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  • Stamp Galaxy
    find that when you use the stamp some bit of the margin is picking up and transferring ink then trim that bit off Very often the mounting foam is larger than the sheets and I keep the excess margin bit with the liner intact for mounting small individual images and alphabet stamps Sometimes where I have bought individual unmounted stamp images I have to use a slightly larger piece of mounting foam but the mounting process is still the same I just cut a piece of mounting foam large enough to comfortably fit the image You will find that your scissors gum up when cutting up stamps use either baby wipes Undo or a tiny bit of WD40 to clean the blades as you go Once you ve done this you are ready to use the stamps see section below regarding acrylic blocks Mounting for Clear Polymer Like their rubber counterparts these are sold in sheets but you can get individual images too The way these stamps are manufactured means that will self cling to the acrylic blocks so you don t need to use mounting foam with them To use simply press the stamp onto the block and away you go Then when you are done you can clean the stamp peel it off the block and store if you find that they cease to cling at some point simply pop them in water dry off and the cling will return Although because they have no cushion on them I would recommend that you use a stamping cushion or pad of paper for a bit of give but it isn t essential Please also note that polymer stamps are not quite so robust as their rubber counterparts and they will also discolour over time it doesn t stop them working but just bear that in mind Please also be aware that some solvent inks may affect them Acrylic Blocks I would highly recommend that you invest in a good set of these small medium large and an oblong one for borders There are some stamps out there though that have a very large image and you might then need to invest in a very large block too The advantage is that they are clear so you can see exactly where you are positioning your image as you stamp and they are used over and over again Other ways to mount rubber stamps Foamcore Board Cut out the stamp and glue it to the foamcore This method is cheapish gives support and you have something to hold when you stamp I do know of one or two people that use the cheap garden kneelers for this too Obviously the storage of stamps mounted in this fashion is a little more bulky and it s not particularly cheap Magnets You can buy wooden handles with magnets already mounted underneath or you can invest in stamps by companies like Rubberdubberdoo that are pre mounted on foam which has a magnetic strip They

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