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  • Awesome Albums: Patti Smith - Horses (1975) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    and the Ramones in the raw abrasive stripped down model of rock n roll employed to devastating effect on the opening track lead single Gloria a drastic and frenetic overhaul of the garage rock staple Smith s gargantuan poetic talent is given ample room to roam on Horses with musical compositions on tracks like Birdland merely emphasising the tumultuous crescendo of the words tumbling from Smith s mouth with increasing searing fervour It brings forth the bizarre and desperate events depicted in Peter Reich s memoirs and leads to a dizzying and exhaustive climax The lyrical content of the record is vast and diverse but frequently delves Smith s literary influences to explore and decry the humbling nature of fractured relationships between sisters Redondo Beach Kimberly parents Birdland friends and idols The sheer passion with which Patti Smith delivers her vocals throughout the record whether she be whelping with uncontrollable vehemence or allowing her thoughts to unfurl in a raspy vindictive cavalcade of linguistic somersaults the emotion and words themselves feel so unbelievably honest that you can t help but be pulled into her realm amid her thoughts and dreams and turbulent emotions You actively root for Patti amid her turmoil and marvel at her insight Her dense lexicon and library of metaphors don t wall her in as is so often the case with literate musicians they invite you to ponder their meaning It s this frankness coupled with electrifying stripped down piano based garage rock that makes Horses one of the seminal records in the forging of what is now interpreted as punk because if punk is about returning to the roots of what s important about rock music then this record reminds us what s important about music in general Useless Trivia Via Wikipedia Horses is often cited as one of the greatest albums in music history In 2003 the album was ranked number 44 on Rolling Stone magazine s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time NME named the album number 1 in its list 20 Near as Damn It Perfect Initial Efforts According to a list released by Time magazine in 2006 Horses is one of the All Time 100 Greatest Albums and three years later it was preserved by the Library of Congress into the National Recording Registry calling it culturally historically or aesthetically significant The cover photo was taken by Robert Mapplethorpe using natural light in a penthouse in Greenwich Village The triangle of light on the wall too blurry to discern as a geometric figure on the above low resolution image was the product of the afternoon sun The record company wanted to make various changes to the photo but Smith overruled such attempts Related Squabbles AWESOME ALBUMS Weezer Weezer 1994 Darren Aronofsky joins forces with Lou Reed and Metallica TV GEMS Columbo 1971 2003 AWESOME ALBUMS Bad Religion Into the Unknown 1983 AWESOME ALBUMS The Smiths Meat is Murder 1985 AWESOME ALBUMS Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the

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  • Awesome Albums: Talk Talk - The Colour of Spring (1986) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    and essentially an alternatively named title track as Hollis implores come gentle spring come at winter s end gone is the pallow from a promise that s nature s gift backed by further exhibits from their now signature collection of instruments that most people have never heard of dobro or variophon anyone The up tempo Living in Another World also charted 48 and amply demonstrates why I will never accept that there is a finer writer of a bass hook living or dead than Paul Webb Give it Up keeps the standard high with penultimate track Chameleon Day most heavily hinting at the more organic arrangement processes to come on later albums But closer Time It s Time is a fitting sign off eight and a bit minutes of magnificent opulence replete with choral chanting that wouldn t sound out of place in an Omen film Never has a collection of a mere eight tracks proved so satisfying yet never once does it encroach on the extraneous or indulgent The album reached 8 in the UK charts and remains their biggest selling album outside various collections remix albums and live recordings and explains the admiration of future luminaries such as Radiohead DJ Shadow Portishead and Elbow s Guy Garvey Far from being simply a staging post The Colour of Spring is a highly accomplished recording in its own right Both Talk Talk and The Colour of Spring are respectively in my top ten bands and albums of all time for reasons I will explain by revisiting the Arctic Monkeys parallel via the opinion cleaving AM Because behind every fan who considers its West Coast infused R B leanings to have produced a ground breaking piece of work stands another who deems Alex Turner s LA affectations a betrayal of the band s trackie bottoms and trainers Northern working class roots The concept of comfort in familiarity will be embraced by anyone who holidays in the same resort every year or always orders the sweet and sour pork balls But as heartbreaking as it is to look on forlornly as a cherished artist grows apart from us it s a two way street sometimes it is the fan whose tastes evolve and if you develop a fondness for shrimp foo yung and can t get it from the Peking round the corner then you find another takeaway Talk Talk was one of the bands which contributed heavily to my immersion in early 80s synth pop and as my own tastes developed they stayed with me all the way Crucially by the time they d cultivated the genre defining Spirit of Eden itself followed by the even more heavily improvised Laughing Stock I realised not only that the band would never have completed that journey without making The Colour of Spring but that in all probability I d never have discovered post rock without Talk Talk Sometimes you need to trust your heroes to take you somewhere you never knew existed Useless

