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  • Horse Feeding And Exercise - Stoneways Insurance : : Stoneways Insurance
    each one But what does this mean in relation to your horse Well as you can imagine the same questions will apply to horse feeding So we ve put some thought into to what is right and what is wrong Well the actual answer to all of these questions is it depends I know surprise surprise right Well it does the breed of your horse and its preferences will play a dominant part in determining the relationship between your horse feeding and horse exercising If your horse just does a bit of leisurely exercise then there isn t a need to be too restrictive and controlling with your horses feeding Interestingly if your horse exercises after fasting or for a sustained period without eating then there will be more acid in their stomachs which will splash about during exercise As you may have guessed this isn t exactly healthy for the horse At the same time a large amount of food before exercise isn t a great idea This is because there will be less blood available for circulation due to fluid from the body being focused for digestion Leave a reply Name required Email will not be published required

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  • Horse Health Problems - Stoneways Insurance : : Stoneways Insurance
    it at once This is because any one of these types could be fatal It is caused by blocked intestines too much gas in the intestines or twisted intestines These could be caused by changes in the diet or ingested objects Normally twisted intestines require surgery however all signs of colic must be immediately treated So if your horse look like he or she is in pain clenches their teeth repeatedly salivates excessively or is restless then seek medical advice at once Laminitis This is where the structure of the hoof is inflamed It is a painful and serious condition for your horse to have You can get your horse to lie down to ease the pain but as above seek medical help straight away Bodily stress or trauma can cause this or excessive grain and hormonal disorders can If this goes untreated your horse could be maimed for life Heaves The final of our horse health problems is heaves It is reoccurring airway obstruction This can be caused by an allergic reaction and is similar to asthma If your horse has difficulty with breathing then don t rule it out Keeping your horse out of doors is great for

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  • 10 Famous Horses - Stoneways Insurance : : Stoneways Insurance
    of 99 marked him as one of the very best Indian Skimmer She won the Irish and English Champions in 88 and the Prix d Ispahan in 89 Oh So Sharp Winning the fillies triple in 85 Guiness Oaks and St Leger with jockey Steve Cauthen this famous horse was denied the King George Vi ad Queen Elizabeth Stakes in the same year Slip Anchor Lord Howard de Walden s horse winning the 1985 Derby will be remembered as one of the great performance Bosra Sham Beaten at the 1997 Eclipse as a downer for her winning the Guineas and Champion Stakes in 96 and the Prince of Wales Stakes in 97 Old Vic Winning the French and Irish Derby in 89 and owning the 2005 Cheltnam Gold Cup Old Vic is a true racing horse Light Shift Her 2007 win at Oaks was a landmark one forcing her owners to tears Frankel In 2011 he shocked everyone as he won the Classic by half way His performance at the Royal Ascot was legendary making many people label him as the best that every was Reference Point Our last of the 10 famous horses won the Racing Post Trophy back

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  • Why Synthetic Saddles Are Beneficial - Stoneways Insurance : : Stoneways Insurance
    about synthetic saddles so let s look at some of the benefits As mentioned above synthetic saddles are easy to care for There is no need to oil or dry them on a regular basis What s more storing synthetic saddles is very easy Another benefit of synthetic saddles is that they are a lot lighter than the leather alternative Gone are the days where you need to be superhuman to lug on across the yard This makes tacking up and storage easier and makes things easier for your horse On top of this synthetic saddles are far more comfortable for you and your horse talk about a win win situation Synthetic saddles are also more adaptable and safe This is because there is more of a choice when it comes to selecting one and the materials used mean that rain will not impair you riding Other than price which is greatly cheaper the other benefits of a synthetic saddles are the increased grip and reduced friction it brings again because of the materials in them Leave a reply Name required Email will not be published required Website Search Archives September 2014 August 2014 December 2013 November 2013 October 2013

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  • Horse Money Saving Tips - Stoneways Insurance : : Stoneways Insurance
    save you a huge amount of time And well here it is Share the load One great money saving tip that will also free up a lot of time is getting together with local horse owners and sheltering and exercising all your horses in one place Another added benefit of this is that it will free up space as well as giving you the option of sharing chores and expenses Chip in for big purchases Again why not meet with other horse owners and share tools and other equipment If you re not using it regularly then you may even be able to sell it on Be selective Every time you are going to make a horse related purchase ask yourself if you really need it If the answer is actually yes then consider the horse money saving tips above Be smart about cuts Making budget cuts is all well and good but be sensible about it For instance not shoeing your horse may save you money now but in the long run this could be very costly both financially and otherwise Leave a reply Name required Email will not be published required Website Search Archives September 2014 August 2014

