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  • Annie the Musical: Theatre Review | Suze Reviews
    vainglorious tycoon bearing the transformation of Warbucks from grouchy tyrant to sentimental father figure with a delicate intuition The awkwardness he displays when he begins to realise his affection for orphan Annie is touching and tender and genuinely heart warming Warlow s Daddy Warbucks is wonderfully reminiscent of Albert Finney s character in the film version of Annie from 1982 Wobbling around the stage delivering her lines between hiccoughs is adorable Nancye Hayes as downtrodden drunkard Miss Hannigan She is perhaps way more endearing than she should be as the burdened matron but she is so irresistibly fun to watch that you have to forgive her for not being as wicked and pitiless as she might Still her natural inability to be wretched does lend a tragic quality to poor hapless Miss Hannigan Todd McKenney plays a charismatic Rooster lustrous Chlöe Dallimore sparkles as treasure hungry Lily St Regis and Julie Goodwin exudes charm and elegance as the unruffled Grace Farrell Along with Alan Jones the cast share an obvious chemistry that enables them to bring a genuine magic to the stage and clearly enjoy themselves in the process All of them are out shined completely however by the children who expertly steal the show with their teeming exuberance The staggering level of nurtured talent and energy on display by Annie shared by Xanthe Dunning Anita Munro and Chloe Thiel and her co orphans is both extraordinary and impressive Their enthusiasm overflows from the stage onto an audience that is equally delighted and awed Intelligent use of visuals brings a cinematic quality to the set design the soundtrack is engaging and catchy and the costumes boast an admirable pragmatism And if all that isn t tempting enough it is worth being in the audience simply to hear the gasps of

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/annie-the-musical-theatre-review/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen: Restaurant Review | Suze Reviews
    cheffy exports Raised millions of pounds for charity Oh who hasn t It was therefore with some trepidation that I received this news Husband was taking me to Jamie Oliver s Fifteen for my birthday In Cornwall Which is a long way from Brisbane I didn t want to appear ungrateful but me and Jamie On my birthday Husband was more courageous than I d credited Nevertheless off to the UK I was dragged eschewing how on earth I was going to cope Thank goodness at least for Neil Perry s Rockpool menu in Qantas business class We finally departed for dinner with my senses sharpened my instincts alert Euphoria momentarily struck when I born cripplingly gullible and resolutely immune to surprises saw signs to Padstow home of culinary virtuoso Rick Stein I dared a sigh of relief Husband was just up to mischief surely We must really be heading for an evening at Stein s multi beribboned The Seafood Restaurant This Fifteen nonsense was just a shrewd prank to waylay me to express how deeply he understood and loved me But continuing past town my glorious visions of moules marinière and Swordfish en papillote along with my will for forgiveness quickly evaporated like liquid nitrogen on a Blumenthal lozenge We finally arrived at a blink and you ll miss it car park full of drenched surfers returning to their cars after a day of wave worshipping Men and women stripped naked out of their seal suits and dressed right there in public view Husband hadn t mentioned dinner and a show The dreaded restaurant itself was hidden from view down a set of precarious stairs leading to a ramshackle shanty that jutted out from the cliff face like a natural outcrop The interior was equally disappointing funky graffiti wall

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/fifteen-out-of-ten/ (2016-04-26)
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  • French & Mor: Cafe Review | Suze Reviews
    back up my mother and my grandmother and stepped across the topiaried threshold of French Mor Suddenly the walls of space and time melted as some unseen Gallic force thrust us through a cleverly concealed portal neatly delivering us into a Proven ç al noshery akin to Parisian cafe PAUL Rattan style chairs marble tables with iron legs farmhouse benches complete with paint chipped wooden stools A floor to ceiling blackboard communique ing lattes and baguettes Rows of piquant petits fours and precision pâtisserie standing at perfect attention in persnickety rows of scrumptious colour and symmetry Impressionist art on the walls giant bunches of Easter lilies Could the mise en scène get any more French Our waiter arrived with our orders Who are the lemon tarts What did you call us said I I am no tart declared Grandmother In that case you must both just be lemons Yes it was exactly like dining in France From now on I shall call my suburb Albany Crique Comments are closed LOVEFiLM Start your FREE trial Latest Releases Most Popular LOVEFiLM Favourites Underworld Awakening Shame Kahaani Once Upon a Time in Anatolia StreetDance 2 Mardi Gras Spring Break Get this widget for

