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  • Trouble With A Horse? - Stoneways Insurance : : Stoneways Insurance
    horse has been acting lethargic and has trouble when urinating These aren t really any other negative signs So what steps should you take Well it seems that both these signs are typical of horses with abdominal pain This is what is stopping him or her from urinating This could be due to colic or gastrointestinal system issues So you ll have to research the ways to check for these specific types of problems Get them checked early or your horses problems will only worsen Whatever the cases your first port of call should always be your veterinarian Get them to perform a thorough physical examination including a palpitation as this may help solve the structural problems of your horses organs Some vets will have the equipment and resources to perform these types of examinations at the farm but if not then it is up to you to transport your horse Once you have determined what the problem is you then have to research and enquire what to next Good luck Leave a reply Name required Email will not be published required Website Search Archives September 2014 August 2014 December 2013 November 2013 October 2013 September 2013 August 2013 July

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  • 10 Facts About Horses - Stoneways Insurance : : Stoneways Insurance
    6 One front leg is shorter than the other on a horse and that s why the mane falls to that side Fact Number 7 A mule is born when you cross a male donkey with a female horse Fact Number 8 A Horse s ears point in the direction the horse is looking Fact Number 9 A hinny is a cross between a male horse and a female donkey

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  • : Stoneways Insurance
    to feed to provide extra energy Please do not use anti cribbing collars they cause frustration and probably worsen the situation This could be considered inhumane Jun 29 Unhealthy Treats Your Horse Shouldn t Eat in Uncategorized comments 0 After talking about healthy treats in our last post we thought it d be good to educate you a little bit on what foods and treats NOT to feed your horse After all if you re feeding your horse a few healthy treats it s no good giving them bad foods too You potentially could be undoing all the good It may come as quite a shock then when you find out that a lot of the grain in some horse treats and horse feed is not whole grain at all but extracted oils from other grains What other grains you ask Well it seems that the by products of the leftover grains at some mills are what is used This news has led many to search for better healthier though more expensive alternative diets for their horses The grain used was deemed unfit for human consumption of the mould contamination bad quality and bad handling it contained or had been through Would you rather pay more for better quality feed food that your horse can enjoy There are already many horse owners out there that do just that Alternatives to processed food treats are out there you just have to look out for them For example did you know that raisins have in them some of the key nutrients found in processed beef jerky Vegetables and bra are other alternatives to try Although you could always try to make your own horse treats Seriously give it a go Jun 28 Giving Your Horse A Healthy Treat in Uncategorized comments 0 Nowadays all people want is to be fit and healthy Okay that was a lie but most of us do It s become the new thing which is great But it s all well and good you being healthy but what if you want to give your horse something healthy to eat It s no good after all giving him or her something unhealthy especially after all that exercise they will have done In the 21 st Century rather than just giving a horse an apple or carrot a nutritionally balanced treat an owner will have a mountain of strange and wonderful treats to choose from But with Mt Treats growing bigger and bigger it can be a scary thought when contemplating what is safe Fruit is one road to go down you can feed your horse anything from the common apple to the more exotic fruit that nobody can spell Mostly your fruits will be decided by which ones the horse will and will not eat However studies have shown that horses in the wild eat fruits not just for nutrition but because of their water content and antioxidants For example watermelon rind and flesh will cool down a

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  • The Do’s And Don’ts Of Horse Caring - Stoneways Insurance : : Stoneways Insurance
    Their Space Too One of the most important things to provide for your horse is space for them to stretch their legs quite literally One acre of land is usually sufficient for this This way the horse has enough space to exercise without feeling bored or confined Before you let your horse lose however you must check for holes trash and holes in the fencing as these can result in the injury of your horse Make Sure It s Ship Shape Keeping your pasture in good condition is another must if you re going to look after your horse properly You can t be dealing with poisonous plants and having a strong fence is essential Just don t put in barbed wire whatever you do Give Your Horse A Home Now we ve got the open spaces out of the way let s get to the closed ones Your new animal friend will need shelter to protect it from the wind sun and rain A few trees would do the trick but having a three sided enclosure for your horse is the best bet Order Up Horses are thirsty creatures and they require a constant supply of fresh water It is therefore up to you to ensure you provide this and to keep checking up on how much your horse is drinking Night Night None of us like standing up all day on a hard surface and neither do horses They need their rest and proper bedding is essential for this Straw is often a popular choice but dust free wood shavings are a better option because they don t contain fungal sores as straw does and aren t very tasty horses tend to eat their straw bedding Hopefully these few tips will help you care for your horse and

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  • Horse Insurance Tips - Stoneways Insurance : : Stoneways Insurance
    best deal is So to avoid any hidden surprises in the future we at Stoneways have decided to help you out Below you will find a few points that are worth noting These are some helpful tips and facts about the world of equine insurance that you are sure to find useful Most insurers provide a bare minimum of Death Theft and Straying and then give you optional extras As with any insurers they ll try and catch you out So be prepared Look out for the conditions on which the terms on their part will be met Do you need a letter to justify your insurance claim Or an x ray Etc Discounts will often be available for a multi horse policy Some insurers cover international accidents some do not All insurers have an age limit on their standard insurance policies Once a horse is between 15 and 20 years of age it varies then the cover is usually reduced The cheapest policy is not always the best value Check check check the refund policy Leave a reply Name required Email will not be published required Website Search Archives September 2014 August 2014 December 2013 November 2013 October 2013

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  • : Stoneways Insurance
    2 to 3 months after which you can claim But you have to inform the police It is worth noting that your advertising costs will be covered Public Liability Most insurers will offer at least 1 million if you are sued because your horse has caused injury or damage Contact your insurer to find out more details Vet Fees This covers large vet bills with a maximum cap off and will require you to pay an excess Personal Accident This insures you and anyone else riding your horse with your permission It covers death and accidental injury Permanent Loss of Use If your horse can no longer be used for the activities you insured it for then you ll be covered Usually if the horse can still breed then the insurers will only cover part of the sum Jun 22 Getting Started With Equine Insurance in Uncategorized comments 0 Getting insurance for your horse is no easy matter there is a great deal of factors to consider The type of horse insurance you want to get is probably one of the biggest things you need to take into account But before you even consider this what does getting horse insurance even mean Each equine insurer you go to will offer a different quote of course but each one will also offer to you a variant of cover It makes sense for you therefore to have a look around and do a bit of window shopping But if you are in a rush to get the right one then stay tuned for some great posts on the subject Remember that in some cases you ll only be able to claim up to 10 000 per annum for your horse so have a look at the Vets Fees section of your policy

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