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  • TV Gems: Spider-Man (1994-1998) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    but a technical one too And considering this series is now over twenty years old the visuals bar the odd CGI shot of New York City are still first rate Detail and colour is fantastic really bringing a vibrancy to the events that never seems too hindered by budget They also pull off the hero in a way that truly brings the comic book panels to life He moves and acts exactly like the comic Spidey and you have to imagine the set pieces have inspired everything to come since choreographically As a cartoon experience this Spider Man still ranks among Marvel s best animated works The stories are also numerous and occasionally epic in scope making full use of the character s long publication history Pete has to fend off recurring villain and crime magnate Wilson The Kingpin Fisk Roscoe Lee Brown face the wrath of another misunderstood scientist in the the form of Dr Otto Octavius Efrem Zimbalist Jr deal with his best friend Harry Osborn Gary Imhoff replacing his father s mantle as the sinister Green Goblin and even suffer the consequences of an alien symbiote replicating his suit and twisting his mind Indeed The Alien Costume parts one two and three provide a much better rendering of the iconic Venom Hank Azaria than Raimi ever did Every baddie and story arc you expect to see from the original comics are recreated faithfully and often wonderfully If that doesn t convince you to give it a go how about the fact that these sixty five episodes also include appearances from the Fantastic Four the X Men Iron Man Daredevil Captain America Nick Fury The Punisher Blade and Doctor Strange Yeah I thought that would do it And they re not just slotted in to appease the fanbase all have interesting roles to play in their stories and make this feel far more Marvel than any of the live action Spidey offerings Faults Well it s possible I m blinded by nostalgia but the only things to really let this show down looking back are Peter s clunky inner monologues the occasionally stilted dialogue and the infrequent computer rendered imagery Taken purely as an adaptation of early Amazing Spider Man strips this one is the closest to getting it just right It seems that Disney agreed their XD channel ran repeats to promote The Amazing Spider Man 2 I m happy to confirm that it is an interpretation of Marvel s mascot that deserves its lofty place in the pantheon Give it a spin Useless Trivia Via IMDb By the time the Spider man series came on there was a lot of censorship at Fox and they were very nervous about violence Fox had very strict rules about violence and language in the show including When Spider Man lands on the rooftop be sure that he doesn t harm any pigeons Spider Man only throws a punch three times in this series once at the Scorpion in the

    Original URL path: http://www.squabblebox.co.uk/2015/03/tv-gems-spider-man-1994-1998/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Marvel's First Family: Revisiting Fantastic Four (1994-1995) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    the sight of fan favourite baddies Dr Doom Simon Templeman and Galactus don t cause a stir like they should The scripts are simplistic at best and never once do we feel like the FF are under threat since every adventure is tied up neatly The animation just about works It s colourful and pleasantly retro and the character designs are faithful to Lee and Kirby s vision But the direction seems to spoil this to no end and it s clear from every episode that the series was put together hastily and for very little money The final nail in the coffin was the absurd opening titles Combining a horrendous theme song with trashy visuals it was a joke no one seemed to be in on Now compare that to the opening for season two Ah yes season two was everything the first wasn t The show was re tooled in every way imaginable From the get go the improvements are obvious The titles are actually good setting the tone for the show impeccably and the animation is much stronger It seems to pulsate with a new life like it s a different show entirely And the reason for it s upsurge in quality The sacking of Friedman probably His replacements provided stronger scripts with story arcs that did justice to each of the characters and kept you entertained The first step to making the show more involving was to make the characters more likeable In fact I ve always considered The Fantastic Fou r to be the most human of Marvel s universe Like Peter Parker they have to deal with a flurry of real life issues that even children can relate to on some level Ben must deal with his horrifying appearance which Reed feels guilty for Johnny feels lonely due to such a powerful gift and the relationship between Reed and Sue is often put to the test as the strains of juggling family life and saving the innocent begin to take their toll The highlights for me included The Inhuman Saga a three episode arc that deals extensively with The Human Torch by far FF s most enjoyable character and Doomsday with the Silver Surfer and old planet eating Galactus They follow the comic events as closely as they can and surprisingly they pack some emotional resonance Johnny finds his true love introduced earlier in the season only to lose her in a tragic chain of events Yet it isn t all gloomy The Fantastic Four has always revelled in its light and breezy atmosphere and most of these episodes are just pure fun In one instalment they team up with everyone s favourite God of Thunder Thor and there s a welcome appearance from Daredevil who aids the Four in yet another tussle with Dr Doom However most comic book geeks will love Nightmare in Green the most in which The Thing and The Incredible Hulk come to blows Need I say more The