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  • Awesome Albums: Iommi - Fused (2005) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    a statement of intent for the entire album the pounding drums and a catchy chorus make for one of the best songs on the record Why this wasn t released as a single is ridiculous as rock radio would have presumably eaten it up From here it slows down a notch and the keyboards drums and guitar beautifully blend with Hughes powerful and funkier vocals on Wasted Again and Saviour of the Real Resolution Song moves into doomier territory whilst the beautiful chorus of Grace stands out as a highlight of the tracks with the guitar work alternating between faster upbeat rock and a slower more pessimistic feel Deep Inside a Shell could be described as a ballad with the additional keyboards by producer Bob Merlette really marking it out We have a brief return to a high speed tempo with What You re Living For although effortlessly changing gear throughout once again Face Your Fear features layered vocals and shows off the flexibility of Hughes range whilst The Spell keeps things slow and heavy The final song of Fused though is an epic and the most atmospheric song on the platter the instruments sound restrained until the chorus kicks in and POW the metal smacks you in the face What a way to end it There are a lot of outstanding riffs on Fused with Iommi s work being nothing less than superb but I doubt any vocalist other than Hughes could have given the songs the sort of impact that they have The range of his voice is quite remarkable No matter how high or low he goes he hits every note perfectly We also can t forget the drumming of Kenny Aronoff managing to be both impeccably hefty whilst adding subtler sounds when required Marlette s production and keyboards are also worthy of note with the former being an especially necessary backdrop to Deep Inside a Shell and I Go Insane While some albums have amazing songs on them there aren t many that are filled with purely classic music from beginning to end yet Fused is one of those rare compendiums that doesn t have a single filler track It ll leave you stunned from the start of Dopamine until the very end of I Go Insane Anyone expecting something that sounds like early Sabbath will be completely disappointed as while Iommi s trademark style is present it doesn t dominate with a more hard rock sound being presented over outright metal It might not be as good as Sabbath s early work either but Fused remains one of Iommi s best releases Useless Trivia Via Wikipedia After releasing Fused Iommi joined Heaven Hell which disbanded after Ronnie James Dio s death in 2010 Fused reached number 34 on Billboard s Top Heatseekers list Iommi is widely considered to be one of the greatest and most influential rock guitarists of all time A prolific riff maker he was ranked number 25 in Rolling Stone magazine s

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  • Review: Babymetal - Babymetal (2014) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    have the greatest cohesion of J pop and metal Out of all the tracks the most enjoyable to my surprise was the classic Linkin Park esque Onadair Daisakusen complete with semi rapped lyrics which is almost completely devoid of kawaii moments forming a nice break from cute overload My main problem with the album is that while there s no particularly bad songs there s just too many where the J pop and metal moments blend so poorly While the death metal tracks are all guilty of this the worst offender must be Doki Doki Morning the verses of which contain a ridiculously unnecessary amount of drumbeats and technical guitars before the chorus abruptly changes into over the top bubblegum pop This rapid change of pace is rather disorientating and there really is such a thing as too much cuteness This was compounded upon discovering an English translation of the lyrics to Doki Doki Morning and finding that they are also ridiculously happy being about make up and going out with the girls To describe this song I would say that it s like dipping a kitten into a vat of cute and then pulling it out to discover that the feline s now wearing leather and studs There s just too much happening in the song for it to properly make sense which is sadly a problem that runs throughout the entire record When it works properly mixing the electronic power metal and J pop into a proper collaborative bundle Babymetal s enjoyable but it s when it tries to expand into death thrash or even technical metal that this album shows its weaknesses Despite all of the above problems I found myself enjoying Babymetal While the musical style has a very schizophrenic feel as it jumps from genre to genre the girlie vocals cause all of the songs to have an underlying familiarity It s fairly obvious that Su Metal is the main focus of the group with her talented voice standing out far beyond the contributions of Yui and Maometal although it does appear that their additions are much more noticeable in both the live setting and their videos with their ridiculously energetic dances It s Su Metal s voice that provides a light counter balance to all the different genres of metal in play staying steady whatever the tone In some songs it does appear that autotuning is evident However in these cases it seems as much for effect as anything else and the production throughout is if not spot on then pretty close Babymetal are never going to be everyone s cup of tea being too pop for some and too metal for others and in all honesty while their self titled album is commendable it just sounds like its trying too hard to be something different But the record is something that a lot of serious metal fails to be fun Something that I adore about a lot of pop and power metal because

