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  • Flight: Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    a federal offence so Whitaker charts a course for self obliteration Easily the most impressive part of Flight is the plane crash but the handling of the scenario is piloted by some jumbo errors the fight to regain control when a loss of hydraulics is assumed and engine fires are unlikely given the cause and subsequent circumstances of the incident a plane with a jammed elevator will tumble nose to tail not dive in a steady continuous pitch the EGPWS would never sound until the aircraft is much closer to terrain the first officer should always be able to reach the captain s manual control lever and it usually operates either pitch or yaw not the whole flight control and if the aircraft could not be operated in regular flight then it could not possibly maintain a steady glide And then there s the bizarre actions of the cabin crew who walk the aisle against gravity and re buckle a passenger into his seat while the aircraft is inverted But it s only a movie y know so remember that when a heroin addict later decides to ditch the dust and get a job instead After the tension of the crash the film diverts its focus onto the culture of failure that surrounds our apparent inability to intervene before disaster strikes Captain Whitaker has been let down by his employer his colleagues his family and his union and this is what culminates in his destructive path In other words Whitaker is the victim Considering the stringency of the industry this may be a difficult pill for anybody working in aviation to swallow Just as heroin addict Nicole Kelly Reilly s choice to shack up with an alcoholic in order to go clean may not shoot the right message about the

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  • The Guilt Trip: Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    Seth Rogen plans to drive across America schlepping his own brand of un pronounceable organic cleaning product to the major retailers When his widowed mother Joyce Streisand tells him the story of her first love Andy Andrew tracks him down then convinces his ma to join him on the road in hopes of a reunion Together ma and son drive through gaping potholes of ludicrous plot holes where ma proves that mother really does know best even though she cross your eyes and hope to die doesn t mean to interfere with her klutz son s business Despite the considerable age gap the teaming of Streisand with Rogen as mother and son is as surprisingly natural and unfeigned as Streisand s make up and wardrobe Streisand is a delight while Rogen does his best with a character that bumbles through the film like a shlemiel schmuck Ordinary characterisation drives the duo into some truly abysmal situations that drain the tank of any spirit finally arriving at a destination that is more floury than a Jewish bakery But worst of all are the production values which are more boring than a wheat free bagel Anne Fletcher s direction is severely lacking in chutzpah with cinematography suggesting that the crew knew how to switch the camera on and off and little else Bland lighting strips colour from skin tones while some scenes enjoy a completely different lighting set up mid take And for a road movie the audience never gets to sit back and enjoy much scenery The glimmer of heart that Streisand brings to The Guilt Trip is the only real attraction of the film but with more negatives than you could poke a shtick at this is definitely one of those humdrum comedies that you could passover to DVD Starring

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  • Suze | Suze Reviews
    A Doubt find fans of the Notorious director But according to Sacha Gervasi s film being Hitchcock was no Easy Virtue with much of his ascendancy rightfully Read More Life of Pi Movie Review Posted by Suze on Dec 31 2012 in Movie Reviews 0 comments Life is a tutti frutti gelato dipped in rainbow fairy floss and topped with real fruit cachous scrumptious to look at but full of empty calories and likely to cause brain freeze This part at least the film version of Life of Pi gets right A visually arresting spectacular of gorgeous imagery in masterful 3D Life of Pi dips its toe into the majesty of Yann Martel s life changing novel but when it comes to imparting the messages Read More Jack Reacher Movie Review Posted by Suze on Dec 29 2012 in Movie Reviews 0 comments Jack Reacher proves that when you have as much fame and money as Tom Cruise you can pretty much do whatever you please But equally just because you have the power to do anything it doesn t necessarily mean that you should Halfway between a dumb action flick and a seedy cop drama Jack Reacher doesn t quite extend to the expectations of either The film is based on One Shot the ninth novel in Lee Childs Jack Reacher Read More Parental Guidance Movie Review Posted by Suze on Dec 28 2012 in Movie Reviews 0 comments Once upon a time there lived a collection of PG rated films that actually used to be suitable for the whole family They featured a stay at home mum a dad with briefcase three well rounded kids daughter son infant son a loyal ragamuffin dog and John Candy They never contained swearing spoilt brats vampires or Adam Sandler These films presented a virtuous existence that was neither realistic or likely but nobody cared The Read More Wreck It Ralph Movie Review Posted by Suze on Dec 27 2012 in Movie Reviews 0 comments Disney unlocks a new level of free play with Wreck It Ralph a smashing film powered up by slick retro graphics an adorable storyline and a treasure chest of hidden bonuses The visuals are stunning the characters are inventive and the customary moralising is constructed gently brick by brick rather than blasted home with a battering ram Wreck It Ralph is an arcade of fun Game on Being the bad guy isn t always fun and games Read More The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Movie Review Posted by Suze on Dec 24 2012 in Movie Reviews 0 comments Whilst unearthly visuals certainly chart new cinematic territory in The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey at a running time of 169 minutes the film fails to travel very far Fans will be enthralled by the return to the picturesque fantasy world created so majestically in The Lord of the Rings trilogy but Tolkien enthusiasts may feel like they ve been dragged to Middle Earth and back Ironically Jackson s overlong

