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  • Boardgames for the Wargame Enthusiast, Tactical Wargame, Strategy Wargame, Tactic Boardgame, Strategy Boardgame
    board games are smaller some particularly that for The Battle of Waterloo or The Belle Alliance much larger without any consequent loss of detail The Board Games Moving and Firing over a Range In order to provide easier measurement of how a unit might move and or fire most boards representing land battles are covered in hexagon shapes so that a unit may move so many hexagons in a given period of time and may then fire at an enemy unit so many hexagons away from it A battle field is not however covered with lines and in AMLGames where hexagons are used on the board games they are represented by only their node points The Board Game Counters Similarity to chess In most board games the various units used vary from each other in both their nature and their composition and these variations are often depicted by numbers on the individual counters that represent the units deployed In AMLGames the counters are plastic and three dimensional and whether units are cavalry or armour infantry including mounted infantry or artillery is shown by the different shapes used for each of these definitions AMLGames share this feature with chess where differently shaped pieces act in different ways but here the advantage is that players do not need to make arithmetical calculations to see how far their unit may move or how it acts in either attack or defence In most games even counters of one type may vary and have different numbers on them to show the different strength or combat capability of each unit AMLGames does not impose this confusing structure but differentiation on counters of the same type but different capabilities are still taken into account Before the game starts the number of men represented by one counter varies in accordance with their training and experience so that one infantry counter may represent 300 guardsmen 400 regular troops 500 reserves or 600 militiamen but within the board game all counters have the same fighting capacity The Board Game Moves The sequences applied in a board game from AMLGames may be Strategic or comply with Grand Tactics and eventually Tactics Strategic Moves if applied may be undertaken in periods lasting a day or many hours in a day or night Grand Tactical Moves are normally undertaken in periods of about forty minutes which are of course part of the Strategic moves referred to above and Tactical moves normally last ten or thirteen and one third minutes with three or four being undertaken within a single Grand Tactical Period Board Game Deployment Inasmuch as counters for each arm of an army infantry cavalry and artillery are all the same their use and combat capability in a board game from AMLGames is dependent on how they are deployed Each infantry counter depicts a company of infantry and it is necessary for a number of companies to be deployed together to form a battalion before these companies have any real combat capacity or

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  • Tactics and Strategy - About us
    Games We make Board Games for Wargaming Enthusiasts The simulations or games cover the following periods of conflict Our Current Games Marengo First Bull Run Zulu The Defence of Rorke s Drift Battle of Britain Adlerangriff Our Current Small games Smugglers of Rye A tale of smugglers pirates and customs men in and around the ancient Cinque Port of Rye Sussex Battle of Hastings Other games and simulations are being

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  • Zulu Board Game - Tactics and Strategy
    to Austria They were however concentrated whereas Napoleon had scattered his units over a wide area west of the River Bormida When against all expectations the Austrians emerged from their bridgehead Napoleon in his own words lost the battle in the morning and won it in the afternoon The game consists of A board measuring 860mm 34 x 560mm 22 230 plastic counters representing the infantry cavalry and artillerymen employed

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  • Tactics and Strategy - The Battle of Britain - Adlerangriff
    the west the Germans had given little thought to the invasion of the British Isles but it was now apparent to them that before such an undertaking could be attempted they would have to eliminate the Royal Air Force and gain control of the skies over south east England in order to prevent the Royal Navy from interfering with their cross channel fleet From this certainty came what Churchill called The Battle of Britain and the Germans call Adlerangriff Tactics and Strategy have produced a board game that depicts the epic battle that took place over thirty five days in August and September of 1940 as three Luftwaffe fleets tried to overcome No11Group Fighter Command There was never any hope that either side would shoot down all the aircraft employed by the other side but if the Sector Stations andAirfields of No11Group could be destroyed or made untenable the Royal Air Force could be kept away from the beaches and the landing grounds The game consists of A board measuring 860mm 34 x 560mm 22 21 red and blue counters representing the Spitfires and Hurricanes of No11 Group Fighter Command 4 red and blue counters representing the Spitifres and Hurricanes

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  • Zulu Board Game - Tactics and Strategy
    about 600 members of the NNC were largely massacred Only fifty men of the British force managed to escape the rest were slaughtered although Zulu casualties were alsovery high About 150 infantrymen had been left behind at Rorke s Drift a makeshift hospital on the frontier between Natal and Zululand and this position was attacked by some 4 000 Zulus that afternoon The Zulus attacked in wave after wave until midnight and after midnight they remained around the camp feigning attack first from this quarter then from another but by dawn when a relief column arrived Rorke s Drift was still defended by The British The game consists of A board measuring 860mm 34 x 560mm 22 96 black counters representing the Zulus 48 red counters representing the British infantry men 3 blue counters representing the British officers A Book of Rules some movement counters and three dice to play the game As the Zulus move closer to the British positions they become more and more vulnerable to the fire of the Martini Henry rifles and even when they reach the British they are at a disadvantage a rifle and bayonet are longer than an assegai and the shields carried

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  • Zulu Board Game - Tactics and Strategy
    some 17 000 men faced a southern army commanded by General J E Jo Johnston of about 10 000 men To the ast a northern army under the command of Brigadier General Irvin McDowell which numbered about 38 000 men faced an army commanded by Brigadier General Pierre Toutant Beauregard one of the more colourful characters of the south which numbered some 21 500 men Both Beauregard and McDowell had plans to invade enemy territory If anything Beauregard s was the most impractical and the south was fortunate that he was not allowed to carry it out McDowell convinced that Patterson would keep Johnston occupied and knowing that Beauregard had concentrated his forces to the east determined to send a considerable part of his army to the west to outflank Beauregard Unfortunately Patterson did not keep Johnston busy and Johnston was able to send his army across country by rail to Manassas Junction and this force duly disembarked was able to join Beauregard s army and counter attack McDowell s outflanking move It was perhaps unfortunate that the northern army consisted in part of three month men whose time was almost up whereas the southerners had signed up for longer

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  • Tactics and Strategy - You
    THE BATTLE of HASTINGS In 1066 William Duke of Normandy invaded England landing at Pevensey Bay with an army consisting of Normans French and Flemyngs The well equipped army marched first to Hastings then north towards London and it was met at what is now called Battle by a Saxon army under King Harold of England The Saxon army which consisted of Housecarls regular troops who fought on foor and wielded long axes supported by a larger number of The Fyrd a militia lightly armed les regular troops The Norman army consisted of cavalry archers and men at arms and in size the two armies were more or less equal about 8 000 men on each side The game consists of The board which measures 400mm 16 x 200mm 8 168 plastic counters representing the units on each side Counters representing William and Harold A Book of Rules dice and Movement Counters allowing the game to be played SMUGGLERS of RYE The only game produced so far that is not a depiction of a battle Smugglers of Rye is a two part game following an attempt by a group of smugglers to land their cargo and transport it to its

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  • Tactics and Strategy - Links Page
    E Sources Suppliers of wholesale merchandise trade supplies dropshippers and more http www esources co uk Journeystop If you are seeking interesting alternatives to motorway services then this is the site for you http www journeystop com Oxford Solutions Quality promotional items at affordable prices http oxfordsolutions org Digital Map Promotional Mapping Available Online http www digital map org Open Sesameusa Can Openers Find one of the best can openers

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