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  • embroidery hoops
    until is snaps off 2 Use a glue gun to secure the end in place 3 Tie some thick nylon thread to the hoop and then thread a bell and wind the nylon around the hoop keeping it taut so that there is no slack Repeat this process until all the bells are on the hoop and tie the end onto the hoop 4 You re now ready to make some music How To The Sew Option more secure for kids 1 Same as above except for Stage 3 use a needle to thread and sew the bell into place securely going through the hole twice to make sure it doesn t come off 2 Sew the ends tight and knot off Variations I saw some lovely lace tambourines on Pinterest here made for a wedding but you could also use some Liberty fabric to fill the centre instead of lace For Christmas you can use red green and white fabrics and make smaller ones as decorations Do you know of any other quick and easy embroidery hoop crafts Filed Under Children s Crafting Crafting DIY Tagged With embroidery hoops Search Search for Upcoming Workshops Mon May 2 2016 Modern

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  • Hoop Art on the Wall
    our embroidery workshop to make it a little more contemporary I ve gone with hoop art embroidery you can learn more here and thought that hoop art in the studio would also be a great idea So have a look at each individual hoop I made I used yarn for the embroidery of the workshop name and then used a variety of bias binding to cover each hoop Take a look at our Embroidery Pinterest Board for pins on how to hide the messy back of your embroidery hoop art and also how to cover your embroidery hoop too And here is how it all looks on display I m really happy with the results It took me a while to complete each one but the time and effort has been worth it What do you think Filed Under Uncategorized Tagged With embroidery hoop art Trackbacks Lampshade Making as Tea and Crafting Clipped Curves says November 16 2015 at 6 07 am hustle and bustle of Camden I follow the Tea and Crafting blog so it was a pleasure to see their Hoop Art from a recent blog post on the walls of their neat little crafting room showcasing the classes Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published Required fields are marked Name Email Website Comment You may use these HTML tags and attributes a href title abbr title acronym title b blockquote cite cite code del datetime em i q cite s strike strong Notify me of follow up comments by email Notify me of new posts by email Follow Us on Instagram Search Search for Upcoming Workshops Mon May 2 2016 Modern Calligraphy for Beginners Wed May 4 2016 Pattern Reading Cable Stitching Tue May 10 2016 Crochet Granny Squares Recently Viewed

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  • embroidery hoop art
    came up with the idea when thinking about how I could change our embroidery workshop to make it a little more contemporary I ve gone with hoop art embroidery you can learn more here and thought that hoop art in the studio would also be a great idea So have a look at each individual hoop I made I used yarn for the embroidery of the workshop name and then used a variety of bias binding to cover each hoop Take a look at our Embroidery Pinterest Board for pins on how to hide the messy back of your embroidery hoop art and also how to cover your embroidery hoop too And here is how it all looks on display I m really happy with the results It took me a while to complete each one but the time and effort has been worth it What do you think Filed Under Uncategorized Tagged With embroidery hoop art Search Search for Upcoming Workshops Mon May 2 2016 Modern Calligraphy for Beginners Wed May 4 2016 Pattern Reading Cable Stitching Tue May 10 2016 Crochet Granny Squares Recently Viewed Products Silver Jewellery Making Ring set with a Stone 55 00 Block Printing

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  • Dinosaur Party Ideas
    each momentum was starting to decline and so we used tissue paper as the last layer and then stuck on round orange stickers before the purple layer was completed we cut open the eggs and added in some cheap Pound Shop toys We did a treasure hunt for the kids with the eggs which went down really well The kids absolutely loved opening the eggs and finding little toys inside Decorations I made a Happy Birthday banner for Joshua and some tissue paper tassels which are now at Tea Crafting because I couldn t let them go to waste The Cake Ah I had SO much fun baking the cake This year I kept it simple last year s Peppa Pig cake took me the entire day and I vowed never again its meant to be fun not stress So ready made icing and a how to on the Betty Crocker site to make this cute dino cake meant that within an hour or so the cake was done This year Joshua was able to help me too which made it all the more special and fun Dino Tails I found this easy tutorial on making up these dino tails and managed to get Joshua s made in one nap It was so easy I decided to make baby Jasper one and just adjusted his so it was smaller Having made Joshua s I thought that stuffing the spikes with toy stuffing would keep them more upright and it worked really well Don t they look adorable Joshua wore his pretty much the whole day and still loves to wear it and roar like a dinosaur And then a few hours the party was over I m now planning Jasper s first birthday party and I m really keen to

