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  • Jack Reacher: Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    Tom Cruise has what it takes to fill Jack Reacher s boots After all does Cruise really come across as the kind of guy who doesn t like to draw attention to himself The casting of Cruise as the brutish Reacher has already courted controversy from fans of the novels largely due to the actor s height Cruise is a diminutive 5ft 7 pipsqueak compared to the brutish 6ft 5 250lb muscleman that Childs intended Reacher to be And while Cruise is far from chubby he isn t the lean chiselled sex prince that he used to be either The badly dyed hair helmet he wears in the film suggests that either Cruise himself knows it too or he is a big fan of LEGO Granted Cruise still has the moves and the charisma but casting himself in a role such as this is pure ego proof of which is ubiquitous throughout the film Cruise is undoubtedly the centrepiece of this vanity project He guides the plot and explains loose threads of detail rather than letting devices unfold themselves organically so don t worry if you have trouble keeping up with the plot because Tom stops every now and then to hand you the missing jigsaw pieces You can thank him later He delivers all the best lines and dominates the best fight scenes then weighs them down by his presence Action sequences are heavily edited suggesting that Cruise continually interrupted the performance so that he could check the tape to see how good he looked Hiding behind the glare of Tom Cruise is a film that may not dazzle but has fairly decent bones The premise of a lone sniper killing random pedestrians is plausible even if it does feel uncomfortably relevant given recent shootings in America Performances by

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/jack-reacher-movie-review/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Parental Guidance: Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    heralds a return to the standard Hollywood family suffering the trials and tribulations of raising kiddlywinks The plot is uncomplicated but familiar Artie Billy Crystal and Diane Bette Midler are the other grandparents the ones who live out of town and only get to see their grandkids on special occasions They agree to babysit the little tykes for a week while their daughter Alice Marisa Tomei and her husband Phil Tom Everett Scott go away for work Artie and Diane soon learn that parenting has changed a lot since their day and consequently find themselves doing most of the misbehaving Get beyond the obvious wholesome family modelling and Parental Guidance contains some pertinent messages Alice and Phil are helicopter parents and much of the film is concerned with handling the conflict between traditional parenting methods clashed with modern approaches Both are explored with interest but neither championed so many families should find plenty to relate to Naturally Crystal and Midler dominate the show drawing the best they can out of thin characters absurd scenarios and a relatively weak screenplay Midler is a joy to watch and wry Crystal fits the grumpy grandad character as comfortably as a sock suspender Casual

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/parental-guidance-movie-review/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Wreck-It Ralph: Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    and craves a little wreckognition for his role in the game s success To demolish his bad reputation Ralph s mission that he chooses to accept is to venture out in single player mode and wrecktify his worth by winning a medal He leaves his 8 bit dump behind crawls into high fantasy shooting game Hero s Duty then crashes into anime inspired Sugar Rush leaving a train wreck of chaos in his wake There he meets Vanellope von Schweetz a wreckless little glitch fighting a non pc challenge of her own When Ralph lends Vanellope a big hand everything turns out to be schweet The producers have hit the visual jackpot in Wreck It Ralph by painstakingly creating three different gaming worlds that capture the look and feel of their eras The one dimensional mega pixel world of Fix It Felix Jr is so reminiscent of classic Frogger style arcade games complete with wa wa sound effects and staccato character motion that it s a pity younger audiences won t appreciate the likeness The epic realism of Hero s Duty think Halo will probably be more familiar as will the sherbet pink marshmallow home of kaleidoscopic Sugar Rush Famous game characters Sonic the Hedgehog Q bert and icons Super Mario Bros mushroom make cameo appearances as do some famous character voices Listen out for Reuben Langdon Kyle Hebert and Gerald C Rivers from Street Fighter and Roger Craig Smith Assassin s Creed Apart from a slightly gooey centre Wreck It Ralph races along quite evenly from the time you enter coins until game over Bonus points are awarded for clever jokes and the hi scoring animation nails the ageless multi dimensional cross global appeal of gaming without trying to glorify or satirise it A sure fire way to damage

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/wreck-it-ralph-movie-review/ (2016-04-26)
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  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    frames per second double the normal speed The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey breaks new ground to deliver glorious visuals with twice the amount of usual detail The result is breath taking movement is natural and liquid depth of field is vertiginous and landscapes are so vast you expect to feel the wind brushing against your cheek On the not so bright side however the crystal clear imagery likewise draws attention to the finer details of makeup and costuming as constant signposts that you are just watching a bunch of actors playing dress up Similarly battle scenes are so epic and the monsters so convincingly monstrously enormous that it becomes impossible to believe that the Hobbit crew repeatedly evade capture or harm even with Gandalf s frequent eleventh hour intervention In other words the graphics are ironically a little too impressive Faithfulness to the book means that much of the film feels like padding and some of it is but thanks to the constant action sequences there is rarely a dull moment Martin Freeman fills the oversized feet of lovable rascal Bilbo Baggins with amiable warmth but the rest of his company are mostly forgettable The standout presence of the film is undoubtedly Gollum Andy Serkis who makes his crowd pleasing arrival toward the end of the film just as the duration is beginning to labour To keep you entertained along the way look out for cameos from Billy Connolly Stephen Fry Barry Humphries and Bret McKenzie On the whole The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey is a memorable and captivating return to Jackson s Middle Earth but whether you want to spend almost three hours in the passenger seat only to depart one third of the way toward your destination might depend on how much you enjoyed The Lord of the

