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  • Quartet: Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    slow and diluted The magnificent grounds of Buckinghamshire s Hedson House provide the stunning location for Quartet and a worthy setting as a retirement home for former luminaries of the operatic world Hoffman puts the historic grandeur of the home and the tranquillity of the gardens to good use as metaphors for beauty wealth and ageing with the added message that love and beauty are not limited to youth The gnarled branches of an ancient tree serve as a canopy during one scene to hide the sneaky antics of two couples who are at opposing ends of the age scale Golden names from the silver screen play the symphonic elite including Billy Connolly Michael Gambon Maggie Smith Pauline Collins Tom Courtenay Andrew Sachs and Sheridan Smith who come together for a fund raising performance in honour of Giuseppe Verdi s birthday All put in good performances with the most sympathetic coming from Collins who plays a lovable dear in the early stages of dementia Serious issues of ageing are indeed touched on in Quartet but never dwelt upon which keeps the outlook mostly positive and cheery throughout For a film about brilliant classical musicians however the greatest disappointment of Quartet is the lack of punch in the soundtrack Hoffman places musicians around the set to cleverly incorporate the on screen performances into the audio but the choice of compositions is neither inspiring nor progressive The predictable plot never builds a crescendo hence the ending falls somewhat flat and off key Similarly poor editing leaves characters wearing the same outfits for days on end or switching clothes several times over a short period This makes the timeline of events a little confusing to follow Still in spite of these creases Quartet is a pleasant arrangement with a tender moral wrinkles are

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  • Save Your Legs! Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    ageing rather than the rules of the game itself Cricket plays a supporting role so viewers who don t understand the game won t be left stumped but fans will still find enough to win them over Teddy Brown Stephen Curry is the fervent president of the outfield Anglers a casual side of amateur players who love the game but aren t quite the full eleven Teddy convinces his boss Sanjeet Darshan Jariwala to let the Anglers represent Australia in a grubber Indian tour that tests the players partnerships both on and off the field The men learn that living the boyhood dream isn t as glamorous as it sounds and sometimes it s just not cricket to take your mates the game or yourselves too seriously The bunger of the film is the crass jokes and laddish humour that field every stereotype about the expat experience in India Teddy spends most of the film looking a sickly shade of baggy green as he is clean bowelled sic by Delhi belly no floaters in his game matching his runs with a ripper of a full toss Sundry plotlines thin characterisations and a predictable final score do hit wide of the

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  • Pitch Perfect: Movie Review | Suze Reviews
    of respect and ridicule Moore presents a delightfully lyrical treatment of Rapkin s book while simultaneously striking up tempo chords of resonant truth Pressured into joining any student group at Barden University Beca Anna Kendrick chooses The Barden Bellas a troupe of sing a lings who slid down the scale of embarrassment at the previous season s a capella grand final The staff features a new arrangement of offbeat characters led by complete pitch Aubrey Anna Camp and including scene stealing Fat Amy Rebel Wilson an un thin Tasmanian who knows how to rock her rolls Despite dancing to their individual tunes the girls find a way to overcome their differences and turn the beat around Much like college itself Pitch Perfect is full of hackneyed stereotypes surviving in a low budget existence where not a whole lot of study gets done But this is exactly what makes it so melodic Low production values rough vocals and a predictable storyline are just some of the many things to love about Pitch Perfect which has already generated inevitable comparisons with hit television show Glee It may not be as glossy and polished as an episode of Glee but that s a

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  • Suze Reviews
    More The Intouchables Movie Review Posted by Suze on Oct 28 2012 in Movie Reviews 0 comments The inbelievable story of an inlikely friendship The Intouchables is an inequivocal indeniable inswerving indie about an invincible invalid and his insufferable intern Intriguing and inspirational The Intouchables is ingeniously told in an infectious informal influx that is neither inflated nor infantile but ineffably interpolating Paralysed from the neck down Phillipe François Cluzet is incalculably wealthy but incapable of Read More The Sessions Movie Review Posted by Suze on Oct 26 2012 in Movie Reviews 0 comments Excuse the pun but it s hard to imagine what kind of paralysis is worse physical or sexual In The Sessions Mark O Brien John Hawkes is cruelly afflicted by both Frank inspiring and deeply revelatory The Sessions is a remarkable adaptation of Mark s profoundly provocative essay On Seeing a Sex Surrogate published in The Sun Magazine in 1990 The film is as brave as he is presenting sex with a refreshing positivity Read More Paranormal Activity 4 Movie Review Posted by Suze on Oct 26 2012 in Movie Reviews 0 comments The only supernatural thing about Paranormal Activity 4 is its uncanny ability to demonise a good idea then bury it in make believe While this instalment in the PA franchise does prove that the success of the original film was not just one of those random inexplicable events that are caught by the camera obscura of chance the format has become so familiar that it s not scary Bubbly blonde Alex and her family begin to experience Read More The Babymakers Movie Review Posted by Suze on Oct 24 2012 in Movie Reviews 0 comments Sitting in front of some decaying humourless wrinkled old bastard with bloodshot eyes and a nose bulb being told that you are not in fact the virile sperm sergeant that you thought you were but are actually infertile or sterile or have dyslexic sperm or whatever is hilarious At least it would be hilarious compared to watching The Babymakers More agonising than an Amway sales pitch The Babymakers is a dull embryonic comedy that is Read More Ruby Sparks Movie Review Posted by Suze on Oct 23 2012 in Movie Reviews 0 comments Sweet as cherry pie Ruby Sparks is a syrupy mixture of sugary goodness and buttery crust that makes you feel all warm and gooey inside even if it is a little difficult to swallow Cute fluffy and about as nutritious as cotton candy Ruby Sparks is a dreamy boy invents girl fairytale that may be as silly as bubble froth but you ll catch yourself smiling when it foams and pops Best selling novelist Calvin Weir Fields Paul Read More Safety Not Guaranteed Movie Review Posted by Suze on Oct 18 2012 in Movie Reviews 0 comments A cute quirky romantic comedy Safety Not Guaranteed is an inventive story that twists the usual fatefulness of boy meets girl into a tale of not so random

