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  • job Archives - Star Medical
    relationships forge new ones demonstrate business knowledge in an egotistical and self indulgent way ironic seeing as I am writing this and also to potentially Posted in Comment Tagged job Linkedin Leave a comment Archives Archives Select Month February 2016 1 January 2016 1 November 2015 5 October 2015 1 September 2015 1 April 2015 2 February 2015 1 January 2015 1 November 2014 1 October 2014 1 September 2014

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  • Business has only two functions: marketing and innovation
    from launch to maturity is a thing of the past the rise of digital marketing and social media has meant that businesses need marketers who can demonstrate their ability to communicate their strategies across new platforms My clients have confessed that the process used to resource their marketing functions is meticulous and has become increasingly detailed in recent times in terms of interview processes and reference collation Candidates are put through their paces in the assessment centre to make sure that they can cope with the demands and relentlessness of pharmaceutical marketing Candidates can feel this change too A handful of candidates I ve spoken to who ve recently interviewed for marketing positions have confirmed that the process is more strenuous with more research and preparation time now required to stand a chance of making it through the first interview Other candidates have been advised to undergo some of the newer qualifications offered by organisations such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing CIM to help strengthen and differentiate their CV One of the people I spoke to has worked their way upwards from junior Brand Manager to Marketing Manager they marveled at the sophistication of marketers now compared with marketers 10 15 years ago I have been in marketing for the last 15 years 10 of which has been within the pharmaceutical industry I have developed and been involved in a number of product launches in this time I am now a freelance marketing consultant working with a few companies and assisting with their product plans and life cycles It is a different world now compared to 15 years ago I work with people that tell me that digital marketing is the way forward and social media like Facebook and Twitter is where we need the marketing message to be

    Original URL path: http://www.starmedical.co.uk/blog/2013/09/12/pharma-marketing/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Pharmaceutical Marketing Archives - Star Medical
    know how to invent design influence adapt and ultimately discard products then you re no longer a marketer You re deadwood These uncompromising Posted in Advice Comment Tagged Digital Marketing Marketing Michael Kan Pharmaceutical Marketing Star Star Medical Leave a comment Archives Archives Select Month February 2016 1 January 2016 1 November 2015 5 October 2015 1 September 2015 1 April 2015 2 February 2015 1 January 2015 1 November

    Original URL path: http://www.starmedical.co.uk/blog/tag/pharmaceutical-marketing/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Agency interviews; what are the benefits?
    show case what you ve done and talk about why you re moving on and where you want to take your career You ll firmly position yourself on an agency s radar and they can offer you advice on interview techniques and your CV help you to sell yourself throughout the recruitment process and you can even practice an interview if you ve been in the same job for a while I ve interviewed candidates who turn up for a screening interview and see it as a tick box exercise It s not If your agency is excited about your potential it ll make a big difference Agency interviews why is it important to the agency We ve seen the field sales force shrink and client requirements go up over the past few years that s made the healthcare market a lot more competitive Roles can be sent to multiple agencies and volumes of CVs can be high but an experienced recruitment consultant will limit their shortlist and select those that are capable of securing the role This is judged on a number of factors including therapy knowledge customer knowledge territory experience track record team fit and desire for wanting the job If you only send your CV to an agency as opposed to a face to face meeting you re assuming the recruitment consultant will know your main motivators and key skills purely from your CV Important information could be missed and you could miss out on your perfect job In addition clients are requesting that candidates are interviewed by agencies before they submit CVs to ensure you are suitable for a job opportunity It s therefore really important that you form a good working relationship with your agency Aim to impress and give clear evidence of what makes you stand out and what you want in your next career move Stay committed to working with your agency and work in partnership with them to secure the right role for you Agency interviews how to prepare for your screening interview Treat it like a job interview You should dress to impress and take along your brag file passport driving licence paper and card part ABPI certificate if applicable and degree highest educational certificate Think about why you re looking for a new role and what it is you re looking for Reflect on your working style bring evidence of success and think about how you ve pushed yourself to over achieve If you re looking for a promotion for example what have you done with your current company or with outside training organisations to improve your skills If you re determined to secure a marketing position why not study for a CIM qualification If you re moving into management can you demonstrate where you ve helped or mentored a colleague What happens next So you ve had an interview with your agency impressed them and they ve submitted your CV to the client The recruitment consultant you re working

    Original URL path: http://www.starmedical.co.uk/blog/2013/03/27/agency-interviews-what-are-the-benefits/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Agency interviews Archives - Star Medical
    with gaining some extra pocket money The advert said to call and speak to the MD so Posted in Advice Tagged Agency interviews Healthcare Pharma recruitment website pharmaceutical industry recruitment agencies Star Medical recruitment Steve Waller Leave a comment Archives Archives Select Month February 2016 1 January 2016 1 November 2015 5 October 2015 1 September 2015 1 April 2015 2 February 2015 1 January 2015 1 November 2014 1

