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  • Christmas Themed Packaging - Spreading Festive Cheer
    by Duo Plastics UK has revealed that 77 of UK consumers believe that receiving an online purchase in Christmassy packaging adds to the festivities Colourful mailing bags and bauble covered carrier bags have now become a part of our online shopping experience and with 38 of those questioned saying that they would be more likely to send a gift straight to a recipient if they knew it would be packaged attractively in Christmas themed wrappings it seems festive packaging is a wise investment for online retailers When it comes to UK consumers the study indicates that the younger generations are more likely to be swayed by Christmas themed packaging that mature shoppers with 80 of 18 24 year olds and 85 of 25 34 years olds saying that an online purchase wrapped in Christmassy mailing bag would add to the festive cheer However it is this same group of younger consumers that said poor quality or damaged packaging would have a negative impact on their perceptions of the company they purchased from with 50 saying they would be more likely to return goods if they were delivered in low quality packaging Duo s managing director David Brimelow said This study provides a real indication of how different generations perceive packaging It s particularly interesting to see that although younger adults appear more attuned to packaging With this demographics sensitivity to packaging its role in this process should not be underestimated He went on to say Ensuring consumers feel able to send gifts straight to their recipient is crucial for capitalising on the last minute Christmas rush in fact some brands produce postal packaging specifically designed for this purpose With just five shopping days left to go now is the time to head online and catch those last minute Christmas bargains

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  • Printed Carrier Bags – The Importance of Branding
    there is much more to it than simply adding a bright and colourful logo to the surface of your carrier bags but your packaging is a very good place to start Research shows that branding plays a big part in helping consumers decide where they are going to spend their money and if we can just tap into their subliminal level with a range of aesthetically pleasing printed carrier bags then we may just be able to keep them shopping at our stores Advances in materials and manufacturing technologies means that the printed carrier bags of today are more stylish and durable than ever before and a well designed paper carrier bag with an embossed surface for example guarantees to stand out in an over crowded marketplace When it comes to choosing and designing your printed carrier bags the possibilities are endless and there is something to suit every budget Those looking for a cost effective selection may decide on a range of machine made twisted handle paper bags while those looking for something more luxurious may opt for hand finished laminated carrier bags instead Whichever type of carrier bags you choose if you invest in quality printing and a well thought out design the end result should look as good as the contents inside Internet retailers can also benefit from branding their packaging and by adding your company details and logo to the surface of a high quality mailing bag you can gain maximum exposure as the package is transported from one location to another As with printed carrier bags mailing bags come in a variety of different sizes and colours and by investing in the best you can offer your consumers a little bit of luxury that they will automatically associate it with your brand If you would

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/printed-carrier-bags-the-importance-of-branding/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Printed Plastic Mailing Bags – Carrying Your Message
    printed plastic mailing bags provide the perfect platform for advertising your brand Replacing the porous paper alternatives favoured in the past plastic mailing bags are water resistant tamper proof and lightweight and as they are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes they complement all businesses and every type of product Biodegradable Mailing Bags Advances in material technologies and biodegradable additives means that today s manufacturers are able to produce high quality plastic mailing bags that are kinder on the environment without compromising on style and design By mixing biodegradable additives with the master batch during production the polythene mailing bags begin to degrade under the influence of heat and light and disappear into the landfill rather than adding to the world s plastic waste problem Printed Mailing Bags Advertising at its best Much like carrier bags plastic mailing bags print exceptionally well and you can add up to eight different Pantone colours over four print processes Your business details logo slogan and contact details can be added with ease and there is no better advertising for your brand than a bright and colourful mailing bag being shipped from one destination to another Confidential and Tamper proof Mailing Bags If you are sending sensitive documents or important contracts it is important that the contents remain confidential A high quality opaque mailing bags with a tamper proof seal is perfect for this type of delivery and as the bag has to be torn open to get to the contents you can be confident that your package will remain intact Lightweight Mailing Bags Plastic mailing bags are extremely lightweight and as such they do not add cost to shipping and postage Internet retailers sending goods around the globe need a light and convenient packaging solution and plastic mailing bags fit