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  • Singular Voices by Nicola Wood: Book Review | Suze Reviews
    a deep and enlightened insight that suggests a love for astrology that has been gently nurtured and cultivated Her tome is split into two sections The first is a curious character study of each sign of the zodiac where the poem speaks with the voice of the astrological sign Wood demonstrates a learned intuition of each sign through use of metaphor and cliché to express their individual personality traits The second section journeys deeper into the energy residing within the astrological zodiac venturing into the supernatural and extra terrestrial realm Wood experiments with technique in this second section producing delicate and sincere work alongside a couple of cringe worthy allegories Overall this is a highly personal reflection and Wood s passion radiates from each page Her poetry is dynamic and erratic deviating from style and form like an insolent Taurean Her wandering style may upset the fastidious Virgo however the Scorpion may thrive on the intensity that weaves a mysterious undercurrent through the book Comments are closed LOVEFiLM Start your FREE trial Latest Releases Most Popular LOVEFiLM Favourites Red Dog Act of Valor In Darkness Once Upon a Time in Anatolia StreetDance 2 Gone Get this widget for your site

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/singular-voices-by-nicola-wood-book-review/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Lighthouse Bay by Kimberley Freeman: Book Review | Suze Reviews
    En route to Australia from England in 1901 grief stricken Isabella is the sole survivor of a devastating shipwreck that claims her husband but spares his precious family jewels She nuts out a ballsy plan using the gems to chart a new life for herself amid the sun drenched surrounds of Lighthouse Bay abandoning the suffocation of her husband s aristocratic family and the hauntings of an unhappy past Meanwhile in 2011 Libby returns from Paris to her childhood home of Lighthouse Bay after twenty years self imposed exile Like Isabella Libby seeks a fresh start with an inherited gift that shouldn t really belong to her but plans for a better future come with a price Libby must claim responsibility for recent acts of betrayal and find a way to reconnect with her estranged sister before potentially distancing her forever Lighthouse Bay is not an ordinary romance Gritty complex and darkly delicate themes burden the two central characters who are allowed to develop psychologically and introspectively throughout the book Both women are headstrong and independent yet gently vulnerable Their flaws earned from the cruelty of experience not taxonomic weakness scar them like mementos of bitter misfortune achieving a multi dimensional realism that is readily identifiable Kimberley Freeman s females are naturally justifiably gutsy which when set against the oppression of the blazing Queensland sun guides and carries their desires with a simmering pertinence Freeman s writing maps out like the blueprint of a soundwave threads of plot and sub plot weave out from the narrative arcing around a singular linear storyline that hums consistently through the text Words roll invisibly and imperceptibly across the page with the smooth and creamy sweetness of a passionfruit parfait luxuriously topped with hot melted caramel and the prerequisite predictable wafer ending A captivating

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/lighthouse-bay-by-kimberley-freeman-book-review/ (2016-04-26)
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  • The Unfinished Journals of Elizabeth D: Book Review | Suze Reviews
    how well anyone really knows anybody and highlighting the irrelevance of communication against keeping secrets The Unfinished Journals of Elizabeth D is a commendable and promising entry into fiction for author Nichole Bernier but her technique is a problem Bernier s work feels autobiographical and self indulgent borrowing heavily from personal experience at the expense of investigative research and stringent arbitration Save for some resonating thematics and affective humanism this would be the kind of narcissistic exercise that every virgin novelist should be told to purge out of themselves then sentence to the bottom drawer to make way for the real penmanship In Bernier s case the result is a cache of characters that feel irrational and under developed with little separation between Kate and Elizabeth and Chris and Dave who may as well be the same people Likewise the lack of delineation within Elizabeth s journals where her 13 year old voice is identical to her almost forty one Heavy use of italics to represent Elizabeth s diary entries becomes cumbersome and tiring for the reader and alliteration such as Piper picked up her putter and swung sloppily and sheer curtains created crosshatch designs on the whitewashed wood are good illustrations of the clunkiness of the writing The fundamentals of formula structure and flow of a great novel are all there but it lacks the revisionary strength of something that has been conceived devised worked kneaded reworked left to rest then lovingly tended Having said that the writing does originate from a place of sweetness and sentiment and the mild slowness with which Bernier unwraps her plot does maintain the steady one foot in front of the other pace that feels a lot like the tentativeness of grieving As a non taxing weekend read The Unfinished Journals of Elizabeth

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/the-unfinished-journals-of-elizabeth-d-book-review/ (2016-04-26)
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