    Original URL path: http://www.squabblebox.co.uk/2015/08/marvels-first-family-revisiting-fantastic-four-1994-1996/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Just a Man in a Can?: Revisiting Iron Man | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    chauvinistic to Miss Potts and a downright bully to his best friend Rhodey but relies on them for virtually everything Stark clearly loves them too Despite being an arms dealer he truly believes his way is the best way for peace and when his weapons are proven to cause more suffering than good he renounces them overnight His choices are made all the more difficult by a desire to live up to the legacy of his father Howard Stark who will make recurring appearances in the Cinematic Universe The supporting cast is just as strong Paltrow as Potts is not a 2D character in love with her boss but an independent businesswoman albeit one in love with her boss Bridges is absolutely terrifying as Stane an image controlling and ruthless suit who is the shadowy reflection of Tony Howard is also great in his one appearance as Rhodey giving a face to the American military needed to stop them from becoming the man This personal touch is intrinsic to the film s visual artistry The design of the suit was a make or break challenge built practically by the legendary Stan Winston and computer generated for the trickier shots It is made of different sections that all need to be whirred and clicked together an internal HUD system that acts as an extension of Tony s workspace and a rocket boost system that although seeming unlikely in terms of fuel consumption seems piloted rather than magic Iron Man s technologies aren t ridiculous but possibilities for the future almost like an Ipad taken to the extreme Favreau takes us inside the armour for many shots bringing a level of humanity to the suit scenes that could so easily have been lost The final battle works so well because it feels like two people in mechanised suits fighting rather than robots Compared to something like Transformers or Avatar the combat isn t very epic but it has a level of personal conflict that makes it far more gripping Iron Man is not as culturally significant as Batman Superman or Spider Man and this movie could have been hashed out with a basic plot a la Jonah Hex or Ghost Rider It manages to extend a cut and dry origin story into a full feature resisting the temptation to bring in a world threatening terror like the recent Green Lantern did But most of all before The Avengers this was the movie that came closest to adapting a Marvel comic correctly It manages to blend the silliness of a portable robot suit with a character pathos that makes it much more light hearted than something like the same year s The Dark Knight Favreau and Downey Jr gave Stark a unique persona that hadn t been seen before the first playboy and humanistic superhero in one who manages to protect his country and the world without being jingoistic We see a character make a literal change of heart throughout the movie without

    Original URL path: http://www.squabblebox.co.uk/2015/04/just-a-man-in-a-can-revisiting-iron-man/ (2016-04-26)
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  • The Star Spangled Man - Revisiting Captain America: The First Avenger | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    As to be expected from a superhero action movie though Captain America is a bit dumb the baddies can t shoot straight the good guy casualties are unrealistically low and the technology being showcased is absurdly advanced for the 1940s Unsurprisingly Captain America s special effects are constantly phenomenal The crowning achievement is the depiction of skinny Steve Rogers which is both an amazing CGI feat and an immaculate use of seamless digital effects to serve storytelling When the set pieces grow more ostentatious late in the picture the special effects do become a tad cartoonish however On a more positive note the criminally underrated Alan Silvestri delivers a spectacular score whilst the production design is gorgeous The detail is to be commended with the 1940s being effortlessly recreated by Johnston s creative team Captain America like all prior Marvel movies contains perceptive nods to set up The Avengers Yet these necessities do not get in the way of creating a solid self contained movie unlike Iron Man 2 The character of Captain America was created back in the early 1940s when Joe Simon and Jack Kirby sensed eventual American involvement in WWII and set out to create a jingoistic superhero Johnston and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely changed virtually no facets of the character s origins and retained the Captain s fervid patriotism Luckily it works And in the title role the former Human Torch Evans is excellent he competently conveys the character s coyness and kindness And with his buff physique Evans genuinely looks the part In the supporting cast Weaving exudes menace as the Red Skull and he s close to being the best thing about the movie He played the role as a mix of Col Hans Landa from Inglourious Basterds and Arnold Schwarzenegger s interpretation of Mr Freeze from Batman Robin and topped off the mix with a Herzogian accent Also making an impression is Jones who s a whole lot of fun as Col Phillips Jones has a gift for comedy and the script gave him plenty of leeway to exploit it Meanwhile the sizzling Atwell did everything she needed to do as the token love interest who has become a fixture of Marvel s Cinematic Universe and Tucci adopted a completely believable accent playing the doomed German doctor With Christopher Nolan s trademark dark gritty approach to superheroes being adopted by the mainstream something like Captain America The First Avenger is a breath of fresh air The film reminds us that dark and brooding does not automatically mean a movie is a masterpiece and that a well crafted retro comic book action blockbuster can be just as much fun and arguably better Useless Trivia Via IMDb This is the fifth live action adaptation of the superhero The first was the serial Captain America the second was the TV movie Captain America and its sequel Captain America II Death Too Soon and the fourth was the theatrical film Captain America released in 1990