    Original URL path: http://www.starmedical.co.uk/blog/tag/agency-interviews/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Is Telehealth the right solution for patients with long term medical conditions?
    NHS money A trial of people who used telehealth last year showed 20 lower emergency admissions and death rates were reduced by 45 But critics claim these figures are cherry picked Dr Margaret McCartney a GP who s a sceptic of the project says I can t understand why we re spending so much on unproven technology when we know where the real stresses and gaps are for people with long term conditions We should value direct patient care far more The best Telehealth device we have so far is the phone Mr Hunt emphasised using Telehealth is a choice and won t be right for everyone For people with long term conditions it could give them the support they need to stay independent and have as good a quality of life as they possibly can Michelle Mitchell Director General of Age UK adds whilst Telehealth is not a replacement for face to face appointments and direct care it could give many people a chance of taking control of their health and improving wellbeing Should we invest in Telehealth or train more Doctors to treat long term health problems The UK has the highest paid Physicians in Western Europe but the lowest number per 100 000 but France is internationally recognised for a better health service Some commentators suggest that GPs exorbitant salaries could explain why Physicians from Germany are willing to fly over to the UK for the weekend to conduct home visits Cuba a country under economic embargo for half a century has more physicians per 100 000 of the population than any other country And the result Lower infant mortality and longer life expectancy than the USA achieved on a per capita healthcare budget that is 5 of the US expenditure Does this suggest that we can

    Original URL path: http://www.starmedical.co.uk/blog/2012/12/21/is-telehealth-the-right-solution-for-patients-with-long-term-medical-conditions/ (2016-02-16)
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  • pharma jobs Archives - Star Medical
    Comment Industry News Tagged pharma jobs Pharma recruitment website pharmaceutical industry Star Star Medical jobs Telehealth Leave a comment Pharma Sales Jobs CV Writing Tips Posted on November 7 2012 by David It s important to produce a CV that ll make you stand out in the battle for a pharma sales job in the competitive and fast paced pharmaceutical sales environment I look at CVs and talk to pharmaceutical clients including Hiring Managers Regional Sales Managers and HR teams on a daily basis so I understand what makes a Posted in Advice Tagged CV writing tips pharma jobs Pharma sales jobs pharmaceutical industry Leave a comment Robot Surgeons will they replace Human Surgeons Posted on November 2 2012 by Danny Dorward A good friend who works in medical devices asks do you think Robot Surgeons will ever replace Human Surgeons Reducing costs an aging population and delivering efficiencies are some of the pressures on Surgeons and the NHS Technology is used already to make surgical procedures faster and inpatient stay times shorter so why shouldn t we Posted in Comment Tagged pharma jobs pharmacetical indusrty news pharmaceutical industry Robot Surgeons Star Medical Leave a comment Archives Archives Select Month

    Original URL path: http://www.starmedical.co.uk/blog/tag/pharma-jobs/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Vintage Healthcare Adverts
    a collection of my favourites some over 100 years old that I m pretty sure we wouldn t see in the 21st century In 1959 Smith Kline French Laboratories ran an advert for Thorazine one of many that featured an angry looking man The drug was used for senile agitation and encouraged the user to eat and drink regularly improve their hygiene and decrease outbursts This advert was released during the 1918 flu pandemic and claims that the beef stock drink Bovril has prophylactic powers This is just one of many from Bovril other adverts claimed that Bovril developed strength and repelled colds I m pretty sure that The Advertising Standards Authority which prevents companies from making unsupported medical claims about their products would have something to say about this today The benefits of Dr Williams Pink Pills launched in the 1890s required a bit of research surely it s not a cure for being pale Well turns out they are The pills were also said to treat paralysis chorea and chronic headaches The Pink Pills were advertised in 82 countries until the 20th century Well if it s better than whiskey then it must be good This Aspironal advert from 1928 claims to be ten times more effective than whiskey or rock and rye or your money back If you ve got a favourite vintage healthcare advert no matter how weird or wonderful we d love to see it Share your link or add a picture on our Facebook page This entry was posted in Comment and tagged facebook Healthcare Healthcare Adverts Medical devices and technology pharmaceutical industry Star Star Medical jobs Bookmark the permalink Archives Archives Select Month February 2016 1 January 2016 1 November 2015 5 October 2015 1 September 2015 1 April 2015 2 February 2015

    Original URL path: http://www.starmedical.co.uk/blog/2012/12/17/vintage-healthcare-adverts/ (2016-02-16)
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