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  • Show brands true colours with paper, fabric or poly carrier bags
    printed carrier bags Available in a variety of different materials including Kraft paper polythene plastic cotton jute and woven fabrics and a whole spectrum of attractive colours the modern branded carrier bags of today are more an extension of the products inside rather than simple carrying vessel and as such businesses of every shape and size are investing in the best Advances in printing techniques and ink colours allow carrier bag manufacturers to print almost any logo or design on the surface of the bag and when you combine quality materials with high definition printing and other options such as embossing hot foil or spot UV Varnish the finished product is quite special Carrier Bags for the High Street While many UK shopper s are turning to the internet to purchase their goods online reports indicate that others still prefer to head on out to the high street during the festive season Christmas themed carrier bags remain popular with retailers of every size and nothing feels more festive than a laminated red paper carrier bag with rope handles Carrier bags for Trade Shows and Conferences The autumn winter trade show season is already in full swing and whether you are promoting holiday products fashion electrical gadgets or the latest releases from the automotive industry you can benefit greatly from a range of colourful branded carrier bags to hand out marketing materials and promotional goods Cotton carrier bags remain popular with exhibitors due to their strength durability and lightweight design Carrier Bags and Gift Bags for Corporate and Festive Events Corporate and Festive Goodie Bags are a growing trend as businesses move away from traditional but rather dated hamper baskets in favour of something more stylish and modern Un laminated Kraft paper carrier bags with ribbon handles look and feel luxurious

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/show-your-brands-true-colours-with-a-range-of-printed-paper-fabric-or-plastic-carrier-bags/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Need Some Designer Paper Carrier Bags? Let’s Get Shopping!
    we have just splashed out on something expensive designer carrier bags give us the feel good factor that encourages us to return to the same store time and again One only has to look at the carrier bags handed out by Louis Vuitton Chanel and Tiffany s to see how much value they can add to a product and a consumers shopping experience and while such global brands have a marketing packaging budget that many can only dream of it is possible to design a range of carrier bags without spending a fortune Laminated Designer Paper Carrier Bags Laminated carrier bags remain popular with young and modern high street retailers such as Rimmel due to the fashionable appearance and glossy surface Available with rope or ribbon handles and in a variety of different shapes laminated designer carrier bags have the wow factor that appeals to the fashion conscious shopper Un Laminated Designer Carrier Bags Favoured by traditional retailers un laminated paper carrier bags look and feel expensive and when foil blocked or embossed they look almost as good as the contents inside Hand finished in quality Kraft paper and printable with a range of colours un laminated designer carrier bags complement every type of business Designer Twisted Handle Paper Carrier Bags Larger retailers looking for an economical range of designer carrier bags will appreciate the simplicity of the twisted handle paper carrier bag Machine made from 100 recycled paper these high quality bags come with a standard thickness of 100gsm and with a ribbed or smooth surface As one would imagine paper carrier bags print exceptionally well so the possibilities for design are endless Foil blocking and Spot UV printing will add that extra bling and you can even print on the inside of the bag to add extra dimension

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/need-some-designer-paper-carrier-bags-lets-get-shopping/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Optimism in packaging world as environment drives innovation
    of time and cost effective trade shows found that most European packaging professionals believe the industry has a strong future thanks to advances in environmentally friendly packaging Of the 2 600 packaging professionals from northern and central Europe who responded to the survey almost half confirmed that they already regarded environmental packaging as part of their brand and that they believed the environment will be the driver of innovation in the industry over the next five to ten years Germany is a clear leader in terms of its approach to sustainable packaging and as such it was declared the most advanced country in Europe by the survey respondents Spanish and British packaging companies fare well when it comes to driving innovation and reducing the cost of environmentally friendly packaging with 57 of those questioned regarding their companies as radical or incremental innovators The survey revealed that the most respected brands among packaging experts are Apple and Coca Cola and that two thirds of larger packaging companies revamp their packaging more often than once every two years to incorporate graphical changes to pack formats and apply new and advanced materials One very positive observation to come out of the survey is that those in the packaging industry no longer see biodegradables such as those used in plastic carrier bags as a fad but rather a material of the future that will play a large role in sustainable packaging in the coming years Packaging professionals also regard paper and stable plastics as materials that will become increasingly important in the greener future while the use of metal glass and wood materials is set to decline Surveys like these not only boost the packaging industry but also show that steps are being taken to ensure our carrier bags and plastic bottles serve a