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  • Review: Black Stone Cherry - Magic Mountain (2014) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    exactitude heralding one of BSC s most impressive riffs to date Me And Mary Jane combines blues inspired licks with the band s formulaic modern rock sound showcasing the edgy hard rock swagger that separates them from the likes of Nickelback and Theory of a Deadman Though the song is simple and uncomplicated it still kicks a serious bite with unashamed arrogance and aplomb as well as shrewd use of production effects It will no doubt become a firm favourite on rock radio stations As with previous efforts BSC still have a soft spot for ballads with Runaway and Sometimes waving the sentimental flag The stripped down Sometimes is one of the highlights on the record drawing parallels in sound with Pearl Jam this tender ballad is a timely reminder of how impressive BSC are at pausing the high octane sound and expressing a more affectionate side Though Magic Mountain is an impressive effort the album does have its flaws which in turn prevents it from matching or bettering their first two records Once the thirteen song compilation concludes it feels certain songs should not have been featured and that more focus should have been paid in seeing a far more accomplished package constructed The title track is a weak link suffering from repetitive song structuring and bedlamite lyrics lacking artistic merit If it was an extra or a B side track then it would probably go unnoticed however the eponymous track of an album of this magnitude should be far stronger and more imaginative then Magic Mountain Hollywood in Kentucky and Dance Girl are also examples of BSC losing focus on constructive and original songwriting Both tracks incorporate stereotypical and at times futile lyrics which is disappointing considering the band s usual erudite and polished lyricism Despite this BSC s fourth album is a welcome return to form from a quartet very much assured in their continued presence within the 21st Century s selection of hard rock acts The record showcases the band members at their respective peaks Robertson s vocals throughout Magic Mountain are as dominant as always proving why he is currently one of the best in the business Ben Wells on rhythm guitar adds to the great dexterity of their riff making process and provides an excellent backup to Robertson s lead On bass Jon Lawhon is as prominent as ever and just like in previous albums his lusty and resounding grooves really power the music to a greater level Drummer John Fred Young BSC s secret weapon with his belligerent aggressive and masterful force behind the kit comprehensively induces all elements of the hardcore genre that Black Stone Cherry lives and breathes Magic Mountain might not be the band s landmark album that will empower them into rock and roll history but it is still an excellent attempt from a band continuing to elicit powerful and enjoyable rock music to fans of the genre Black Stone Cherry are better than most modern acts in displaying

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  • Review: EMA - The Future's Void (2014) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    in advance of its release Such is the pedigree of her discography to date As tracks began to surface from The Future s Void however a more cohesive image of EMA s intentions began to take shape and whilst this is still firmly recognisable within Erika Anderson s catalogue there are some notable departures into previously unexplored avenues for the singer So Blonde justifies some of the innumerable comparisons to Courtney Love that have been thrown her way ever since her solo material began drawing attention with uncharacteristically no nonsense and stripped down acoustic guitar based rock beats spearheaded by a raspily unleashed infectious hook heavy chorus that sounds like a better Hole track than Hole have managed to muster for years Neuromancer kicks off side two with an irresistible metallic stomp that stands firmly aside whilst joyously accompanying the slower electronically singed tracks that make up most of the album Lyrically EMA has never shied away from big issues but here she unapologetically transcends the crypticisms of tracks like So Blonde and Cthulu in reference to Lovecraft s infamous short story to earnestly divulge her concerns regarding the NSA scandal and social media saturation Feel like I blew my soul out across the inter webs and streams she laments on 3Jane a beautiful ballad that succinctly encapsulates her fears and regrets about the digital age She manages to do so with a fluency that often evades songwriters when it comes to earnest discussions of current events and trends though Anderson is by no means immune to ham fisted terminology and imagery in this respect on tracks like Dead Celebrity which treads on heavily worn ground without much eloquence or freshness The goofiness of certain lyrics can detract from the tone of the track in question Despite these shortcomings the harsh abrasive and brave textures created by increasingly distorted and dissonant synths present on almost every track ensure that even the more mundane numbers on this LP merit intrigue though when Anderson indulges her appetite for chaotic and frenetic soundscapes with layered vocal cuts on top she really does soar Even those dubious of the hype circling this release ought to have the dignity to step back and acknowledge the grandeur of this vision and how successfully it has been realised Whilst stylistically engaging throughout a lack of escalation or progression in tracks like Smoulder result in a vague sense of tedium upon repeat listening the tone employed throughout The Future s Void is admirable in its scale and the ferocity with which EMA stretches and contorts her style is joyous to behold It will inevitably leave indie music bloggers begging for more and EMA is in the unique position in that she holds all the cards dictating her future at this stage after so many successful projects and releases You can t help but be excited to see how she plays them Related Squabbles REVIEW Babymetal Babymetal 2014 REVIEW Palace Lost in the Night 2014 REVIEW Babymetal Metal Resistance

