall for example the animation would still play out with heavy clipping to keep the character model from breaching the area of play With Euphoria however if Max finds himself sailing towards a wall upon impact his body will fold and bend to varying degrees depending on force and inertia On top of truly outstanding gunfights and set pieces the story being told is both impressively written and unrelentingly grim More so than the previous games the violence in Max Payne 3 is swift and unwavering There are some truly heinous moments of bloodshed that occur throughout and almost always when you least expect them The shootouts themselves are extremely bloody almost Sam Peckinpah esque in their gratuity These gunfights are appropriately accented by amazing sound design and an eclectic effective soundtrack The score consisting of original

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  • Gaming Greats: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (2009) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    as good as it s ever going to get and enemy AI is greatly updated I loved that Naughty Dog ditched one of the biggest problems from the first game enemies that were able to soak up nearly a full clip of ammo and keep coming for more Not only was this a nuisance in intense firefights but having baddies that were constantly moving didn t help either I m happy to say that the so called breakdancing targets have been done away with There s also the ability to play stealthily whenever possible Surprisingly enough it is fully functional and works better than I would have ever anticipated Drake also learned some new moves over the years Hand to hand was revamped and no longer requires combinations of the square and triangle buttons to pull off hard to perform combos Naughty Dog saw fit to relegate all melee attacks to only the square button and Not only are combos much easier to perform they are even more satisfying here than in the first game Apart from this Nate can also shoot while hanging from various objects in the environment This gives the game a nice vertical feel and allows for more variety in gunfights I was also relieved to find that the puzzle solving elements were given more depth even if they aren t as frequent as the first game Each of these segments in Drake s Fortune felt criminally easy and way too simple despite their abundance The puzzles in Among Thieves however require a bit of digging through Drake s journal to solve and this time around you can actually scan through the numerous pages in order to find solutions instead of being presented with the correct page no matter what It s obvious to this gamer that Naughty Dog didn t place as much emphasis on these segments but by giving you puzzles that weren t as easy and also much more complex they feel more rewarding But I would be remiss if I didn t mention the graphics and they truly outdid themselves here It s been rumored that the first Uncharted used about 30 of the PS3 s Cell processor whereas Among Thieves uses between 90 100 It s also been said that the game s files take up all available space on the Blu ray disc Considering the sheer amount of detail strewn across ten or so hours of gameplay as well as the astounding differences between each respective locale Drake will visit this all comes with nary a framerate drop no in game loading screens and more surprisingly still no installation process Uncharted 2 s visuals do not disappoint Graphically it s right up there with PS3 favorite Killzone 2 for its generation with much broader design and a variety in colours One chapter has Drake traversing a moving train as his surroundings slowly transition from dense jungles to snow capped mountains It s awe inspiring to just sit back and watch

    Original URL path: http://www.squabblebox.co.uk/2015/07/gaming-greats-uncharted-2-among-thieves-2009/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Gaming Greats | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack - Part 3
    picks up a pad for an interactive Studio Ghibli classic read more GAMING GREATS Heavy Rain 2010 July 5 2014 at 1 19 pm Games Gaming Greats 0 comments Becky hopes to crack a murder case in Quantic Dream s cult PlayStation exclusive read more GAMING GREATS Golden Axe 1989 June 25 2014 at 12 25 pm Games Gaming Greats 3 comments Fate lies in the hands of an Arnie rip off a fearless heroine and a dwarf in this side scrolling milestone for the Mega Drive read more GAMING GREATS Kid Chameleon 1992 June 19 2014 at 2 25 pm Games Gaming Greats 2 comments Becky becomes a master of disguise in one of the Mega Drive s greatest platformers read more GAMING GREATS Tetris 1989 June 12 2014 at 1 51 pm Games Gaming Greats 0 comments R G celebrates a quarter century of the legendary puzzle game as represented by its most famous iteration read more GAMING GREATS Ecco the Dolphin 1992 May 28 2014 at 5 26 pm Games Gaming Greats 0 comments Becky takes to the seas to revisit old Ecco in one of the Mega Drive s most maddening and beloved games read more GAMING GREATS Streets of Rage 1991 May 19 2014 at 11 55 am Games Gaming Greats Gaming Squabbles 0 comments Welcome newcomer Becky Lenton who takes a look at a brawling classic we all remember on the Mega Drive read more Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next Movie Squabbles CULT CORNER The Return of the Living Dead 1985 SEQUELISED RoboCop 3 1993 REVIEW The Jungle Book 2016 LICENSE TO THRILL The Mask 1995 SquabbleCast 17 20 Years in Raccoon City Gaming Squabbles GAMING GREATS L A Noire 2011 LICENSE TO THRILL The Mask 1995 SquabbleCast 17 20 Years in

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  • Gaming Greats | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack - Part 5
    at 4 54 pm Features Games Gaming Greats 1 comment Walt tries to catch em all on the Game Boy read more GAMING GREATS 18 Dark Void Zero 2010 January 7 2013 at 9 05 pm Features Games Gaming Greats 0 comments NES like graphics and a score by Bear McCreary Walt tells us why this gaming April Fool s joke completely trounces its console counterpart read more GAMING GREATS 17 Tails Adventure 1995 December 28 2012 at 1 44 am Features Games Gaming Greats 0 comments Sonic s pal had his own title on the Game Gear And you know what It s not that bad read more GAMING GREATS 5 Mercenaries Playground of Destruction 2005 September 17 2011 at 2 17 pm Games Gaming Greats 0 comments read more GAMING GREATS 4 Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse 1992 September 2 2011 at 7 55 pm Games Gaming Greats 0 comments read more GAMING GREATS 3 Sonic the Hedgehog 1991 August 20 2011 at 3 07 pm Games Gaming Greats 1 comment read more GAMING GREATS 2 The Story of Thor 1995 May 19 2011 at 3 04 pm Games Gaming Greats 0 comments read more Previous 1 3 4 5 Movie Squabbles CULT CORNER The Return of the Living Dead 1985 SEQUELISED RoboCop 3 1993 REVIEW The Jungle Book 2016 LICENSE TO THRILL The Mask 1995 SquabbleCast 17 20 Years in Raccoon City Gaming Squabbles GAMING GREATS L A Noire 2011 LICENSE TO THRILL The Mask 1995 SquabbleCast 17 20 Years in Raccoon City GAMING GREATS Super Mario Sunshine 2002 GAMING GREATS The Secret of Monkey Island 1990 Podcast Squabbles TV Squabbles TV GEMS Cockroaches 2015 SquabbleCast 16 Batfan v Superfan TV GEMS Marvel s Daredevil 2015 TV GEMS Columbo 1971 2003 SquabbleCast 14 RETARDIS Search SquabbleBox

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