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/my-new-favourite-cafe/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Writing for the Web (as long as your readers are American, and/or insouciant) | Suze Reviews
    Yahoo Style Guide chose to ignore their own admonition Examples of inconsistencies throughout the website are bounteous the most infuriating being the use of the em dash Occasionally the em dash does make a triumphant appearance but on some pages it is represented by a double hyphen The discrepancy is addressed by the editors who explain that the variation depends on whether the copy was written exclusively for the Web version or just uploaded from the printed version They openly admit that no effort will be made to rectify the incongruity but still assert that consistency is crucial Then there is the ruling on when to use a lowercase the According to the Guide the should always be written in lowercase never with an uppercase t The Guide explains that it is sometimes too difficult and too time consuming to find out if the The is part of a proper noun or not it cites The Beatles as an example so recommends that readers always use the lowercase version It then goes on to note that even if you know that the the is part of a title such as in The Wall Street Journal you should still record the leading The as lowercase The reasoning For the sake of consistency Other examples are most probably due to different writers editors using varying grammar rules Two versions of Web friendly appear with and without a hyphen the print version of the Guide is referred to in both singular and plural and the period seems to be optional in U S two periods USA no periods and U K only one period Additionally the site varies in its preference for straight quotes or smart quotes and for displaying titles in double quotation marks or italics The semi colon is sometimes used correctly capitalisation sometimes appears following a colon and lists seem to be a constant variant Some lists are punctuated some contain sentence fragments and some use boldface A squinting modifier can be found in this sentence the parts of the guide that we figure editors will refer to the most frequently Do they mean that only figure editors will refer to the guide And what does one make of this advice Readers don t want to see the same verbiage twice Surely they don t want to see it once Curiously negative examples are frequently used to demonstrate points with almost all of them painting women in an unfavourable light One such example is Susan was just two credits shy of her master s when she was kicked out Another ridicules a woman s ignorance of gadgetry If that isn t bad enough consider this The Guide defines acronyms as all initialised abbreviations of common nouns including those that create words themselves such as scuba and those that don t such as FBI The correct term for the latter example initialism is not mentioned anywhere There are some technical issues as well with the scrolling menu on the home page

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/writing-for-the-web-as-long-as-your-readers-are-american-andor-insouciant/ (2016-04-26)
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  • The problem with prescriptivism | Suze Reviews
    like it or not Shakespeare alone is said to have contributed hundreds of words to the English language all of which are lauded and glorified by modern classicists today But how many of these words are used in regular transmission Perhaps the concern then should not be that deviations of language exist but how far they permeate into written and social communication Most would agree that abbreviations such as gr8 and cul8r might be acceptable for the purposes of saving time and space in a text message but they have no place in newspaper articles or academic journals Without the prescriptivists perhaps this would not be the case But then consider how some forms of classic literature Dickens is one example have suffered a translation from their original form into more modern reader friendly versions Is the imposition of current grammatical rules and logic applicable to texts hailing from other periods and cultures Surely this threatens to change the meaning and etymology of the work Either way it seems that without some kind of bending of the rules something ultimately becomes lost Of all prescriptivist theory there is one that is perhaps most baffling In Spain and France for example rules of language are prescribed by Real Academia Española and L Académie française respectively Even if you can accept that there is a body of people whose job it is to decide which words are acceptable or not for use in an entire language both languages incorporate grammatical gender so how do they decide whether the word is masculine or feminine An example is the word internet which has been determined as feminine in Spanish One possible theory is that the internet was originally referred to in Spanish as la red which translates as the network When the word internet

