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  • License to Thrill?: The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Pumpkin King (2005) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    into liquid and enables him to slowly make his way through narrow passageways He ll collect 20 pick up items the descriptions for which can be viewed in the pause menu and 10 shrunken heads which give him an extra five point life bar There s not that same feeling of progression ability wise that one gets in other games in the style because most of the abilities don t fundamentally change Jack instead they give a circumstantial move that s only applicable in certain situations That said his different offensive abilities come in handy in fighting enemies for different reasons each Jack uses these upgrades to further his adventures through the various maps which include Halloween Town Square the hub of the game Jack s House Dr Finkelstein s Lab Pumpkin Patch Grave Yard and Oogie s Lair Most of the maps will take at least a couple visits at different points in the game to finish completely although it certainly helps that one can see the entire map of whatever level Jack s in regardless of whether it s been fully explored The visuals in representing the world of Burton s 93 masterpiece the Halloween world at least since Christmas Town makes no appearance contrast with that of the Game Boy Advance s Castlevania titles Whereas since Symphony of the Night the Castlevania series has featured an eloquence and class as the base for its artistic direction the world of The Pumpkin King has all the grit and grime that an older game of the aforementioned series might The areas are dingy the mood grim and upon defeating bosses their guts hit the screen Though almost a stick figure Jack s animation is stylish and fun to watch especially his victory dance It s a successfully unique Halloween style game and one appropriate to the source material There are some renderings of the film s themes in the score including What s This which serves as the Pumpkin King transformation theme as well as a brief This is Halloween take which has a decidedly victorious air to it as it s played after beating a boss The original songs that accompany the different areas are quite suitable to the Halloween theme of the game and the movie its based on Over the course of the main game Jack will receive three mini games which can be played at Easy Normal and Hard difficulties as well as single player or with friends In the first Bone Breaker the aim is to push Left and Right one after another in order to lower a block of wood onto a pile of bones and crush it Whack Hammer next involves pushing A or B to whack rats and bats respectively that pass by using the proper button given the animal and avoiding bombs altogether and finally Skullduggery in which the player is to keep an eye on one of four presents even as its order is switched around and swapped with

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  • License to Thrill?: Blade Runner (1997) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    Edelstein The main antagonist is also interesting Voiced by Drake from Aliens Mark Rolston Clovis is the game s equivalent of Nexus 6 Replicant Roy Batty Rutger Hauer He s eloquent as well as being a cold blooded killer providing a formidable opponent when McCoy finally catches up to him Although Ford isn t present the developers were able to entice several actors to reprise their roles Sean Young as Rachael the late Brion James as Leon Kowalski James Hong as Hannibal Chew Joe Turkel as Eldon Tyrell and William Sanderson as J F Sebastian You ll also see Deckard s fellow origami obsessed Blade Runner Gaff who is sadly voiced by no name Victor Gardel and not Battlestar Galactica s Edward James Olmos That s a forgivable omission since you can t dispute Westwood s commitment to getting the film s fans what they want But enough about superficiality this is an interactive experience right Gameplay in Blade Runner boils down to the usual point and click clichés and like The X Files Game a year later it s very much about detective skills and uncovering clues You ll always find your way through trial and error but thought and common sense is often needed to progress which is a noble trait in any game Westwood use the formula exceedingly well You never feel bored rooting for a lead especially when the developer throws in movie iconography like the famous ESPER system Yes that s right you can scan photographs in minute detail just like Deckard one of the many things that got the geek in me excited way back when If that wasn t enough you can even use the Voight Kampff test to determine human from Replicant These additions are more than just fan service in the latter s case it even leads to a few moments of genuine tension The actual action in Blade Runner isn t substantial but what is there makes the experience complete All you have at your disposal is a standard issue police pistol and while the point and click dynamic makes aiming a cross hair relatively easy enemies can often take you by surprise Westwood actually handle this aspect of the game gracefully with enough set pieces to make the search for clues worthwhile Graphically the game has dated better than you have any right to expect if still clearly a product of its time Billed as the first real time 3D adventure game in 1997 the environments are beautifully realised and the cutscenes are still well above average if showing their vintage If anything falters to modern eyes it would the 3D character models They do stand out from the background and aren t as refined as more recent alternatives That however is to be expected and Blade Runner is still very much a visually appealing title In summation Blade Runner must rank as one of the best point and click adventure games ever released on the PC not to

