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  • Chinese Take-Away (Un Cuento Chino): Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    methodical days by scouring newspapers in search of bizarre human interest stories from around the world Roberto is relaxing with a bit of plane spotting there s all the characterisation you need right there when Jun spring rolls out of a taxi headlong into Roberto s path Fresh off the boat Jun has no money no Spanish and his uncle s address tattooed on his arm Roberto agrees to help Jun find his way while unwittingly entering upon a new course of his own Chinese Take Away is a warm feel good story with several threads of moral pertinence on the menu Plenty of idioms comprise the film s core ingredients don t judge a book by its cover everything happens for a reason you shouldn t tempt fate as the characters go through the motions of digesting their cultural separatism Chinese Take Away sets this up from the opening scene which is spoken in Chinese without the benefit of subtitles Unless you happen to understand Mandarin this reminds the viewer of the frustration felt when we aren t privy to another s language but also how much can be communicated non linguistically In the chop suey world of international cinema Chinese Take Away is a worthy example of Argentinian film making not least for its anti hero unglamorous characters and fantastical plot The experience of watching this film is much like what you would get should you actually order Chinese food in Buenos Aires the title suggests something authentically Chinese but arrives with a strong Argentinian slant to keep the locals happy Furthermore while the film moves at an acceptable pace it lacks that extra sweet chilli sauce to give it that full flavoured kick It s a bit like the disappointment of learning that your tasty Peking Duck

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/chinese-take-away-un-cuento-chino-movie-review/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Elena: Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    unkind to his wife and the pair appear content enough but unmitigated signs of their differing class status she is proletariat are ubiquitous The division is irreconcilable but tolerable until an unexpected opportunity allows Elena to escape her bourgeois trappings and master her own fate Not to be deliberately vague but to reveal much more of the plot risks spoiling the film s potential for the beauty of Elena lies in the storytelling patiently calculated but seamlessly organic as conflict simply presents itself Inspired directing acutely stylised setting and clever use of ambient audio such as the background mutterings of a television program or the angry exertion of a coffee machine provide much of the characterisation in Elena rather than heavy suggestive dialogue A winding natural pace allows the story to unfold with an ironic eloquence containing the simmering tension in a way that almost denies its existence altogether Elena is ultimately a tale of morality offering up plenty of social commentary to make for engaging post viewing consideration or discussion In particular the ending allows room for multiple interpretation is it hopeful or doomed The answer to that is likely to differ between individual viewers depending on their own

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/elena-movie-review/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Anton Chekhov’s The Duel: Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    s husband social norm dictates that the pair should marry but the prospect of a loveless union with a woman that he has now grown to despise drives him into a neurasthenic madness Darwinist zoologist Von Koren Tobias Menzies takes offence to Laevsky s unprincipled recklessness challenging him to a spot of gun waving in the name of virtue A clever screenplay and some impressive performances unquestionably capture the tonality of Chekhov s novella but the real treasure lies with the set design costumes and location Filmed in picturesque Croatia The Due l is a pleasure just to sit back and look at Period furniture and adornments give the film a remarkable feel of retrospection and age breathing a literal realism into Chekhov s original prose The only frustration with the film is the choppy scene changes where small moments of action are played out before being hurried along to the next one To be fair this is quite typical of the point of view switching present in Chekhov s novella but this kind of pace fares better on the page than the screen You don t need to be a fan of Russian literature to appreciate The Duel in

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/anton-chekhovs-the-duel-movie-review/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Friends With Kids: Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    go near without a rip cord and a safety chute If you live in Manhattan and want to have a baby then GET YOURSELF TO BROOKLYN NOW TREND TRAITOR No New Yorker wants to dine in the company of people spawn You ve just been demoted to scrag and in a few years time even your baby daddy is going to roll over and realise how pig ugly you ve become What s more it will be entirely your fault so don t go getting all whingey and needy when he drops you like a steaming nappy and finds something else that s really worth rootin You re the woman You re the one who isn t good for anything else but baby making And you re not even much good at that At least you have breastfeeding the golden opportunity to educate kids that the only useful thing about you is your titties And fellas don t think that marriage and babies means commitment no way You get out there and find yourself a hot chick with ladder legs that spin faster than a pinwheel because man you got cravings But don t be fooled she might have a tight bod raging libido and just enough smarts to keep you mildly amused but what s that She doesn t want to have children What in evolution s name is WRONG with her Get out now brother Any woman that doesn t want to have children is FUCKED UP And so on Despite the amiable chumminess that its title implies Friends With Kids is a procreating hating whine devoid of any sentiment humour or worth It s a badly written badly directed badly acted atrocity of thin hackneyed clichés ground into a tedious pounding of witless loathsome bore Friends like

