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  • keepitlocalfebruary14
    Steam Espresso Ltd seven years ago and four years ago began trading as Volcano Coffee Works 3 Why Dulwich Because Kurt lives down the road Mac too Simple as that 4 How many types of coffee do you sell and what is your own personal favourite Almost too many to count but it s over twenty of those Mac is having a ball with the Rwanda Gashonga and the new crop Sumatran Jagong villiage Two very different coffees the Rwanda juicy and sweet the Sumatran rich and earthy 5 Where does your coffee come from and is it fair trade Sourcing green coffee in the specialty grade presents opportunities to build relationships with farmers and suppliers that extend beyond the certifications of commodity products Where we do not have a direct relationship with the source of our green coffee we purchase fairtrade or rainforest alliance coffees to ensure the integrity of the coffee Most importantly it has to taste good I have recently returned from a trip to Central America to experience first hand the conditions and health of the farms and communities that work them and was thrilled to see the general standard of the specialty farms was well above that of the commodity farms 6 Do you ever drink tea There are certainly occasions for tea for example one does not take coffee at The Orangery at Kensington Palace where the tea menu eclipses the coffee menu 7 Can anyone buy coffee from you or is it trade only Anyone can buy from us Either at our Volcano Coffee House cafe in West Norwood or through our website www volcanocoffeeworks com where you can sign up for our coffee subscription service For wholesale enquiries contact the roastery 8 Is there a coffee related fact that you think everyone

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  • keepitlocaljanuary2014
    excites me 2 How long have you been in business My business is brand spanking new In fact I am looking for a Suzanne James couples who are interested in having a free wedding video that will be used to build a show reel of our work Please be assured that filming will be discrete respectful and unobtrusive and will not effect the smooth running of your big day If you are interested please contact me on 07929 996906 or tom baxter live com 3 Why East Dulwich Like Suzanne I am South East London born and bred and this is where I am based but obviously I will travel wherever the work may take me Seychelles anyone 4 What exactly is it you do Instead of long uncut wedding videos I create well crafted artfully edited stylish vignettes usually around 5 to 10 minutes long that really capture the vibe buzz and emotion of the big day 5 Do you only make wedding videos Armed with video kit and an edit suite technically I can do anything I have a background in reportage style behind the scenes documentaries promos and EPKs and these are all aspects of production I am happy to undertake 6 Errr What is an EPK please Ooops sorry an Electronic Press Kit Often referred to as a media kit in business environments is a pre packaged set of promotional materials of a person company or organization distributed to members of the media for promotional use They are often distributed to announce a release or for a news conference 7 Have you had any really strange requests or has anything really funny ever happened when making a film Ermm yes While doing editing work for a company I shall not name I was asked by a

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  • 2014images
    Menus Seasonal Recipes Food Allergens Cook Collect Venues Gallery Eco chic News Contact Us Made To Make Your Mouth Water Towards the end of last year Suzanne and Graham started planning our new menus and invited local photographer Lorenzo Ali along to capture their hard work on film over two days You can see a sneak preview of some of the fabulous results here but also do look out for

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  • movember2013
    will be treated as that man and you will act like that man It s important you like who he is Be brave The first few days even weeks can be uncomfortable and a little awkward as your facial goodness grows and your Mo takes shape Ignore the itching Remind yourself that other men have endured worse in the past surely you can stand a little face tickle from your Mo Start to shape your moustache using proper grooming techniques A great Mo comes down to grooming Look after your Mo Fertilize it keep it clean and keep it neat Styling Invest in the right equipment A man of fine and serious moustachery should have a pair of barber scissors for precise trimming a fine toothed comb for guidance a bright and large mirror for a good view a razor a steady hand and a sensible mind Dampen the moustache hair to trim Wet hair is easier to cut but dry hair easier to trim It is important to note that wet hair does bounce up when dry Using a fine toothed comb tidy your moustache so the hairs run in the direction you intend them to and lasso any

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  • keepitlocalseptember
    Decker Bus as it toured London 2 How long have you been in business We are just approaching our 5th anniversary and there are six of us running the business now 3 What exactly does your company do We offer a roaming Oyster Shucker Service This adds a new and very original dynamic to an event Our team will open the oyster in front of your guests dress it serve it and even explain how to eat it what flavours to look out for and what wines might go with it If required we can explain the history of oysters too It can be quite theatrical It is a great icebreaker it works so well that we have a 94 recall from our corporate clients 4 Where do you operate We are predominantly based in London but we have done 46 weddings across the UK this year and have also been booked for both corporate and private events in Barcelona Rome Belfast and the South of France 5 Do you only serve Oysters or can you offer other types of seafood too We have chosen to specialise solely in Oysters Because they are truly a specialist product we are able to ensure they are supplied and served correctly and we have all the necessary risk assessments in place As a food offering we require no preparation space and can literally turn up for a 1 5 to 2 hour reception do our thing and leave 6 How can people find our more or book you for an event The best way is to visit our website and from there it is very easy to contact us or book us for an event 7 Is there an oyster related fact that you think everyone should know Yes lots but for starters