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/cautious-optimism-in-the-packaging-world-as-environmental-issues-drive-innovation/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Degradable Mailing Bags = Environmentally Friendly Packaging
    the worlds fastest growing trends Consumers like the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their own home and studies by an Edinburgh based University found that internet shopping and home delivery could generate less CO2 than a typical high street shopping trip when the right packaging is used Bulky boxes bubble wrap cardboard envelopes and cylinder tubes may all serve a purpose but can add considerable weight to a package and are often used excessively to wrap non fragile items Lightweight plastic mailing bags on the other hand provide adequate protection they are waterproof and those made from biodegradable materials have a lower impact on the environment Unlike the frustrating flimsy mailing bags of the past today s high quality polythene mailing bags are stronger lighter and more environmentally friendly than ever before Additives such as Biothene initiate the degradation process once the mailing bag is exposed to the soil heat and light at the landfill and depending on the thickness of the bag it can degrade in as little as 18 months In addition to being a lighter greener packaging solution plastic mailing bags add virtually no extra weight to the item being shipped and therefore keep postage costs to the bare minimum If you are one of the many internet retailers trying to reduce packaging waste and cut the costs of shipping plastic mailing bags may be the perfect answer Printable with a variety of colours and designs and available in different shapes sizes and thicknesses our biodegradable mailing bags not only provide a frustration free packaging solution but they promote your brand as they travel from your depot to their final destination Combining an environmentally friendly packaging solution with a free advertising platform printed mailing bags are a cost effective highly practical and allow internet retailers

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/biodegradable-mailing-bags-environmentally-friendly-packaging/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Plastic Carrier Bags – Outlawed in Delhi
    is a bit steep spare a thought for the residents of Delhi India who could face five years imprisonment if they are found to be manufacturing storing selling or using plastic carrier bags of any kind A statement released by the chief minister of the Delhi region Sheila Dikshit revealed that the government plans to impose a blanket ban on all plastic made carrier bags magazine covers and sleeves for greeting cards in an environment friendly initiative to clean up the national capital While the announcement was greeted with immediate scepticism due to the government s failure to enforce previous restrictions Ms Dikshit said there would be no leniency this time and that plastic bags were bad for the environment and had endangered public health by blocking sewers In 2009 Delhi introduced a law banning very thin plastic bags of less than 40 microns thick but found it to be widely ignored by the city s residents due to loopholes Ms Dikshit confirmed that this latest law would be enforced under the Environment Protection Act 1986 and those found violating the rule could face a fine of RS 1 lakh approx 1200 up to five years in prison or both To prevent any misunderstandings the government issued document clearly states that no person including a shopkeeper vendor wholesaler retailer trader and hawker shall sell store or use any kind of plastic carrier bag for storing or dispensing eatables or non eatable goods or materials The nationwide ban is expected to come into effect soon and extends to carrier bags made of virgin or biodegradable plastics with only plastic bags specified under the Bio Medical Waste Management and Handling Rules being exempt So if you are heading to Delhi India anytime soon don t forget to take your paper carrier bag