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/printed-plastic-mailing-bags-carrying-your-message-across-the-world/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Cotton Messenger Bags
    Tickets Printed Paper Napkins Tissue Paper Stock Bags Testimonials About Us About us News Environmental Guide and Commitment Carrier Bag Tax Resources Design Process Upload Your Artwork Buyers Guide 3D PDF Proofs FAQ s Whats New Contact us Cotton Messenger Bags These quality cotton messenger bags are ideal for conferences and seminars Make it as easy and comfortable as possible for the attendees to carry around their literature and promotional material Because of the quality and durability of these bags your attendees are likely to use them after your event which means they become a walking advertisement for your company Cotton messenger bags are also a great option for re sale you can show your customers your commitment to the environment and also offer them a high quality bag which they can use again and again For our bespoke service please speak to one of our sales advisers on 01234 712121 Minimum quantities will usually start at 1000 for a bespoke style and or size Minimum on standard size and style is 250 Origination On your initial order there is a one off set up charge This can be advised on sight of design Cotton Messenger Bags Extra Long Handle With Gusset 6oz Unbleached Natural Cotton Popper Fastening 38 X 30cm with 6cm Gusset Minimum Quantity 250 Contact us Canvas Messenger Bags Adjustable Shoulder Strap With Gusset 8oz Canvas Velcro Fastening 30 x 35cm with 5 5cm Gusset Minimum Quantity 250 Contact us Denim Messenger Bags Adjustable Shoulder Strap With Gusset 8oz Denim Velcro Fastening Internal Panel Pocket External Zip Pocket 30 x 35cm with 5 5cm Gusset Minimum Quantity 250 Contact us Canvas Messenger Bags Adjustable Shoulder Strap With Gusset 10oz Canvas External Zip Pocket 35 x 26cm with 12cm Gusset Minimum Quantity 250 Contact us Fill out my

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/cotton-messenger-bags/ (2016-04-25)
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  • England to decide on a Carrier Bag Tax sooner rather than later
    Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs DEFRA has confirmed that they will be making a decision on the matter sooner rather than later Speaking at an environment debate in the House of Commons last week Farming Minister David Heath told MPs that the department was waiting for analysis of data from the first full year of the levy in Wales before making a decision on its policy and that early evaluation and a firm decision will come soon after the data is received The Welsh government introduced a 5p plastic carrier bag charge in October last year and while it initially provoked anger amongst local retailers new reports suggest that the carrier bag tax is now widely supported throughout the region Northern Ireland will introduce the levy from April 2013 and Scotland is still consulting on the issue but the Federation of Small Businesses FSB said a carrier bag levy in Scotland must be postponed until businesses have time to adapt to forthcoming waste regulations so it could be a while before this controversial tax heads north of the boarder Acknowledging that the UK packaging industry employs some 85 000 people and generates around 11bn for the countries domestic economy Mr Heath said that he wanted to see a successful synthesis of the country s economic and environmental needs before reaching a final decision on the carrier bag tax A spokesperson speaking on behalf of the Plastics 20 20 Challenge an initiative by the Plastics Industry said that the government should resist pandering to popular emotion and make their conclusion based on DEFRA s own study which indicates that plastic carrier bags are kinder on the environment that carrier bags made of any other material The England carrier bag tax debate is likely to go on for some time

