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  • TV Gems | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack - Part 3
    his work cut out read more TV GEMS Ghostwatch 1992 October 30 2014 at 5 05 pm TV TV Gems 0 comments Liam revisits one of the scariest television transmissions ever with the BBC s infamous spook mockumentary read more TV GEMS The Flash 1990 1991 October 3 2014 at 9 28 pm Comics TV TV Gems TV Squabbles 0 comments Just before he races back onto the small screen how does this first attempt at Barry Allen s alter ego hold up read more TV GEMS The Mysterious Cities of Gold 1982 1983 September 28 2014 at 3 30 pm TV TV Gems 0 comments Liam is on a quest for that lovely gold with a classic cartoon from the 80s read more TV GEMS Harper s Island 2009 September 4 2014 at 3 32 pm TV TV Gems 0 comments Murder and mystery combine in this brilliant and under seen miniseries Who did the dirty read more TV GEMS Battlestar Galactica The Miniseries 2003 August 26 2014 at 7 22 pm TV TV Gems 1 comment Richard finally gets around to watching the opening to the greatest sci fi show ever made no frakkin arguments What does it mean to be human read more TV GEMS The A Team 1983 1987 August 22 2014 at 3 21 pm TV TV Gems 0 comments Liam remembers his childhood and ain t getting on no plane to review a telly classic read more Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next Movie Squabbles CULT CORNER The Return of the Living Dead 1985 SEQUELISED RoboCop 3 1993 REVIEW The Jungle Book 2016 LICENSE TO THRILL The Mask 1995 SquabbleCast 17 20 Years in Raccoon City Gaming Squabbles GAMING GREATS L A Noire 2011 LICENSE TO THRILL The Mask 1995 SquabbleCast 17 20

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  • TV Gems | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack - Part 5
    July 28 2013 at 3 53 pm TV TV Gems 0 comments A ha Before a viewing of his debut film Dylan revisits the best show to star Mr Partridge read more TV GEMS 14 The Day Today July 15 2013 at 7 24 pm TV TV Gems 0 comments With Alan Partridge set to make a return on the big screen how about revisiting his first appearance It can only be Chris Morris hilarious mock news show read more TV GEMS 13 Parks and Recreation May 28 2013 at 5 00 pm TV TV Gems 1 comment Is this long running mockumentary funnier than The Office read more TV GEMS 12 Game of Thrones April 3 2013 at 5 00 pm TV TV Gems 0 comments With the third season starting earlier in the week Ed takes a visit to Westeros to recommend the first series for newbies read more TV GEMS 11 Frontline March 22 2013 at 2 22 pm TV TV Gems 0 comments Cal checks out this Australian news satire which would make an ideal companion piece to The Day Today read more TV GEMS 6 Him Her November 24 2012 at 3 48 pm Features TV TV Gems 0 comments Currently on its third series Mr Fox takes the time to praise BBC3 s underrated sitcom read more Previous 1 3 4 5 Movie Squabbles CULT CORNER The Return of the Living Dead 1985 SEQUELISED RoboCop 3 1993 REVIEW The Jungle Book 2016 LICENSE TO THRILL The Mask 1995 SquabbleCast 17 20 Years in Raccoon City Gaming Squabbles GAMING GREATS L A Noire 2011 LICENSE TO THRILL The Mask 1995 SquabbleCast 17 20 Years in Raccoon City GAMING GREATS Super Mario Sunshine 2002 GAMING GREATS The Secret of Monkey Island 1990 Podcast Squabbles TV Squabbles

