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  • Equestrian - Tarff Valley Agricultural Suppliers
    our page regularly for details of what s happening FREE HORSLYX WALL PLANNER Please click here to request a FREE Horslyx 2011 wall planner from our friends at Horslyx We stock a comprehensive range of quality horse care products riding gear and safety wear perfect for all riding enthusiasts You will find everything you need for daily care in the stables from leather care products to ragwort forks shavings forks including those for children tack trays boxes and buckets Our quality brands such as Lincoln and NAF provide the essentials to keep your horse happy and healthy Choose from our wide selection ranging from head collars full cob pony and foal size to weightapes and from mane and tail de tanglers to hoof grease Feeds are available in our comprehensive feed store from manufacturers such as Dodson Horrell Dengie Spillers and TopSpec Horse accessories include a variety of rugs including fly rugs and masks fringes and numnahs saddle pads Riding clothes Visit our equestrian clothing section and see our popular new line of jodhpurs Milligan jodhpurs for children and Hy Rio and Keats for ladies all comfortable practical and traditional We stock light and heavy duty riding gloves high visibility

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  • Pets & Accessories - Tarff Valley Agricultural Suppliers
    store Dogs and cats For dogs and cats choose from our range of major brands of tinned or bagged food including Farmer s Choice Tarff s own brand For dogs our varieties include Pal Pedigree Skinner s and Wilson s Well known brands for cats include Felix Whiskas Omega and Go cat We also stock a wide selection of treats and snacks Choose from our range of beds and crates toys bowls shampoos grooming sets and brushes Collars and leads are available in leather or fabric in a wide range of colours Petcare essentials also include Frontline flea and tick spot on treatment and worming tablets flea powder flea and tick collars and household flea spray Wildlife in your garden A wide variety of bird houses tables food and feeders is available here We stock a range of seed peanut and fatball feeders including special squirrel proof feeders Choose a butterfly box or ladybird house and encourage these favourite species into your garden Larger bags of bird food are available in 20kg for wild bird seed and 25kg for peanuts Other pets Our products for other pets include feeding bowls and drinking bottles for rabbits pet food and treats for

    Original URL path: http://www.tarffvalley.co.uk/products/pets-accessories/index.php (2016-02-10)
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  • Poultry - Tarff Valley Agricultural Suppliers
    available in large and smaller quantities Grit is available in 25kg bags Electric fencing Electric fencing is effective in containing both domestic and commercially kept chickens turkeys ducks and geese It can also deter predators such as foxes and badgers We stock Rutland electric netting kits which are easy to erect and move They are ideal for relatively small areas of domestic poultry For large commercial flocks nets are used

    Original URL path: http://www.tarffvalley.co.uk/products/poultry/index.php (2016-02-10)
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  • Silage Materials - Tarff Valley Agricultural Suppliers
    are not necessarily visible to the naked eye will in turn enable many none pathogenic fungi to establish themselves in the forage creating a high overall load of fungal propagules Aside from this risk of increasing the silage s mould population farmers also need to be aware of another potential hazard when using over mature grass Namely that this type of forage tends to have stalky stems which are more likely to puncture the wrap and allow air ingression As such if you are producing silage bales from this material it s always worth considering wrapping with 8 layers of film Leaving cut grass in a narrow swath to wilt If you want to reduce the likelihood of mould contamination within your silage avoid leaving your cut grass in a thick narrow swath Such swathes encourage mould growth because their density results in higher temperatures and humidity levels both of which enable bacteria to thrive In addition thick swathes reduce the effectiveness of the wind in helping to dry the crop out As a rule of thumb you should aim to spread your grass over 80 to 100 of the original harvested area depending on ground conditions and as soon as possible after mowing and certainly within two hours Doing so will promote rapid wilting and will also enable the sun to play a more active role in mould control We all know the effects Ultra Violet radiation can have in terms of sun burn and skin cancer Well it s just as potent when it comes to killing undesirable bacteria and moulds in the swath Wrapping in the field All of the sins mentioned so far relate to things farmers should do to inhibit the presence of mould propagules in their silage bales says Dave The other common mistakes are more to do with preventing oxygen ingress so that any mould that is present cannot grow The first of these mistakes is wrapping bales in the field Admittedly the advice has always been and always will be to wrap bales as quickly as possible and wrapping in the field would appear to facilitate this however doing so can present other hazards Firstly dropping a well wrapped bale on to the recently cut sward presents the very real risk of holes being punctured into the wrap either by stubble or by stones When that wrapped bale is then picked up and moved to the stacking site this damage can be exasperated The advent of combimachines in recent years means that some farmers will wrap in the field but Dave would advise that those doing so should check bales carefully for damage from stubble If any damage goes unnoticed oxygen will have unfettered access to the silage for the entire storage period enabling mould to flourish This applies even if the holes are miniscule Holes caused by stubble may be small But rest assured oxygen is smaller Moving bales after wrapping In line with best practice advice it s always recommended