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  • The Impossible (lo imposible): Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    when the main character of this story the tsunami makes its pummelling entry onto the screen We all know it s coming so director Juan Antonio Bayona plays upon that expectation baiting the audience with mysterious off camera noises to rouse tension until the wave makes its deafening appearance When it does the effect is quite profound Bayona seats his audience in the prime position of vulnerability at the ground perspective beneath the towering monster of raging water You are given seconds to realise what it is before it hits along with a disconcerting feeling of having nowhere to run or hide Use of special effects is impossibly good audio and vision crash together to recreate a situation that must be frighteningly close to the real thing As Maria and eldest son Lucas are tumbled away amid a muddy soup of debris and hidden danger the audience is swept away with them The turbulence of these underwater scenes filmed in a tank in Spain is so aggressive that it seems an impossibility that the actors weren t seriously hurt In an instant the likelihood of the real family surviving is made incomprehensible While the task of reuniting Maria and Lucas with the rest of the family is the main tributary of the film several wishy washy sub plots keep the action flowing Characterisation is kept to a minimum so we don t get to care too greatly for the family before they are torn apart Surprisingly this works well to remind us that this story does not solely belong to them but to thousands of people who were affected The fact that much of the filming took place in real locations that were inundated adds a disturbing gravity to the story Watts s brave performance as Maria is whitewashed by

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  • Django Unchained: Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    Django Jamie Foxx and sets him free in exchange for his help identifying three brothers with a hefty price on their heads As Schultz s accidental apprentice Django gets a taste for shooting honkies and convinces da bossman to help rescue his enslaved wife Broomhilda Intelligent film making turns screwball when Django turns vigilante and almost loses his nuts Tarantino s attempt at social commentary is like throwing a gun at two prisoners and telling them that whomever kills the other with the single bullet walks free An intriguing game of amorality gets played out but in the end nobody really wins As you d expect from a Tarantino film the violence is as savage as the screenplay but the value of both are let loose amid 165 minutes of incoherent meandering Django Unchained isn t as slick or taut as his earlier films and even though the lengthy running time is tolerable it does wander over some laborious ground Perhaps the weakest element of the film is the mute characterisation of Django s German speaking wife Broomhilda named ironically after the mythological German princess Brȕnnhilde Uncharacteristically for Tarantino whose past work has boasted some fierce femme fatales Broomhilda is a vacant expressionless zombie void of emotion and spark She never appears worth rescuing or for that matter particularly willing On the other hand the ludicrous characterisation of plantation owner Calvin Candie Leonardo DiCaprio as the effete Francophile who doesn t speak French and Stephen Samuel L Jackson as his dog loyal race traitoring servant are both exceptional Tarantino himself probably best summed up his directing of Django Unchained during his recent infamous rant on Channel Four Within minutes of claiming responsibility for launching a dialogue on the issue of slavery in Django Unchained he just as vehemently denied any