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  • keepitlocaljuly2013
    beyond the simple and somewhat easy claims or sustainability logos The area of sustainability and sustainable seafood is often contradictory very confusing and on many occasions misleading With this in mind we need to understand exactly what is being served to the diner Through the guidance and passion to educate of my SSI team we aim to set our customers apart from other restaurants Our Sustainability Policy Southbank Fresh Fish as part of The Seafood Holdings Group believes strongly in the ethical purchasing of fish supplies and upholds the MSC Standard Principles and Criteria for Sustainable Fisheries The MSC standard clearly sets out indicators that a fishery must meet to enable it to claim that fish sourced from it originated from a well managed and sustainable source As part one of the largest fresh fish specialists in the UK we fully respect and understand our responsibility in supporting sustainable fishing We work in close partnership with our suppliers to ensure all enterprises involved throughout the fishing and processing system appreciate and work with our long term objectives of sustaining fish stocks As a group we take very seriously our responsibility of protecting endangered species and do not handle process or distribute any fish listed on the critically endangered IUCN list which includes bluefin tuna We continue to strive to source and promote under utilised species and help customers develop menus to maximise this knowledge The Southbank Sustainability Initiative SSI How it Works The only successful way to grasp the complexities of fisheries science and seafood sustainability is to sit and talk to people who are truly passionate and have a complete understanding the subject The SSI is based on communication education and advice with the long term goal being a fully sustainable menu However not until one fully understands their current seafood purchasing can they put into place an action plan to change their buying patterns The goal is best achieved over a period of time as menu changes are not always easy to implement immediately A sustainable offering can take time to put into place so sometimes this is the best option The SSI can be as complex and as rewarding as you wish but i hope to always cover A meeting to ascertain the chefs owner s and restaurant s sustainability aims and objectives An evaluation of the current menu items purchased from Southbank Fresh Fish Advise if requested on menu items purchased from other suppliers Production of a bespoke product chart of the items supplied by Southbank including Name Latin name Catch Production Method Country of origin Marine Conservation Society MCS rating Marine Stewardship Council MSC rating Any additional Fishery Certifications Seasonality Information Advise on products that will improve your Sustainability offering and or rating Suggested change of products offering alternative catch area methods Suggested replacement products Suggested removal of products which would then improve the overall sustainability rating Advise on sustainability statements policies and menu information Working towards a positive SRA rating Working towards a positive

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  • seasonalrecipes
    Suzanne James we believe in cooking Seasonal Organic Sustainable food sourced as locally as possible We call this our SOS Great Britain campaign We also believe in buying Fair trade To encourage others to think about where their food comes from our seasonal recipes have been published in local magazines for many years We have created this web page to make it easier to find previously published recipes we hope

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  • keepitlocaljanuary2015
    uk 1 When was Lightmotif created Rob Mills our MD produced events whilst at Cambridge University post uni he completed a short period as a freelance Lighting and Production designer for Theatre and events In 2012 Rob decided to set up a business to provide high quality design based events for private and corporate clients 2 What exactly does the company do We are an end to end full service event production company designing managing and producing numerous events for a range of clients 3 Where do you operate Central London throughout the UK and Internationally 4 What did you do before you worked for Lightmotif I used to work for Fisher Productions where my role was also to look after the marketing and PR I then have a brief spell in property before I decided to come back to the events industry and work at Light Motif 5 What is your favourite thing about your job Being able to attend these beautiful events and the adrenaline whilst they are being set up Plus everyone is very friendly and the events industry breeds a certain caliber of individual bubbly and slightly eccentric 6 How can people go about hiring your services Its simple just give us a call on 020 7183 5381 and we can discuss your event requirements whether it s a full service production or lighting hire we can do it 7 What do you think is the single most important point to bear in mind when you are planning an event As an event planner utilising a full service production company is invaluable Organizing multiple suppliers is extremely time consuming and can be stressful 8 Do you have a favourite event of the many you ve been involved with My favourite event was Jason Collins Downs wedding

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