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/plastic-carrier-bags-outlawed-in-delhi/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Recycled plastic carrier bags & bottles – brightening up schools
    United Kingdom are to become a whole lot more fun thanks to brand new climbing walls made from recycled plastic carrier bags bottles and film The modern design developed by leading UK manufacturer Beacon Climbing Walls provides a value for money alternative for schools on a tight budget and due to the freestanding design they can be mounted just about anywhere within the playground Making strides for sustainability the climbing walls are constructed using Stokbord panels developed by Centriforce Manufactured entirely from recycled plastic waste that would be otherwise destined for the landfill such as carrier bags and fizzy drinks bottles the rigid durable and rot free base provides the perfect platform for Beacon s colourful climbing holds and complements the external layout of the school s walls Due to its versatility and durability Stokbord has become an established alternative to plywood among a wide range of industries and this new design is sure to see the popularity of the material grow Centriforce Managing Director Simon Carroll said It s always a pleasant surprise when Stokbord s versatility finds another new application it has again been able to prove its worth as a high performance value for money plastic panel whilst at the same time offering a sustainable low carbon solution Playground climbing walls have grown in popularity over the years as schools strive to meet the outdoor learning aspirations of the National Curriculum and as Beacon s design uses recycled plastic materials it has the added bonus of being environmentally friendly Offering a bespoke specification service Beacon can manufacture Stokbord climbing walls to suit the requirements of the individual playground and so far three schools two in Wales and one in London have benefitted from the recycled design that puts our unwanted plastic carrier bags to good use If

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/recycled-plastic-carrier-bags-bottles-brightening-up-school-playgrounds/ (2016-04-25)
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  • The 5p Carrier Bag Charge: Boosting Local Charities
    and customers throughout the region have had plenty to say on the subject and six months on this controversial move is still attracting the headlines but the good news is the news is not all bad A recent report by the BBC indicates that supermarket giants such as Tesco Sainsbury s Asda and Waitrose are all donating profits made from the 5p carrier bag charge to local or national charities and as such these charitable organisations are being boosted by huge donations So where is the money going Well Tesco is donating the full 5p received from every carrier bag sale to the RSPB Crymru a move termed as crucial by the organisation which claims that all donations will be put to good use benefiting the local wildlife and nature reserves The environmental organisation Keep Wales Tidy is receiving donations from over 40 companies in the region such as John Lewis and Argos and a spokesperson for the organisation has stated The charge donated to Keep Wales Tidy can be spent on environmental improvement projects so it certainly looks like those 5p s are being put to good use The aim of the 5p single use carrier bag charge is and always has been to reduce the excessive use of carrier bags in public circulation but is it having the desired effect According the BBC s finding it is certainly moving in the right direction with some retailers reporting a 90 fall in the use of carrier bags So to sum up the carrier bag charge is benefiting both local and national charities it is encouraging the public to reuse their bags and that in turn is reducing the impact plastic and paper carrier bags have on the environment surely that has to be worth 5p Please see our Environmental

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/the-5p-carrier-bag-charge-boosting-local-charities/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Are Single Men ‘Rubbish’ at Recycling?
    funded by the Institute for Social and Economic Research and conducted by the University of Essex shows that men particularly those who live alone are the least likely to recycle their household goods than anyone else in the UK The study named Patterns of Household Practice An Examination into the Relationship between Housework and Waste Separation for Households in the United Kingdom found that just 58 of single men recycled their empty packaging such as food packets and plastic bags while 69 of women living alone said they recycled their waste and unwanted items More than 2 000 single men and women and 3 000 couples took part in the survey which asked about housework routines and recycling habits and Ladies if you think you are doing more than your fair share you could have a point Hazel Pettifor who led the study said Women are probably doing more than their share She went on to say In the same way that housework tasks are often split with the woman of the house taking on the daily routine activities it is likely that women are emptying and rinsing out containers removing lids and labels and sorting waste while their men folk make the fortnightly trip to the bottle bank or put the bins out Seventy nine percent of mixed sex couples said that they did separate their waste for recycling with men playing an active role but the results of the survey indicate that this does not guarantee an equal workload and that women are more willing and committed to recycling than their male partners With the UK government setting ambitious recycling targets for us all to meet by 2020 50 of all domestic waste it seems male focused recycling messages could be the way forward if men are to

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/are-single-men-rubbish-at-recycling/ (2016-04-25)
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