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  • The Who Review: "The Woman Who Lived" / "The Zygon Invasion" | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    Clara Oswald and a change in character The story arcs are certainly being developed better this go around but with Steven Moffat anything is possible so second guessing him is never easy Doctor Who has always made historical episodes in style and The Woman Who Lived was another excellent addition to that collection and to series 9 Carrying the humorous style from last year s Robot of Sherwood but combining it with a dark tone and serious subject matter from Catherine Treganna s excellent script was a winning combination It was one of the best we will see this series Science fiction has always been seen as a genre that holds up a mirror to society showing us its faults and its problems Doctor Who has not shied away from that in the past The Happiness Patrol from the Seventh Doctor era was an excellent social commentary of Thatcher s Britain The revival series has touched on current politics in places but not as blatantly as The Zygon Invasion has A long recap started the episode reminding us of the human Zygon peace treaty the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors made during the fiftieth anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor The two Osgoods are on hand to explain the treaty and also reveal that The Doctor left an Osgood box just in case the nightmare scenario happens Smartly we don t know which Osgood is the Zygon but we do know that one of them was killed by Missy during Death in Heaven last series The other Osgood ran away with grief before being captured by a Zygon radical splinter group who want an end to the treaty and a return to the Zygon form The invasion of the title is more of a radicalisation a problem that is seen in the real world from groups like Isis The video of a captured Osgood reading out a prepared statement whilst under threat had the look and feel of hostage videos the extremist group have been known to produce It is all very deliberate even down to having a Zygon base in the fictional Turmezistan odd to have a fictional place when the rest of the episode is set in London and Truth or Consequences New Mexico retrospectively If world politics are the main target of Peter Harness script he also doesn t forget issues closer to home The Doctor quipping that British people assume the Zygons will pinch their benefits certainly got a laugh It is a brave move to be this political in a family show It doesn t mean the typical monster scares of an invasion episode were forgotten of course The Zygons are a real threat in this instalment We see them murdering many innocent lives as well as taking more forms than ever before It was always the plan to return to these intriguing aliens who were more of an aside in the fiftieth celebration In a series where one of the themes is the enemy

    Original URL path: http://www.squabblebox.co.uk/2015/11/the-who-review-the-woman-who-lived-the-zygon-invasion/ (2016-04-26)
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  • The Who Review: "Before the Flood" / "The Girl Who Died" | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    take on a ghost story and last week we got something a little different again The episode itself is very conventional in terms of what we come to expect from a Steven Moffat era story but there were changes in the formula that made The Girl Who Died a key episode for series 9 How fitting that an important story for the series would be set during a milestone in the revival era This episode started the 100 th individual story since the show returned in 2005 Under Russell T Davies the series explored this lonely war torn vengenful god whilst showing how vital The Doctor is to the universe as a whole Since Series 5 Moffat built on that by exploring the consequences of his existence as well as the complications time travel can have on himself and those he encounters Despite the change in head writers both narrative eras do have one regular returning theme The Time War Back in The Witch s Familiar Davros theorised a hybrid of two great warrior races was created by the Time Lords him believing it to be a Dalek Time Lord combination to combat his Daleks It was also hinted that The Doctor was a part of creating it during his War Doctor guise This was the early narrative seed planted and the early signs of that growing started with this episode Ashildr died saving her village in battle A great honour when one is a Viking The child always believed she was different with her tomboy nature and creative mind with stories always filling her mind Not so much of a stretch for Maisie Williams who played Ashildr in much the same way she portrays Arya Stark in Game of Thrones Both are girls who standout from the norm in historical settings and sympathy begins to emanate from them This is effective enough as her youthful performance makes you care about her character She becomes the central focus for The Doctor here and the main reason he acts with compassion to save that one person Another Davros prediction was the downfall of The Doctor Compassion Here he breaks the rules of life and death to use Mire technology to make Ashildr immortal thus creating a hybrid The build up to that moment was wonderful when The Doctor declares I am The Doctor and I save people He realises why he has chosen the face of Caecilius Donna Noble pushed the Tenth Doctor to save one family during the final day of Pompeii The face has stuck with him ever since to remind him that no matter how impossible it seems he will always save someone Capaldi played this perfectly with his best performance in the role to date He carried The Doctor s emotional state from hearing a baby cry to dealing with loss so well fully accepting the future consequences Acting on emotion was a good moment but such actions haven t always been good for The Doctor and