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  • Sew your Own Coffee Sleeve / Cozy
    other in this order insulate inside fabric layer a piece of ribbon on each side coming towards each other to the middle of the fabric and then the final layer which is the outside layer of fabric making sure this final layer is wrong side facing upwards i e the right side of the fabric is placed face down See the photo below Using a 5mm seam allowance sew along the edge of the coffee sleeve leaving a 5cm opening on one of the sides Backstitch over the ribbon to secure it If you have pinking shears to hand then cut around the edge although this isn t necessary If you don t have any then it may help if you cut some darts or small triangles out of the edges around the curves to help the fabric lie flat once you ve turned it inside out Turn it inside out lay flat and press Where you have your opening fold in and crease the edge with your nail Then stitch all the way around once more without leaving an opening this time and your top stitch should seam the original opening close saving you the trouble to hand stitch yay And there you have it a cute little coffee sleeve You can change the tie up so its got a button tie for example Just sew a button on one side and use elastic or jute on the other like this You can use them over mugs too Have fun making your coffee sleeves and do tag us teaandcrafting on our social media platforms and show us what you have made and small enough to carry in your bag Filed Under Sewing Comments Geraldine says July 10 2015 at 8 01 pm Lovely I remember these from your classes

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  • Blog
    machine because you didn t realise it was hand wash only worse still given the blanket to someone who wasn t told it was hand wash only and they have shrunk it The label gives us information on the needle size to use crochet and knitting how to care for it i e hand wash or dry clean for example the dye lot shade number and weight of the yarn also Often there is also a tension square and always you are told the fibre of the yarn which is what determines how you care for it Cheaper yarns will be made from man made fibre such as acrylic and as a general rule you could say the more expensive the yarn is the more natural it is However I know when you want to knit or crochet an item for someone you may want to splash out on some gorgeously expensive super soft wool but before you make that purchase do think about who you are making the item for For example a new mummy won t want to be hand washing a beautiful blanket you made her each time it gets dirty so look at the yarn label and make sure its machine washable Pure 100 wool fibre will most likely need to be hand washed whereas acrylic or mixtures of man and natural fibres can be thrown into the machine Apart from how to care for the wool there is some other really important information on the label lets take a look This symbol tells us the recommended knitting needle size for this yarn Here you can see that UK needle size 5 5mm 6 5mm is recommended it then also tells you that the US size 9 10 5 If you crochet you can assume that size 5 5mm to 6 5mm crochet hook is recommended This grid is call the tension square and tells you that if you used 5 5mm 6 5mm needles and cast on 14 stitches and knitted 20 rows of garter stitch then your square should measure 10 x 10cm Tension squares are always 10 x 10cm And lastly these are the washing instructions wash at 40 degrees you will also notice its 100 acrylic too If you look at the original photo at the start of this post you will see some other instructions such as do not iron and cool tumble dry Filed Under Crochet Knitting Tagged With knitting yarn labels How to Make T Shirt Yarn by jane Leave a Comment 6 May 20 15 It s almost time to sort through your summer wardrobe but before you throw anything out check out our handy pic showing how to make t shirt yarn out of an old top Once cut this chunky yarn is perfect for baskets bags and even slippers and it s a great way to recycle Have fun In my mind where I have 24 7 hours available to craft I want to make a lovely bath mat out of t shirt yarn Step 1 Lay out your t shirt or top on a flat surface Cut any excess so that you are left with a square i e if its a t shirt cut off those sleeves with my top I cut off the knotted band which of course I kept for another project Step 2 Now you just need to cut strips of about 2 5cm 1 inch wide Do not cut the strip right off cut up to 1 inch of the seam Then stop By doing this it will allow you to make a continuos long strip of yarn Step 3 Open your top so that you have the 1 inch seam flattened out and then cut on the diagonal such as the photo shows you Keep going until you get to the last diagonal cut Step 4 You should now have one long strip roll it up into a ball and just add it to your stash Filed Under Crochet Knitting Tagged With crochet knitting yarn Easter Bunny Basket by jane Leave a Comment 30 Mar 20 15 I had as much fun making this as the kids did A couple of weeks ago we hosted a Huggies DryNites event more to come on that later and this was the children s craft activity They had loads of fun making it and filling it with sweets as no time for an Easter Egg Hunt These take no time to whip up and will make adorable basket to collect Easter Eggs in on Sunday You will need 3 paper plates 1 for face 1 for ears 1 for the back pocket Large googly eyes Ribbon Coloured markers Pom Poms Cotton wool balls optional for the cheeks Strong glue to hold the weight of the sweets easter eggs or you can staple it together 1 The photo step by step is pretty self explanatory but just one thing to be aware of when you make the bunny s face and ears be sure to use the back of the plate This way when you attach the paper plate to the face you will have made a nice pocket out of the two paper plates big enough to collect the eggs so in other words the right sides of the paper plates get stuck together Filed Under Uncategorized Easter Bunny Quick and Easy Craft by jane Leave a Comment 26 Mar 20 15 This is such a simple and quick Easter knitting project Suitable for beginners and all levels Make these cute bunnies filled with a Creme Egg or any chocolate egg of your choice out of a simple knitted square All you need are Knitting Needles Small amount of yarn Chocolate Egg Darning Needle And here is tute guys 1 Knit a square either 10cm x 10cm or 15cm by 15cm any larger and it will be too big Look at your yarn label for the tension square to get the number