    Original URL path: http://www.squabblebox.co.uk/2015/04/the-star-spangled-man-revisiting-captain-america-the-first-avenger-2011/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Marvel Meets Mythology: Revisiting Thor | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    astrophysicist a fair change from a nurse since Marvel has finally heard about equal opportunities for women However Foster while being quite determined and concerned for her work going so far as to help in an assault on a SHIELD compound doesn t appear to do a lot While she convinces her two colleagues Dr Erik Selvig Stellan Skarsgård and Darcy Lewis Kat Dennings to find out as much as they can about this Thor she just lets him basically do as he pleases sheltering him feeding him giving him lifts Is that the sort of female role model Marvel really wants to portray Admittedly she hits him with her car twice and Darcy shoots him with a taser so it may just be because she feels repentant The Warriors Three and Sif Thor s Asgardian allies are adequately cast Sif Jaimie Alexander is a brilliant fighter and potential match for Thor Fandral Joshua Dallas is a marvellous swashbuckling Robin Hood type Hogun Tadanobu Asano is a grumpy brawler and Volstag former Punisher Ray Stevenson is a happy go lucky fat boy However you don t find yourself truly caring for them as apart from a scene in which the Destroyer tries to do as its name suggests and being fobbed off by Loki they don t really do a lot apart from stand there Heimdall Idris Elba however is more like it The gatekeeper to the nine worlds he goes against Odin s orders after the infiltration of Asgard and is generally a bit of a bad ass Frozen in a block of ice Nah he just shakes it off Know why He s goddamn Heimdall So the effects are amazing the casting is not bad and the film itself It s brilliant The plot s simple without being boring heroic without being cheesy and despite the obligatory romance the ending pulls at the heartstrings It s one of my favourite films of 2011 Useless Trivia Via IMDb Kenneth Branagh conceptualised this film as a Norse comic book twist on William Shakespeare s Henry V which was about a young king who underwent trials and tribulations fighting a war courting a girl from another land trying to live up to the example set by his father a beloved king and basic character development When Marvel Studios selected Branagh as the director they sent him the complete collection of the Marvel Thor comics series as reference material for the character Thor s armor is an amalgamation of the current Thor costume in mainstream Marvel continuity and the Ultimate Marvel comics universe An entire town was constructed in Galisteo New Mexico to serve as a fictional location for the Destroyer to trample When Chris Hemsworth and Anthony Hopkins saw each other in full armors for the first time Hopkins said God there s no acting required here is there Stan Lee claims he d always wanted to play Odin but was happy with Hopkins s casting and performance in the role

    Original URL path: http://www.squabblebox.co.uk/2015/04/marvel-meets-mythology-revisiting-thor/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Review: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    and balance its colourful group of characters without any build up from prior MCU films and he did a solid job at that That said there are times when it feels like the characters are fighting for screen time rather than sharing it The amount of things that it has to juggle within its long run time is impressive even if it results in its story slightly lacking in pace and execution Gunn promised that this flick would be as we ird as he could possibly make it and he does not break that promise With Quill s introduction where he dances through a hazard filled planet with a cheerful pop song in the background it quickly establishes the film s oddball nature And s peaking of songs Guardians has a very eccentric retro soundtrac k played through Quill s Sony Walkman with tracks ranging from the 60s to the 80s I n context eac h song should not work with their respective scene s but because the movie s already so weird it quickly becomes the norm It s strange yet very funny to hear Blue Suede s Hooked on a Feeling playing while Quill gets repeatedly stunned by an electric prod Evident by its staggering production values the film has a very overwhelming amount of visual splendour At times it is so visually busy that it can get a bit confusing to know what s going on Kudos to the set designers and special effects crew on creating such a colourful and imaginative looking feature While it s not difficult to tell if it s CGI or an actual prop th e movie has a good mixture of them resulting in numerous jaw dropping intergalactic sceneries and exhilarating spaceship chases that really establish Guardians as a true science fiction blockbuster almost to the point where it nearly embodies the spirit of the original Star Wars trilogy The film stayed very true to its character based marketing as the five Guardians did not disappoint in the least all thanks to its incredibly likeable cast Lovable goofball Chris Pratt who is usually cast as a supporter in films gives a very charismatic leading man performance as the snarky and carefree Star Lord and this role should hopefully elevate him into a similar level of stardom like Iron Man did for Robert Downey Jr Saldana s Gamora is the most level headed out of the group and her stoic personality clashes with her male companion s abrasive attitudes Rocket could have easily become a one note novelty in that he s a talking raccoon but thanks to Cooper s gusto voice work he gives the anthropomorphic character a lot of heart as well as a badass persona Despite the m any jokes and specula tions arising with Diesel s involvement as his character only speaks one phrase the actor evoked many different emotio ns in such limitation s with his Groot character and along with Rocket they steal the laugh out