    Original URL path: http://www.squabblebox.co.uk/2015/10/the-who-review-before-the-flood-the-girl-who-died/ (2016-04-26)
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  • The Who Review: "The Witch's Familiar" / "Under the Lake" | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    is a delight and a true highlight in the long running series which dared to explore the relationship of two of its most important characters with true depth and an excellent plot As it is a two parter The Magician s Apprentice The Witch s Familar is the best Davros storyline since Genesis of the Daleks Do I have the right to say it is even on par or better than Genesis Probably not but it s up there Together they are a brilliant opener to Series 9 When you re a Doctor Who superfan or Whovian it is very rare to be surprised by the show A Whovian can usually spot where the series is going and can match the news coming off the set to the episode titles and how it all fits in A Whovian can also spot when an episode like Under the Lake comes along to merrily tick off the tropes from the trailers A sci fi base check Scary monsters check Running around dark corridors check It seemed inevitable that this would be a run of the mill Who story Yet after the first part of another two part story it seemed like there was more to this base under siege story than expected The Doctor and Clara land in 2119 Scotland at the Vector Petroleum underwater base as a team of miners are being haunted by ghosts This all begins with the discovery of an alien ship which landed there before the flood had ravaged the town With their captain Moran Colin MacFarlane now a ghost the young team are left wondering what to do next It s a shame MacFarlane s character is killed off so swiftly now only mouthing the words The Dark The Sword The Forsaken The Temple because he has one of the most recognisable voices on film and television We will never hear him say The Cube in Doctor Who Oh well The reveal of the signal was a smart twist The words etched onto the inside of the spaceship were used as a carrier to strengthen the signal by those blinking the words into their memory A nice touch is that it s Cass played by Sophie Stone the first deaf actress to appear on the show with her lip reading skills that deciphers the message The inclusion of a character with a disability in a primetime drama is still very rare on television and can sometimes make the character feel shoehorned in Not so with Cass The character is a big part of the story and is a natural fit Not that The Doctor can communicate with her personally due to deleting sign language from his mind and replacing it with semaphore It s no surprise that a Toby Whithouse script contains such humour Chuckles were to be had with those Doctor cue cards and the unfortunate happening of Peter Andre s Mysterious Girl being in his head for two weeks nobody wants that His script

    Original URL path: http://www.squabblebox.co.uk/2015/10/the-who-review-the-witchs-familiar-under-the-lake/ (2016-04-26)
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  • The Who Review: "The Magician's Apprentice" | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    really destroyed in Doctor Who which can be very good or very bad There s always people who side one way or the other It would be a bit boring if everything just perished though right Which brings us back to the cliffhanger Moffat really wanted to up the tension by destroying everything The Doctor holds dear His two closest friends and the wife Seeing The Doctor beg helplessly to Davros to spare Clara was heartbreaking The man at the mercy of his arch enemy sorry Missy The deaths only upped the drama but they can t be gone forever especially in episode one Death is for other people dear Missy said to Clara I think she s speaking for the four of them there Missy is the real star here as Michelle Gomez puts in another excellent performance as the Time Lady After being the antagonist of the last series the complicated friendship between herself and The Doctor is only explored further both comedically and seriously The Master fought on the front line of the Time War as well scarred by its horrors Now they are on the same side again and made to look equal they have a bigger threat to face than each other It is quite obvious that Moffat is enjoying writing the character with every quotable line coming from Missy and all delivered with aplomb It helps that she seems even more Scottish than ever No I have not turned GUUD The chemistry between Gomez and Peter Capaldi is as cracking as it was last series The gravity I know They are a joy to watch This is not to say Capaldi was upstaged Who could be when you enter an arena on a tank whilst breaking the fourth wall by playing the Doctor Who theme song on electric guitar Comfortable in the role now this dude can do some crazy things for comic effect whilst being serious moments later The Doctor is having a party in meditation of his final days which explains the new cosmic hobo look A hoodie and a t shirt with holes in it who needs a distinguished look these days Clara knows something is wrong What is on that confession dial There s your series arc right there Oh Clara She s not considered the best friend any more It s a relegation the character gets in the episode as a whole as well Despite the early stuff around UNIT she s rather secondary in the whole episode The best lines are saved for others and Missy uses her to find The Doctor the scene between the two was excellent however As we know Jenna Coleman will leave the show at some point during the series after being the longest companion of the modern era She s certainly a more rounded character these days and can have a quiet episode or two before her impending departure becomes the focus later on The Doctor is alone with Davros and his