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/django-unchained-movie-review/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Gangster Squad: Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    in the City of Angels He s got the flash house the glamorous moll Emma Stone and plenty of filth to do his dirty work for him He is the Capone of LA and just as untouchable That is until Chief of Police Bill Parker Nick Nolte sets out to clean up his town by declaring war on Cohen and his mob He holsters the only honest cop in the city Sgt John O Mara Josh Brolin to misfit a team of outlaws then fires them into a cops and robbers racket that spoofs every extent of its genre The streets of 1940s gangland LA are recreated superbly in Gangster Squad boasting an attention to detail in costume set design framing and soundtrack that is shatteringly impressive Lighting and colour tones are sharply or more specifically yellowy reminiscent of a bygone era of television cop dramas and gangster movies Even Penn s doughy bulbous makeup and its tendency to change shape along the film is forgivable in keeping with a period when continuity wasn t expected to be all that consistent But while Gangster Squad hits target after target of celluloid gangland memorabilia it likewise manages to shoot holes through any identity of its own Too much parody dilutes the violence which at times is marvellously gruesome and the lines between good and bad become so blurred that you don t particularly care who comes out alive Then again perhaps that is the point Technically speaking Gangster Squad is a glorious glimpse into the waistcoated underworld of yesteryear but doesn t cash in as victoriously as it should Brolin although likeable is no Kevin Costner and saucy Emma Stone is never allowed to smoulder despite the length of the split in her hemline Still odds on it s worth the

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  • Hitchcock: Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    rather than his work crediting Reville as the Lifeboat of Alfred s career Negative acclaim threatens to Sabotage Hitchcock s confidence following the release of North By Northwest This fuels Suspicion that his best days are in Vertigo amid mutterings that Hitch should Bon Voyage the industry and retire But never a man to suffer Stage Fright Hitch sets out to prove that the pundits are sharpshooting The Wrong Man by investing in controversy He sacrifices his Champagne lifestyle to adapt a curious novel by Richard Bloch about a Wisconsin Psycho an ambitious project that sets audiences and the American motion picture classification board into a Frenzy By zooming in on Hitchcock s role as a husband rather than a director Gervasi serialises the great man indirectly peering at him through a Rear Window rather than framing him in close up Alma Reville is the leading lady who tolerates his relentless obsession with chasing The Birds on set a peculiarity of Hitchcock s that divides the marriage like a Torn Curtain Subsequently the pair behave like Strangers On A Train with Reville allowing herself to be courted in a flimsy sub plot by her writer acquaintance Whitfield Cook Danny Huston The storyline drags the film Downhill somewhat but does allows a tenderness to cut into Hitchcock s character Insights into 1950s film production and the behind the scenes drama between Hitchcock Paramount and the MPAA are thrilling Dealing with the classification board proves to be Murder for Hitchcock who appears to have to climb The 39 Steps of conflict and promise to earn certification Anthony Hopkins fills the master of suspense s towering frame with aplomb and Mirren is stalwart as Hitchcock s wife editor and muse Scarlett Johansson is suitably adorable as Janet Leigh while James D Arcy s

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  • Life of Pi: Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    like Pi short for Piscine but cruelly abbreviated to Piss Pi Patel Suraj Sharma is no stranger to defending himself His family owns the local zoo which they decide to relocate to Canada in hope of a better life Tragedy strikes en route when their ship is consumed by a terrible storm capsizing the occupants and animal cargo to the ocean depths Pi escapes on a lifeboat along with a handful of other survivors most notably a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker The pair cling to life quickly realising that to overcome their predicament and keep afloat they must somehow learn to survive one another The magic of Martel s novel yields a transformative puissance unlocked via the reader via the fundamental acts of reflection and imagination Profound contemplation upon humanity religion the environment and the significance of the individual are explored in a parabolic story not meant to be taken as gospel By rights cinema should provide a natural home to the wonderment of Martel s glorious tale but without the white space provided by the page the extravaganza risks being taken too literally As a result visuals appear definitive and gimmicky rather than suggestive especially to those who haven t first read the book and aren t cued to look beyond the immediacy of what they are seeing Tremendous care has been taken to illustrate the philosophy and ideology within Martel s novel His message that we are all in the same boat upon the great journey of life is depicted most joyously when Pi Humankind swims across the screen between the sky Heaven and the ocean Earth which appear synchronous Life of Pi is a remarkable achievement that like breathing itself may go tragically under appreciated But even if the wisdom in the narrative is not perceived

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