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  • SRB Stone Supplies - rough rock, slabs and lapidary supplies
    and have progressively been building up a stock of material see photo to the right of this text so although I don t stock equipment I can possibly help with the raw materials SRB Stones My aim is to supply good quality rough and slabbed pre cut rock at a reasonable price My workshop is only small but is equipped with a 10in slab saw vibrolap tumbler grindstones etc the most recent additions being a diamond lapping machine and 14in saw If you d like to take a look at the machines in my workshop click here Although space is somewhat limited the workshop also serves as a display area for the rock In addition to working with my own materials I do occasionally cut and polish stone for customers though at present I m unable to take on any additional work Visitors are always welcome although it does need to be by appointment and even if you re just curious about the hobby you d be welcome to drop by for a chat Just e mail or phone beforehand We are to be found just a few miles south of Cambridge Due to the high cost of postage I would much prefer that should you wish to purchase some rock you make a visit and select the material yourself but if that s not practical just provide a description of what material you re looking for and how you plan to use it and I ll do my best to supply your needs by post In this digital age it s a simple task to provide photographs to help you choose the most suitable pieces The following pages list the rough rock that is currently available and I hope that the descriptions provide a realistic impression of the quality

    Original URL path: http://www.srbstones.co.uk/ (2016-04-27)
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  • SRB Stones stock list
    help I d be most grateful Abalone Shell Amazonite Amethyst Crystal Beds Amethyst Amethyst Gem tree bases Amethyst Lace Agate Aquamarine Aventurine Blue Lace Agate Botswana Agate Brazilian Agate large Brazilian agate small Orange Calcite Carnelian India Chrysocolla Cotham Marble Crazy Lace Mexican Agate Dulcote Agate Fluorite Garnet Girasol Quartz Hickoryite Indian Fancy Jasper Mahogany Obsidian Malachite Malachite Chrysocolla Mexican Coconuts Choyas Nodules Mexican Onyx Moroccan Agate Moss Agate Ocean

    Original URL path: http://www.srbstones.co.uk/stock.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • SRB Stones Contact Details
    View Stock Literature Links Home Page We are located just a few miles south of Cambridge If you d like to visit please phone Barry Longbottom Tel 01223 872288 Mobile

    Original URL path: http://www.srbstones.co.uk/contact.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • SRB Stones literature
    we ll never see here but it still makes interesting reading I enjoy reading about the field trips into more remote areas of the US Photography is really good and is helped by the fact that all pages of the hard copy are glazed http www rockngem com Rock n Gem Published quarterly at a price of something like 12 00 per year 5 00 for the digital version this little magazine is as far as I m aware the only remaining lapidary magazine produced in the UK and I feel that we should offer our support It includes articles on lapidary minerals and fossils Although there s not always a great deal on the subject of lapidary it always contains something of interest A free copy can be obtained from their web site Printed on glazed paper with good photographs http www rockngem co uk magazine asp Gemstone and Mineral Data Book John Sinkankas ISBN 0 02 094100 5 No pretty pictures but lots of information on every aspect of minerals and gems Still available via Amazon Gem Tumbling and Baroque Jewelry Making Arthur Earl Victor and Lila Mae Victor If you want to learn the basic principles of stone polishing this is exactly what you need Originally published centuries ago and print quality is not great but seemingly it s still available Introduction to Lapidary Pansy D Krauss ISBN 0 80 197266 3 Ms Krauss is considered to be one of the major authorities on the subject This book covers tumbling cabochon cutting gem carving and faceting National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Rocks and Minerals ISBN 0 394 50269 8 National Audubon Society My copy was purchased on a visit to California Not much use for locating rocks and minerals in the UK but contains

    Original URL path: http://www.srbstones.co.uk/Literature.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • Links
    must be nice people http www craft fair co uk Rockhounding Arkansas This web site has now been expanded to include a lot of information local to Arkansas but the section on quartz still tells all that you re ever likely to need to know Select the Rocks and Minerals tab and you ll find not only the quartz section but an introduction to geology http www rockhoundingar com index php Agates from Hungary Another site containing photographs and information about agates and as this is my favourite type of rock I make no apologies Also includes photographs of the author s mineral collection and links to more sites http www mineraltivadar hu Dwarves Earth Treasures An online museum of a personal agate collection with a page to help identify agates from the USA plus links to other sites http www sailorenergy net Minerals MineralMain html RocksForKids Although much of the content of this site is centred around Ontario Canada it does contain a lot of information that would be of interest to children who want to learn about rocks and minerals When you click on the link you ll probably get a window asking for your Username and Password Click on Cancel and it will probably let you in anyway http www rocksforkids com UKGE Ltd A UK supplier with a reasonable range of tumblers and accessories rock hammers jewellery findings books DVDs and more There s also a children s section Fortunately for me they don t supply rough rock other than for tumbling http www ukge com How to make a cabochon From the web site of Old Pueblo Lapidary Club Tucson Arizona USA http www rockhounds com rockshop oplc cab shtml Rock Tumbling Hobby You should be able to find almost everything that you need to

    Original URL path: http://www.srbstones.co.uk/links.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • machines
    that will hopefully mean that this machine will last a while longer Trim Saw Manufacturer Picador and me and a friend Yet another iteration of this machine this being about the fifth The plastic chopping board that served as the saw table and the sandwich boxes that made up the water tank and splash guards have now been replaced by components manufactured in steel by a friend A much more serviceable solution The arbor was purchased from Picador and is driven by a washing machine motor It incorporates a 6 inch notched blade grindstone and a 6 inch sanding disc which holds a thick felt pad for polishing Vibrolap Manufacturer HC Evans Another machine that s unfortunately no longer available but a while ago I was offered a second hand unit that was in almost as new condition which means that I ve been able to retire my original battered and worn out machine The vibrolap is used mostly for flattening and polishing one side of sawn lumps of rock but I occasionally use it to polish slabs by sticking a weight onto the slab with BluTack or plasticine The photograph shows two slabs both weighted with rough sawn lumps of stone and a single piece of Brazilian agate during the polishing stage Diamond Lap Manufacturer Inland Until I acquired the 14 inch slab saw this was the most recent machine in my arsenal and I must admit that it s taken a while to get used to it having never used a flat lap before Ideal for polishing small slabs and when I get around to it I may use it for cabochons It s supplied with 4 laps of different grades and felt polishing pads though I tend not to use the felt pads as they seem to

    Original URL path: http://www.srbstones.co.uk/Machines/machines.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • Abalone
    and Lapidary Materials e mail info srbstones co uk ABALONE SHELL Broken pieces of what were once good sized shells Most pieces display good colour and are of a decent thickness Suitable for most purposes with the exception of display

    Original URL path: http://www.srbstones.co.uk/abalone.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • Amazonite
    uk AMAZONITE Brazil Hardness approx 6 to 6 5 Fist sized lumps of between 0 4Kg 7 0oz and 0 8Kg 14oz Nice turquoise green colour some pieces having pale layers It does have a tendency to flake if worked

    Original URL path: http://www.srbstones.co.uk/amazonite.htm (2016-04-27)
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