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  • Blog
    everyone left on their way with a goodie bag from DryNites a little craft kit from us see this post on one of our kits all made up and their lamps and memo boards I know these mums had a lovely child free craft intensive day out and I thoroughly enjoyed helping Tamara host the event Drynites Goody Bags Goodies for Mum and Child Filed Under Children s Crafting Tagged With drynitesmums corporate events crafting for children A Pair of Trousers for Joshua by jane 3 Comments 20 Nov 20 13 After doing Gemma s class on dressmaking I have been itching to use my new super duper sewing machine to make Joshua a pair of trousers after Gemma dropped off this adorable pair of reversible lined trousers for kids at the studio a month ago Check out her gorgeous Etsy shop here Gemma s ethos is all about waste not want not and I m becoming a massive fan of up cycling after her workshop because a fabric is expensive and b its actually quite lovely to make something out of something else especially when the original item holds some value sentiment and when its of good quality So when my husband put a pair of grey trousers to the side because they no longer fit him I grabbed them and put them in my fabric pile knowing they ll be useful one day I bought some tartan fabric to line them and set about trying to sew a pair of lined trousers eek I didn t have a pattern to hand and unexpected offer of childcare meant I had to take advantage of the morning right then and there So I used a pair of Josha s trousers as a template I do think next time I will buy a pattern however because it was a little tricky doing this without being able to take the actually trousers apart I found The yellow trousers are the template trousers One thing I did notice is that when the trousers are folded the back is bigger than the front must be nappy room You can probably see how one side is larger than the other clearer in the below photos The trousers don t fold symmetrically The waist line is higher at the back and the legs have slightly more width by the nappy bottom area on one side too back side And so I set off about tracing the yellow trousers onto the Gavin s old pair of trousers can you see how nicely they fit with plenty of spare fabric on each side I used this tutorial to help me along and cut 8 pieces of fabric in total 2 x grey fronts 2 x grey fronts 2 x tartan fronts 2 x tartan backs I followed the Sew She Sews tutorial and here are the trousers complete and the next photo shows the lining trousers being slotted carefully wrong side out into the grey trousers It really wasn t nearly as complicated as I had thought and I managed to sew a pair in about 4 hours that includes all the cutting and researching and unpicking my mistakes too I am SO pleased with them and can t wait for Joshua to wear them they re just a little too fresh for this weather at the moment I ve always loved sewing but would mainly make patchwork cushions and quilts I dabbled here and there with dressmaking very simple things but Gemma s workshops certainly gave me that when you first discover a craft feeling do you know what I mean by that Its that feeling that kind of takes over all other craft projects and possible your social life too if it could Filed Under Sewing Tissue Paper Flowers Tutorial by jane 3 Comments 21 Jun 20 13 Hi everyone Its been such a long time since I last blogged and reading Jo s blog posts over at The Only Place a really great blog reminded me I needed to dedicate more time over here on blogger Here is a really quick and easy tutorial for tissue paper flowers I know there are millions of these tutorials on the internet but I have been patiently waiting for a free moment to try these out myself for a long time and it was so easy to do I thought I would share it with you all They are really very simple to make You will need 4 6 sheets of tissue paper I found that approximately 6 x 4 worked well Scissors Wool string dental floss even 1 Lay your sheets of tissues on top of each other Then start to fold them in an accordion fashion like this my folders were around 1 2 wide 2 Then tie your string tightly around the centre of your folded tissue paper so around the 3 height mark and then cut each end tip into a semi circle shape This is going to form the edge of your petal so it can be any round shape you like You should now be able to open your folds and each side will look like a fan 3 Slowly the paper can tear very easily pull apart each layer and as you do so the flower will start to take shape That is all there is to it So simple and really addictive I have seem them hanging from the ceiling in bedrooms and at weddings placed in trees and centre pieces Share your flowers with us over on our Facebook page Filed Under Uncategorized Fabric Flowers by jane 1 Comment 5 Feb 20 13 I have always wanted to make these fabric flowers mainly because they look so well made and I keep reading how simple they are to make Best of all it means I finally start to use up my scraps of material that I cannot bring myself to throw away So while my little man is playing