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  • Gaming Greats: Streets of Rage (1991) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    it for the same reasons I did and still do now to vent The game also provides elements of humour in various small ways Firstly in multi player mode Blaze being accompanied by one of the lads usually results in an inevitably violent outburst between the two heroes or players dependent on how into the game you are who choose to vent their frustration on each other Secondly the health potions in the form of a turkey leg for a full replenishment or an apple for partial restoration are strange in that they are usually found hidden under items like traffic cones metal fencing or oil barrels Admittedly while this didn t cause much alarm when I was eight this does now cause some concern for the welfare of my character s health as she is literally eating food off the pavement Streets of Rage managed to create a further two follow ups to its initial entry although these from a personal perspective were somewhat weaker Each of the characters have moved on from the previous game s storyline Blaze has gone on to teach dance A sharp contrast to the other two characters Adam and Axel who are now either in the police force or security But hey who am I to judge The process of the game remained the same a standard side scrolling beat em up based on a brief story centred around the evil Syndicate and their crimes against humanity The controls are easy enough hit as many buttons as possible and generally speaking they will inflict some form of injury on which ever unfortunate soul decides to step in the way of your fists of fury More specifically hitting the attack button and combining it with a series of other buttons and movements will introduce an impressive array of moves considering the basic mechanisms of the game My main criticism of the second instalment is the lack of the spot on target finding police team at the push of a button but we can t have everything I blame Streets of Rage for my love of the latest Batman Arkham series of games Yes the graphics in those are somewhat more advanced and there s more thought put into the actions the Caped Crusader carries off However the basis of a hero beating up a large array of thugs ready to thwart him at every turn can only be related to this archaic style of gaming Therefore when I play games now I keep an eye out for those few gems which create a sense of nostalgia not for the memories of the school playground but for the empowerment felt in just loading the game and knowing I m about to deal justice to the amusingly attired thugs who follow each other like lambs to the slaughter and are lucky to get a few hits in Admittedly courtesy of age they manage more than a couple of hits now but hey that s life Useless

    Original URL path: http://www.squabblebox.co.uk/2014/05/gaming-greats-streets-of-rage-1991/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Gaming Greats: Resident Evil (1996) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    words in a way that doesn t sound like how real people talk However this adds to the overall feel of the game which is reminiscent of a B level horror movie and this is how Resident Evil was intended to be What also contributes to that nature is the use of static camera angles which help add suspense in not knowing what to expect when the player moves the character out of one camera angle and into another It provides a visually dramatic effect When going through a door or ascending descending a staircase or ladders it is shown in the form of a small loading screen that also acts as a very short cutscene and this adds to the suspense in the game because it keeps the player on edge unless of course you ve played through the game before and know what to expect It wasn t until Resident Evil 2 1998 though that they introduced the possibility that some door loading screens will occur where zombies will pour out Resident Evil s tank control set up incorporates the following buttons The Up button moves the character forward pushes moveable objects when lined up with them properly and aims your equipped weapon higher The Down button moves the character backwards and aims your equipped weapon lower The Left and Right buttons make the character rotate on the spot and when moving forward or backwards you can use these buttons to control the direction in which the character moves The Square button when held enables your character to run The X button allows your character to investigate an object or part of the scenery and make comment pick up items when in close proximity selects any items in the inventory screen in order to equip or examine or combine them and if near a door staircase or ladder pressing X will activate a short loading sequence showing the door being opened or the staircase or the ladder being ascended descended Holding the R1 button while a weapon is equipped will make the character enter the aiming stance There are some things missing from the control set up that would have been beneficial in this first game that were in the sequels or other games like Silent Hill such as a quick turn move that allows you to spin around faster in order to run away from an enemy or face an adversary approaching you from behind dodging incoming attacks or walking and shooting at the same time One of the game mechanics of Resident Evil is collecting items that can be stored in your character s inventory which can be brought up manually by pressing the Start button and on this screen you will see a few things The options for MAP and EXIT are self explanatory but FILE allows you to access any notes or documents which don t count towards item space that you have collected and some of these fill in extra details of the story or contain clues and instructions The spaces availble for items you collect such as ammunition weapons First Aid sprays herbs keys or puzzle items Next to the picture of your character is a life indicator displayed in the form of a pulse that changes colour and displays a different condition state depending on the amount of health remaining At full health the pulse is green with a condition state of Fine at medium health the pulse is orange with a condition state of Caution and at low health the pulse is red with a condition state of Danger When it comes to healing your character you can do so by using First Aid sprays or herbs of which there are three types Green herbs provide a small amount of healing two green herbs combined will provide a medium amount of healing and three green herbs combined provide the maximum amount of healing Red herbs on their own do nothing but when combined with a green herb will provide the maximum amount of healing and when combined with a green and blue herb it will provide a complete curing of poison Blue herbs on their own do nothing but when combined with a green herb it will provide a small amount of curing of poison a medium amount poison eradication when combined with two green herbs and as mentioned combining blue herbs with green and red will provide a completely clean bill of health When you lose all your health or you are decimated by a one hit kill you will be shown dying in the manner most appropriate to how you perish or by the hands of which enemy and after you ve expired you will see a very encouraging message in red appear which says YOU DIED Be smart Fighting foes isn t the only way to survive this horror The above hint appears in text form if you let the game run after the title screen stays static and it reminds the player to try different tactics as opposed to being all guns blazing If you let the game run itself even further it will show you a small demo of an area which may reveal tactics or hints Some that can be used are waiting for a zombie to move to one side of a hallway or room and then sticking tight to the opposite side in order run past them and when a shotgun is equipped waiting for the zombie to get as close as possible before aiming upwards and blowing its head clean off which is also handy when faced with two or three ghouls at the same time Remember too that if you don t kill any enemies in a room or area they will still be there when you return Later in the game the zombies are replaced by the Hunters who possess a one hit kill move that will decapitate your head from your shoulders But like other enemies they do