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  • Gig Review: Bloodstock Festival's Metal 2 the Masses, The Roadhouse, Birmingham (12/03/14) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    to sit the entire set It also doesn t help that the keyboards are very high in the mix and occasionally dominate proceedings although this could be down to inexperience as the band appeared a lot younger than the other ones on the bill Yet despite their engineering ineptitude I couldn t help but enjoy them as they re so very enthusiastic Red Rum s set ended with their catchiest song as they and a small amount of the audience rise from the deep A very fun band who just need to work on their performances Seventh Era Seventh Era were musically the most traditional band of the night although their frontman sounded somewhere between punk and shouty shouty although when warming up he gave a yeeeeah that Lulu would have been proud of Best not mention his falsetto Despite great promise they were disappointing and predictable even though the musicians were all technically impressive This is partly due to the bass being so heavy in the mix and a slight funk element to their sound but not enough to redeem their ordinariness It was spiced up by several cool instrumental bits which prevented total boredom The melodic parts of the set were more interesting but few and far between which is a helluva shame as there s plenty of potential in there While not all of the music on display was to my taste Metal 2 the Masses is a brilliant competition that brings together different genres of metal and introduces previously unknown bands to an audience that wouldn t usually go out to watch that particular group It also helps that while you re waiting for Bloodstock to begin you can get a little taster of acts to avoid in the future It will also get you used to some idiot coming to stand right in front of you with the back off their head six inches away from your frickin nose You might be there for br000tal music but manners don t cost you anything and would even convince someone to give up their space for you if you were polite And don t get me started on the bastards who push their way through a crowd Although that wasn t an issue at the less than full 250 capacity Roadhouse After the final band finished votes were taken and counted leaving Aceldama and Paraletica as the victors meaning that they will now go on through to the second round It s disappointing that Red Rum left before the result was given but I suppose it was a school night I would like to thank Aceldama for being lovely and Red Rum for hopefully having a sense of humour I ve heard it helps bands last longer For more info on Metal 2 the Masses go to http www bloodstock uk com More info on the Roadhouse http www theroadhousebirmingham com Paraletica https www facebook com Paraletica Aceldama https www facebook com pages Aceldama 56921502184 Red Rum

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  • Review: Drowners - Drowners (2014) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    bash out Smiths inspired melodies with a good ear for melancholy but sadly there s something ultimately dishonest about it In the same way You Me at Six irk me due to how they sing in an American drawl despite being from Surrey Drowners hide their New York origins by making overt nods to British mod culture Unzip Your Harrington Also by dropping in lyrics about council flats and alluding to Morrissey esque kitchen sink grandeur Ways to Phrase a Rejection in what is apparently an American band this makes the whole LP feel a bit inauthentic Such wanton Britpop revivalism may be forgiveable due to how catchy the songs are but since I often bemoan Americanisation in British music it seems only fair that I question why three quarters of Drowners feel compelled to eschew their American roots so willingly Musically Drowners is perfectly listenable but when a male model appears to try and front a band as part of a shallow fashion statement it does tend to make the music pong of guile and mediocrity Ignore these Salieris please Seek out the Mozarts instead Related Squabbles AWESOME ALBUMS The Smiths Meat is Murder 1985 AWESOME ALBUMS The Killers Hot Fuss 2004 REVIEW Mark Ronson Uptown Special 2015 REVIEW Powerwolf Preachers of the Night 2013 REVIEW 7stbaby Control 2013 REVIEW Blur The Magic Whip 2015 REVIEW Palace Lost in the Night 2014 REVIEW Arctic Monkeys AM 2013 REVIEW Queens of the Stone Age Like Clockwork 2013 Luke Edwards More Posts Tags Britpop Drowners Drowners 2014 Drowners Review Johnny Marr Matthew Hitt Morrissey Suede The Smith You Me at Six Share this post Tweet Previous Article SH T YOU DON T NEED Spider Man Friends Chocolate Egg Figurines Next Article REVIEW The Walking Dead Season Two Episode 2 A House

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