    Original URL path: http://www.tarffvalley.co.uk/products/silage-materials/index.php (2016-02-10)
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  • Animal Health - Tarff Valley Agricultural Suppliers
    to a wide audience through their absolutely not advertising campaign The product is effective in killing every type of intestinal worm commonly found in dogs and cats in the UK For external parasites we stock Frontline Spot On for both dogs and cats This is the best selling spot on solution for the treatment of and protection from tick and flea infestation on dogs and puppies and flea infestation and

    Original URL path: http://www.tarffvalley.co.uk/products/animal-health/index.php (2016-02-10)
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  • Gardening, Hardware & Timbercare - Tarff Valley Agricultural Suppl
    only for adults but for children too Attracting wildlife to your garden Visit our Pets and accessories section for bird food and feeders bird tables and houses butterfly boxes and ladybird houses Hardware We offer a wide selection of hardware ranging from electric drills and accessories to nails screws and bolts along with electrical goods such as light bulbs cables sockets and tape Our Draper Tools include screwdrivers hammers worklights

    Original URL path: http://www.tarffvalley.co.uk/products/gardening-hardware-timbercare/index.php (2016-02-10)
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  • Clothing & Footwear - Tarff Valley Agricultural Suppliers
    outback hats Fortress jackets and fleeces SealFlex waterproof vests Castle Clothing jackets gilets and trousers Hy Rio and Keats ladies jodhpurs in our Equestrian section Rainwear Choose from our wide selection which ranges from high quality to economy wear Boots and wellingtons Our leading brands are Hoggs of Fife Buckler and Dickies We stock a wide range of Hunters wellingtons with Huntress in a variety of colours and Young Hunters

    Original URL path: http://www.tarffvalley.co.uk/products/clothing-workwear/index.php (2016-02-10)
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  • Guides to Tarff High Performance Scottish Leys - Tarff Valley Agricultural Sup
    2A FOXTROT 10 1BB SCIROCCO 20 1CA COMER PROMESSE Timothy 3 1A WHITE CLOVER BLEND Merwi Alice and Crusader 5 Weight per acre pack 14kg 31lbs Up to 20 acres 60 00 per pack 21 30 acres 59 00 per pack 30 acres 58 00 per pack SOLWAY Suitability A specialist long term grazing mixture for Sheep Dairy or Beef systems Suited to a wide range of soil types and locations Advantages A mix built for maximum persistency ground cover and winter hardiness Solway gives a dense highly digestible leafy sward of high sugar grasses to boost meat and milk production White clovers enhance DM intake protein and mineral content plus palatability Contains by weight SAC Ratings PREMIUM 25 1BB ABERAVON INOVAL 10 1B 2A FOXTROT 25 1B CANCAN 16 1CA SCIROCCO 15 1BB COMER PROMESSE Timothy 3 1A WHITE CLOVER BLEND Alice Merwi and Crusader 6 Weight per acre pack 14kg 31lbs Up to 20 acres 66 00 per pack 21 30 acres 65 00 per pack 30 acres 64 00 per pack KEY FACTORS IN TARFF VALLEY LEY MIXTURES We use seed of the best available analytical purity and germinative capacity We use the best SAC recommended varieties in each maturity range We always consider a variety s quality e g D Value capability aftermath digestibility growth habit overall yield and sugar content potential We make certain persistence i e ground cover and winter hardiness are exhibited in all our leys to enhance longevity TARFF PERMANENT Suitability A superbly designed permanent mix destined for life time management Can be cut or grazed Makes hay or silage Advantages Ideal for a multitude of grassland management uses Bursting with good SAC varieties producing an early bit as a bonus Produces an abundance of top quality DM forage across the season

    Original URL path: http://www.tarffvalley.co.uk/products/guides/seeds-guide/index.php (2016-02-10)
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