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/the-hobbit-an-unexpected-journey-movie-review/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Les Misérables: Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    in forgiveness and faith In order to start afresh Valjean breaks his parole and changes his identity inadvertently setting Inspector Javert Russell Crowe on a career manhunt to track Valjean down and bring him to justice Years later Valjean adopts Cosette Amanda Seyfried the daughter of dying employee Fantine Anne Hathaway Valjean subsequently devotes his peaceful life to protecting Cosette and escaping Javert in an emphatic tale of hope love and misfortune Hooper s greatest success in bringing the famous musical to the screen is achieved through his highly personal framing of the star cast shooting them in tight close ups usually in one gut wrenching take The camera assumes the role of the theatrical spotlight scrutinising the actor and allowing them only once chance to nail their solo which they do to mesmerising effect Both Jackman and Hathaway are devastating Crowe is also very good but is too uncomfortable self conscious and uptight to ever capture the complexity of Javert You get the feeling if Crowe watched the film to see how good he was then he might relax a second time round Outstanding performances also come from Eddie Redmayne Marius Samantha Barks Éponine Daniel Huttlestone Gavroche Amanda Seyfried and angelic Isabelle Allen as the young Cosette But where Les Misérables sings with the glory of superlative execution of a thrilling score the film does forgo the opportunity to incorporate cinema into a supporting role With barely a wide shot establishing shot or triumphant sweeping shot in the entire production chorus ensembles don t always come together and watching faces for 157 minutes without the intermission provided by the theatre does become a fraction tedious Still Les Misérables is undoubtedly an overwhelming accomplishment and worth seeing purely for the unprecedented quality of the performances If the soundtrack doesn t

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/les-miserables-movie-review/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Love Is All You Need (Den skaldede frisør): Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    a punchbowl of bruised fruit the families come together awkwardly but somehow it all turns out okay when mixed with alcohol Brosnan is well cast as Patrick s father Philip an annoying orange who abandoned the Italian home and love after his wife died years before Meanwhile Astrid s mother Ida Trine Dyrholm arrives wedged between segments of unhappy misfortune Philip s return to the grove helps unpeel the layers of his pithy exterior and between them he and Ida learn that life is too short not to make lemonade The lazy Sorrento setting in Love Is All You Need is ripe for romance Strong performances round the layers of story nicely but the cast never appear completely comfortable in their surroundings Brosnan in particular moves with the unfamiliarity of a pineapple on a pear tree and Ida s character is worryingly cold toward her misery Her robotic unfeeling mask verges on psychopathic detachment Watch out instead for Paprika Steen s juicy performance as Philip s tarty sister in law and Kim Bodnia as rotten Leif Camerawork in Love Is All You Need may be rustic at best but the proof of the lemon pudding is in the handling of

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/love-is-all-you-need-den-skaldede-frisor-movie-review/ (2016-04-26)
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  • ParaNorman: Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    their old haunts Misunderstood and mistreated Norman becomes the only person who can save Blithe Hollow against the resurrection of its famous witch who was murdered for her craft as well as the zombified judge Bernard Hill and jury who years ago condemned her In doing so Norman learns that the undead can sometimes prove to be nowhere near as monstrous as the living Technically speaking ParaNorman is a cinematic triumph Stop motion animation proves its worth in a role for which it is perhaps most suited personifying the staccato teeter of the walking dead The awkward time lapse stutter of the cinematography lends a disconcerting realism to the picture with insipid colour tones working to highlight the good and bad parts of the town and its queer folk with equal attention If a film could be judged on technical achievement alone then ParaNorman would be near flawless Where ParaNorman may kill off its audience however is with its complex albeit impressive storyline and frightening visuals Persistent close ups keep the audience buried in the body of action and unable to simply detach Small children in particular may find the level of horror too confronting plus the infusion of some

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/paranorman-movie-review/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Paris-Manhattan: Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    business and the one true love of her life Woody Allen Alice consults Allen as her muse posing philosophical questions to a giant wall poster of him that responds in Allen s famous twang with all the answers advice and comfort she could ever need Alice prescribes Woody Allen movies in place of medicine to cure depression and loneliness and despite her father s best efforts to marry her off has determined herself to singledom because no man could ever live up to her Allenesque expectations Then along comes security consultant Victor Patrick Bruel who manages to turn Alice s dreams into reality Paris Manhattan is as flimsy soppy and predictable as a box of bonbons but still delivers the satisfactory serotonin producing ending that makes it as lovable as an aphrodisiac Impossibly silly and utter nonsense Paris Manhattan is vanilla escapism that rom com fans will savour like a bowl of ice cream flavoured chocolate It may not have the wit or flair of an Allen comedy but add it to your favourites anyway and try not to think about the emptiness of all those unnecessary calories Even Woody Allen would agree that the occasional bit of crazy love

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/paris-manhattan-movie-review/ (2016-04-26)
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