    Original URL path: http://www.squabblebox.co.uk/2014/08/review-guardians-of-the-galaxy-2014/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Snipes, Stakes and Sunblock: Revisiting Blade | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    that they don t exist It should be silly but Norrington ensures that we go along with it due to the peerless craftsmaship on display Theo Van De Sande s cinematography is still mesmerising giving the material boundless energy as well as providing a pretty backdrop for the furious set pieces Blade seems a lot costlier than it is and a typically moody score by Mark Isham makes everything cooler by indulging in a variety of influences as far reaching as Danny Elfman and hip hop There s a Blaxploitation swagger to the film that feels unique and the pulp elements are played to their fullest Yet it s not all about style Few are kind to the script s characterisations but I ve always loved the dynamic between the heroes and villains here Kristofferson has never been better in his crotchety old man routine getting us to sympathise with the title character as well as himself Whistler s own family was killed by vampires and he raised Blade to fight alongside him We needed someone with a detailed history of the character due to the Daywalker being a tight lipped sort who would rather polish his sword collection than get nostalgic You could say that Whistler s primary function is to relay exposition as well as creating the hero s weapons but we learn just enough about Blade to understand him Too much back story would have robbed the hero of his mystique Snipes is convincingly cold and detached only coming to life when turning vampires into mulch or staring into the eyes of Dr Karen Jenson N Bushe Wright a woman who owes him her life Naturally she helps to bring out Blade s more human qualities She also introduces a frustratingly sketchy sub plot where she attempts to create a serum to keep his bloodthirst at bay It serves to remind us that Blade could very well be the enemy if the right buttons are pushed As the scheming Frost Dorff impresses as a villain you simultaneously root for and against Those are always the best His plan doesn t make much sense surely turning everyone into a vampire would diminish the food chain but he has such a ball being bad Frost will dispose of anyone at a moment s notice and crucially he seems to be one step ahead of our hero at every turn There s also a fantastic mutual jealously between the hero and villain that gives the rivalry a real sting Deacon wishes he could be like Blade and go out into the daylight whereas our hero secretly admires Frost s freedom from morality Such a dichotomy makes the action thrilling because we feel like something is at stake If spectacle is what you want however the film more than delivers The fight chereography packs a visceral punch and Norrington incorporates everything from gun battles to a duel with samurai swords It doesn t look like the work of a second time

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  • Charlie Cox | SquabbleBox.co.uk - Entertainment Under Attack
    comments Is this the greatest live action release in Marvel history We revisit the Man Without Fear to find out ahead of Season 2 read more Movie Squabbles CULT CORNER The Return of the Living Dead 1985 SEQUELISED RoboCop 3 1993 REVIEW The Jungle Book 2016 LICENSE TO THRILL The Mask 1995 SquabbleCast 17 20 Years in Raccoon City Gaming Squabbles GAMING GREATS L A Noire 2011 LICENSE TO THRILL The Mask 1995 SquabbleCast 17 20 Years in Raccoon City GAMING GREATS Super Mario Sunshine 2002 GAMING GREATS The Secret of Monkey Island 1990 Podcast Squabbles TV Squabbles TV GEMS Cockroaches 2015 SquabbleCast 16 Batfan v Superfan TV GEMS Marvel s Daredevil 2015 TV GEMS Columbo 1971 2003 SquabbleCast 14 RETARDIS Search SquabbleBox Music Squabbles REVIEW Babymetal Metal Resistance 2016 AWESOME ALBUMS Gomez In Our Gun 2002 REVIEW Blur The Magic Whip 2015 AWESOME ALBUMS Bad Religion Into the Unknown 1983 Stranger Than Fiction Goodbye Steve Strange Social Squabbles Comic Book Squabbles LICENSE TO THRILL The Mask 1995 Start Wearing Purple Wearing Purple Revisiting The Phantom PODCAST It Came From Across the Pond 1 The Yanks Have Landed AGAINST THE GRAIN The Avengers 2012 REVIEW Batman v Superman Dawn of

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