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/friends-with-kids-movie-review/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Suze Reviews
    Movie Review Posted by Suze on May 9 2012 in Movie Reviews 0 comments Blood isn t the only thing that sucks in Dark Shadows Based on the soap operatic television series from the 1960s later resurrected in 1991 the film honours the serial storyline the Collins family sail from Liverpool to Maine in the 1700s to aggrandise their wealth in the fishing business They are bewitched by misfortune when the wee Collins lad Barnabas Johnny Depp grows up and spurns the affections of full time Read More The Five Year Engagement Movie Review Posted by Suze on May 4 2012 in Movie Reviews 0 comments I m a disappointment to my demographic I am Hollywood romantic comedies bore me senseless and not regrettably in any perverse metaphoric way I d be happy to get my jollies from watching weepy swoonfests of soppy wop wop but like Zac Efron Daniel Craig and those boys from One Dimension did I get that right Ah close enough they just don t do it for me Well maybe Zac Efron but only if I were very drunk and Read More Contemporary Australia Women GoMA Exhibition Review Posted by Suze on Apr 27 2012 in Suze Reviews 0 comments One of the best pieces of advice ever given to me before I became a critic was that it doesn t matter how technically brilliant the subject matter is or how controversial detailed or original etc the beauty of art may simply be whether you like it or not And at GoMA s Contemporary Australia Women exhibition I found an awful lot to like Over seventy works are featured by almost sixty different female artists from Read More We Promise Not To Tell Book Review Posted by Suze on Apr 27 2012 in Book Reviews 0 comments If you ve ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors in the hotel business then Albert Able s We Promise Not To Tell may have some answers for you Told via switching points of view from entrepreneurial hoteliers Marcus and Connie Detori the story dramatises the clandestine sordid and humorous misadventures of the travel weary public Spanning across several decades Able follows the Detoris as they progress from Read More The Avengers 2012 Movie Review Posted by Suze on Apr 26 2012 in Movie Reviews 0 comments The Avengers has been open in Australia for at least five minutes now so no doubt you ve heard plenty about its awesomeness phenomenalness and best film everness Well that s because it is awesome in parts It is phenomenal at the end And it is quite possibly the greatest comic book hero movie ever made I wouldn t know I m too old and female But it has a lot of weaknesses too And in the interests of Read More Act of Valour Movie Review Posted by Suze on Apr 25 2012 in Movie Reviews 0 comments By casting actual US Navy SEALs as members of a fictional platoon

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/page/5/ (2016-04-26)
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  • The Cabin in the Woods: Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    the resulting concoction over the screen in a clever pithy and surprisingly watchable blood buffet To discuss The Cabin in the Woods in too much detail yes there is plenty and with depth would be to give away the structural twist that the film hangs on to like a corpse on a morgue hook All you need to know is that it has just the right amount of butchery carnage and dismembered plot lines to honour the horror code while fleshing it with something new The deliberately bad acting so bad it s good and cheap set pieces was that an old GVG vision mixer work well to establish some cheesy authenticity that will satisfy even the most discerning haemoglobin hungry fans Likewise the prerequisite nods to other films that are ritualistically splattered throughout the movie from cradle to grave Amid the effortless parodying The Cabin in the Woods manages to create the type of real despair that is missing from The Hunger Games refusing to sell its empty soul to the PG 13 devil Dark Shadows The Cabin in the Woods pays tribute to the stereotype even the one about Joss Whedon s penchant for collecting superheroes If you

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/cabin-in-the-woods-movie-review/ (2016-04-26)
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  • What To Expect When You’re Expecting: Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    urge to push the couples together via tenuous infantile links as if impending parenthood isn t enough so all of the couples are connected in unlikely forgettable ways that are about as useful to the plot as vasa deferentia are to a eunuch For most the biggest kicks of realism will come from belaboured Wendy Elizabeth Banks and Gary Ben Falcone whose imagined bubble of birthing bliss ruptures quickly when the less flattering elements of pregnancy strike Uncontrollable farting and weeing exhaustion raging emotions and the dreaded cankles turn Wendy into a hormonal blob of ugly The other couples including gleeful celebrities Jules Cameron Diaz and Evan Matthew Morrison ex NASCAR driver Ramsay Dennis Quad and his trophy wife Skyler Brooklyn Decker and IVF failures Holly Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodrigo Santoro are a bit too genetically engineered to breed much sympathy The remaining couple Rosie Anna Kendrick and Marco Chace Crawford are merely implanted to induce the miscarriage unwanted pregnancy scenario which is given an epidural overdose to ease the pain Similarly the supposedly life threatening emergency C section craves greater attention than it gets The baby bump prosthetics are more impressive than J Lo s acting which is surprisingly phantom But then Jennie from the Spinal Block is given the least authentic character Holly is an infertile photographer with an aching womb and an annoyingly non committal husband good thing he s hot When Holly loses her job she insists on buying their dream house anyway Because that s what all of us would do Their application to adopt an Ethiopian baby is approved unspeakably fast somehow side tracking all of the bureaucratic red tape multiple visits to Ethiopia and weeks of introduction and bonding that would be required by the rest of us Nevermind all of that

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/what-to-expect-when-youre-expecting-movie-review/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Declaration of War: Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    worried parents whisk Adam to a specialist who detects a mild facial asymmetry found to be caused by a malignant brain tumour A brutal regimen of tests treatment and delicate medical procedures follows which ultimately consumes the family as they declare war on the invading cancer Declaration of War opens with a shot of 8 year old Adam so the audience can mercifully draw comfort from knowing that the film concludes on a happy note Without this heads up the film would be a far more agonising undertaking Much care is given to faithfully depict the pain that the parents endure when they learn of their child s affliction but as is often the case in real life the point isn t dwelt upon instead the characters just find the strength to suck it up and get on with it Some bizarre scenes are a little outré but then many might argue that coping with a loved one undergoing aggressive cancer treatment does at times feel like being trapped inside a bad 80s video clip or can make you want to spend a reckless night getting trashed at an amusement park just to remember how it feels to be alive It is these snapshots of humanity amid tragedy that anchor the film s global heart If the portrayal of the bleak subject matter feels unusually realistic it is because a version of these events did actually happen Writer director Donzelli and co writer Elkaȉm were once an actual couple whose firstborn Gabriel who appears in Declaration of War as grown up Adam was diagnosed with cancer However while this is their story it is neither a docudrama nor a vanity project Rather Declaration of War is a realistic compelling catharsis that could be anyone s personal journey through the trials

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/declaration-of-war-movie-review/ (2016-04-26)
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