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  • Resident Evil: The Games vs. The Movies | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    Redfield into the film series and she doesn t look anything like her game counterpart or mentions anything that happened to her prior to the events of this film Essentially her backstory here is unknown All we know is that after Resident Evil Apocalypse Carlos somehow met Claire who is in charge of a convoy of survivors travelling across the country Albert Wesker is introduced into the films as well but doesn t really do much here because he has a larger role in the next two films There are only a handful of references to the games in this one such as the crows that attack the convoy the Cerberus and Dr Isaacs turns into a Tyrant that looks similar in design to what William Birkin mutates into after injecting the G Virus into himself That s about it Resident Evil Afterlife 2010 has Jovovich coming back as Alice Larter returning as Claire Redfield Spencer Locke returning as K Mart Wentworth Miller as Chris Redfield Shawn Roberts as Albert Wesker Sienna Guillory returning as Jill Valentine Boris Kodjoe Sergio Peris Mencheta Kacey Barnfield Norman Yeung Mika Nakashima Ray Olubowale and Kim Coates who also starred in the first Silent Hill movie The fourth film was heavily influenced by Resident Evil 4 2005 a game that sees Leon S Kennedy now working as a government agent tasked with rescuing the US President s daughter Ashley Graham from a cult There are no zombies in this game Instead the enemies are humans that have had creatures called Las Plagas implanted in them which take over their body but still allows them to pass for human However when they are injured or killed the Las Plagas parasite may erupt and attack until it is killed as well These Ganados as the infected villagers were called were introduced in Resident Evil Afterlife but there is no explanation given for their appearance and so they are pretty much thrown into the mix to make things a bit different to the previous films It doesn t feel like there s any other reason for them being in the film in terms of the story Also in Afterlife is a huge Majini from Resident Evil 5 2009 The Majini are the African equivalent of the Ganados but they are carrying an advanced form of the Las Plagas parasite This towering Majini carries a massive sledgehammer As with the previous entries in the film saga a character from the video game series is introduced and doesn t mention any of their experiences in said games and in this film s case it is Chris Redfield Claire never mentions her brother in Resident Evil Extinction and in this one since she has amnesia she doesn t recognise him but he recognises her and informs her that they are siblings Jill appears in a post credits sequence with the metal bug she had in her chest similar to the one Claire herself had in her chest at the beginning

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  • Gaming Greats: Silent Hill (1999) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    other comparison to make between them is that one allows the player to wield a variety of projectile weapons ranging from handguns to rocket launchers whereas the only projectiles in Silent Hill are the handgun shotgun and hunting rifle and the other weapons available are melee based But since Harry as a character doesn t have much experience with guns it is fitting that his aiming isn t 100 accurate Silent Hill also benefits from having a different pace to the gameplay There is more room for exploring the areas available and the boundaries that prevent the player from exploring too far is worked into the story because the town is under someone else s influence and the roads are blocked The advantage of having more room to explore is that you can find items such as health drinks kits and ammo for guns It can also allow the player to feel like they re off the beaten track and the fog is also a big reason why that sense of becoming lost is such a strong one Like Resident Evil Silent Hill s protagonist is controlled by the player in the tank control fashion which can be frustrating at times especially when using the D Pad but this can be overridden by the analogue sticks which were introduced and attached to newer versions of the PS1 controller The configuration can be changed between three types You can also change each individual button But the standard configuration and control scheme is as follows Up moves Harry forward and Down makes him walk backwards Left and Right rotate Harry on the spot when he s standing still and whilst holding the Square button it will make him rotate faster The Square button also allows Harry to run forward while holding the Up button jump a step back while holding the Down button and when holding Left or Right at the same time it will make Harry veer to the left or right When standing and still pressing L2 makes Harry strafe sideways to his left and R2 makes him strafe sideways to his right Holding the Square button while strafing will make him run strafe to the left or right depending on which button remains held The R1 button aims readies his weapon and pressing X shoots attacks Harry can still move and shoot attack when aiming readying a weapon and he can also encircle an enemy to get in a better position more easily in order to attack When near an object pressing X will cause Harry to make an observation and comment when possible will make Harry pick up an item when standing in front of a collectible and will open doors when standing in front of them Triangle brings up your map which won t work if your flashlight is off and there s no lights on in the room Circle toggles the flashlight on off Pressing Start will pause the game and Select will bring up the