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/england-to-decide-on-a-carrier-bag-tax-sooner-rather-than-later/ (2016-04-25)
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  • FAQ: Plastic Carrier Bags
    solution Making up less than 1 of landfill waste and using less resources to make than the cotton and paper alternatives printed plastic carrier bags do not need to have a negative impact on the environment it is simply down to both manufacturers and consumers to make better choices How can manufacturers make printed plastic carrier bags more environmentally friendly Plastic bags are not generally recyclable so a great place to start is by using biodegradable additives such as Biothene which helps the polythene degrade under the influence of heat and light or through bio organisms found in the soil of the landfill Plastic carrier bags made with such additives break down in approximately 18 months to 2 years How can we reduce the demand for plastic carrier bags Many of the lightweight plastic carrier bags handed out in supermarkets today are only suitable for one use hence the term single use carrier bags If retailers offer the consumer only high quality strong carrier bags that they can reuse the demand for single use bags will ultimately decrease What can consumers do to reduce their plastic bag waste By implementing the three Rs of Reduce Reuse and Recycle into our daily lives we can reduce the negative impact we have on the environment Plastic carrier bags can only have a detrimental effect on marine life and the great British countryside if we do not dispose of them responsibly Is a Carrier Bag Tax the way forward Since the introduction of the controversial plastic carrier bag tax in Wales many retailers have reported a sharp decrease in demand but ultimately if we do not dispose of our carrier bags correctly the fact that we paid for them or not becomes insignificant Plastic carrier bags remain the most popular packaging solution for

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/faq-plastic-carrier-bags/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Bespoke Luxury Carrier Bags – For the Finer Things in Life
    have always wanted a special piece of jewellery or brochures of your newly ordered sports car Bespoke packaging that feels as good as it looks not only optimizes the shopper s experience but it also highlights and promotes the brand so it is no surprise that many of the world s leading luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton Cartier and Christian Dior invest in the finest quality luxury carrier bags to present their designer goods Taking inspiration from the luxury brands mainstream fashion brands jewellery stores and other high street retailers are following in the footsteps of these giants by creating their own bespoke luxury carrier bags to give their company and products a more premium feel Replacing the plain white plastic carrier bags of the past high quality paper carrier bags laminated bags and Jute bags are making their way onto the high street and due to the improved quality and design they are useful reusable and remain in circulation for longer Businesses of every shape and size can capitalise on the benefits of bespoke luxury carrier bags and with the numerous materials printing options effects and textures available it is possible to design high quality bags that will promote and highlight your brand without overstretching your packaging marketing budget So which carrier bags are right for your particular business There are many different types to choose from laminated paper carrier bags with rope handles are extremely popular with clothing and fashion stores due to the modern design and contemporary feel while the organic food clothing and cosmetics sector tends to lean more towards the Jute bag a carrier bag made of natural fibres that is both durable and reusable When it comes to bespoke luxury carrier bags the possibilities are endless and with a little help from the

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/bespoke-luxury-carrier-bags-for-the-finer-things-in-life/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Get ‘Crafty’ this Christmas with Carrier Bags
    Carrier Bags Posted by admin December 16 2012 No Comments If you find yourself surrounded by restless children and supermarket carrier bags this festive season why not combine the two and make a seriously beautiful and unique holiday wreath Using discarded plastic carrier bags to create a stunning Christmas decoration this great idea takes plastic recycling to a whole new level and all you need to create a stunning wreath of your own is 20 white plastic carrier bags preferably lightweight single use bags a pair of scissors and a 12 inch metal wreath frame To make the festive wreath from plastic bags simply follow these five steps Gather the plain white plastic carrier bags smooth out and layer them on top of each other to create a symmetrical pile Remove the ends of the bags with scissors Cut the bags horizontally into long strips approximately 2cm in width If your carrier bags are branded or display images cut these away now so that you have plain white strips of plastic and then cut the strips into three to four inch sections This next part is time consuming so get the children involved Double knot lengths of the plastic bags and tie them around the wreath frame bunching the pieces together to cover the entire surface and create a full wreath Continue right the way around the wreath until you have used up all the plastic strips then trim where necessary to create a symmetrical and neat ring Adorn your plastic bag Christmas wreath with pinecones baubles or any other small decorations you have at home and hang it on the front door for all to see Plastic recycling at its best the Christmas Carrier Bag Wreath will use up any unwanted plastic bags you have at home keep the

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