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/the-problem-with-prescriptivism/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Writing for free | Suze Reviews
    the rationalisations they use to support their stance are downright hilarious names of sites have been withheld We do not pay writers at this time If you know of anyone online that does pay please let us in on the secret and we will migrate to that site immediately and stop wasting time on this labor of love We pay in dissemination and validation however meager You pay nothing You don t pay for hosting you don t pay for advertising you don t even pay for the merch you sell yes you will see some money from that but remember that s not important right Because I cannot charge readers for viewing anything published online We operate on a trust basis We don t pay our writers theirs is a spiritual reward Quite simply you should not encourage or support these people Especially when there are plenty of noteworthy websites that will pay for your work that are willing to acknowledge your talent time and effort They are the ones who are trying to support the industry both morally and economically so they are the ones whom emerging writers should be supporting Some examples are Absinthe Literary Review http www absintheliteraryreview com submit htm Antipodes http www australianliterature org Antipodes Submissions htm Aurealis Australian Fantasy Science Fiction http www aurealis com au submissions php Cabinet Magazine http www cabinetmagazine org information submissions php The Cultured Traveler http www theculturedtraveler com Submissions Submissions htm Dark Horse Comics http www darkhorse com Help FAQ business faq 37 Dirt Rag Magazine http www dirtragmag com contribute Dublin Quarterly http dublinquarterly ie sub html Funny Times http www funnytimes com submissions php Highlights for Kids http www highlights com contributor guidelines Island Mag http www islandmag com contributions html Kill Your Darlings http www killyourdarlingsjournal com submissions Meanjin http meanjin com au about meanjin contribute to meanjin MTJ Publishing http www mtjpub com mtj04 submissions php The Opinion Guy http theopinionguy com submissions Poetry org http www poetryfoundation org poetrymagazine submissions Quadrant http www quadrant org au pages style guide Rymfire e books http rymfireebooks com submissions html Strange Horizons http www strangehorizons com guidelines fiction shtml Tor com http www tor com page submissions guidelines Westerly http www westerlycentre uwa edu au magazine contribute The Writers Zine http thewritersezine com t zero sub guidelines shtml There are also plenty of websites and blog sites that advertise freelance writing editing and proofreading jobs Writing for free shouldn t be confused with volunteering which provides an invaluable service to sustaining the community for the greater benefit of all But if you are a writer and you do want to volunteer find a group who is worthy of your altruism such as Volunteering Queensland who are currently seeking writers Or support fundraising groups such as Writers on Rafts who earlier this year enlisted the services of writers to raise money for Brisbane s Flood Relief at last count they were on target to reach 25

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/writing-for-free-4/ (2016-04-26)
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  • samsara-australian-poster | Suze Reviews
    in 0 comments Comments are closed LOVEFiLM Start your FREE trial Latest Releases Most Popular LOVEFiLM Favourites Jackpot Take This Waltz The Five Year Engagement Shadow Dancer Kevin Bridges The Story Continues Dredd Get this widget for your site Recent Posts Lincoln Movie Review Samsara Movie Review Flight Movie Review The Guilt Trip Movie Review The Impossible lo imposible Movie Review Reviews Book Reviews 13 Movie Reviews 102 Suze Reviews

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/samsara-movie-review/samsara-australian-poster/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Samsara | Suze Reviews
    comments Comments are closed LOVEFiLM Start your FREE trial Latest Releases Most Popular LOVEFiLM Favourites Swerve When the Lights Went Out Jeff Dunham Minding The Monsters Detachment Back From Hell American Pie Reunion Get this widget for your site Recent Posts Lincoln Movie Review Samsara Movie Review Flight Movie Review The Guilt Trip Movie Review The Impossible lo imposible Movie Review Reviews Book Reviews 13 Movie Reviews 102 Suze Reviews

    Original URL path: http://www.suze.co.uk/samsara-movie-review/samsara/ (2016-04-26)
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