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  • SquabbleCast #6: "Retro Games Pt. 2: Gimme, Gimme a Holodeck" | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    Holodeck please We re on iTunes and you can listen to or download this podcast on your app of choice The Voice by Michael A Hunter Theme Procrastination Wide by The Stiff Joints check them out on Facebook or YouTube Related Squabbles SquabbleCast 2 Retro Games Pt 1 Samus It Ever Was GAMING GREATS Tomb Raider 1996 Top 2D Platformers That Aren t Mario or Sonic GAMING GREATS Kid Chameleon 1992 GAMING GREATS Ecco the Dolphin 1992 GAMING GREATS Golden Axe 1989 LICENSE TO THRILL GoldenEye 007 1997 GAMING GREATS Super Mario 64 1996 GAMING GREATS Comix Zone 1995 Dave James Editor in Chief at SquabbleBox co uk Film freak music minion professional procrastinator podcaster video maker all around talented git More Posts Tags Alex Kidd Ecco the Dolphin GameCube Genesis Lara Croft Little Big Planet mega drive microsoft Minecraft Mr Mosquito N64 NES nintendo Nintendo 64 PlayStation PlayStation 2 Pokémon PS1 PS2 Resident Evil Resident Evil 2 Retro Games Retro Video Games Rise of the Tomb Raider sega Sega Saturn SNES Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog 2 SONY Streets of Rage Super Mario Super Mario Bros Tetris Tomb Raider Tomb Raider II Uncharted Uncharted 2 Among Thieves Video Game Podcast Share this post Tweet Previous Article CINEMA CLASSICS Casino Royale 2006 Next Article THE WHO REVIEW Listen Movie Squabbles CULT CORNER The Return of the Living Dead 1985 SEQUELISED RoboCop 3 1993 REVIEW The Jungle Book 2016 LICENSE TO THRILL The Mask 1995 SquabbleCast 17 20 Years in Raccoon City Gaming Squabbles GAMING GREATS L A Noire 2011 LICENSE TO THRILL The Mask 1995 SquabbleCast 17 20 Years in Raccoon City GAMING GREATS Super Mario Sunshine 2002 GAMING GREATS The Secret of Monkey Island 1990 Podcast Squabbles TV Squabbles TV GEMS Cockroaches 2015 SquabbleCast 16 Batfan v

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  • Silent Hill: The Games vs. The Movies | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    Sharon ultimately putting her life on the line and dying in the process Actress Laurie Holden does a great job conveying the toughness of the character quite well There s Lisa Garland who is a nurse at Alchemilla Hospital in the game as well as the film However in the film her role is minor and pretty much just a cameo Rose never interacts with her at all unlike Harry does in the game In the latter Lisa speaks to Harry a couple of times but her fate is that she realises she s like the other nurse monsters in the hospital and she begins to bleed profusely before dying The version of Lisa in the film had her eyes permanently damaged by Alessa in a moment of rage after she peeks inside Alessa s tent even though she was just curious and didn t deserve the punishment of scarred eyes that constantly bleed Ultimately the only thing that is exactly the same in regards to Lisa in the film is the fact that she looks very similar and is in charge of taking care of Alessa at Brookhaven Hospital in the game it s at Alchemilla but Brookhaven is a hospital from the other Silent Hill titles A character from the game who isn t present and doesn t have a counterpart in the movie is Michael Kauffman He s a doctor and the director of Alchemilla He was also in on the cult s goal of birthing a god through Alessa However in two of the game s endings he does have a change of heart and actually shoots Dahlia There are a few characters added to the movie who aren t in the game too such as Christabella who is the leader of Silent Hill s cult Christabella was the one who tricked Dahlia into letting the cult purify Alessa and wants to also burn Sharon once she realises that the latter resembles Alessa when she was a child There s also Anna the daughter of one of the cult members who meets a violent fate at the hands of infamous baddie Pyramid Head more on him in a moment Then there s Thomas Gucci whose character originates from a note you find in the game wherein it s mentioned that an Officer Gucci was found dead under mysterious circumstances In the film this character accompanies Da Silva in his search for Rose and Sharon There is a sub plot in the first Silent Hill game s story which is excluded from the film and this was concerning a drug known as PTV which was made from a plant indigenous to the area called White Claudia Cybil mentions drug trafficking in Silent Hill to Harry Mason Lisa Garland was a heavy user of this substance and Michael Kaufmann was a distributor of it at one point In the original the intro sequence plays accompanied by the awesome Silent Hill theme and shows Mason and his daughter driving

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