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  • Blog
    Nov Quick n Easy Sock Knitting Workshop December Knitting Workshop Saturday 5th Dec Beginners Knitting Workshop Filed Under Crafting Knitting HTML Tutorial A New Workshop Definitely NOT by jane 1 Comment 29 Sep 20 09 Well I thought I should learn how to use the software to update the website so that I could do all the changes myself instead of asking and paying web designers to do it instead What a nightmare it has been though does this look interesting to you If you thought it was hard learning how to knit double crochet or even treble crochet I have stumbled upon something even more challenging I am slowly getting the hang of it mind you all I am getting the hang of is the editting side I think I would slowly go insane trying to learn how to create a website from scratch The website is fully functioning now and finally paypal is working click here to see the new updated site I have come across some cute baby converse booties which I am very excited about As soon as I have figured how to pattern it all up and teach it in a couple of hours it will be added as a workshop for November Filed Under Uncategorized Started my Craft mas Presents by jane Leave a Comment 26 Sep 20 09 I really am all about practicing what I preach and I am making all my Christmas presents this year Like I say on my website sign up for a workshop and craft your way through Christmas and that is exactly what I am doing but there are SO MANY things I want to make My first craft mas present is this scarf I just do not seem to be getting very far with it Need to plough on as it is getting colder out there and this won t be the only item I will be knitting this winter One craft mas gift I have finished and adore is this lovely beaded ring The person this is for will love it it is so her I won t mention any names just in case they happen to read this I made this ring with silver wire and beads so simple It s really easy to get carried away though with the beading be careful because you could end up with a large dome on your hand Filed Under Jewellery Making Knitting Cate Blanchett at Australian Fashion Week Has she been to a Tea Crafting Workshop by jane Leave a Comment 18 Sep 20 09 Who would have thought Cate Blanchett or should we say Cate Blanket would be showcasing her crochet Granny Squares at The Australian Fashion Week this week Craftsters if you want to make like Cate then book on a workshop now and be super trendy This workshop is suitable for beginners as well so do not worry if you have never picked up a hook Granny Squares Workshop will be held on

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