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  • Review: Dag (Sky Arts) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    opened for us to at least try and identify with the show s complex and introverted central character Living together you re only as happy as the least happy person there Dag tells one of his patients while outside the office his beautiful receptionist Malin Agnes Kittelsen secretly listens in on the intercom and quietly swigs whisky to stop herself from going insane None of this sounds even remotely funny does it But it is Very funny in a way that Louis CK now seems strangely reluctant to be While Dag is very dark indeed it s not afraid to throw in a little slapstick from time to time and as viewers we are taken seamlessly from cruelty and depression to moments of memorable laugh out loud comedy Having firmly established our hero s grim day to day life in the first couple of episodes it s soon time to shake things up a bit and Dag s life quickly changes when his well meaning sister Marianne forces him to go on a blind date with her friend Eva Tuva Novotny This intrusion into Dag s ordered life hits him like a stream train and when Eva asks to temporarily move in with him it s hard to see how his life will ever be the same again A big slice of the humour in Dag comes from the characters who attend his marriage guidance clinic Like a nun who s having problems with her marriage to Christ or in one of this week s episodes a sixteen year old girl complaining that her thirteen year old boyfriend won t have sex with her This is what some writers like to call cringe comedy and it s definitely not for everyone but it s got me hooked and is now one of the highlights of my week s viewing Give it a try I think you ll find that Dag might be your bag too Related Squabbles REVIEW Louie Comedy Central REVIEW The Wrong Mans BBC2 REVIEW Broadchurch ITV1 THE WHO REVIEW The Day of The Doctor REVIEW The Young Montalbano BBC4 THE WHO REVIEW Series 7 Episode 8 The Rings of Akhaten THE WHO REVIEW Flatline REVIEW The Village BBC1 REVIEW Black Mirror Be Right Back Channel 4 Mouthbox Self proclaimed frog prince of the TV bloggers Mouthbox has worked as a senior web editor at the BBC a comedy writer for Channel 4 and as a producer for Channel 5 He loves to write about himself in the third person More Posts Tags Agnes Kittelsen Anders Baasmo Christiansen Atle Antonsen Dag Dag 2015 Dag Review Dag Sky Arts Louis CK Sky Arts Tuva Novotny Share this post Tweet Previous Article REVIEW Fantastic Four 2015 Next Article Space Balls Up Revisiting Moonraker dj1971 Great series better than the weak rubbish that we churn out in the UK the last few years Pity that Sky or whoever appear to have used some kind of auto subtitling on series 2 though

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  • Review: Humans (Channel 4) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    Humans has been written by Spooks writers Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley and the script is good Unfortunately the acting is more than a little patchy I blame the director I m guessing he was trying to draw a contrast between the humans and the synths by getting the humans to play it big and the synths to play it small But it simply didn t work It just came out as a series of painfully over acted performances Weirdly and echoing the underlying sentiment of the entire series the actors playing the robots turn in far better performances than the actors playing the humans Make it bigger make it bigger the director must have screamed throughout filming I ve seen more subtle acting in Aladdin at the Bristol Hippodrome Worst of all is Neil Maskell as DS Pete Drummond a truly ridiculous performance featuring a gruff fake cockney accent and an overall physicality that suggests discomfort in the area of the rectum One of the few actors to get it right is William Hurt as George Millican who obviously had enough experience and confidence to tell the director where to stick it Humans poses the question Will robots ever be able to think and feel Will they ever be truly conscious Personally I doubt it But I don t think it ll be very long before they re stopping us at traffic lights and asking to clean our windscreens Related Squabbles REVIEW Black Mirror Be Right Back Channel 4 TV GEMS The IT Crowd 2006 2013 REVIEW Black Mirror White Bear Channel 4 Charlie Brooker gazes into Black Mirror REVIEW Black Mirror The Waldo Moment Channel 4 REVIEW The Returned Les Revenants Channel 4 REVIEW The Wrestlers Fighting with My Family 2013 REVIEW The Mill Channel 4 Untamed Ego

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