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  • Essential Horse Care: Feeding And Water - Stoneways Insurance : : Stoneways Insurance
    It is very important not to over feed or under feed your horse Like healthy humans there are signs to a healthy horse a shiny coat clear eyes and strong hooves not to mention not being able to see their ribs poking out Horses graze naturally and amazingly in the wild they can travel anywhere up to 20 kilometres a day grazing But if you are restricted on space and only have a small space for your horse then you absolutely must provide lots of hay for him or her as well as enough horse feed There are many different types of hay out there but usually making your choice based on availability and recommendations is enough Horse feed varies hugely and depends on what your horse does as well as their breed The same can be said for supplements depending on your horses nature and occupation he or she may or may not need them When it comes to essential horse care and water you need to provide your horse to good clean water And lots of it They can drink anywhere from 20 to 30 gallons a day Don t even get me started on summer drinking quantities

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  • : Stoneways Insurance
    then remember taking your children riding as a hobby is an option Then perhaps when they are a few years older you can make the purchase You can also part own a horse there a many options that don t require you to make a purchase Daddy can I have a horse please Jul 9 Different Horse Breeds in Uncategorized comments 0 This is just a post for all the horse newbies out there Whether you want to learn about horses or are looking to buy one for yourself this is a useful post for you We will go through some of the most common breeds off horse to give you a quick overview So have a look at what tickles your fancy An American Paint These are quite easy going and are usually used for cattle work They are held in high regard by cowboys They are very friendly An American Quarter These are very popular They look like you would imagine a horse to look A kind o bog standard With a population of 3 2 million and a great personality it isn t hard to see why A Pony These are essential small horses though they are mutually exclusive from miniature horses With a whole range of breed in the pony category these are also popular A Thoroughbred The choice option for competing racehorses these horses are extremely athletic A Miniature These make great household pets If you re looking for an easier horse to maintain and make children happy then this is your best bet A Mustang Sounds cool right They have no specific physical characteristic that defines them really Because they have been breed for a while they are a diverse breed of horse Jul 8 Feeding Your Horse in Uncategorized comments 0 Feeding a horse isn t quite as simple as it ay seem There are a large amount of options available to you and with such a diverse range of horses sometimes you can be left a tad puzzled The horse s type age weight climate and occupation all play a part in deciding what horse feed to give him or her We thought we d make life a little easier for you and provide a step by step guide on feeding your horse First of all make a note of the above listed attributes of your horse Keep checking up on these regularly to look for changes so you can take appropriate action if and when your horse develops Then you need to calculate the daily requirements for your horse These two steps are important as they will determine the rest of your meal planning Next up answer this Do you want your horse to gain weight lose weight or stay at the same weight NOTE Water and salt shouldn t be restricted This also goes for forage hay or straw etc Feed the horse grass fruit veg and or sugar beet every day Choose the right type of horse feed for

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  • Your First Step By Step Guide On Horse Choosing - Stoneways Insurance : : Stoneways Insurance
    it You ll have to make the decision of buying a horse or a pony A common misconception is that a pony is a baby horse but this isn t true Ponies are similar to horses except that in general ponies are in fact smaller Even though ponies tend to be more difficult than horses it can be worth choosing them instead if only because they are smaller Do your homework on specific breeds of horses and decide on the one you feel is best suited for you Do you want the vibrant and spunky Thoroughbred Or perhaps you prefer the mellower Clydesdale Unless your customer is a rich American girl whose heart is dead set on a white pony sorry for the stereotype then don t place colour above behaviour in your list of priorities If you place breed and colour above behaviour then you will most likely regret your decision in the long run But if you re still uncertain then don t buy the horse wait Like we mentioned it s a big step There are two main things you need to consider and do before buying a horse To sum up they are thinking about your

    Original URL path: http://www.stonewaysinsurance.co.uk/blog/your-first-step-by-step-guide-on-horse-choosing/ (2016-02-08)
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