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  • Horse Allergies - Stoneways Insurance : : Stoneways Insurance
    not feeling well because they will be acting unusual If your horse has had a drastic change in behaviour then you should have the horse checked out by your vet Once you have done this your vet will be able to advise you on what is wrong with your horse and what actions to take afterwards So if your horse is acting strange then it could be because of horse

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  • Making Horse Supplements - Stoneways Insurance : : Stoneways Insurance
    or an alternative Wait for it to cool and use it to dampen the horses feed This will give your horse the nutrients of iron and vitamin C It is great for their kidney and acts as a cleanser for their blood If you want your horse to have healthy ligaments and bones feed them one half cup of millet a day Also feed them half a cup of linseed

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  • Your Horse First Aid Kit - Stoneways Insurance : : Stoneways Insurance
    frantic situation can easily be turned into an impossible task when you re not prepared Taking the time to be prepared is important so we thought it would only be smart if we put together a little list of essentials so you are not wasting money or effort Think of being organised as a happy side product of this You should already have the essential medical supplies in your horse first aid kit these are a given But on top of this it would be advantageous to have the following Ropes Towels for padding Wire cutters Knife Saw Torch A blindfold or alternative Large horse blanket These supplies are specific to getting your horse unstuck for something or supporting it You will also need some general supplies to have a successful medical kit A list of contact numbers A how to book specific to first aid and horses Thermometer Scissors Stethoscope Sterile solution and wipes Pen and notepad to take notes of vital signs and injuries Other horse specific things you may need are below Hoof boots A hoof pick Epsom salts Strong plastic bags Soaking boots Leave a reply Name required Email will not be published required Website Search

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  • Our Top Ten Horse Names Ever! - Stoneways Insurance : : Stoneways Insurance
    choice of words or word 3 Whiskery The 1927 Preakness Winner If a horse is born with what looks like whiskers it s a no brainer really Pus it sounds like whiskey 4 Thunder Gulch The 1995 Kentucky Derby Winner Wow What a punchy and down right AWESOME name There s so much umph in it A real manly no messing around horse name with an attitude that would make Thor quake in his cape 5 Tabasco Cat The 1994 Belmont Winner If you have a horse and name it Tabasco Cat it s gonna go far 6 War Admiral The 1937 Triple Crown Winner Aye aye cap n This horse is high mighty and takes no nonsense It doesn t compete it destroys And it does so with ruthless precision and dominance 7 Sly Fox The 1898 Preakness Winner This one will sneak all the way to 1 8 Seattle Stew The 1977 Triple Crown Winner American and makes me hungry No surprises or complaints there 9 Clyde Van Dusen The 1929 Kentucky Derby Winner Named after his jockey this is the best move ever The horse isn t an animal it is him They are one 10 Afleet

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  • Horse Behaviour - Stoneways Insurance : : Stoneways Insurance
    So to keep your horse s behaviour and attitude positive you need to allow for free roaming in a paddock very frequently and allow your horse to have the company of other horses Treat your horse right and make sure he only comes into contact with people he is familiar with Don t use negative methods to train your horse anti cribbing collars and anti weaving grilles are just some

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  • Cleaning Your Horse’s Face - Stoneways Insurance : : Stoneways Insurance
    s face Well we thought it was such an important part that it deserved its own post Step 1 Standing on a stool or step ladder rinse your horse s face with a sponge you have dunked and rinsed in fresh water The aim here is just to wet the horse s face make sure you take care not to get water in their eyes Step 2 Get a soapy sponge and wring out excess water then wash the head of your horse again Once more you need to be wary of your horse s eyes Step 3 If there is any dirt still trapped use a rubber glove to get it out Keep repeating steps 1 and 2 until you are satisfied Then use a dry sponge to go over the face once more Step 4 Now that we re done cleaning your horse s face you may want to towel dry your horse and apply some lotion or talcum powder for comfort and to sooth dry skin Leave a reply Name required Email will not be published required Website Search Archives September 2014 August 2014 December 2013 November 2013 October 2013 September 2013 August 2013 July 2013 June

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  • Horse Bathing Tips - Stoneways Insurance : : Stoneways Insurance
    of sponges some mild shampoo a rubber glove some towels a raised platform or ladder and lotion or talcum powder for dry skin Step 2 Wetting Down Your Horse Use an ointment such as ISP to seal the horses feet to prevent them from drying out after absorbing water This could turn a horses feet brittle which is not healthy at all Wet your horse all over except the head with warm water gently always pointing the water away from their head If you don t have running water available to you then use a bucket and give them a sponge bath Slowly work your way through their whole body finishing with lifting the tail and washing their genitals and anus Hopefully your horse should calm down a lot once completely wet Step 3 Shampooing Your Horse Soap suds do the cleaning so make sure you create a lot of them Using a sponge and soapy hot water lather your horse in suds using a circular motion Start with the coat and then the tail and then the mane You may want to use different sponges for different ahem areas Step 4 Rinsing After this you ll need to rinse

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  • : Stoneways Insurance
    too restrictive and controlling with your horses feeding Interestingly if your horse exercises after fasting or for a sustained period without eating then there will be more acid in their stomachs which will splash about during exercise As you may have guessed this isn t exactly healthy for the horse At the same time a large amount of food before exercise isn t a great idea This is because there will be less blood available for circulation due to fluid from the body being focused for digestion Jul 18 Horse Health Problems in Uncategorized comments 0 Your horse means the world to you which is why you want to keep him or her healthy and happy In order for you to be able to do this you have to have a knowledge of the common health problems that could befall your horse Obviously you ll need to follow the advice of your vet but by no means should you thoroughly rely on them So here are a few diagnoses Colic This is actually a term for many different types of digestive issues You must nevertheless deal with it at once This is because any one of these types could be fatal It is caused by blocked intestines too much gas in the intestines or twisted intestines These could be caused by changes in the diet or ingested objects Normally twisted intestines require surgery however all signs of colic must be immediately treated So if your horse look like he or she is in pain clenches their teeth repeatedly salivates excessively or is restless then seek medical advice at once Laminitis This is where the structure of the hoof is inflamed It is a painful and serious condition for your horse to have You can get your horse to lie down to ease the pain but as above seek medical help straight away Bodily stress or trauma can cause this or excessive grain and hormonal disorders can If this goes untreated your horse could be maimed for life Heaves The final of our horse health problems is heaves It is reoccurring airway obstruction This can be caused by an allergic reaction and is similar to asthma If your horse has difficulty with breathing then don t rule it out Keeping your horse out of doors is great for treating this the fresh air will help loads You can also replace hay bedding and keep shelters and bedding clean Jul 17 10 Famous Horses in Uncategorized comments 0 Got a racing horse who you hope that will one day rule the track Or perhaps you have a horse that rules the equestrian course Or is your horse simply so magnificent that he ll be world famous one day Well we have 10 famous horses that you can use as a role model for your horse Are you ready to by inspired Diminuendo Her performance can only be described as breathtaking only Minister Son beat her home in the Saint Leger Doncaster Royal

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